Doppio Senso – Chapter 4.2

“Then shall we go? General Manager Cha has been looking at his watch for a while now.”


KyungHyun lightly placed his hand on her hips. Even though he was only placing his hand there to escort her out, EunHa felt as if her skin was burning as she felt his heat through the thin fabric of the dress. EunHa quickly followed his steady strides to the parking garage.

“We’ll be departing now.”

The car wasn’t the usual sedan that KyungHyun usually rode. This time, they were getting into a black van. The driver was already waiting inside.

“Is General Manager Cha going to follow us in a different car?”

At KyungHyun’s affirmative reply, EunHa asked another question.


“There’s a lot of people that follow my car around. If they catch on to me, I’ll have to take a detour.”

Their conversation was short, and the car door closed shut. A silence settled inside the car. Eunha glanced at him a few times before looking at the seat next to her. She finally spoke up.

“If I knew I was going to be attending today, I would have paid more attention to my makeup.”

“You don’t have to pay attention. You look fine as it is.”

KyungHyun was looking at his tablet as he replied. Were those empty words a compliment? She couldn’t tell because he was continuing to browse through the tablet with a serious expression. EunHa changed the subject and asked an earnest question.

“Where is the founding party going to take place?”


EunHa tilted her head. The company didn’t have anything to do with that town.

“We’re going all the way to Bucheon?”

“It’s best that we go to a place where we won’t be seen by a lot of people.”

KyungHyun murmured in reply.

“If a bunch of gangsters in suits are gathered together, it will catch a lot of eyes.”

This meant that they were being very careful with security for this event. It was understandable. The executives of KeumOh were meeting with the gangsters of YongSung in one place. Nothing good would come out of having this location leaked. EunHa disguised her voice to sound nonchalant as she asked another question. Her eyes were full of curiosity.

“Does that mean we’ll be seeing the president as well?”

KyungHyun took his eyes of the tablet screen and looked at her. EunHa didn’t look away from his sharp eyes and laughed innocently.

“He’s an incredible person. They say he doesn’t make a lot of public appearances, so I just wanted to know what kind of person he was.”

“Today will be the same.”

EunHa swallowed back the disappointment that rolled over her. Even though it wasn’t a part of SungHo’s mission, it was a part of hers. She wanted to meet Noh HyungChul as soon as possible.

After being attacked by a gangster a few years ago, Noh HyungChul now only met with a few select people that he trusted. And one of the few people that he met with was sitting right next to her. Shin KyungHyun.

She thought that if she got closer to KyungHyun, she would be able to find a chance to approach the president. However, it looked like that was going to take more time. If she was going to have some pillow talk with KyungHyun, she needed to make him completely fall for her… But as she recalled their sexual intercourse from a few days ago, EunHa let out a heavy sigh. Would she even be able to get KyungHyun to completely lose his mind?

‘What should I do?’

“What are you thinking about?”

EunHa, who had been completely lost in thought, flinched when she heard his voice. She turned her head. She could see that KyungHyun’s eyes were glued on her. The tablet in his hands had disappeared at some point. With his elbow on the headrest, KyungHyun was rubbing his lips as their eyes met. Reflexively, EunHa turned her head back forward.

“Why are you avoiding my eyes?”

EunHa became flabbergasted at his words. It was because his sharp gaze looked as if it was reading her thoughts.

“Do you have something to say to me, sir?”

She turned her eyes back to his and replied to him with an indifferent and polite tone. KyungHyun’s eyes slowly lowered and stopped at her chest. They gazed at the sparkling diamond necklace hanging from her neck. EunHa couldn’t tell if he was looking at the necklace or at her chest, but she didn’t feel embarrassed at his direct gaze.

“Not really.”

“Then why are you looking at me like that?”

His deep, dark eyes met her eyes once again. Usually, they never listened to anything in the car when they were going somewhere. However, today, the dreamy voice of a jazz singer flowed out of the impressive speaker system.

