Helmut: The Forsaken Child (Web Novel KR) Chapter 140 – MTL

Chapter 140 - MTL

Episode 140

This test is a kind of powerful magic. If you try to shake off the magic by raising vis here, the test itself will not work.

Helmut accepted the magic cast on me. A magical force invades him. Temporarily, the sensations in my entire body changed.

‘This is the beginning.’

Although it is called illusion magic, it is different from showing hallucinations. In this special space, created by pouring in all kinds of magical essence, you can create a fantasy as vivid as if it were truly alive. When you hit an illusion, you can even feel the touch. Even the strength and texture of the epidermis were realized.

On the other hand, the other side is an illusion, but the tester is real, so he will not be hurt by being attacked. You will feel psychological pain.

However, this test also calculates and reflects how much damage the fantasy causes to the test subject. The test ends when the test subject is attacked at a critical point. It is okay to graze small places such as arms and legs.

But the decisive point should not have been given away. In order to determine that, the physical condition of the test subject is recognized.

The faster you skip the steps, the higher your score, but there is also a time limit for each step. Up to 15 minutes per step.

Ultimately, in order to pass a stage, you must defeat the monster that appears in that stage. If you continue to face off and endure, the test will end.

If the test ends at the same stage, the test score varies depending on whether you survived or not.

Of course, the side that survived has a higher score than the side that did not. It could not be interpreted as just a matter of positive attitude. If it’s an opponent you can’t beat, the right choice would be to hold on.

On the other hand, if you act conservatively at a stage that can be overcome if you do well, but fail to move on to the next stage, it is a loss.

The majority of second-year swordsman students taking the exam together will fail at level 3 or 4, so there will be quite a difference in scores at each level.

‘It doesn’t matter what kind of monster it is.’

Monster hunting is his specialty. Helmut’s heart, having lived in the forest of Pahe, is not that fragile.

Even if you look terrible and scream so loud that his eardrums explode, he won’t bat an eye. Defeating it is an instant.

It was a little dark everywhere, like before the sun sets. An ambiguous state that is neither day nor night. Helmut waited in an empty room with no cover. Soon a figure appeared in front of him.

‘It’s simple.’

The first thing that came out was a rabbit monster that Helmut had hunted for the first time.

It seems to evoke nostalgia. It was not a rabbit, but a giant rat. As soon as it appeared, Helmut’s sword split the air. In less than 10 seconds, the first stage of the test was completed. Helmut waited boredly for the second stage of the test to begin.

The second stage test was a little closer to the beast. It was a fox. It was agile and agile, and its claws and teeth were sharp.

But Helmut’s sword was faster. His sword separated the fox’s head from its body. It took less than 5 minutes in total to complete steps 1 and 2 of the test. Helmut leisurely predicted the next order.

‘If you went from a mouse to a fox, what’s next, wolf? leopard?’

My brow furrows when I think of the leopard. I wish it was a different beast.

When Helmut kills, he is only aware of the sprouts of darkness and he does not feel guilty. He had no hesitation when catching animals or monsters, but it was different when it came to cats.

He somehow felt uncomfortable, as if he was harming his own people. It was the same for cats, leopards, and tigers.

But soon a monster with an unexpected form appeared.


Helmut was puzzled.

Stage 3 was a frog. It’s also a huge frog. Animals and then reptiles, I don’t know what the rules are. In general, frogs were stronger than rats, but that common sense did not apply to monsters.

The flicking tongue acted like a whip. The frog, the size of a carriage, pulled out its long, flexible tongue and quickly attacked its opponent. The frog’s attack was set at such a level that if it was hit once, it would fly up to the wall.

The sight of a tongue dripping with sticky liquid and spit flying out of the mouth made me feel uncomfortable. The smooth body is dripping with juice, so I don’t even want to touch it. Even though it may not actually be buried.

‘It’s a true fantasy.’

It was surprising that I could visually sense the fishy smell. It was surprisingly well executed.

Although Helmut had a good stomach, he quickly decided to skip this step. He jumped into the air, dodging the flying tongue. The tongue bends flexibly and forms a circle. The squishy pink tongue clamped around him like a snake.

Helmut masterfully escaped the situation. The tongue was fast, but the body movement was slow. I split the guy’s head in one blow with a sword loaded with vis.

Squeak! The frog collapsed, spewing out brain fluid with a realistic noise. Pure white brain fluid flowed out. If most people had seen it, they would have been disgusted.

Indeed, the imagination of wizards is extraordinary. Even for someone who grew up seeing monsters in the forest of Pahe, it feels unusual.

‘If stage 3 is this good, what’s the next stage?’

Helmut took a breath. I feel a little nervous. 10 minutes to pass level 3. It was a decent speed. But it was slowing down little by little.

Step 4. A decent guy came out. A snake with flashing yellow eyes. The black, shiny body resembles a fish, aggravating the disgust that snakes evoke.

‘It’s small and thin.’

It looks somehow unsightly. It’s not even a two-headed one. However, regardless of whether Helmut judged it harshly, it was big enough for an adult man to fit into its stomach without needing to inflate its body.

Compared to Naho, he only looked cute.

As soon as it appeared, it immediately attacked Helmut. His fighting style resembles Naho. He quickly places the enemy in the middle of the pack and narrows the range. Either they clamp down on you and crush your bones, or you try to swallow them with your snout. There is also another attack method. butt.

This is a monster that was implemented quite well. There must be poison in those teeth. Of course, it is an illusion and may not be real, but if you are bitten, it will be considered death and the test will end.

