Helmut: The Forsaken Child (Web Novel KR) Chapter 178 – MTL

Chapter 178 - MTL

Episode 178

Nothing much happened until the second day. The festival period was so peaceful that the momentary tension was insignificant.

It appears that the high priest in question entered Baden, but he did not necessarily visit Greta Academy during the festival.

The exact period of the high priest’s visit is unknown. It was only known that the high priest had brought a small army of paladins and priests.

He goes to class in the morning and enjoys the festival in the afternoon. He always visited the training center early in the morning so as not to neglect his training, but Helmut also decided to enjoy his first festival.

He went into every store where products were hung and swept up the products so well that Helmut was already known as a product butcher.

Perhaps word got out on the first day, but from the second day onwards, he was not even accepted as a guest.

“No guests! “Our store is losing money!”

Helmut had no choice but to turn around in front of the staff student who violently crossed his hands diagonally.

As I was already winning first prize, I accumulated a lot of prizes. The total value of the products reaches 20,000 marks.

He also gave one to Asuka, but the items he had bought were taking up a large space in his dorm room, so he was wondering if he should sell them on the second-hand market.

The festival was noisy and enjoyable. Although he was not at ease because of the High Priest’s arrest, he felt the same way about Helmut.

The only thing that bothers me is that Area is not noticeable.

It was right next door, but I couldn’t even see the nose. It’s not that things have become awkward between us. In the meantime, he used to meet me at the door quite often and ask how I was doing.

“Doesn’t he have any intention of enjoying the festival?”

Asuka grumbled. I guess she implicitly expected Ah Leah to join her as well. Even if it’s Area, who is usually an enemy. It’s kind of annoying. Xian said calmly.

“Area was like this last year too. “I guess they don’t like crowds of people.”

Helmut opened his mouth after a moment. There was one thing I was curious about.

“You said you don’t crossdress, but why did you suddenly decide to do it?”

Helmut asked. Asuka had submitted her application for the cross-dressing competition today, receiving applause from the second-year students of the Kenjutsu Department.

It was her first activity for Asuka’s swordsmanship department after attending the academy for two years.

It was amazing how Asuka suddenly changed her mind whenever she got angry and ran wild. Asuka shrugged her shoulders.

“Well, that Sian guy was bragging that he was going to represent the second year of the magic department? “She said she would win and she would be the prettiest.”

It seems that Sian didn’t have much objection to dressing up as a woman. Her Xian quickly joined in from the side.

“of course. Look at what I look like. “Isn’t he a pretty boy wherever you look?”

“You sound like a boy. Where did you use that word? Anyway, that’s why I decided to bet. You see, there’s not much I can do to compete with this guy, right? “I thought it would be fun.”

It’s a magic school and a swordsmanship school, so there’s no point in sparring. So it seemed like they decided to compete in something like this. It was a good way to seduce the simple Asuka.

“It’s embarrassing to do it alone, but what if we do it together? Nothing bad. Now that things have come to this, this is also a competition and I will conquer it!”

“… … okay. “I hope you win.”

Helmut cheered a little. Anyway, if Asuka participates and wins, Helmut will receive 3,000 marks. It was unconditionally beneficial.

Xian said confidently.

“What, are you on Asuka’s side? Just wait and see. “You’ll confess without even recognizing me!”

Asuka looked disgusted with her.

“All kinds of disgusting noises. Are you proud of that?”

“Then those lumpy guys can’t even compete. “This is a young boy’s privilege.”

“Stop talking about that damn pretty boy! “Before I block your mouth!”

In the end, all that remained that day was the sound of Asuka and Xian bickering.


The main events of the festival, including fireworks, took place almost on the third day.

The plan is to enjoy it lightly for the first two days and then end it with a grand explosion on the third and final day.

There were no classes on the last day of the festival. It used to be there, but because students couldn’t concentrate in class, the instructors completely removed it. Everyone was so excited about the festival that they couldn’t concentrate on class.

Greta Academy is a wealthy academy. He was not stingy in offering prizes and money for various events. It almost made me wonder if they could use the money in this way instead of getting a scholarship.

Events such as swordsmanship competitions, where honor students naturally achieve high scores, were not held at all. It was a festival meant to be thoroughly enjoyed.

It seemed like Wesley’s store had a good chance of becoming number one in store revenue. Even in that case, the benefit will be returned to the second year of the swordsmanship department.

Anyway, the second year of swordsmanship seemed like it would achieve good results in many ways.

The most anticipated thing at the moment was the results of the cross-dressing contest with a large prize pool.

“Asuka, cheer up!”

“I only trust you!”

“The pride of a second year swordsmanship undergraduate!”

Cheers poured out towards Asuka as she left the dormitory. Asuka lost her temper as if it were natural.

“That sounds like pride! Do you know who is going out for you?”

Asuka and Xian have been busy since morning. The other guys would get clothes for us and we just had to go and get dressed up, but we both made our own preparations.

They cut cucumbers and stuck them on their faces and made facial masks all night long. They were both burning up a rivalry that seemed a bit useless in Helmut’s eyes. It looks like something was bet.

