Doppio Senso – Chapter 0.1


He couldn’t take his eyes off her from the very beginning. The woman was wearing a backless black dress that just barely managed to hide her bottom. Thanks to him, she had exercised to cultivate her captivating curves. Now she was finally revealing them to him. Below her dress, her curved hips and long legs were enough to draw the attention of every man at the party.

[May I ask you how long you’ll be in Hong Kong?]

As she pushed her glossy black hair back behind her ears, the woman raised her champagne flute and wet her lips. Her full lips stained in a deep red lipstick finally opened.

[I plan on staying for at least two months. I want to relax as much as I can before I start working. Even though it’s a blessing to be able to have a job right out of graduation, I won’t be able to take a vacation like this once I begin.]

Her scarlet tongue slipped out and licked the remaining liquor off her lips. The 0.5 carat diamond earrings on her ears sparkled as they reflected the lights in the terrace. However, these glittering jewels didn’t enter his eyes. The man was unable to take his eyes off of her tempting tongue.

[Then are you heading back to the United States after your two months are over?]

This woman had said that her father was Chinese and her mother was Korean. She also told him that she had gone to school in the States. When it came to beauty, nationality didn’t matter. She had the beauty to turn the heads of every man in any country.

[No, the office is located in London. My professor from my graduate university sent them a well-written recommendation letter.]

The man swallowed, his mouth dry.

[I go to London often. What a happy coincidence.]

The woman’s big, innocent eyes looked at him questioningly. The man quickly explained.

[I own a gallery. It opened last year, so not a lot of people know about it.]

[How nice. If I ever pass by your gallery, I’ll be happy to see you.]

She added that she didn’t have any acquaintances in London as of yet, so it’d be nice to see a familiar face. She wrinkled her nose as she laughed affectionately. The man felt his cock stiffen and barely managed to keep his cool as he replied.

[Excuse me for being so forward, but I hope to tell you all about London during your stay in Hong Kong.]

The woman looked at him with her large eyes and blinked. The man wondered if he was being too obvious. However, the woman gave him a slight smile.

[It would be to my good fortune if you did.]

As the saying goes, a player recognizes a player. When the man saw the woman’s meaningful look, his heart skipped a beat and he felt heat rush throughout his body. He felt parched as he began to anticipate this woman’s body. Knowing that he’d be able to spend the night with her if he succeeded, he began to speak.

[Wouldn’t I be the lucky one?]

The man spoke faster with anticipation.

[You are so beautiful that I couldn’t take my eyes off you from the moment you entered this room. There’s no doubt that all the men here are envious of my position right now.]


The woman’s clear voice as she laughed softly stimulated his primitive instincts. Her long, slender neck reminded him of a deer’s. He wanted to dig his teeth into it and make his mark on her.

[I know you may think that I’m just saying this, but… Honestly, it’s a good feeling. Am I being too superficial?]

Her eyes looked like black crystals as they sparkled. For a man whose hair was slicked back, the words that left his mouth were quite unexpected.

[You’re the brightest thing in this room. I often handle jewels, so I should know.”

[…A diamond will always shine brighter for those that know how to appraise it.]

She lowered her head slightly and looked at him. She was exuding sexiness and grace. Even though she said she graduated from school in the States, her Cantonese was incredibly proficient, probably stemming from her Chinese heritage. Her eyes were also very captivating. Additionally, she closed her eyes whenever she laughed, giving off a childlike impression. This gap between her innocence and sensuality whet his sexual appetite even more. He wanted to see her shake her hips like a temptress in bed no matter what.

[It seems that the bartender is a bit busy right now. Why don’t I go and get us another round of drinks. We’ll both have the same.]

In order to calm his arousal, the man took the champagne flute from the woman’s hand and raised it.

[May I order a cocktail this time?]

[Of course. Just tell me what you’d like and I’ll bring it to you.]

[Ah, if that’s the case then…]

Her long hair fluttered in the wind and her charming fragrance tickled his nose. She took a step towards him and gazed at him before clearly whispering…

[I’d like an ‘Orgasm’, please.]

Gulp. The man swallowed. The look in her coffee-colored eyes as she whispered her order let him know that she wasn’t talking about a cocktail. She was obviously seducing him.

[My home is only two blocks away from here…]

The woman smiled and tilted her head as if she didn’t know what he meant. If she was was trying to raise her self-worth by acting innocent, he would play along.

[My personal bar is quite adequate. Why don’t I make you that cocktail at my house?]

Seeing the desire in eyes, a smile stretched across her red lips as she let out a bewitching laugh.

[I think that’s a great idea.]


As the man entered the limousine, he began to slowly approach her. She licked her lip as if she was thirsty before frantically kissing him as if she couldn’t take it any longer.