‘I’m immune to poison.’

It would be unfair if the test ended because you were bitten. But I don’t think it can even reflect that.

Crrrrr! The snake’s scales grazed the floor and its body spun rapidly. The coil was tightened with Helmut in the middle. Gray vis rose from Helmut’s sword.

‘Let’s test my strength.’

Helmut immediately struck the snake’s body. Kang! However, the strong body makes the sword bounce, and the frictionless scales make the blade slide. The balance was tipped downward.

A shadow fell over Helmut’s head. However, the moment the snake’s head hit the floor, Helmut’s appearance disappeared.

‘You really look like Naho. Even the composition now.’

I jumped sideways at an angle. Normally, he would just jump once, but Helmut kicked the snake’s body and jumped several times to escape the snake’s coils.

Should I call him baby Naho? Helmut remembers how he struck Naho. Fantasy doesn’t let down its guard. But he is incomparably weaker than Naho. He didn’t need to take any chances. As it is, it attacks the eyes!

Crack! Black blood splattered. The goal was to sever the eyeball, but the sword extended all the way in and dug deep into the guy’s head. The guy couldn’t resist.

Kiyi. The snake fell down with a sigh. Helmut could have failed the test if he got run over by a corpse, so Helmut was careful to stay out of the guy’s range.

“It shouldn’t be difficult so far.”

Level 5 is the wolf. Its teeth and claws were strong, and its speed was extremely fast. At the sophomore level, this is an unreasonable opponent. While killing it, Helmut had a premonition that a leopard would appear.

‘I feel sorry for Elaga.’

Elaga was also somewhat lenient towards cat monsters. I didn’t kill him anyway. Unlike Helmut, who kills fellow humans without hesitation. Soft in a strange way.

“Now step 6.”

Helmut looked ahead. We are now halfway there. I was going to focus a little more and try to break through to level 10. Helmut muttered immediately.

“What is this?”

It’s an insect. Helmut had never encountered an insect monster before.

A flying insect monster. It’s a giant mosquito the size of a frog from earlier. The whistling sound and the thick, jagged saliva were creepy.

‘I understand why mental strength is required.’

Just looking at it with my eyes makes me feel like my mental strength is being eaten away. The feeling of rejection was intense.

‘It’s an insect monster.’

Of course, it’s also a mosquito. The sound of mosquitoes whistling was deafening. It was a flap of wings that shook the entire space.

If you are pierced by that snout, your entire body’s blood and flesh will be sucked out in one go. It was so threatening that one could imagine that terrible sight.

“I’ll get it done quickly.”

Even if it’s a flying guy, what does it matter? Space is limited anyway. Even if you fly all the way to the ceiling, you cannot avoid his sword.

Helmut cut off the mosquito’s stinger and tore it into pieces. It gave me a sick feeling to see the insect fragments falling to the floor and trembling like a cut up fish. It was a battle I couldn’t enjoy at all.

After the stage was completed, a very explicit visual effect was implemented on the corpses remaining. This is a preference. I became suspicious of whether there was a pervert among the professors at the magic department.

“I’m sure it’s not an insect again, right?”

At this point, it is not a test of mental strength, but rather an attempt to torment the test subject.

In fact, insect-type monsters as large as that are rare. Compared to animals, insects are simple creatures, so it is difficult for them to develop demonic nature. Just because you have demonic energy doesn’t mean you will necessarily awaken your demonic nature.

It would have been difficult for him to grow to such great heights with just magic if he couldn’t keep up with it. Just as an idiot, no matter how talented he is, cannot reach the level of a swordsman.

Therefore, Helmut thought it was a test that was not very realistic. These were the thoughts of someone who grew up in a forest overrun with monsters.

‘It’s a bit different from real monsters.’

Monsters are truly fierce and vicious predators. Because his body was developed so that he could use his power to its full potential, there were fewer quirks than expected.

But because it didn’t feel like reality, it was a bit fun. It is a testing ground where the creativity of the magic department professors is displayed to its fullest. I wondered if he enjoyed tormenting students like this.

“So what’s next?”

Helmut was half anxious and half hopeful.

Stage 7 was a giant wart. He swung his sharp feet like saw blades like his scythe.

The skin was hard, and it was difficult to break it even with a blade tipped with bis. It wasn’t real because it was an illusion, but it was magic that made his brain perceive it that way.

‘The weakness is… … Is it a boat?’

Its back was covered with a hard green shell that looked like clothing, but its abdomen looked soft. The only problem is those huge front legs.

After several attacks, Helmut was able to avoid the creature’s two huge front legs and sink his sword into its stomach. Green slime soaked the floor. At least this guy was mentally easy to deal with.

“You seem to have lost your appetite.”

Helmut muttered. However, the 8 steps that followed were more than 7 steps.

“This is the guy Asuka ran away from.”

Stage 8 was a giant centipede with many legs.

Sassasasa! It quickly slides this way with the sound of scraping against the floor. Legs with hair that was as sharp as thorns fluttered in a row like waves.

It was truly a terrifying sight.

It’s not a feeling of fear because you’re scared. Goosebumps run up my spine. It was as strong as a rock crashing down on me. A feeling of oppressive disgust, as if being crushed.

Sometimes disgust goes beyond fear. Asuka couldn’t bear that feeling and she ran out.

However, Helmut also broke rocks once. He calmly aimed his sword.

‘If this is level 8, what on earth are levels 9 and 10?’

I was on the verge of developing bug phobia.


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