Helmut: The Forsaken Child (Web Novel KR) Chapter 176 – MTL

Chapter 176 - MTL

Episode 176

‘But is the temple really aware of Hyde’s existence?’

The Second Prince would probably want to erase Hyde’s achievements in order to highlight Luke Yeager, whom he had almost taken under his wing, as the successor to the Sword Saint.

The temple’s information power in Bashor is limited. Hyde was just a talented boy who participated in a monster hunt and was a candidate to win the martial arts competition.

Rather, it would be natural to focus on Luke Yeager, who is the successor to the Sword Saint and has a silver circle.

The temple may find out later, but it is too early to notice and track it at this point.

In addition, Helmut deliberately chose a path less traveled by and erased any traces on the way. He’s already been chased by Black Hawk once, so he’s pretty thorough.

‘Even if you’re just trying to monitor Baden and not necessarily chase me, you need to be on guard.’

High Priest Dolos recognized the existence of a sprout of darkness within Helmut. So, we will be able to recognize the high priest who will visit Greta Academy.

He shouldn’t face him. Since he was a high priest, he wouldn’t show up secretly without warning, but he shouldn’t relax.

My senses sharpened as if the blade had been exposed. An enemy from afar was coming toward him.

Meeting the High Priest in Bashor was an unexpected contact for Helmut. He had to let go of the idea that they were very far away.

‘They are enemies we will have to fight someday anyway.’

The most powerful enemy. As long as Helmut had the sprout of darkness, it was an inevitable fate.

For now, I’ll just have to hope that it passes by from a distance.

‘The preparations are not complete yet.’

Helmut looked down at his hands. Luckily, I was able to kill one high priest.

But Dolos was alone. It is said that it is rare for a high priest, escorted by paladins, to travel alone.

Unless he could fight and win against the entire Knights of Palma alone, it was currently unreasonable to openly confront a temple with greater power.

If it were an opponent with a sprout of darkness, I would fight to the death. That is the meaning of the temple’s existence.

‘More than anything, I am vulnerable to holy magic.’

As soon as the divine power approaches, the sprouts of darkness explode. Because of that, it was difficult to even demonstrate my full potential. Because we have to endure both internal and external battles.

But you could also use it. The sprout of darkness will sense the High Priest’s approach more keenly than anyone else.

‘He’s a high priest.’

Helmut remembered the names of the two other high priests he had heard from Dolos who had participated in sending Darian to the Forest of Pahe. The person coming this time could be one of them.

‘It would be nice to do it when I get the chance… … ‘I’m sorry.’

Not in Baden. In Baden, you can’t get caught like you can here. That feeling was strangely strong. Enough to clearly lean towards avoidance.

The crisis is coming soon, but Helmut will be able to overcome it as he has done so far.


Class soon began, and instructor Patricia, sensing the distracted atmosphere, shouted.

“Everyone is excited about the festival. “Keep your wits about you!”

She declared, turning to her students.

“Today we will spar!”

Helmut’s opponent was Andro. Cha Cha-seok from the Department of Swordsmanship. Asuka is right next.

However, even Asuka couldn’t hold out for long against Helmut, so even though she ranked second, there wasn’t much difference from the guys below her. In that it is so weak as to be insignificant.

“I’m counting on you.”

Andro greeted him with a nervous expression. It must have been burdensome for him to face an opponent like Helmut from the first sparring.

Normally, Helmut would have treated Andro more leisurely. Giving his opponent a few chances to attack, the way he had become accustomed to at the Academy.

But Helmut did not do that. No, I should say he didn’t even think about it.

It was our first sparring after vacation. During that vacation, Helmut fought in a completely different way. The people I met at the martial arts club were not easy enough to take my time with common swordsmanship.

If possible, finish it off with all your might. In the most efficient way!

Helmut, who immediately struck out the wooden sword that Andro used for the first time, dug inward like his lightning.

A very weak and weak opponent. Finishing it is as simple as twisting a newborn’s wrist.

The tip of the sword unconsciously pointed towards Andro’s neck. Even if it was a wooden sword rather than a real sword, it was threatening.

The neck is a vulnerable area, and if hit properly, the neck vertebrae can be broken. Shhh! It was a life that seemed like it would cut my flesh.

“Stop sparring! Helmut stop!”

With a sharp cry, something blocked the path of the wooden sword. Perfect! With a tremendous sound, the wooden sword was blocked and trembled.

Helmut, who almost showed his murderous intent towards the person in front of him, suddenly came to his senses.


Behind the stern-faced instructor Patricia, Andro showed a bewildered expression with a white face. He didn’t seem to realize that he was almost dead.

“Follow me after class, Helmut. First of all, I will not allow you to spar today.”

Instructor Patricia spoke firmly. Afterwards, the sparring was held several times with different opponents, but Helmut could not participate.

When she was called in after class, instructor Patricia crossed her arms and asked.

“Helmut, what’s the problem? The sword is unusually cold-hearted like you. “Did you have a fight with Andro?”


“Then why is it so sharp? “If we hadn’t stopped him in time, Andro would have been seriously injured.”

If Andro were to die, it would be a big deal. As long as you fight with a wooden sword, it was rare for someone to die in sparring. Asuka also beat up her opponent like that, but did not kill her.

