Helmut: The Forsaken Child (Web Novel KR) Chapter 28 – MTL

Chapter 28 – MTL

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Episode 28

“Hey, hey, welcome.”

As I was about to pour a bucket full of water and go back, someone suddenly jumped out from behind me.


As if they had planned to do so, four people blocked the road. Finn frowned and was about to turn away when he was suddenly grabbed by the back of his neck.

‘How strong is this!’

Rather than being excellent at swordsmanship, Kelop was naturally strong. His older brother, unlike him, was excellent at swordsmanship and strong.

Kelop also knew the atmosphere of a third-rate mercenary. It was the perfect time for him to have a tough fight with the 4th grade mercenaries as there was no one who would care.

“Hey buddy, I’ve been a bit harsh, haven’t I?”

“I’m glad I didn’t.”

The moment I answered bluntly, my breath was taken away by his hand hitting my back. It was a shock as if I had been hit with a blunt object.

Finn let out a groan. Tears welled up in my eyes. Kelop, who put his arm around Finn’s shoulder in a friendly manner, asked.

“Hey, hey, your friend. Have you ever taken a bath with that bastard? “He’s a friend, so he probably did that much, right?”

“Gah, we’ve never been together.”

Finn responded with his face turning pale.

To begin with, the wake-up time was different. Finn was the type who would wake up from a good night’s sleep and go and wash up in the morning, and Helmut was the type who would quickly wash up early in the morning when no one was around.

“okay? Then you don’t know either. Aren’t you curious as to whether that pretty-looking guy is really a girl or a guy? Right, you’re curious too, right?”

“not… … “Curious, evil!”

Finn grabbed his shoulder. Kelob forcibly grabbed his shoulder with a hand the size of a pot lid.

“Oh, I’m sorry! I accidentally applied too much force! “Okay, you’re curious too?”

There was probably a blue bruise there.

“Then shall we check?”

Someone appeared in front of him, smiling. It was Helmut who came out late from the water. He recognized the situation and immediately put down the water bucket.

‘Capture the pin first and block the escape route.’

Helmut also got a sense. This wasn’t for a pin. His target was himself.

His black eyes flashed coldly. Getting rid of it is simple. He may not be what you would call loyal, but he had no intention of running away alone and leaving Finn behind.

‘Thanks to training every night, my vis has recovered a lot.’

This is a long-awaited opportunity to test. A 3rd grade mercenary with a broken arm and a 4th grade mercenary are three of the worst opponents, but it’s a bit disappointing.

Kelop shouted in great excitement.

“Go and catch that bastard! “Let’s take off our pants!”

‘Would you still be able to ignore me if my pants came off in front of my friends?’

Finn was turning blue and trembling in his grasp. This is the proper response.

I didn’t think there would be anything more enjoyable than seeing that expressionless face and tears streaming down my face.

‘If you’re a mercenary, you should have at least one unforgettable memory! ‘Thank me!’

Three level 4 mercenary boys from Tariq’s mercenary group surrounded Helmut.

All of the smiling faces do not look like they are being forced to do what they are told to do.

It was rare to have the opportunity to trample on someone while riding on the back of a strong person. The pleasure was that great.

“Now, now, hurry up.”

It was the moment when someone was about to touch Helmut’s body.

“What is this?”

The woman’s voice was cold. The owner of the voice appeared, striding out of the darkness. It was Tanya.

‘Damn it!’

Kelob’s excitement cooled down in an instant. He quickly took his hand away from Finn. The three boys also hesitated and backed away from Helmut.

Tanya’s face looked calm, but I could see anger in her eyes.

“I asked Tariq why he was messing with the level 4 mercenaries of our Faith mercenary group.”

The boys from Tariq’s mercenary group looked at Kelop in confusion. Kelob said, shrugging his shoulders.

“Well, I just wanted to chat for a moment.”

“With my ears, I heard you tell me to take off my pants?”

“No, that’s how all men form friendships. “Women might not understand.”

Kelob smiled slyly. Tanya completely ignored me and called.

“Come on. Finn, Helmut.”

Finn jumped in first, hiding behind Tanya, and Helmut also walked over and stood. The expressionless face was as cold as ice.

If there was anyone who was as unhappy with Tanya’s appearance as Kelop at this moment, it was Helmut.

He had just placed his hand on the sword at his waist. All he had to do was pull it out.

‘I would have cut it all down.’

The boiling murderous intent soared to a critical point and then was forced to subside. Helmut calmed himself quickly.

‘Because this isn’t the only opportunity.’

Kelop thought the same thing. And Tanya guessed what Kelob was thinking.

“There are 4th grade mercenaries from Tariq’s mercenary group.”

Kelob’s facial muscles twitched.

“I was originally… … “He’s a level 3 mercenary.”

“But now I’m hired as level 4. Is it wrong?”

Your grade may be lowered if your skills decline. And even if they are different mercenary groups, a level 4 mercenary cannot freely appear against a level 3 mercenary. It becomes a cause for dispute. Kelop gets into an accident.

‘If you cause an accident, this time you will be kicked out of the mercenary group!’

His brother’s voice rang loudly in his head. Kelob gritted his teeth.

‘On the topic of a girl who met my brother well!’

In fact, Kelop cursed under his breath as he met his older brother and joined Tariq’s mercenary group.

There’s no way that girl could have had the skills of a third-level mercenary like him. If he had been fine, the girl in front of him would have been knocked to the floor in 5 minutes. We could have had an awesome time after that.

Kelop forced a smile as all sorts of dirty thoughts ran through his mind.

“Okay, well, let’s say you’re right. “I’m sorry.”

“You will never have to mess with our children like this again. “Because then it won’t end with words.”

