Doppio Senso – Chapter 15.3

They were sitting inside the tent that was meant for the Lieutenant Han couple. Even though they were only facing each other, the air inside the tent felt suffocating. Lieutenant Han and General Manager Cha returned to their professional selves and were out cleaning up this mess.

YongJoon, who had been on stand-by somewhere else, hastily came over. Thanks to him, the police were able to quickly figure out what had happened. They hastily took the client and her husband and YongJoon back down the mountain in the RV they had brought with them.

KyungHyun’s face was brightly illuminated by the hanging lantern in the tent. His large shadow filled up half the tent. Outside, they heard the crackling of a campfire.

“Lieutenant Han said she’d send us a car tomorrow morning, so let’s just go to sleep.”

EunHa spread out the sleeping bag even though it seemed too small for both of them to use. She was just about to fasten the tent zipper when KyungHyun softly pulled her hand. Facing her, KyungHyun asked her a curt question.

“How’s your body?”

“I’m fine.”

If she told him she wasn’t fine, she felt that he’d run down the mountain and actually end up killing the man.

“Be honest if you don’t feel well. Let’s go to the hospital.”

“I’m really okay.”

KyungHyun’s eyes narrowed as he silently examined her. Whenever this man kept so silent, it made people feel nervous. She couldn’t figure out what he was thinking right now.

“And we don’t even have a car, so how can we get down the mountain?”

“I can call for a helicopter.”

“How can you use a helicopter for something like this?”

“I’ve worked myself to the bone for this country for over 10 years. They can at least send me a helicopter, so it doesn’t matter.”

Judging from his dry voice and expression, he wasn’t joking. It really looked like he was ready to call the authorities and send for a helicopter, so EunHa quickly held up both of her hands.

“I’m seriously okay. Really. Hmm? It just grazed me, that’s all. I probably hit that man way harder.”

The more she rambled, the more KyungHyun’s face hardened.

“…No, the more I think about it, I think we should go.”

EunHa grabbed his face as he took out his cellphone. She pressed her lips onto his and softly whispered.

“Seriously, it’s not that bad.”

As if to console him, she placed kisses on his cheek, forehead, and eyelids. KyungHyun’s body flinched and hardened. He kept his eyes closed as he received the kisses. He let out a deep sigh.


He dropped his cellphone and pulled EunHa into his embrace. In an instant, her back touched the floor of the tent. After laying her down, KyungHyun began to fiercely suck her tongue.


Their clothes rubbed against each other and produced static, but KyungHyun didn’t seem to care. He pushed his tongue into her mouth and rubbed the roof of her mouth. Like a person who was dying of thirst, he sucked and swallowed. He felt her suck his lower lip, and his mind went blank. His fierce black eyes pierced through her as he pulled away.

“I wanted to cut off his arm that dared to hit your face and feed it to the wild animals in the mountain.”

When EunHa blocked his mouth with her hand, KyungHyun began to greedily lick it. She felt his tongue slide between her fingers until her whole hand was covered with traces of him.

“I regret not doing that.”

If EunHa hadn’t stopped him, KyungHyun wouldn’t have been able to control himself. Recalling the events that had just occurred, KyungHyun felt a fire rise in his chest again. EunHa let out a long sigh.

“Calm down.”

The man’s truth slowly flowed out of his swollen lips.

“Only a retarded bastard will feel calm after seeing his woman get hurt.”

He was only like this because she had been hit once. If she had been hit twice, he really might have killed a person in front of her eyes. EunHa grabbed his face as it turned cold and resolutely opened her mouth.

“I told you I’d give you some good news if you calmed down, but I guess I won’t be able to share it.”

“What is it?”

“Things feel tense right now, so I can’t… hmm…”

EunHa couldn’t finish her sentence because their lips touched and their tongues tangled. This wasn’t a fierce kiss. KyungHyun softly stroked her face and tentatively rubbed her tongue inside her mouth.

KyungHyun knew very well that this kind of kiss would drive EunHa insane. He wouldn’t do this often because whenever their tongues touched, KyungHyun’s control would immediately evaporate, but this time, it was different.