Even though the separator was up, seeing as how the driver didn’t make a peep, EunHa realized that she was one of many women that this man had taken to his home. As the man sucked her tongue, their teeth almost knocked together in his haste. EunHa was becoming annoyed.


As she let out an enchanting moan, she gripped his shirt. As she slightly pulled back, she could see that his face was covered in her lipstick. EunHa held back her laughter and furrowed her brow.

[It… It seems that I’ve had too much to drink tonight. I don’t think I should drink anymore.]

[We’ll arrive at my house if you wait a little longer. Why don’t you relax for a bit there?]

His lustful eyes blinked right in front of her. This man was Hong Kong’s most famous jeweler. Knowing that tons of priceless paintings were kept hidden in this man’s basement, how could she relax in his house? She had studied the blueprint to his enormous house for half a month to prepare for this day. She was now only two blocks away from entering his home.

[I’m sorry for the inconvenience.]

She placed her head on his chest as if she was feeling dizzy. The man’s lips approached her own as if he had been waiting for this. His excited hands began to rub her shoulders before slowly lowering to her chest as he began to caress her breast. She just let him be.

She needed to completely arouse this man. She needed to distract him. Once they reached his home, she wanted the time they spent in bed to be as short as possible.

Weewoo, weewoo.

When the man heard the noisy sound of sirens, he stopped moving. They could see the flashing red lights through the tinted windows of the white limousine.

[What happened?]

[It seems that a small accident has occurred.]

The driver replied. The man began to laugh as if the reassure EunHa.

[It doesn’t look like it’s a big accident. If you’re here with me, you’ll be safe.]


EunHa put on a relieved expression as she gazed at this man full of bravado. She wanted to reach his house as soon as possible, but this unexpected accident was putting her off schedule. It would be troublesome if this shattered his haze of arousal. She pretended to unintentionally place her delicate, manicured hand on his thigh. Suddenly…


The moment she put a charming smile on her face, her cellphone in her clutch began to vibrate. EunHa’s perfectly groomed eyebrows twitched. Only one person would be calling her cellphone right now. This was because only a limited number of people knew this number.

She almost never had a reason to answer her phone while she was working, but now that her phone had rang, she couldn’t ignore it. EunHa did her best to hide her displeasure and took her hand off her target.

[Please excuse me. My parents are quite strict, so they’ll worry if I don’t answer their call.]

[No worries. Please answer the call.]

The man seemed to be feel frustrated with his bowtie and undid a button on his shirt. Seeing him barely hold himself back from taking her, she felt a little better.


She took out the noisily vibrating phone and put it up to her ear. She didn’t forget to stick a bit closer to the man as she answered the call.


– Withdraw right now.

Hearing the unexpected order, EunHa’s face hardened. She turned her gaze to the window as she pressed the phone to her ear. She answered in a calm voice.

“I think the party is going to go on for a little longer.”

The ex-girlfriend of the man sitting next to her had been a Korean model. When they had been dating, he poured out his money for her. However, after they broke up, there were rumors going around that he had demanded for his money back and even hired a lawyer.

EunHa wanted to ask, ‘Just what kind of bullshit are you spewing?’ However, just in case this man understood Korean, she held it back and kept her cover.

– Hail a cab and go straight to the airport. Once you’re there, someone will be waiting for you. Your flight is in two and a half hours, so hurry up.

EunHa bit the inside of her cheek. She wanted to scream out in anger, but she suppressed the urge and clenched her teeth.

“What do you mean? Father has suddenly become ill?”

– I’m telling you to stop what you’re doing and get out of there. Do you not understand?

She couldn’t accept the sudden change in plans. Additionally, the plan was even going as planned, so how could she quit now? EunHa’s voice was laced with unrepressed rage.

“Why are you suddenly being like this?”

– It’s Boss’s orders.

It was a short answer, but enough. She let out an angry curse. She felt the man next to her flinch. She wasn’t sure about anything else, but he certainly understood that curse word. EunHa closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She managed to end the call after saying a few more pleasantries.

[I’m so sorry, but I think I need to head back.]

[What do you mean?]

The man looked at her in disbelief. EunHa understood how he felt. But the person who felt the most frustrated right now was her. She had to let go of her prey.

[My parents said that something urgent has come up. I see you another time.]

As she indifferently muttered her excuse, she reached for the door handle. However, he quickly grabbed her wrist.

[It’s a shame for you to just leave like this.]

There was a savage gleam in his eyes. He had been irked by her tone of voice as she spoke to him.

[You don’t know it, but I’m extremely upset right now as well.]

If she wanted to catch that flight in two and a half hours, she needed to catch a taxi right this instant… and even then she might not make it. She snatched her hand out of his grasp. His anger began to show on his face.

[Are you joking?]

[I wish this was a joke, mister.]

[Just a minute ago, you were seducing me like a hooker. Now just where do you think you’re going?]