Tanya was threatening with her cold face. Miles’ eyes were sharp. She, as well as her client, were aware of the conflict taking place among her fourth-level mercenaries.

She did not get involved in the conflict between the two mercenary groups to maintain neutrality, but she knew that the level 4 mercenaries of Tariq’s mercenary group were the ones causing the dispute. If a dispute arises, we will side with the Face Mercenaries.

In fact, she was so angry that she wanted to pull out her sword right away, but Tanya also knew that the opponent was not just a 4th grade mercenary, but the younger brother of a 2nd grade mercenary with a high status in Tariq’s mercenary group. The problem may grow.

Kelob is able to walk away from this position thanks to his good family.

“Let’s go, guys.”

Kelop gestured first and left with his men. There was only silence where he left.

Finn was barely holding back his tears with his red eyes.

“Stop sniffling. “Things like this will continue to be common.”

Tanya let out her sigh. The men of the Face Mercenaries are very indifferent. Although he noticed that Helmut and Finn were being bullied, he pretended not to notice.

Tanya actually didn’t want to come forward either. Although this is my first request, there is no way to expect only good things to happen.

This too is part of the experience. This kind of thing happens frequently while working as a mercenary. You must be able to choose whether to fight and overcome on your own or seek help.

It was right for Tanya to not step forward if Helmut and Finn remained silent. Nevertheless, the reason Tanya came forward was because she too had experienced a similar experience.

Although she had the second-class mercenary Fuen as her older brother, Tanya, a rare female mercenary in the mercenary world, was the subject of frequent obscenities.

There were also her big guys who were going to pounce on her. It was normal for her to get into fights.

‘But still, a level 3 mercenary was involved.’

Even if it was okay for the 4th grade mercenaries to have a small fight with each other, it was against the law for a 3rd grade mercenary disguised as a 4th grade mercenary to intervene.

Tanya said, patting her Finn on the shoulder.

“Stop crying and get a water bottle for both of you.”

And then she patted Helmut’s shoulder as if to comfort him.

“You too face a difficult situation as soon as you join the mercenary group.”

The anger I had managed to suppress slowly subsided after those words.

She thought help was only for the weak. This time it was more of a hindrance than a help. But she wasn’t in a bad mood.

Helmut returned to bed with Finn, his face red. Before we knew it, a bonfire had been lit.

Sean handed them a well-cooked sweet potato without asking anything.


After a moment of resentment, Finn soon fell asleep, wheezing.

Helmut looked into the crackling campfire and placed his hand on the hilt of his sword.

It was a sword that had never been properly wielded outside of this.

I have no intention of ending it like this.

‘I don’t think the author will give up like this anyway.’

Helmut intended to create an opportunity for him. A very blatant opportunity.


“Monsters are starting to appear in this area, so refrain from acting alone. “You can’t go alone when you go to urinate.”

The next day, Puen gave a request.

“When you go to fetch water, call a level 3 mercenary and come with him.”

I gave a reason, but it was because of what happened yesterday. I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t leave it alone any longer.

Fuen had also complained to Tariq, the head of the mercenary group. The representative looked at Kelop with pitiful eyes and warned him to exercise restraint in the future.

Kelop’s stomach boiled.

But since yesterday he had deliberately pretended to be indifferent to Finn and Helmut and had not spoken to them. Like he completely lost his nerve.

‘I caught all the fish, but I lost it because of that damn girl!’

Malice was bound to be persistent. This was especially true for people who had nothing to do. He decided to wait. One day, the opportunity will come.

“I don’t see any monsters or anything.”

Finn grumbled. He accepted Fuen’s words straight away and was nervous yet excited at the thought of seeing a monster for the first time in his life.

“Because there are a lot of people. “It won’t show up right away.”

Helmut felt the faint presence of demonic energy hovering around him. His presence was worse than that of the rabbit he hunted for the first time.

A monster that weak would not be able to attack a crowd of people like this. You might wonder if you secretly target them one by one.

I heard there is a separate terrain where demonic energy gathers, and this forest seems to be one. Although the density was low, it felt strange to feel the familiar energy on my skin.

“You talk like you know everything? Have you ever seen a monster?”

“that… … “I think it ran.”

Helmut, who was about to readily answer yes, realized that he was suffering from amnesia and quickly corrected his words.

“okay? that’s interesting. Are your teeth this big?”

“I guess it depends on the species. “There are probably some with claws as weapons.”

Finn talked to Helmut non-stop. He had an upbeat personality, and he seemed to quickly forget yesterday’s events.

Except when he screamed as he applied medicine to the spot where Kelop had beaten him with blood and bruises.

“Kellop, you son of a bitch!”

It seems that she was quite upset that she couldn’t escape from his grasp.

Finn trained with a wooden sword every night, but soon became exhausted and fell asleep.

Helmut also never missed training. For reasons different from Finn, he did not neglect his training. Because habits are scary.

Compared to the time when he learned the sword under Darien, he was just playing around now.

‘It’s only been about ten days since I left Pahe Forest.’

It feels like a year has passed. As Vis began to recover, Helmut hardly felt any fatigue despite the same forced march every day.

It was Helmut, who was barely following the group, sweating profusely. Finn thought it was a bit surprising that he didn’t seem to be struggling at all these days.

‘Do people improve their physical strength this quickly?’

Even though he was complaining that he was a weakling, Finn felt a strange feeling.

Helmut of the fortress seemed to have changed somehow. His tone and attitude were still the same, but for some reason, I felt pressured.

It sent shivers down his spine whenever he looked at himself with black eyes that were so black that he couldn’t distinguish between irises.

“Oh, you must be mistaken.”

Even as he shook his head, Finn couldn’t shake off the feeling of confusion.


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