Like a small, baby bird, EunHa’s mouth opened and her tongue stuck out of her mouth. KyungHyun lowered his mouth and softly rubbed her tongue with his as if to soothe her. EunHa’s body began to tremble. KyungHyun stroked her shoulders and whispered in a low, baritone voice.

“Tell me. Things aren’t tense anymore.”

His eyes were incredibly deep as he asked softly. EunHa tried to swallow, but her mouth was dry. She opened her mouth with great effort.


Ba-dump, ba-dump.

She felt as if her heart would burst out of her throat.

“Tell me.”

His eyes pierced through her as he urged her to tell him. EunHa continued in a soft but clear voice.

“I’m pregnant.”

She felt even more nervous telling him than when she found out herself with her own eyes and ears. EunHa tried her best to settle her heart that seemed to be on the verge of bursting out of her chest. She carefully observed KyungHyun’s reaction.


But something was strange. KyungHyun’s face looked too calm. He always had his usual pokerface, but she felt that this kind of news would have surprised or shocked him.

“…Aren’t you surprised?”

An almost imperceptible smile flashed across his face. But that was it.

“I was surprised.”

“You sure don’t look surprised.”

EunHa tilted her head and narrowed her eyes. There was no way… A strange suspicion popped inside her head.

“Did you…”

She cautiously opened her mouth and vocalized this suspicion.

“Did you already know?”

The moment she asked, she got her answer. Instead of answering, KyungHyun chuckled and grabbed her face with both of his hands. As he lowered his head for a kiss, EunHa pulled away and looked at him with wide eyes.

“What’s going on? When did you find out?”

EunHa was confident she didn’t let anything show. She had done her best to hide this matter from such a perceptive man like him. So when did he find out?

“Is that important right now?”

“It’s important, so tell me before I get mad.”

“I thought you were acting strange one month ago, but I knew for sure two days ago.”

Two days ago. That was when the client came to the office. It was the day she had her suspicions and suddenly announced that she was going on this camping trip.

That night, KyungHyun had suddenly brought up the topic of pregnancy. EunHa thought it had come out of nowhere, but the more she thought about it, the more she realized that he had already known about it then.

“How did you know?”

“Because your lower stomach turned cute and round?”

EunHa did hear that once she had entered the stable stage, her stomach would increase at a rapid pace. However, she couldn’t tell the difference right now. The only symptom she showed was her sudden cravings. She didn’t even have any morning sickness or weight gain yet.

“Did you really notice because of my body? Don’t lie.”

EunHa didn’t like the look on his face. She looked at KyungHyun suspiciously. Finally, KyungHyun began to speak slowly.

“I’m also a client of your company.”

“…What did you say?”

“I even paid a hefty amount so that I’d get a report of my woman’s every move throughout the day. You didn’t know?”

KyungHyun said these ridiculous words as if they were nothing. Including her, there was only two employees in the company. If she didn’t know about it, then the culprit could only be one person. KyungHyun had approached YongJoon and commissioned work privately, but EunHa found it even harder to believe that YongJoon had been able to keep this from her. EunHa scowled as she glared at him in disbelief.

“That bastard realized I was pregnant and told you?”


“Then what is it?”

“He tells me things like what you eat, who you’ve met, what you’re investigating… Only a retard wouldn’t realize what was going on with all this information. Ah, that guy is an exception because he’s just plain stupid.”

“Haa… So annoying…”

In the end, KyungHyun was watching over her every move through YongJoon. Telling YongJoon that she was going to the hospital for a check-up was her mistake.

“Then did you know why I wanted to come here?”

“I knew you weren’t coming here for the camping, but I didn’t know the specific details. Your henchman is quite good at following people secretly. He’s got a surprisingly good work ethic. I only realized what was going on after I received a phone call from him that was meant for you. He called to tell you he fucked up.”

Feeling completely deceived, EunHa felt extremely upset. She clenched her fist and pounded his chest.

“Why are you so wicked?”

“You didn’t know? I’m a lot more wicked and dirty than you think.”

It didn’t matter what she said. She was the one who liked him even though she knew what kind of man he was.

“Seriously, you’re just like a gangster…”

“Enough with the small talk. I want to talk about the important matter at hand.”