“I guess having a real fight during the holidays got her on her nerves.”

“Yeah, I see. I thought my skin was a little tanned, but it looks like it has come a long way. But don’t forget that this is an academy and your opponent is not your enemy. “Sparring is prohibited for the time being.”

Instructor Patricia tapped her shoulder. She didn’t scold him harshly and she didn’t get angry at him. As if trying to set her mind straight.

The action was valid. Helmut felt something swelling inside him slowly sinking. As usual.

Only then did Helmut realize that he had been a little excited.

“If you’re having a hard time or have a problem, don’t suffer alone and talk about it.”

Instructor Patricia released him with some well-wishes. As he walked out of the instructor’s office, Helmut felt low.

‘I almost killed him without even realizing it.’

It is doubtful whether it would have stopped in time if instructor Patricia had not stopped it. It’s because it’s out of control like this.

Lastly, he fought against the Commander of the Knights of Palma. He said he had become accustomed to fighting with all his might through martial arts training, but the tension was different. Fighting in a way that involved suddenly tying oneself up like sparring was extremely frustrating, like having a piece of iron attached to one’s entire body.

Helmut once again realized that he was not up to the current level of swordsmanship.

He was a carnivore hiding among herbivores. However, if you choose an academic department to build other knowledge, basic training in swordsmanship is also helpful.

He was constitutionally aligned with the swordsmanship department. The only problem is that there are no students here who are at the level to properly spar with him.

‘Would it be okay if it were the Knights of Palma?’

There was a corner there that resembled a forest in Pahe. Respect the strong. Also, the level of the Knights of Palma is very good. You might be able to find someone worth sparring with.

However, the problem was that no matter how hostile they were to the temple, they would not accept him who had sprouts of darkness.

And the weather is also a problem. Periodic monster hunting was also a problem.

Above all, I had no desire to leave. Not yet.

“Do you have a grudge against Andro? “This is a scary guy.”

Asuka came from over and stuck out her tongue.

“What are you angry about?”

“No, nothing.”

“So, didn’t Instructor Patricia call you out and nag you and hit you on the head?”

“That didn’t happen.”

“what? This witch discriminates against people! “If the opponent were me, I would have slapped him on the back of his head, telling him to come to his senses.”

Asuka felt indignant for some reason. Helmut glanced at him and said.

“I have to go to the training center now.”

In his vis training, he needed to kill his blade. But Asuka followed Helmut as he walked straight away, chattering away.

“You really need to enjoy the festival leisurely. It seemed like they were in the mood to kill someone earlier. “I guess I was stressed out because I was training to die during vacation.”

Helmut nodded his head. He was sharp now. It’s not like the high priest is working hard at Greta Academy to hunt down dangerous elements, but just because he’s visiting Baden.

“I guess so.”

“Oh, what’s going on? Then listen. I have plans for the festival… … .”

Anyway, there was no one better than Asuka to distract her.


The festival day is just around the corner. The teams that will participate in the festival are almost ready. It was noisy because it was an undergraduate competition.

At Greta Academy, we do not specifically select class representatives. Students with excellent grades are given the unspoken right and duty to lead their classmates, but do nothing else.

Of course, Helmut was making a great contribution to keeping the peace of the swordsmanship department in that he was able to control Asuka.

While the academic department developed various systems, the magic and swordsmanship departments tended to focus more on individual achievements.

For that reason, in the swordsmanship department, honor students, including Helmut and Asuka, tended to quietly develop their skills, while those who half-heartedly enjoyed academy life stepped forward and took on leading roles.

This was usually the case with Group 9, which Helmut belonged to during the hunting outing. Wesley or James. His grades weren’t very good, but he had a loud voice and enjoyed various things.

The swordsmanship department was quiet that day. This was a rare phenomenon, as there was always a lot of noise these days before the festival started.

To be exact, it seems like everyone fell silent from the moment Helmut and Asuka appeared on campus side by side.

Someone approached and spoke solemnly to Asuka. It was James who managed to mix things up a bit.

He is somehow clutching his side. It was as if he had been stabbed and then reluctantly stepped forward.

“Hey, Asuka. “There is something I would like you to do for our department.”

Trying to involve Asuka in her swordsmanship activities was something that almost never happened. Because Asuka was generally treated as something out of control.

A look of sadness flowed from James’ face. Asuka tilted her head to one side.

“Hmm, really? What.”

It was a face that showed a grumpy look that would throw you off if you made a mistake.

Her temper has calmed down a lot, so she doesn’t argue, fight, or lose her temper for no reason, but she’s still Asuka. A person’s personality does not change that easily.

“That’s right, there’s an event this time where one student from each grade in each department is selected. “They say the benefits for that event are really good.”

“They say the winning grade will be given a ticket to the Baden shopping district worth 3,000 marks per person.”

3,000 marks is definitely not a small amount of money. Helmut’s gaze naturally turned in that direction as well.

‘Why Asuka?’

It was a point where I was curious about the nature of the event and why he was being singled out.

“Don’t hesitate and tell me what the event is.”

Asuka crossed her arms. Her partner said, swallowing her saliva.

And the moment he finished speaking, Asuka’s fist flew up.

“Is this bastard crazy enough to chase after you!”


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