Helmut: The Forsaken Child (Web Novel KR) Chapter 106 – MTL

Chapter 106 - MTL

Episode 106

‘Today’s business has ended because we ran out of ingredients.’

It was past 10 p.m., and it was a phrase written in front of an unlit waffle house. Xian, who saw this, grabbed his head and screamed.

“Oh, no way! It’s unlucky. “How could this happen?”

“I guess I wasn’t prepared for the kidney practice because it’s so popular. “Let’s look elsewhere.”

Area gave up completely. However, Sian seemed to have some regrets and lingered in front of the sign.

“How I have looked forward to this day!”

“Wouldn’t it be okay if I went and bought it alone?”

“Then you’re so lonely.”

Surprisingly, Sian was the type of person who couldn’t eat alone.

As soon as he went to the cafeteria and set down his tray at an empty seat, he didn’t mind the fact that students were rushing to occupy the seats around him.

“What is it? “Go somewhere else, or go in.”

When Asuka let out an annoyed expression, Xian frowned and thought about it. Of course, he was thinking about one of the places he wanted to go.

Area and Asuka, who seem to be picky, ate what they were given better than expected. Not to mention Helmut.

“Okay, then toast would be nice! Eggs and ham topped with a fruity sweet sauce and shredded cabbage… … .”

“You don’t have to explain, let’s go.”

Area nodded. The toast house we went to along Xian was quite large. There were quite a few people, but it wasn’t crowded.

Sian, who quickly recovered, smiled and sat down at an empty table with four chairs inside.

As Helmut, Asuka, and Area entered and sat down, the air inside suddenly became quiet. It’s a familiar phenomenon.

Xian spoke cheerfully, accepting the gaze pouring on him with a feeling of half-giving up.

“I thought we would have to take out if there were a lot of people, but I’m glad we did.”

“The cleanliness isn’t as bad as I thought.”

Area muttered as she carefully inspected her chair and table up and down.

“Academy students are sin aristocrats, that’s natural. Everyone says it’s tricky. Only good ingredients are used. If even a foreign substance comes out, the business will be ruined that day, right? “There is also a section on the bulletin board where bad restaurants are shared.”

“It’s just going to suck. “That’s why it’s expensive.”

Asuka frowned as she looked at the price tag. Of these, Asuka seemed to be the poorest. Next is Xian.

“First, choose a menu. “There are many different types, including those with ham, sausages, cheese, and additional toppings.”

At Sian’s urging, she looked at the menu in unison.

Sian took advantage of Area’s concentration while looking at her menu and spoke quietly.

“Actually, I think it’s rare to find someone as picky as you, Alea, even among nobles. “Did you grow up in a mansion?”

“Even a little dust can cause errors in magic experiments. “I’m just used to ruling out all those variables.”

“That’s just myceliac disease taking over my body, right? “It sounds persuasive, though.”

“I guess it’s because he’s rich.”

Leaving Area, Xian this time turned his attention to Asuka.

“More than that, Asuka, even though you are a commoner, you don’t receive a scholarship. If you go to the academy, doesn’t your family have enough money to support you? Why do you always say things like poverty? “Just looking at the clothes you’re wearing, you look like a child from a well-off family.”

Although it seemed like she was always paying attention to her pocketbook, Asuka’s clothes were no different from other students in the swordsmanship department.

Although it was a bit small in size, it was luxurious, lightweight, and well-ventilated fabric suitable for a swordsman. The shoes, sword, and sheath are all of high quality.

She wasn’t strange. There is no law that says commoners are necessarily inferior to nobles in terms of wealth. There are also cases where people worked for nobles or built wealth as merchants.

In the latter case, when the wealth reached a level that even nobles could not afford, they were given honorary titles. It is not impossible to buy a low title or a non-hereditary title with money.

Asuka frowned at her.

“Why do you take it for granted that I won’t be able to get a scholarship?”

“So are you receiving it?”

“… … no.”

Xian chuckled as if he knew that would happen. Asuka asked back sarcastically.

“I was suspended from school, what kind of scholarship do I get?”

“Then I’m right. In fact, out of the four here, you are the only one who will not receive a scholarship next semester. “Cheer up.”

Asuka’s expression crumpled.

However, it was exactly as Sian said. It is natural for Areaya, the top student in the magic department, to receive a scholarship, and since the top 3 students receive scholarships, Xian is also eligible. In the swordsmanship department, Helmut is likely to be the top student.

So, of course, the only one left was Asuka.

“Oh, I won’t be suspended from school this year and I won’t get a scholarship. “I really happened to meet these guys and get compared to them in a dirty way.”

Asuka grunted. Although she was suspended from school for causing a violent incident, he was also a bright student who stood out at her academy.

But since she joined this group, she feels like she has become an inferior student.

“So you admit that you’re a rich kid?”

In response to her prying eyes, Asuka opened her mouth as if to say something. But soon she felt eyes focused on me and changed her words.

“… … Once you’ve chosen, place your order. “Area looks like she wants to eat quickly and go home.”

Area did not deny it. To be precise, her eyes were asking why she was wasting time like this.

After much deliberation, Helmut ordered something called containing three slices of cheese, bacon, ham, sausage, meat patty, cabbage, and tomato.

I just thought it looked the most plausible, so I tried it extravagantly.

