Helmut: The Forsaken Child (Web Novel KR) Chapter 155 – MTL

Chapter 155 - MTL

Episode 155

Luke Yeager’s match is over. He won without fail.

He didn’t intend to wait and say hello before leaving.

On his way out of the waiting area, Helmut received a bouquet of flowers from someone who appeared to be a noblewoman.

It seemed to be a continuation of the bouquet that had flown onto the stage earlier. Helmut, carrying a bouquet of flowers, looked at it here and there.

He was suspicious that he might be a plotter trying to harm the semifinalists.

The unknown woman who gave me the bouquet said with a flushed face.

“Hey Mr. Hyde, if you have time, I’d like to treat you to a meal… … .”

Immediately after that, a frenzied shout erupted from the other side.

“There it is! Kyaaaah!”

“Mr. Hyde!”

It was as if he was driving his prey. High-pitched shouts that sound like a beating, women wearing colorful clothes rushing in. The scenery was very oppressive.

Helmut calmly put on his hood. And he hit the floor like lightning and jumped.

“Hyde niiiiim!”

“Do not go!”

Leaving behind the shouts calling for him. I don’t know what it was, but I felt like nothing good would happen if I stayed. It was very unfamiliar for Alea to come across a situation that she frequently experienced.

When she arrived at the Golden Leaf Inn, the entrance to the inn was already filled with strangers.

She was fortunate that it was a high-class inn that did not allow people to enter indiscriminately. Although he wore a hood, those who recognized him based on his physique and clothing called him by his name.

“Mr. Hyde? “Are you Mr. Hyde?”


Helmut avoided the grasp that was reaching out for him and stepped into the inn.

From behind, he could hear the inn workers scuffling with the people chasing him.

“No, I asked you to call me for a moment!”

“How rude! “A mere employee against a noble!”

“The Golden Leaf Inn is a historic inn recognized by the royal family. If there is anyone you would like to meet, please ask permission or wait outside!”

“I am a guest, sir!”

“You’re chasing that person, aren’t you!”

The employee whom Helmut had slapped seemed to be working hard after that.

This is enough for 2,000 marks per night. Michael paid for the accommodation, so Helmut was free.

‘It’s a huge advantage.’

Helmut returned to the Emerald Room, satisfied with the little things, and cooled off by washing his body with cold water.

Since he advanced to the semifinals, he is a worthy candidate for the championship. He was already a favorite to win, but that has become even more clear.

‘Two million marks.’

What would it be like to have that much money in your hands? There is still one barrier left to get your hands on the prize.

Defeating Luke Yeager using public swordplay. I actually liked that limitation. Because the victory achieved even while wearing shackles is more valuable.

While I was sitting on the sofa lost in thought, I felt Michael coming back.

“Ah, Hyde. It arrived quickly. “Did you have any trouble on the way there?”

“I did well to shake it off.”

“I was a bit distressed. Apparently, there are rumors that you are mine. It’s worth it. “Because we’re staying in the same place.”

Even though he said he was suffering, his face looks relieved.

“But when I pretended to fall down on the street, everyone let me go.”

“… … .”

I could tell without even looking how familiar he was with imitating falling down. I should say that Helmut did well, but he was conflicted for a moment.

Michael found a bouquet of flowers roughly placed on the table.

“What kind of flower bouquet is this? Could it be that you brought it here to give it to me?”

“… … no.”

Michael looked somewhat regretful. Oh my goosebumps.

‘Why on earth does this guy want to receive a bouquet of flowers from me?’

The knight offers a bouquet of flowers to the lady, but Helmut is not a knight and this guy is not a lady.

“I hope it becomes more popular with women. “Considering the effectiveness of martial arts training, you will be able to marry a princess in Basor for three months.”

“I’m not interested in things like marriage.”

No matter how early you get married, 15 is a bit early. Michael grinned.

“Anyway, you did a good job today. Congratulations on advancing to the semifinals. “It’s not long until we win.”

“iced coffee.”

Michael also seemed to be in much better condition as he did not have to sit in the hot martial arts hall for a long time due to the drastically reduced number of matches.

Now there is no one left he can recruit. As of today, all of the remaining people except Helmut are members of the Knights of Palma.

Now it’s just fun to watch.

“By the way. Would you like to hear it? “Something interesting happened today.”

He is a guy who will say what he wants to say even if he rejects me anyway. Helmut listened quietly.

Michael continued speaking as he sat down on the other side of the sofa.

“Today, a man named Kevin came to see me in the stands. He said he was interested in you. To be exact, on your sword.”

Helmut, who was lying loosely on the sofa, felt a strain on his back. Michael looked at him with narrowed eyes.

“He is a disciple of a famous craftsman. Have you ever heard of the name Layton? “I think you know.”

Helmut’s hand stretched out. His soft neck was caught in his firm grip. If you give it strength, you can die just like that. Helmut asked coldly.

“What do you know?”

It’s not an overreaction. Michael knew. His eyes and expression revealed that I knew.

Regardless of his cruel expression, Michael spoke with a smile on his face.

“Hyde’s sword was made by a craftsman named Layton. Layton doesn’t make swords for just anyone. That’s why someone named Kevin recognized your sword.”

Michael’s lips moved one after another.

“Sword of Sword Saint Darian Defert.”

I didn’t think I could keep it a secret forever. Only one person so far recognized that it was Layton’s sword. Blacksmith of Baden.