Maybe it was because they were dressed differently than usual, or maybe it was because of the slow music floating around her ears, but EunHa felt as if she and KyungHyun were currently sitting at a high-end bar. KyungHyun stared at her as he murmured in a low voice.

“I’m looking because I like what I see.”

“Of course you do. You chose it yourself. I like the necklace as well.”

“Not the necklace. You. The more I see you, the more you’re my type.”

EunHa silently blinked. KyungHyun was still calm and composed. His long fingers stopped rubbing his lips and moved to his temple. His eyes were still on her. EunHa watched him and spoke in a low voice.

“On my first day, you warned me not to tempt you. If you come on to me like this, I can’t help but feel that it’s cheating.”

From her experience, the more she pushed a man away, the more he would be drawn to her. This man in front of her should be no different.

“Are you saying that I’m tempting you right now?”

He was testing her again. EunHa carefully smiled back at him.

“People usually don’t gift something like this to a mere friend.”

As EunHa looked down at the diamond necklace on her chest, KyungHyun’s lips slightly went up.

“You might be misunderstanding it.”

“Or I might not.”

“What do you think?”

“If I’m being honest, it’s a bit intimidating.”

“At the squash courts, you’re the one who hit on me first.”

“That’s because I didn’t know what kind of position you held and what your personality was like.”

“Really? What do you think about me now?”

“You told me that your woman will be confined for 24 hours and won’t be able to go outside. I’m an incredibly free spirit, so that sounds scary to me. I hate it.”

“Then you shouldn’t have thrust yourself at a man on a rainy day and asked him to kiss you.”

EunHa shrugged.

“Maybe the liquor was too strong that night.”

“I don’t fuck women who are black-out drunk. It’s too boring.”

As KyungHyun said this indifferently, EunHa’s cat-like eyes widened. Even though music was playing inside the car, it wasn’t loud enough to drown out their conversation. They weren’t the only ones inside the car. The driver was still here. Seeing that KyungHyun wasn’t paying any attention to him, EunHa realized a gangster would always be a gangster.

“There’s no way a youngster like you forgot about how we had sex all night a few days ago.”

“Director, isn’t it a bit misleading to say that what happened a few days ago was of my own will?”

“So did you hate it?”

KyungHyun’s languid voice asked her. If he wasn’t so skilled in bed, she might have laughed at him. Disappointed that she couldn’t do this, EunHa answered in a quiet but clear voice.

“Well, it was okay.”

KyungHyun blankly stared at EunHa before sweeping his face with his hand. EunHa could see him smile behind his fingers as he rubbed his lips. He flashed his teeth and lightly bit his bottom lip. Just as she was wondering what was so funny, he suddenly stretched out his hand, wrapped his arm around her hips, and pulled her to him.

The familiar scent of his body that she had come to know so well lingered at the tip of her nose. She could even smell the scent of his sweat on his warm body. EunHa’s mouth went dry. She swallowed and barely managed to open her lips.

“…What are you doing?”

“I know I’m not the type to be considerate of others. However, your lukewarm reaction isn’t pleasing to hear.”

“You know your enemies very well. If you knew me that well, you’d be completely invincible. It’s okay. Just try a bit harder next time.”

“You had better stop chirping or I’ll kiss you.”

“I’ve already done so much more with you, Director. Why would I be scared of…”

Before EunHa could finish, KyungHyun placed his hands on her cheeks. The back of her head was pushed back to the headrest. KyungHyun’s lips suddenly crashed into hers.

As if punishing her, he tangled her tongue with his and sucked. As he sucked her lower lip, the memories of that night filled her head. Remembering the intense pleasure, EunHa’s body automatically began to react. A shiver ran down her spine and her lower stomach twinged.


When their lips parted, EunHa gasped for breath. Even with lipstick smeared on his lips, KyungHyun looked incredibly sexy. Is this why famous makeup brands used men for their advertisements? As ridiculous thoughts filled her mind, EunHa tried to get a grip. KyungHyun watched her struggle to come to her senses and gave her an order in a low voice.

