Helmut: The Forsaken Child (Web Novel KR) Chapter 113 – MTL

Chapter 113 – MTL

Episode 113

“Hey, is it really like that? “You are a mercenary.”

Asuka frowned in disgust and looked at Helmut.

“Have you never camped before?”

“I’ve done it on the roadside while traveling to and from Baden, but I’ve never done it in the forest. “Ah, if something like that happens, it gives me goosebumps.”

“Not to that extent.”

Helmut had no bad taste in scaring people like that. He spoke kindly to Asuka, who was disgusted.

“Mosquitoes can be chased away by lighting incense, and excrement… … .”

Helmut responded seriously.

“I can tell whether someone dug a hole or not. Also, if the number of people is small, you can just tell me where you packed it.”

“Ugh, stop talking! “I’m about to get nauseous!”

I guess I have a strong stomach when it comes to spilling blood in others, but I also have a weak stomach when it comes to things like this. Despite Helmut’s kindness, Asuka’s death did not improve.

“Ai, why are you going on a hunting outing or something like that? If I’m going to go on a picnic or something, I’ll go to Baden. “He does everything.”

I thought Asuka, a wild type, would like her, but it was surprising that she came out like this.

‘Are wolves and dogs different?’

It was decided whether Asuka complained or not. He pondered why he could not attend the picnic that day.

But Asuka was too healthy to use her health as an excuse, and she couldn’t come up with a reason to stay at Greta Academy.

“If there was an accident and I broke my leg.”

Through her grumbling, Asuka was dreading the coming of next week. Helmut was the opposite. Because the forest was his hometown.

‘Even if it’s Black Hawk, it wouldn’t target me with the academy students.’

It was her chance to get out of Baden without any pressure.


“Hey, I heard about your grade. “I heard that second-year swordsmanship students are going on a hunting outing. It’s going to be fun!”

When she returned to the dormitory, Asuka looked blatantly dissatisfied when her cian spoke to her.

“What’s fun? I would have to avoid the poop pit where I don’t know where it was. “That forest, one tree will grow well for a while!”

“What are you talking about? “It’s fun to have a bonfire, roast sweet potatoes, and grill meat.”

“You’ve never camped in the woods, have you?”

I ask as if I feel pathetic about the topic that I said earlier that I have never done before. Sian scratched her nose.

“There is a forest near where I live, too.”

“Is sleeping in a nice house the same as sleeping in the dew?”

“All wizards are jealous? Because we can solve most problems with life magic. “It won’t be too much of an inconvenience just because it’s a forest.”

It was a very obnoxious thing to say. Magic is a useful power in all areas of life. Although he is weaker than a swordsman in battle.

“So what do you guys do? “If the second year students are having a crime department event, you guys are going to do something too.”

“We don’t have classes for a week, but instead we have to do some grueling homework. Next stock price is announced. Troublesome things like magical singularity research. Some tasks require you to go somewhere, but most are tasks that require you to stay in the lab. It looks like Area will choose research on my elemental magic as a topic. “It’s convenient because there’s already a lot of research data.”

I muttered that I was jealous of Asuka, who would normally say that just hearing things like that gave her a headache. I guess I was too shocked by what I heard earlier. Xian shook his head.

“Hey, I’m jealous of you. It’s been so long since the midterm exams ended that my head hurts. “If I could change it, I would change it with you.”

Asuka looked at Xian’s weak hands, which couldn’t even twist a chicken’s neck properly.

“Are you confident about hunting?”

“Uh, well? Wouldn’t it be okay? “If you use detection magic to determine its location and lure it with a spirit, you can easily catch it.”

“You would faint if you caught a cooing wild boar and saw it draw its blood.”

“… … Uh, I don’t really want to see it. “I would choose beef jerky.”

“It’s a hunting picnic, hunting! “I guess it’s okay if I don’t hunt?”

“I think it’s a swordsmanship department. “If you invade their habitat for no reason, the poor animals will only be in trouble.”

“If you feel sorry for the animal, don’t eat the meat. “Don’t you feel sorry for the people who ended up in your stomach?”

“I ate those who were already dead. The animals in that forest are alive. “The ones I feel sorry for are the ones who haven’t died yet.”

Asuka made a dumbfounded expression. She advised Sian, who spoke solemnly.

“If you’re going camping, it might be a good idea to buy some things downtown. Since you won’t be using it for a few days, if you don’t want to waste money, live a little inconveniently. Oh, the guys who have to travel quite a distance to go home during vacation have a lot of this and that.”

Sian shrugged her shoulders.

“You should borrow it… … “I’d like to say that, but you don’t have anyone to borrow from, right?”

It was an expression that said, ‘These guys don’t even have friends, tsk tsk!’

Asuka made a face saying no, but she wasn’t really upset. Helmut didn’t even lift an eyebrow.

“Well, okay. I’m going to Baden on holiday anyway. You can hear it in stores too. “First of all, I’ll have to make additional preparations after seeing the announcement of preparations tomorrow.”

Asuka may have hesitated to save her pocket money not too long ago, but things have changed. He had deep pockets these days. So much so that I could even spend a lot of money on it.