However, the reason he recognized that this sword was his father-in-law Layton’s sword was because Helmut entrusted the sword to him.

He didn’t think it would be possible to even tell if this was Layton’s sword just by looking at it without actually touching it and examining it carefully.

At this point, more than 20 years have passed since the sword disappeared with its owner, how can anyone recognize Darian’s sword, even though its appearance has changed?

The humans Helmut had seen were not that sharp-eyed.

‘But you happen to be Layton’s disciple.’

It was really unfortunate that I got caught. A man of his caliber would have recognized not only that this was Layton’s sword, but that it was also Darion’s sword.

“Why did you say that to me?”

Helmut gave Michael a gentle look.

Although they had a blue tint due to the magic disguise, their eyes were originally as eerie as his pitch-black eyes.

It’s not like Michael doesn’t know that there’s something they’re hiding here and that they shouldn’t mess with it.

The reason he didn’t dig up or delve into Helmut all this time was because he knew that Helmut wouldn’t leave him alone if he did.

There was a line between them. And Michael crossed that line. just now.

However, he knew that Helmut could not kill Michael right away.

A nobleman from a foreign country who is rumored to be sharing the same room is participating in a martial arts club. It all became a burden.

But at least Helmut had to know Michael’s intentions. I don’t even know what he wants.

“… … Any blacksmith cabin that knows about it will be eliminated. “The reason I’m telling this to Hyde is because I want you to know.”

He smiled softly.

“My silence. And my favor.”

“Are you trying to create debt?”

“Hyde is not a person who returns good intentions with bad intentions. And he’s the one who gives back what he gets. “I know that.”

He may be extremely reliable when he is an ally, but he cannot be so threatening when he is an enemy. So he builds up his debt to avoid being completely latter. That was Michael’s idea.

“Think whatever you like. But if word gets out, you’ll die.”

Helmut let go of his head. Michael was certainly good to him.

I was surprisingly reluctant to just snap my neck and die. He was so close that he couldn’t keep his mouth shut just because he knew the secret.

‘I have become human too.’

Helmut felt it again. Michael made a fuss of his.

“Wow, that’s scary. It was just powerful. “I guess it’s really an unknown fact.”

No, it is a known fact. To Ethan Kudrow.

But he wouldn’t have told anyone. Because I won’t put my benefactor’s disciple in danger. So, if there was a rumor, it was this guy.

‘The name Michael doesn’t seem to be an alias.’

Michael asked vaguely.

“I’ll just check one thing. “What is your relationship with the Sword Saint Darian Defert?”

Helmut came out to the outside world and revealed the truth for the second time.

“I am Darian’s disciple.”

“Wow, am I currently sharing a room with the Sword Saint’s disciple? “This is really amazing.”

He tilts his head in this direction with his eyes shining. Even though he just had his neck grabbed, his attitude was very friendly.

“No need to make a fuss.”

Helmut frowned, reaffirming that Michael was a strange guy.

And he had to admit it. Michael is quite a high-ranking person. If you turn him into an enemy, it will be a headache for you as well.

Because Michael is not underestimating himself. He actually seems to be overestimating what was shown.

If a guy like that turns into an enemy, he will never let down his guard against this side.

‘For now, be friendly.’

You won’t leak secrets when you’re friendly.

However, there is no need for Michael to cooperate with Helmut’s work. He didn’t want to take on any more debt.

“I don’t ask why Hyde is hiding that fact from Bashor. “It seems like your goal isn’t limited to the martial arts club.”

“It would be a good idea to slowly come out and think about how you can pretend not to know.”

If Helmut does something, Michael might get into trouble.

It would be a shame if this sickly bastard was locked up in a hot prison and ended up dying.

“That sounds like something might happen.”


I hoped something would happen. Helmut wanted to conclude this matter quickly and surely.

Rutus Cicero, and Luke Jaeger. All this tangled up about Darian.

And he wanted to return to the Academy in Baden. I don’t know if it will go his way, but he will not be defeated. Because he is too strong to lose.

‘It might be a pain in the ass.’

As much as possible, conclude the matter without revealing your true identity. That was my only decision.

“Well, then I’ll pack my bags. So that I can see the opportunity and run away. It would be difficult to get caught up in the circumstances of another country. “As you know, I am a bit weak.”

“… … okay.”

“Shall we eat?”

The conversation ended with such a strange lingering note.


The semifinals were easier than the quarterfinals. It seems like there is definitely such a thing as Daejinun.

The person Helmut faced was an old Knight of Palma, but he was weaker than Horten Cicero.

It was understandable that he was disappointed that he was defeated by a boy known to the outside world to be 16 years old and stayed in the round of 16.

“Hyde, victory!”


Helmut, who had welcomed a familiar victory, looked up at the sky amidst the pouring cheers.

Weather without a single drop of rain. The hot sun was burning his skin.

The sun represents the peak. There is only one step left to reach the pinnacle of victory.

‘The match against Luke Yeager is the day after tomorrow.’

While I was immersed in my thoughts, my opponent asked in a high-handed manner, despite having lost.

“The young guy is quite handsome. Does he have any intention of joining the Knights of Palma?”

Would you say it’s pretty good on the topic of gin? It was annoying.

“well. “Looking at your skills, I think the Knights of Palma should work harder too.”

“what? this.”

Helmut turned away from the other person who was laughing.


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