“You’re now a deputy commissioner, but you went and paid a detective agency to follow your lover. What can be more important than this?”

KyungHyun looked at her and bent down to lick her lips. Then he whispered back.

“You said you were with child. My lover has my child. That’s the most important thing.”

“You said you already knew. Why did you pretend you didn’t know?”

“You didn’t tell me, so I didn’t feel the need to bring it up.”

“…So why did you think that?!”

“Because I was waiting.”

Although he sounded as calm as always, she noticed a subtle agitation in his voice. EunHa blinked her large eyes as she looked into his.

“…For what?”

“I was waiting for you to tell me.”


“If you’re telling me the news yourself, then it means that you’ve made a decision.”

He had hit the mark. EunHa kept her mouth shut. Suddenly, KyungHyun’s sturdy hand lifted her sweater up. He pushed aside her bra and began to caress her breast. His hand was damp.

“Why are you doing this all of a sudden? I’m not done talking.”

“Yeah, I’m not done talking either. When you have the child, will your breast produce milk?”

EunHa was used to KyungHyun’s sex talk by now, but his unexpected words made her blush.

“I’m looking forward to it as much as I’m looking forward to seeing the child’s face. I wonder what your milk will taste like.”

When she heard his animalistic words, EunHa pushed his shoulder and spoke up with a flushed face.

“…You don’t even like kids.”

“Why would I hate my own kid?”

KyungHyun asked blankly. It seemed that EunHa still didn’t trust him completely. She was nervously chewing her lips when KyungHyun raised his hand to caress her cheek.

“It’s a male’s instinct to want his seed to take. Just imagining you sleeping with our children makes me hard.”

EunHa spoke softly to settle her trembling voice.

“If you think I won’t be able to go anywhere just because I have a child, then you’re wrong.”

KyungHyun smiled and chuckled. His long eyes narrowed.

“Is that what you were worried about?”


“I’m not a perverted bastard who will use a child to hold on to a woman, EunHa.”

“Even if I have a kid, I won’t give anything up. I’m not going to quit my job.”

“I’ll support you no matter what. Do whatever you want.”

He held her gaze. EunHa spoke up once again to make sure.

“I’m serious.”

“I’m serious, too. You don’t have to give anything up. Didn’t I tell you this before? Do whatever you want to do and live however you want to live by my side.”

His eyes remained steady as they looked into hers. It was EunHa’s eyes that slightly shook as she listened to his honest thoughts.

“If you do something I don’t like, I’ll run away. So don’t get too complacent.”

KyungHyun’s smile widened. He brought her to him. She could feel his possessiveness oozing out of his hands as they gripped her.

“A child is a child, and you are you. If you want to run away, then run away. I’ll follow you to the depths of hell if I have to. No matter where you go, you’ll always end up back at my side.”

“But I’m going to take the child with me.”

“Even better. It’ll make it easier to catch you.”

He sounded so sure of himself that she couldn’t help but be persuaded. KyungHyun licked her cheek as he grabbed her bottom. His satisfied voice flowed into her ear.

“Every time you run away, I’d like to add a child to the mix so that it’ll be easier to find you.”

He said this jokingly, but he was telling the truth. He laughed softly. KyungHyun had been scared she would do something irreversible without telling him, but he decided not to tell her this. The important thing was that EunHa had gathered her courage to move forward.

“I was honestly really nervous. No, actually, I’m still nervous right now.”

“About what?”

“The child… what if something happens to the child?”

EunHa revealed her innermost thoughts that she had kept hidden away deep inside her heart. She felt like she was always fated to be thrust into dangerous situations. Even today’s incident seemed to be proof of that.

And the man in front of her eyes was probably even more worse off than her. The thing EunHa feared the most was her child being pulled into danger because of its parents. This was the reason why she kept hesitating for days once she realized she was pregnant.

“The things you’re worried about will never happen.”

KyungHyun looked into her eyes as he spoke very clearly. His steady gaze gradually calmed her heart.

“My child will take after you, so they’ll be strong. No, actually, it doesn’t matter whether they’re strong or not.”

He whispered languidly into her ear.

“We’re the parents, so what’s there to worry about?”

His dark eyebrow tilted up as he looked at her questioningly.