During the holidays, you will be able to finish preparing for the next week.


“What, what? They only gave me a bow and arrow, sleeping bag, food, horse feed, and flint to start a fire. The rest is self-sufficient. Individual food cannot be brought in unless there is a special reason. “They say you can’t even bring alcohol.”

Asuka looked at the bulletin board and frowned. He didn’t seem to like the idea of being punished for bringing alcohol.

“No, you can’t drink while camping! “It’s too much.”

“Rather than just going out to have fun, it’s a kind of experiential learning, so don’t relax.”

Someone spoke. It was Andro. Asuka flinched and looked at him.

It’s not often that someone talks to Asuka first.

Even if everyone talked to Helmut, he would quickly pretend not to notice when Asuka showed up.

“What are you, a transfer student?”

“that’s right.”

“Does it count?”

Helmut intervened and asked. It was half of the intention to stop Asuka, who was going crazy asking what you were talking about. Helmut was also getting used to handling Asuka.

“I guess not. Hunting. “It’s too advantageous for people from mountainous regions.”

Helmut, who was in an advantageous position, felt slightly disappointed.

“It looks like there is a high probability that we will be in the same group, so please be kind to us.”

“How do you know?”

“There will be two of you, and the other guys are desperately trying to fit the number of people into the group of 8. The remaining guys will naturally be grouped into one group. “Because there are four of us.”

It was obvious why they were desperately trying to match the number of people. To avoid being paired with Asuka.

“I’m worried about hunting. We won’t be driving hunting dogs, setting traps probably won’t work, and I don’t think we’ll be giving them enough food. “You just have to shoot the game with a bow.”

Archery was an optional subject in upper grades, but it was a skill that anyone from a sword school had to learn by default.

Andro also knew how to shoot a bow. However, since I have hardly ever held a bow recently, I was not very confident when asked to catch game in the forest.

“What if someone gets hit while shooting an arrow?”

Asuka asked as if she had suddenly remembered something.

“If this many people are hunting in the forest and shoot arrows, someone might get hit.”

“We have to be careful to avoid casualties. There is no problem if you see the target and shoot. “Unless you’re intentionally trying to hit someone.”

Asuka pursed her mouth to see if there was any sting.

“If you want to practice archery, there is a training center at the far left of the academy, so go there.”

Andro said those last words and turned his back.

“Hey, do you want to go to practice? It would be difficult if you went to the forest and starved. “I don’t want to just eat potatoes.”

“Do you know how to prepare meat? “Do you know how to cook?”

Helmut was concerned about that. Although he was good at hunting, he was terrible at cooking. No matter what I made, I made something that humans couldn’t eat.

It would have been better to just eat baked potatoes for five days. At that level, there will be no problem physically.

“I can cook, but I don’t know how to prepare meat. But if there are eight people, someone will know how to do it.”

That was correct. Asuka suggested again.

“Let’s go practice archery later.” “You have to catch something to eat.”



After class, Helmut visited the archery training center alongside Asuka.

The training center, where dozens of targets were lined up in a row, was mainly used by older students taking related classes.

Among the mercenaries and knights, there are some who have excellent archery skills and are renowned as great archers, but archery was not adopted as an official subject at Greta Academy.

In addition to swords, there were people who handled things like spears and axes, but these are not handled at Greta Academy.

As we approached the manager, he asked:

“It looks like you didn’t bring a separate bow.”

“Should I bring it separately?”

“No, I can rent it. Condition may not be the best. “How many arrows do you need?”


“Isn’t it too little?”

“I have enough, you should do more.”

It’s just something I do to warm up. Helmut was a sharpshooter who could see through numerous live targets.

“No, that’s enough. “I’ll make it 50 too.”

Despite grumbling, Asuka did not ask for more arrows. It was because I felt competitive for some reason.

They took their bows and arrows and stood in a suitable spot in the almost empty training hall.

Several arrows had already hit the target in the distance. The locations are different.

“Okay, is this how we do it?”

Helmut glanced at him. Asuka stood awkwardly, holding her bow.

She pulled the string taut, aimed at the target, and then let go. The arrow hit the target! It would have been better if it had not flown away, but instead got stuck in the ground.

The arrow, half of its shaft stuck in the ground, trembled. The power was enough to overflow. Even though I didn’t reach my goal.

It was probably my first time touching a bow.

“What, why are you like this?”

While grumbling, Asuka pulled the bowstring several times. He aimed a little higher and shot past the target.

After several attempts, Asuka succeeded in hitting the arrow within the second-smallest circle on the target.

The action of the wind was not very important to him. Because he filled the vis and cut through the wind with his strength. Helmut felt that he was operating Vis.

‘It’s pretty good.’

Compared to his swordsmanship skills, the use of this level of bis was excellent.

As the level of swordsmanship increases, how to use vis becomes more important. Asuka had a higher chance of moving up than the other guys in the swordsmanship department.

It was a level of talent that went beyond simple effort.

“Helmut, look at this!”

Asuka, who quite convincingly hit the target with her arrow, shouted excitedly.

“You guessed well.”

Helmut praised in a formal tone.


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