Helmut: The Forsaken Child (Web Novel KR) Chapter 110 – MTL

Chapter 110 - MTL

Episode 110

Asuka quickly came to a simple conclusion.

“Well, I have the skills, so when that time comes, I will make a living no matter what I do.”

Asuka said her skills were good enough to be confident. However, it was doubtful whether there would be anyone who would write him a knight as there were more than one child from a noble family who had been beaten by him. I don’t know if you plan on retaliating.

“I guess I beat up nobles like that because I never thought about what would happen after I graduated.”

At that time, a familiar voice was heard from somewhere.

“I’m most curious about whether you’ll be alive after graduation. Aren’t there soldiers taking up positions in front of Baden?”

It was Sian. His tone of voice was the same as usual, but his face was somewhat gloomy. So much so that Asuka, who was about to raise her fist, stopped.

“What, did you fail the test?”

“No way. If things continue like this, my grades this semester will be similar to last semester.”

“Second seat again?”

“Then what about you?”

“What am I… … .”

Asuka, who was about to give a rough answer, stopped. It was because she finally remembered something she had forgotten. With a faint gaze, she looked at Helmut and Asuka alternately.

“Remember me well. “I will be remembered as the first wizard at Greta Academy to die while roaming the playground.”

“Hey, there’s no guarantee that I would have lost. “The results haven’t been announced yet.”

However, Asuka’s voice as she said that was as small as a crawl. Sian scratched his head.

“I was crazy. “Why would you make a bet like that!”

I wasn’t betting on someone like Asuka. Asuka slowly pulled away.

“Ah, I’m done for today! I need to take a deep sleep. “This is the first time I’ve studied this hard since I entered the academy.”

Usually, it’s Sian who suggests having a party afterward, but he didn’t seem to be in the mood.

As Asuka quickly disappeared, Sian glared at Helmut. Even though he has a gentle expression and glares at me, it doesn’t even feel like he’s glaring at me at all. he grumbled.

“Helmut, your stupid answer sheet caught me. “How do you learn so quickly?”

“You just need to concentrate. The results have not been announced yet, but how about starting the playground early today? “Considering your physical strength, it would be better to start today.”

Helmut responded coldly and turned around. Xian’s mouth widened as he was hit with the same sarcasm I had given him by Asuka.

“Wow, you!”

“I’m going in too.”

Helmut lightly waved his hand.

I thought about doing the training I had put off, but I didn’t feel like doing anything more. Am I lazy?

These days, my eyes are strained because I’ve been looking at white and black things, paper and writing all day long.

Unlike the body, which still has energy, the mind is crying out for rest. This feeling was unfamiliar.

‘I need to rest first.’

“How was the test?”

When I returned to the room, Area, who came first and was organizing the textbooks on the desk, asked.

“The problem came out almost exactly as you said. “But there was a unique problem.”


Helmut searched his memory and recited the only question in the ‘Understanding Magic’ test that Area had not predicted.

‘You accidentally gained forbidden dark powers. If you lose your strength, you die. What would you do in this situation?’

“It is the power of darkness.”

Area narrowed her brows. Helmut somehow felt a cold sensation.

“That professor always gives at least one problem like that. The scoring criteria are vague, but if you write with sincerity, there are usually no points deducted. “How did you respond?”

Helmut slowly opened his mouth.

“I accept the power of darkness. “I will live to fight against it and find a way to control its power.”

The choice to give up life was ruled out as an option from the beginning. It was not his will that had the power of darkness.

But what he does after that is up to him.

Even if he becomes the target of the temple’s extermination, he will fight and endure, and one day he will completely control even the power of darkness.

I could feel the will in Helmut’s words. A strong, resolute, and destructive will that destroys everything that stands in its way.

Pressure weighed down my body. Area was startled.

‘Why do I feel this way…? … .’

After a while, Area gathered his thoughts and spoke.

“It’s not a bad answer. “It depends on the professor, but at least it’s not an answer that Professor Luxen will think is bad.”

Helmut asked softly.

“What answer do you think you would have written?”

Strangely enough, I looked forward to Area’s answer. It’s not an answer that’s close to the correct answer, but his answer.

“If it were me… … .”

Area, who was worried, shook her head.

“Normally, they would say they go to the temple and seek answers. Because that’s the norm. The powers of darkness belong to the temple. and… … “It would be difficult for people from noble families to write answers other than that.”

This is an ‘Understanding Magic’ class that wizards usually take. Having dark powers means becoming a warlock for a wizard.

Those taking the test probably took this as a test of their ideology. I would have written an answer that was as thorough and exemplary as possible.

But what Helmut wanted to know was Area’s answer. It’s not an ordinary answer.

Before he could ask again, Area opened her mouth.

“But if it were me, I would have given a similar answer to you.”

“Even if I become enemies with the temple?”

“Even if we become enemies with the temple.”

Helmut looked at Area in response to the sharp answer. The moment he heard his answer, he felt strange.

A feeling of being filled from within.

As if I shared something buried deep inside me. It was strange yet fulfilling.

Area explained further.

“Anyway, the Temple of Lumen is stubborn against the power of darkness. If I were to ask the temple for help, would the only outcome be death? “It’s obvious.”

In any case, Area had no need to be afraid or reluctant about becoming an enemy of the temple. Regardless of his will, he has already become like that.

He is destined to either live his life avoiding temples or fight against them. Even if Area were to live as an ordinary person rather than a wizard, it would be unavoidable.