Throwing away his gentleman’s facade, the man began to breathe heavily.

[Just drive.]

He ordered the driver. The driver hesitated before taking his foot of the brake. He then began turning the steering wheel as they headed into an alleyway. The car steadily began to move.

“Hey. You’re gonna regret this.”


“You put something in my drink back there, didn’t you? Even if you can’t be a gentleman, you shouldn’t be a thug.”

EunHa looked at him as she spoke in Korean. The man grabbed her long hair.

[What are you mumbling about? Come here right now…!]

Her doll-like face twisted into an ugly expression.

“I guess this bastard doesn’t understand. Now I think I know why you were dumped.”

EunHa grabbed her clutch and pulled out her lipstick bullet. She pressed one end of it, and a needle popped out. The man was slobbering all over her neck as he nibbled it. EunHa quickly stabbed the needle into his back.


As she injected the contents of the syringe into him, the man raised his hand and groaned. It took a bit of time for the sedative to take effect, so the man was still alert.

[You crazy… Ugh!]

The man slammed EunHa down onto the seats and began to pull himself down on top of her. EunHa quickly stabbed his groin with the heel of her stilettos. Suffering incredible pain, the man forgot how to breathe. EunHa clicked her tongue.

“You should have let me go nicely. Why’d you have to go and act so indecently?”

[Are you alright, sir?]

After hearing the struggle in the back, the driver stopped the car and looked back. At the same time, a studded clutch flew into his face.

“He’s probably not alright.”


The driver grabbed his nose and groaned. Shocked, he took his foot off the brake pedal, and the car began to slowly move again. EunHa didn’t hesitate and opened the car door. She got out and rolled onto the ground.

[Stop the car!]

The man inside the car yelled out through the open door, creating a scene. EunHa got up from the ground and thought for a second. Then she took off her stiletto and raised it above her head. Either way, she wouldn’t be able to run properly in heels like these. She pulled her arm back and threw it. The stiletto flew through the air and hit the man square in the cheek.

[Hey, stop right there!]

The man got out of the car, but his legs gave out underneath him. he stumbled onto the ground. The driver got out and was just about to run after EunHa when he stopped to help his employer.

[I’m fine. Go catch that bitch…!]

As an uproar began to rise in front of the limousine, a police overseeing the minor crash caused by a drunk driver turned his head and looked over.

[What’s going on here?]

They weren’t happy to see a policeman in this situation. Thankfully, the major road was currently jammed. EunHa threw her other stiletto away and began to run barefoot for the major road.

The mermaid-dress wrapped around her legs, making it hard to run. She stretched out her hand and ripped the slit up further until it reached her thighs. She was finally able to run comfortably.

“Haa… Haa…!”


A few foreigners standing in line in front of a club whistled at her as they saw her running past them with her hair flying behind her.

[Where are you going? Let’s have some fun together, baby!]

“Baby? Go fuck yourselves, you bastards!”

She slapped their hands away as they reached for her. She ran around the corner and came across a juice cafe that had closed due to the late time. She ran to the building next to it and opened the door. Thankfully, these doors weren’t locked because of the 24-hour convenience store inside.

She passed a second-hand luxury-brand shop and exited to the alleyway on her right. She saw a bar that a lot of the Hong Kong businessmen frequented. There were usually a lot of cabs on standby in areas where the graceful hostesses sold their bodies. Worried that a cop was following her, she felt the need to escape before things became even more troublesome. EunHa ran, her lungs feeling as if they’d burst with exertion.

“Aaah, fuck… Seriously…!”

Was this her punishment for eating a pile of hamburgers for lunch today? She pointlessly thought as she ran with all her might. She finally saw the blinking pink sign. She saw a man in a suit and a barely-clothed woman get ready to enter the taxi. But EunHa didn’t have time to wait for another cab.

[Wait! Oppa! Unnie!]

The couple was about to take the taxi to a hotel. However, EunHa pushed them away and got into the taxi before slamming the door shut. The couple looked shocked at having their taxi taken away.

[The airport. Immediately. Keep the change.]

Confused, the taxi driver watched as she took out a wad of bills. He quickly shifted gears and began to drive.

[What do you think you’re doing?!]


EunHa lowered the window and looked back at the angrily shouting man. She gestured to the man with her hand.

[I’m sorry. But ahjussi, your zipper’s open. Wow, you’ve got quite a package.]


[If you’re going to date the pretty unnie next to you, you’re gonna need one anyway. You pass!]

EunHa’s eyes crinkled as she smiled and she gave him a thumbs up. The man quickly began to zip up his pants as his neck reddened. EunHa’s ebony hair flew in the wind. The woman next to him blinked in confusion.

The blue taxi drove through the narrow street as it finally exited the alleyway. EunHa let out a sigh and leaned back against the headrest. The red-light district of Lan Kwai Fong was getting further and further away.



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