Helmut: The Forsaken Child (Web Novel KR) Chapter 162 – MTL

Chapter 162 - MTL

Episode 162

6 animals.

It was the number of monsters who had dug a trap and were waiting in front of the oasis.

A brief lull ahead of Oasis. After being healed with a magic scroll, Horten mounted his horse.

Another knight was heard explaining something to Luke Yeager.

“They dig a hole and wait to catch the prey that falls in, so they are not very powerful monsters. You just have to be careful because you have to fight on sand and it’s hard to keep your balance. “He’s a rare guy, but we handled it well.”

He patted him on the shoulder and as he passed, Luke scratched the bridge of his nose. He came straight to Helmut and boasted.

“Did you see me in action?”

“iced coffee.”

Helmut did not come forward. I just looked back as Luke Yeager ran forward.

‘Looking at Magi, she’s too small.’

I thought it would be handled without me having to step forward. A talented person like himself only appeared in front of big names.

“You get paid a lot of money, but you sit around in the background.”

“There are people who are paid more than me and are staying quiet.”

Helmut gestured towards his knight commander. He had his blood almost killed, but he didn’t come forward. His annual salary, as seen in documents related to the Knights of Palma, was enormous.

“Anyway, I’m glad everyone is safe. “I was shocked to see him fall into a sand pit.”

“You have good speed. “Save him.”

“We are colleagues, but should we let them die just because we don’t get along?”

I felt strange looking at him grinning.

If it were Helmut, he would have abandoned it without hesitation. Since we weren’t getting along well, I took the opportunity to kill him. But he was not Helmut.

‘Is this what it is?’

This is the humanity that Darian was talking about. That was true for Luke Yeager.

Darian’s teachings to Helmut were ingrained in him.

Luke Yeager was a young man who had just become an adult. His way of thinking was formed from his childhood and was probably inherited from his grandfather.

His son, whom Darian regarded as insignificant, ran away because he could not handle the harsh discipline, but he passed on what he had learned to his grandson.

He raised his successor named Luke Yerger, who would inherit the Sword of Darion. Darian would have been satisfied if he had seen him.

He inherited not only swordsmanship but also mindset. And he had a more mellow personality than Darien.

“Why are you looking at me like that? Actually, I was kind of cool, right?”

‘… … Except for this.’

Helmut looked away from him.

‘It is difficult for me to become the ideal successor that Darian thinks of anyway.’

Regardless of his skills and talent, he was not used to shouldering obligations.

Although he had refined himself a bit through his time in the group, Helmut was basically cold.

Pahe’s life in the forest made him like that. I just consciously follow Darian’s teachings.

‘But if we save Luke Yeager, he can become like that.’

Then, it seems, he will be able to fully discharge his debt to Darian.

And if Luke Jaeger is appointed in his place, he will be able to live happily as Helmut, not as a disciple of the Sword Saint.

‘Did it go well?’

The desire to save Luke Yeager keeps getting stronger. It would be difficult to get caught up in it.

“I hope you train hard once this subjugation is over.”

So that we can carry the reputation of Darian Differt.

“… … What are you talking about?”

Helmut passed by him with a suspicious look on his face.

Soon the Knights of Palma moved their horses and headed back to the oasis.

When they arrived at the oasis, they got off their horses one by one and looked around.

The situation in the village was terrible. Buildings that have collapsed, with only a few walls remaining.

The villagers have already disappeared without leaving a single bone behind. Judging from the occasional traces of blood on the ground, it appears that it may have entered the belly of a sin monster.

However, the monster did not actually remain there.

“Look at that.”

The members of the Knights of Palma frowned when they discovered something in front of the oasis.

It was in the shape of a huge scorpion. I almost pulled out my sword as soon as I saw it. Someone muttered.

“It’s a fault.”

Only dark red skin with a faint demonic energy was left in place like a token of invasion. The reality of that guy was vividly felt.

Some of the knights came forward and inspected the fault.

“Not very dry. “It hasn’t been long since you took them off.”

“Were you quiet for those few days to shed your skin?”

“Don’t touch it. “It might be toxic.”

“Just like humans, they hit the oasis and fell. “We left only a few people behind and pretended to camp here.”

“The water is not polluted.”

“A monster behaves like this? “It’s rare.”

“What should I do?”

The deputy knight commander asked the knight commander for his opinion.

Lutus Cicero took out a compass from his pocket. His compass was reacting to that skin left behind by demonic energy. He ordered calmly.

“First, search the surrounding area. “If there are any more people around here, it would be a good idea to deal with them.”

Considering the state of the village, it seemed unlikely that there would be any survivors.

Immediately after completing the search, the knight commander decided his next move.

“We will rest here and then move to a nearby village.”

Other oasis villages are not far away. Since not everyone could have evacuated to Deser, it was time to look back there as well.

It was obvious where monsters that knew the taste of human meat would target in this desolate desert.

It was about an hour after we had rested in the ruined village.

The communication magic orb held by the Deputy Knight Commander lit up. His expression gradually became more serious upon hearing the call.

As soon as he finished the conversation, he went straight to the knight commander and told him.

“Knight Commander! We found out where the monsters were headed. “They say they are gathering in Deser.”

The Knights of Palma around him all looked at him. There was a stir.

“Have they lost their minds? “It’s not another oasis town, Desere is a city.”

“This was only possible when the old Scorpion was alive.”

Compared to then, the power of monsters has also weakened. They also know human fear. So it was very surprising that they would attack Deser. No matter how excited you are by tasting human meat.