“I have confidence that I can protect anything that has to do with us. Could it be that you lack the same confidence?”

If she said this was the case, then she’d lose. EunHa didn’t open her mouth. She merely blinked silently before glaring at him.

“You know you have an awful personality, right?”

“Thankfully, there’s a woman like you who’s attracted to arrogant men with awful personalities.”

EunHa felt the tension melt away as KyungHyun twisted her words.

“When you punched my cheek back there, it was actually quite exciting.”

“I never knew you had a preference for something like that.”

“A woman who punches my face and then acts like nothing happened… I never knew such a woman could exist.”

EunHa raised her brow and asked him a question in return.

“So did you fall deeply in love with this said woman who punched you in the face?”

“Thanks to that, I’ve decided to never let a woman like you go.”

“You sound quite determined.”

“A lot more than you think.”

EunHa laughed at the audacity of this man. KyungHyun used this chance to rub his cock against her entrance.

“Is it okay to have sex while you’re pregnant?”

“Why are you worrying about that now?”

“Now that you’ve made up your mind, I need to be careful.”

KyungHyun didn’t put it in and merely rubbed himself against her. She could feel the impatience in his movements. EunHa placed her hands around his sturdy hips and laughed as she whispered.

“I’ve just passed the unstable period, so it’s okay.”

As soon as she said these words, KyungHyun parted her folds and slid his cock inside her. EunHa’s body trembled as she felt the fullness of him.


KyungHyun held her head with both his hands and looked down onto her face. A strange gleam flashed inside his eyes. Now that they were one, KyungHyun slowly called out to her.


“…What is it?”

“Let me take responsibility for you and our child for the rest of our lives.”

He licked her dry lips. EunHa’s heart began to race nervously.

“What if I don’t want to?”

“…Don’t turn me into a son of a bitch.”

“Aah, how scary.”

EunHa murmured jokingly, but KyungHyun’s face didn’t have a trace of laughter.

“I’m going to give you everything you’ve lost.”

When EunHa saw his stubborn expression, she felt a fire burn in her heart. He vowed to fulfill the promise he had just made no matter what. As he looked at her, he continued carefully.

“I’ll give you a family… I won’t let you feel lonely ever again. You don’t have to worry. There will be nothing to worry about because I’m going to protect you.”

Her eyes tingled as if someone was blowing into them.

“Then what do I need to do?”

“You just need to do whatever you want to do by my side.”

EunHa wrapped her arms around his neck. When he felt her hot walls tighten around him, KyungHyun’s nose crinkled. EunHa let out a sigh. His short thrusts weren’t enough. She tightened her legs around his hips.

“Hurry… Do it fast.”

The veins in KyungHyun’s neck were more pronounced. Swallowing back a curse, he barely managed to open his mouth.

“I heard that we’re supposed to avoid having intense sex.”

A strained voice left his throat. After she heard his reason for holding back, EunHa laughed.

“If something was going to go wrong, it would have gone wrong a long time ago.”

Thinking back to all the sex they’ve had recently, KyungHyun realized that she wasn’t wrong. He finally entered inside her to the hilt. Then he dug his teeth into the back of her neck and murmured.

“If something happens to our kid, I’ll seriously rip that guy’s head off.”

“I never thought you’d be that worried for our child.”

“Do you think I’m being like this because of the child?”

“Then what else could it be?”

KyungHyun rubbed his hot lips against her skin. Then he lifted his head and looked into her. His eyes were as deep and as dark as a winter lake.

“I don’t want my woman to lose anything ever again. While you’re by my side, you shouldn’t have to go through anything that causes you to shed a tear.”

EunHa finally realized why KyungHyun had become so insane with anger. He had known that she was pregnant, so he had gotten even more riled up.

And still, KyungHyun had waited for her to tell him herself. If she hadn’t said anything, this man would have pretended not to know until the very end.

To others, KyungHyun came off as a scary and cruel man. However, not to her. EunHa realized just how much this man loved her. No matter what dangers came her way, this man wouldn’t bat an eye and proceed to protect her. And she, in turn, would grow stronger by his side.

What was I so worried about?