Like honor students, they don’t want to lose even in this area.

Since the two were planning to participate in a cross-dressing contest, Helmut, who had been caught up in the two’s backlash, became free.

Even if you try to win some prizes, they no longer accept your participation. As he was about to leave, he suddenly looked towards Area’s door.

‘I haven’t seen you once during the festival.’

I know that Area has a secret to hide. It’s probably a bigger secret than Helmut had guessed.

There must be a good reason for her to disguise herself as a man and enter the academy, where women are allowed to attend.

That would result in cutting off communication and being alone.

But Helmut also has a formidable secret. He doesn’t have the heart to feel sorry for anyone, but it is also true that he feels caught.

Helmut had one more doubt.

‘Maybe cross-dressing isn’t your thing.’

It wasn’t like that for Helmut, but perhaps because of her unusual personality, Alea was never suspected of being a woman despite her pretty appearance.

Living as a man seemed to suit her well, so it might be her preference.

Helmut unconsciously walked up to Area’s door and knocked. smart.

But there was no sound. I don’t feel like I’m popular.

‘Are you not in your room?’

He may be in the magic department building for research. Without realizing it, Helmut left the dormitory and slowly walked towards it.

There was a lot of time left until the cross-dressing competition. Because there’s nothing special to do in the meantime.

‘Are we here?’

The second-year magic school building, which I had visited several times with Xian, was deserted.

Even though there were no classes on a day like today, there were extremely few people in the magic department who would devote themselves to magic research.

But he was just about to enter the building. I heard a murmur from the other side. The air vibrates slightly, as if a large number of people are moving around.

Helmut frowned with a twinge of pain.

‘This… … .’

It was not difficult for Helmut to realize the reason for the pain in his heart.

‘High priest. Today is the day to visit Greta Academy.’

I saw something gray on the other side. A man dressed in a white suit. It was an outfit that could be seen from afar.

And the paladins surrounding him. Their weapons caught the sunlight and reflected the light. They whispered and glanced at them.

The high priest was chatting with several stiff-faced professors from the Faculty of Magic. It looks like they are probably being questioned as to whether any students are dabbling in forbidden magic or showing curiosity.

Should I say that too? The sprout of darkness was reacting very sensitively to the presence of the high priest.

Little by little, the closer he gets, the more intensely he delivers the pain. It’s as if something dangerous is approaching and tells you to avoid it.

The feeling of being controlled by the sprout of darkness was extremely unpleasant.

But it was right to follow. You must not attract the attention of the Minister.

‘I’m going to look around the magic faculty building. ‘I need to get out of here quickly.’

Helmut clutched his chest and hurried his steps.

It was just as I passed the building and turned the corner. Suddenly, someone came out. There was almost no sign of presence.

Helmut unconsciously traced his waist with his hand. He didn’t have a sword. Because it’s on campus.

The other person also noticed Helmut and took a step back as if trying to avoid hitting him, but his legs were twisted and he fell to the floor.

The other person was a girl wearing a deep hood. girl… … ? Looking at the body shape, there is no doubt about it.

Helmut narrowed his eyes.

‘How can his presence be so faint?’

It’s as if they are using advanced magic to block the presence. But it feels somehow familiar.

Helmut frowned and looked at his opponent. His face can’t be seen because he’s wearing his hood down.

The girl raised her head. Helmut met purple eyes.

Her hair, flowing down inside her hood, was a gorgeous light purple.

Helmut, seeing his opponent’s face, froze for a moment. It was the same for the opponent.

‘Damn it.’

Area, a girl with light purple hair, cursed Heike in her mind.

It would be impossible for me for the rest of my life to understand what was going through her mind.

So, this is the story of how it happened.

Area needed the textbooks for her research, so she went to the Magic Faculty building.

She was just about to leave when she noticed the presence of a high priest coming this way.

She had not forgotten that the high priest could visit Greta Academy at any time.

He went straight to an empty room in the building. Since there were few people left in the building, he was able to sneak in unnoticed.

‘It’s time to use Heike’s bracelet.’

I checked it just in case, but the bracelet didn’t seem to have any curses or anything strange about it.

Area casually put the bracelet on her wrist. This is a magic that is activated when two bracelets are compatible. The two bracelets glowed and Heike’s magic unfolded.

Immediately after that, Area saw the change that had occurred in me and couldn’t help but feel indignant.

“this… … “Is this woman out of her mind?”

In the place where the silver-haired boy was standing just moments ago, there was a beautiful girl with gorgeous lavender hair.

It is close to Area’s original appearance, with only the hair color being different.

As the frozen Area quickly removed her bracelet, Heike’s refreshing voice was heard.

It was a message delivered after the artifact was activated.

[Hello, Area? Did you receive my gift well? Now that you’ve finally become a girl, let’s enjoy the festival. It would be even better if you could enjoy a date with a cool guy. The effect of the artifact is to slightly change your appearance and kill your presence. 24 hours! If you try to break the magic, the magic of the first bracelet may be damaged, so please calmly enjoy the magic’s effects for 24 hours.]

The second bracelet, which had exhausted its effectiveness, was cruelly crushed in Area’s grasp.


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