Because of that, Area chose to build up her strength and confront the temple.

“But you can say things like that in front of me, but be careful. Don’t do it anywhere. “If I get reported to the temple, I’ll be in trouble.”


Helmut nodded his head. Area asked as if to confirm.

“Anyway, putting that aside, you said you did well on the test, right? “Everything else besides that?”

“of course.”

“Then you will be the head of the swordsmanship department. “I’m looking forward to seeing Xian running around the playground.”

A cold smile appeared on the corner of Area’s mouth.

“great job.”

After speaking, he said he was tired and went to bed first.

Helmut soon buried his body in the bed as well. Unlike other guys who were busy partying after their exams, Helmut and his friends prioritized rest.

I slowly lowered my eyes and darkness covered me. Before Helmut fell into unconsciousness, a thought occurred to him.

What he had realized before became clearer. Area is… … It was different. With anyone else.

Even so, I can’t tell him the truth.


The next day, I woke up early. It was a bright blue dawn, with the darkness not yet gone.

Even though he was well rested, Helmut was far from taking a nap or being lazy. He has been asleep since early evening, so he is likely to open his eyes at dawn.

Helmut quietly got out of bed and picked up his wooden sword. You’ll probably be sweating a bit.

In his personal training room, he was completely immersed in the sword for the first time in a long time.

Every realization affects achievement. Vis does not directly affect intelligence, but intelligence affects vis.

Power based on growth not only of the body but also of the mind.

Helmut, who had put his training aside and was only reading books, realized that he had already climbed a flight of stairs. Although he may not have grown significantly, he has grown significantly.

‘It has increased a little.’

How much time had passed, Helmut looked down at his tingling hand.

Growth is always a good thing. He thought that since he couldn’t train all day at the academy, his achievements would be slowed down, but that wasn’t the case.

Life at the academy was something Helmut had never experienced before, and its diversity grew his spirit. It was interacting with the water lily.

‘It’s an unexpected effect.’

All the things that he felt he was not suited for, that he had to endure, and that he had to endure, had a positive effect on Helmut. The academy doesn’t seem to be a bad place.

‘I’m starting to feel hungry.’

It was fully dawn when he woke up. He couldn’t even eat breakfast because no store was open. It’s probably close to noon now.

‘Now that I think about it, the exam is over, so it’s a holiday.’

It would be nice to go to Kudrow Mansion and have a meal. Because there is a place to practice there too.

Helmut headed straight to the dormitory. He planned to wash his body and leave. But on the way back, he met Asuka.

“what? Did you come here to train? “How long has it been since the exam was over?”

It was an expression that asked if such a terrible person existed. But Asuka was in no position to say such a thing.

“That’s you.”

The smell of sweat wafted from Asuka as she stood holding her wooden sword. It is a trace of arduous training.

I felt like I had become more diligent after losing in Dalian, but it doesn’t seem like I have become more relaxed just because the exam is over.

“No, whatever. “I’ve been holding on to the book all the time lately, and it’s been making me feel sore.”

Even if I lose once, I have no intention of losing again. It was a senior position that I naturally thought was mine.

For the first time in Asuka’s life, she felt resentful. She woke up early and was motivated enough to head to the training center.

Helmut thought.

‘If effort is added to talent, it will become stronger.’

She does special training during vacation. If she continues this trend until the end of summer vacation, Asuka will have grown greatly as a prosecutor.

Of course, she is far below her level to be considered a competitor.

Helmut’s growth is bound to be slower than her Asuka’s. The higher he goes, the slower his growth becomes.

‘I know this guy, so it would be better to be strong.’

Helmut evaluated it positively. Asuka asked.

“Are you going to lunch?”


“Are you going to go to Kudrow’s mansion?”

“that’s right.”

“Then I’ll go with you. “Don’t eat delicious food alone.”
The food at Kudrow Mansion was delicious. However, in Helmut’s opinion, the reason Asuka wanted to go there was to save on her food expenses.

She said she didn’t get much pocket money until her grades improved because she had an accident last year.

“Do whatever you want.”

The two returned to the dormitory together, where they met Sian.

“These are very model students. Maybe because I studied swordsmanship, I have good physical strength. You guys are amazing too. “Oh, I smell sweat.”

Sian grumbled and held his nose.

“Don’t be like that, it’s your day off so let’s go have some fun. “It’s almost lunch time, right?”

“I’m still going to have lunch at Kudrow’s mansion. “Are you going too?”

You have the authority to invite, so I invite you as if it were a given. Xian quickly nodded.

“The Kudrow Mansion? Of course I should go. Come to think of it, if you hadn’t run into me here, wouldn’t you have left without me? “It’s too much.”

“Originally, that dishonest guy was trying to go alone.”

“Helmut, I am so disappointed.”

“… … .”

For some reason, things have become grandiose. Helmut promised to meet in front of the dormitory in 20 minutes and returned to his room.

The light in the room happened to be on. Area woke up and was reading her book. Helmut, who was trying to quietly wash up and leave without disturbing anyone, suddenly asked.

“Area, I’m thinking of having lunch at Kudrow’s mansion. Would you like to come with me?”

“What about you too?”

It was surprising that Area, who had expected to reject the idea that Cyan and Asuka were together, followed along.

Just as Helmut had changed, he too was changing.

That’s how the eventful midterm exam ended. It would be calm for a while until the results were announced.


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