Sometimes, when I went to Kudrow’s mansion, Ethan would give me pocket money, so I had a lot of money in my pocket.

“What is this? I think the camouflage of those in the swordsmanship department is five times that of other departments. “The menu itself is discriminatory.”

“It’s commerce, it’s even discrimination.”

Asuka grumbled and tried to order that too, but when she saw the price, she ordered one with a meat patty. The reason is that it seems to be very filling compared to the price.

Area ordered basic toast with eggs, ham, and vegetables, and Sian ordered the same.

For drinks, all four of us ordered the apple juice that this toast shop is famous for.

Asuka said she would just drink water, but he felt sorry for her and bought it for her.

We didn’t have to wait long before four pieces of toast were placed in front of each person.

“The basics are best.”

After tasting it, Xian nodded happily.

The freshly baked toast bread, sweet and sour sauce, savory eggs, ham, and vegetables were in perfect harmony.

Helmut looked at the tall toast and wondered how he should eat it.

It looks like you are eating the whole bread along with its contents, but it is not big enough to fit in your mouth. Area advised.

“Cut it and eat it with a knife and fork. “It’s wrapped in a napkin next to it.”

Helmut cut the towering toast with a knife and ate it. Xian looked at that and made a disgusted expression.

“Ugh, if I eat that, tomorrow the circumference of my stomach will increase by the size of a finger.”

“Swordsmanship students don’t think about such things while eating late-night snacks.”

Asuka grunted. He ate it all like he was eating crab eyes and was glancing at Helmut’s enormous toast as if he were envious.

“That’s because you guys always train during class time.”

“I guess it’s because you aren’t really moving and you don’t have any muscles.”

“Area has a slimmer physique than me?”

“Unlike you, she doesn’t even take naps and just studies all day from morning to night.”

“Yeah, I see. “It makes sense.”

Helmut, who had never worried about belly fat since he was born, ate all the toast without leaving any behind.

Until he met Darien and was exposed to human food, for Helmut, eating was a means of filling his stomach.

‘Has the quality of life improved?’

Soft bed and delicious food. It was a peaceful life at the academy without worrying about my life being threatened.

Helmut once again realized that he was satisfied with his current life.

But you must not become lazy. As he entered the midterm exam period, he had no choice but to slightly shorten his training time. To get good grades in written exams.

Before joining the Academy, Helmut was ignorant even when he thought about it.

Izzy developed under the influence of the Sprout of Darkness. The knowledge I gained naturally through that, the knowledge Elaga told me, and the things Darian taught me. That was all Helmut knew.

I’m getting used to this world by listening to even the most trivial conversations as much as possible, but that’s at the level of common sense.

Helmut was completely in the dark when it came to knowledge and academics.

Fortunately, I met a good teacher.

He was able to get the hang of it with Alea’s help in the beginning. Since you have a good foundation, you just need to work hard.

Helmut loved learning. Whether his head hurt or he wasn’t suited for it, he was happy to have the time to learn that he wasn’t allowed to.

In the forest he was digging, there was no one who could answer his words clearly.

He has no intention of neglecting swordsmanship, but he intends to faithfully accumulate knowledge. You will learn everything you can here.

That was Helmut’s decision.

At the end of the meal, Sian smiled and asked.

“How is everyone, is it delicious?”

“Well, okay.”

“This kid doesn’t know how to admit it. “If this picky eater eats it all, it’s delicious.”

“What is he saying now. “How much do you know about me?”

Area suddenly turned her head away from Asuka. The tutoring went smoothly, and I guess it was delicious because I ate all the toast.

It seemed like running 100 laps around the playground would ultimately be Xian’s task.

“Let’s go soon.”

Area spoke first, and Asuka asked Helmut.

“Don’t you feel a bit bloated after eating all that and studying right away?”

Sian added.

“I think I’ll need digestive medicine if I eat all that. “You just ate dinner.”

“I’m fine.”

Helmut asked.

“digestive medicine? Is there something like that?”

“It’s a medicine that helps digestion when you overeat or have stomach discomfort due to stress. Have you ever eaten it?”

“I’ve never needed anything like that.”

I’m just full. Helmut’s stomach absorbed and decomposed whatever he ate.

Asuka looked Helmut up and down.

“… … I heard this guy is a bit strange. In fact, he may not be a person but a chimera or something.”

“Isn’t that what all swordsmanship departments are like?”

“Not as bad as that guy, right? “Are you going to keep saying it’s a swordsmanship department?”

While Asuka and Xian were bickering, the table next to them was filled with people.

“Here, the seat is empty.”

“Here are three toasts exclusively for the swordsmanship department!”

It is a shout without hesitation, as if the menu has been decided. Are they from the swordsmanship department?

Asuka’s eyes turned to them.

“Uh, what about you?”


The face of the girl bowing her head looked familiar. The other two people next to her reluctantly said hello.


Asuka asked tentatively.


The rest were none of his business.

But Helmut remembered. Jeffrey, the other one is Isaac. All three, including Charlotte, are among the top students in the first year of the swordsmanship department. It seemed like they matched in order of grades.

Both of them showed that they were not very happy about meeting Helmut and Asuka.

Charlotte, still wearing her swordsmanship school uniform and with her hair neatly tied up, smiled slightly.

He looks arrogant, but it was surprising that he came to have a late-night snack with his friends.


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