As her heart filled with joy, her body became even more feverish. She never imagined that knowing she wasn’t alone could be such a satisfying feeling.

“Will you do anything I ask?”

“If you want, I’ll even buy you a strawberry farm.”

EunHa knew he wasn’t joking. She swallowed her laughter and pressed her fingers into his sturdy back.

“I’ve eaten enough strawberries. So…”

“What do you want? Just say the word. I’ll do anything you ask.”

“Right now, just show the babies how much their dad loves their mom.”

KyungHyun, who had been pumping into her as he dug his teeth into her neck like a beast, suddenly froze. Then he slowly lifted his head.

“What did you just say?”

“You already know. You’re going to be a dad now. And I’m going to be a mom. Although, I can hardly believe it myself…”

“Not that.”

His brows were furrowed. His dark eyes were shaking, and his beautiful lips were slightly parted as his tongue swept over his lower lip. Then he began to lightly chew on them.

KyungHyun always had a calm expression on his face no matter what situation they were in. It was actually kind of annoying sometimes. However, right now, it looked completely bewildered. This was the expression she had expected to see when she told him the news. KyungHyun slowly continued speaking.

“You said ‘babies’?”

Ah, so he still didn’t know about that.

EunHa hid her satisfaction and answered his question with a curt reply.

“They said it’s twins.”


“In any case, you are quite talented. No, maybe I’m the one who’s talented. So this is what they mean by ‘two birds with one stone’… Hnng!”

EunHa was rambling excitedly when silent fireworks went off behind KyungHyun’s eyes. He had been frozen for a moment, but then he suddenly pulled her into his embrace. He began to bite and lick her as if he were going to eat her up.

Every time his lips and tongue touched her skin, she felt it burn. Through the open flap of the tent, EunHa could see the countless stars sparkling down at her. They were so beautiful that they didn’t seem real. Two shadows tangled into one as they moved.

“I love you.”

“Hnng! Aaah!”

She felt his body heat surround her as she raised her arms and wrapped them around his neck. His cock continued to thrust into her. Her body was a mess as it reacted to the intense sensations. KyungHyun ran his tongue down her eyes, cheek, and neck.

“I love you.”

“Haahng! Aaahng…!”

Her body stuck to him as if it didn’t want to part from him. Her wet walls gripped and milked his cock, and every time it pulled out, a wet sound filled the tent. KyungHyun sucked on her swollen breasts before moving up and whispering breathlessly into her ear.

“I love you, EunHa.”

“Me too… Me too… Aaahng…!”

KyungHyun pressed down onto her hips as he thrust inside her once more. Her hips trembled as she was filled to the brim. Her thighs began to shake. She arched her hips as KyungHyun gripped her even tighter. He felt himself approach the peak as he continued to push into her

“I love you.”

He met her eyes and confessed once again. His eyes were filled with a happiness she had never seen before.

“Whoever dares to try and take you away will be shot dead.”


EunHa moaned as she felt her climax approach and panted for breath.

“You only need to say you’re happy in moments like this.”

EunHa’s eyes narrowed with laughter. KyungHyun bent down and bit her neck, causing her body to tremble. They both reached the peak together, and KyungHyun whispered into her ear.

He told her he was so happy he thought he was going crazy.

Seeing that he was so happy, EunHa couldn’t help but feel the same way. Love would be difficult if one thought about it that way. However, if one viewed it as something easy, it would become that as well.

He would probably continue to doubt her and feel nervous when it came to her, but she definitely believed they took a step forward today.

I like him. I want to see all the expressions this man makes. I want to be with this man.

“I love you.”

KyungHyun hugged her to his chest and gave her a breathless smile. Then he spoke up in a confident voice.

“I know.”

“So arrogant.”

He spoke so haughtily as he gave her a confident look. Then he wrapped his hand around her cheek. He arrogantly whispered to her.

“And you love me even more for it.”

The bugs were chirping outside, and the campfire continued to burn. A vast amount of stars sparkled in the sky. This was truly an unrealistic night.

Now that she thought about it, a long time ago, there was a young girl who dreamed of going camping with the boy she liked. In this fairytale landscape, EunHa looked up at the man who was smiling down at her. And she gave him a smile back.



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