Deser has a strong castle wall to prevent invasion by monsters.

The situation was much better than this empty oasis, so it would be worth holding on, but support was still needed.

“They say the attack will begin soon.”

“What about the red scorpion?”

“They say he didn’t show himself. “It’s not that they’re hiding, it’s that they’re not nearby.”

The knight commander stroked his chin for a moment and made a decision.

“Twenty people, including Deputy Knight Commander Sir Dasim, are going straight back to Deser. Deser must get rid of the monsters as soon as possible so that there is no damage to the city. The rest will remain here.”

“Can you guess where it went?”

“This is a guy who knows how to carry out a diversionary operation. The reason they attacked Deser was probably to bring us back there. “The rest see the situation here.”

This is closer to going to a nearby oasis. Ten elites, including the knight commander, were enough to wipe them out.

The reason the Scorpions of the past were powerful was not because they could fight head-on against the Knights of Palma and win.

Because I knew how to choose an advantageous battlefield to fight and hit and run.

“Who will you leave behind?”

Lutus Cicero selected those who would remain. About 20 members of the Knights of Palma, including the injured Horten and Alec, who lost his horse, headed straight for Deserre.

As expected, Helmut and Luke Jaeger remained here. Helmut looked at the faces of those left behind.

‘Everyone who was close to Luke Yeager has returned, and those who remain are close to the knight commander.’

If something were to happen, they would be the ones to give favorable testimony to the Knight Commander even if they did not participate.

‘It’s going well for him.’

But it seemed like he wasn’t going to start working right away.

They stayed at the oasis that day and waited for news from those who had returned.

At dawn the next day, news came that the monsters had been wiped out and the red scorpion had not been seen until the end.

Deser’s damage did not appear to be significant.

“I’m moving to another village right away.”

The knight commander’s compass was not responding. There were no red scorpions around here.

“This is a guy who can destroy a village all by himself. There’s no way he won’t attack alone. He must hurry.”

Where the hell did he go? Amidst doubt, the remaining members of the Knights of Palma followed their leader.

It was a move again. Luke Yeager suddenly became speechless. Fortunately, his close colleagues also turned away, and for some reason only those who were in trouble were left.

During a mission with my superior, I couldn’t just joke around with Helmut, who wasn’t even a member of the Knights of Palma.

They arrived at the next oasis village before evening. Fortunately, we were not attacked.

But it was quiet. Many people had fled to Deser, and what was left behind were elderly people who had difficulty moving and their families.

They were unable to move because they were afraid they would die on the spot if they were attacked.

There were some old-fashioned people who would not leave the village no matter how dangerous it became.

“There are a lot of empty houses.”

Luke muttered. I think you can choose anywhere and stay. About ten members of the Knights Templar gathered in one place after searching the area.

The Commander of the Knights of Palma asked a middle-aged knight. Among those who remained, he was the next highest ranking man after the knight commander.

“How many villagers are left?”

“There are 14 people in total. There are many who left for Deser, so there are only a few.”

“I can’t detect where he is. “Now that we’re here, we’d better evacuate them.”

“There are some who won’t go.”

“If the Knights of Palma are with us, who would deny that honor?”

It’s not arrogance, it’s a fact. Even those who hesitate will not miss out on the honor of a lifetime, escorted by the Knights of Palma.

“Then won’t the number of people be reduced too much?”

“Monsters have been wiped out in great numbers from Deser. There are some elderly and infirm people, so just in case, the six of them lead the villagers back. As soon as you return, wouldn’t it be okay to switch with those who returned to Deser?”

“okay. There are only 20 people left in Desere, which is a bit much.”

“Let’s get them some food. There is no time to waste, so the rest, including me, go to the next village. “By joining us in the next village.”

The number of people may be reduced for a while, but it would be better if a few people were sent here and a dozen people came.

Since we might be defeated individually, it made sense to leave a small number of people on this side where the knight commander was.

Only then did the driver agree.

“If the Knight Commander is still there, I don’t think there’s anything to worry about.”

“You probably have a magic sphere for communication, right? “I’ll contact you through that.”

When he left Desser, he brought with him five magic spheres of communication. Since the main contact person is the assistant division commander, the contact has only been made to him, and he is fully capable of using other things as well.

If you are attacked on the way, whoever is closest to you, whether from Deser or here, can go to support.

“Who would be better to stay and assist the knight commander?”

“Considering their achievements, I’d have to leave Luke Yeager and Hyde behind. rest of it… … .”

The Commander of the Knights of Palma called out the names of those to be left behind.

“Be careful on your way back to avoid casualties. “It would be best to leave at dawn tomorrow.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

At dawn the next day, more than half of the Knights of Palma left with the villagers.

The remaining four people were the Knight Commander of Palma, Helmut, and Luke Jaeger. Compared to when we first left Deser, the number has decreased significantly.

Luke said, looking around the deserted village.

“I can now leave this village with peace of mind.”

Helmut was lost in thought as he got on White. Fortunately, the opportunity to fight monsters rarely came.

red scorpion. I was curious about the guy who only saw the flaws. But there is no need to rush.

‘He’ll show up at least once.’

Probably when trying to take out Luke Yeager.

“We must hurry. “Right to the next town.”

Helmut looked at the Commander of the Knights of Palma, who spoke succinctly.

There was nothing that could be read from the expressionless face. From his perspective, the right time would be before the shift crew arrives.

The time has come to tell Luke Yeager the truth.


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