“Spread your legs.”


“I need to check something. Raise the hem of your dress and spread your legs.”

“I… I don’t think that would be proper to do that in a place like this.”

“Is there a reason why I have to act proper in here?”

Even though it was true that he was the highest ranking person in here, it still wouldn’t be right. Just as she was about to reply, KyungHyun’s hand pushed between her thighs and spread her legs. As he looked into her eyes, a long finger brushed against her black thong.

“You’re already wet.”

She tried to close her legs and move his hand away, but she failed.

“Are you always this wet for someone you think is just ‘okay’?”

As he threw her lie back in her face, KyungHyun began to grope her sex without any hesitation. His long middle finger rubbed her clitoris before lowering to her entrance. As he repeated this motion, a hot fluid began to flow out of her opening.

“This is the softest and the most honest part of your body.”

KyungHyun wrapped his arm around her shoulders and softly whispered. He spread her juices around her clitoris like a lubricant and rubbed it fiercely.

“As much as I like it when you’re dripping wet, it’ll be troublesome if you ruin your dress.”

“Then you… hnng, shouldn’t put me in such a troublesome state, Director. Don’t you think?”

Trying to hold back her moans, EunHa blurted out her response through her teeth. However, KyungHyun’s hand didn’t stop.

“I don’t think so.”

“Why not?”

“Because I kind of don’t want to.”

His long middle finger slipped inside her drenched entrance. EunHa bit her lips and held back her moan.

“Your personality… haa… is absolutely terrible.”

“I’m making you feel good right now, so how can you say that?”

The wet noises began to grow louder. As he softly rubbed inside, her climax rolled over her in an instant. KyungHyun’s hot, dry lips brushed against her ear as he asked.

“You know your body is making some good sounds. Can’t you hear it? Just be thankful I didn’t lay you down as soon as we got inside the car.”

Even if the car was large and there was more distance than usual between them and the driver, there was no way the driver didn’t notice the heated exchange coming from the back of the car. Even though it was impossible for them to have car sex in a situation like this, EunHa had a feeling that she wouldn’t be able to avoid sex when it came to KyungHyun.

If the end result was going to be the same, then she needed to capture him perfectly now. EunHa frowned at KyungHyun and whispered softly.

“Do you like it when other people watch?”

“Does it bother you?”

KyungHyun followed her gaze and glanced at the driver as he asked.

“It’s not my style to be watched. It’s a different story if we’re all doing it together, though.”

“Stop joking around.”

Even though he knew she was only saying it to provoke him, KyungHyun sharply glared at her. Even though he knew who she really was, he couldn’t help but be fiercely drawn to her. His body reacted whenever he saw her. It was too intense to blame it on their past history.

KyungHyun had guessed that there was only one way to solve this problem. As long as he had sex with the object of his desire, his heart would settle and his sexual appetite would be satisfied. That was why he continued to embrace this young girl in her twenties. Their first time was done on purpose, but in the middle, he lost all reason and the flames continued to blaze.

“Are you not interested in having a threesome?”

And it was all because of this woman in front of his eyes who asked such a fearless question. KyungHyun let out a sigh. He took out his wet finger from inside her and swept back his hair.

“Park the car.”

“Yes, sir.”

The driver answered immediately and suddenly stopped the car on the shoulder of the road. If they continued on like this, it was obvious to KyungHyun that he was only going to be thinking about this for the entire duration of the party. He knew he wasn’t acting like himself, but his patience had already hit rock bottom.

Concerned that she might be hiding a weapon underneath her clothes, he had ordered her to completely take everything off and change into new clothes. However, at a certain point, he had completely forgotten the purpose of this and began to enjoy it himself. When he saw her captivating appearance, all the blood rushed to his lower half. He barely managed to calm down, but as she continued to act like a mischievous puppy in front of him, he couldn’t stop the urge to pull her into his embrace and tease her.

“Aren’t we in a hurry?”

EunHa corrected her rumpled clothes and took out a compact mirror from her purse. He probably instinctively knew that things would turn out like this. When he met her again after 10 years, he hesitated having sex with her and even tried to scare her away.

In everything he did, he needed to always expect the unexpected and assume the worst. All these thoughts began to get tangled up in his head. After having spent so many years in this organization, he had adapted his mannerisms to their ways. So when Lee EunHa suddenly appeared before him, he didn’t realize that he was beginning to act unreasonable.

Having lived up till now with his walls up against women, he had gone completely crazy for Lee EunHa’s body. It didn’t matter, though. What he knew for certain was that he only had an intense desire to completely dominate this woman in front of his eyes.

Living a life of order and routine, KyungHyun just wanted to survive. Because of this way of life, he had never desired anything so desperately before. However, now that the target of his desire was this woman, he was incredibly aroused.

“Get out of the car and wait outside.”

EunHa watched in disbelief as the driver silently left the car without a word, leaving the engine on. Without a chance to ask what was happening, EunHa was suddenly pulled towards him. At the same time, KyungHyun pushed his face between her legs like a dog. He grabbed a hold of the band of her thong and pulled it up to her bellybutton. It pushed against her hidden clitoris and caused it to throb. Suddenly, a hot tongue pressed against it.


The thick piece of flesh wiggled around as it dug into her. KyungHyun began to suck. EunHa wanted to at least take off her underwear, but KyungHyun didn’t allow it.

“My underwear… is getting wet!”

“It doesn’t matter whether you wear something this or not.”

This pervert, who wouldn’t know anything about the purpose of a woman’s underwear, began to push and pull on her panties, mimicking the motions of sex. He continued to stimulate her clitoris as he plunged his tongue inside.

Chuu, chu, the embarrassing sounds rang inside the car. All she could see was his wide back as he sucked the fluids that were flowing out of her.

EunHa’s thighs began to tremble. KyungHyun’s finger moved her irrelevant panties to the side. His lips and tongue surrounded her soft entrance. Like iron powder gathering around a magnet, EunHa felt a tickling sensation overwhelm her body.


As KyungHyun continued to suck her as if he was trying to absorb her, EunHa couldn’t stop a groan from escaping. She pushed against his shoulder with her bare foot. KyungHyun lifted his head.

“Why are you pushing me?”

His perfect face was covered in her juices, and it looked dirty and erotic.

“The stimulation was too…strong.”

“So you came?”

EunHa gasped for breath. She felt an electric current run down her lower half. Her entrance throbbed painfully. After being stimulated by his thick tongue, her sex seemed to be crying out for more.

“I’m completely turned on right now. Because you were so tasty.”

He began to tease her sensitive spot with his finger again. As if taunting her, he whispered dirty words into her hear.

“Did you know that your whole body is just like you? Your pussy. Your nipples. They all look sexy. Just like your lips.”

“What… do you mean when you say they look sexy? What does that mean?”

EunHa babbled her question in confusion as she gasped for breath. He lightly bit her earlobe and whispered in a hoarse voice.

“It means that I want to put my lips on it.”


“I means that I want to bite, lick, and suck it.”

EunHa flushed when she heard his languid voice. She fumbled around in search of his cock. As expected, it was straining underneath his pants, pushing up against the fabric. Hmmm, the man’s husky moan rang in her ear.

“I want to do it.”

“Do what?”

He calmly asked back. While his voice was calm, his erection underneath her hand was as hard as a rod. It made her desire to win grow stronger.

She had the urge to see him lose all his composure as he took her like a beast again. Even though this feeling probably only arose due to her own arousal, she didn’t care. Her throbbing entrance wanted a deeper stimulation.

“I also…”

EunHa began to grope his cock with her slender hand as she licked her red lips.

“I also want to eat you, Director. Put your thing inside me.”

“Are you running your mouth again?”

“I’m serious. I want to do it. Right now.”

“It’s not good to be so honest. You shouldn’t overdo it.”

He stroked her plump lower lip and murmured. His breaths were more strained as he tried to suppress his own desire.



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