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Chapter 33 – MTL

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Episode 33

Only at night did the attacks subside, and the mercenaries were finally able to rest.

The mercenaries created a simple camp by cutting down trees and surrounding themselves, lit a bonfire and sat down.

There were ten attacks today alone.

Since there is no capacity to collect the corpse, it is difficult to expect any additional income. Only the feeling of cutting off the monster’s fur remained in my hand.

Due to the constant attacks, I made up for lunch by eating beef jerky and chewing bread. I was as hungry as I could get.

The Face Mercenary Group mercenaries tended to talk cheerfully, but today they spoke less. As everyone says, I am conserving my stamina.

Finn also noticed the naturally calm atmosphere.

Since we weren’t even allowed to fetch water, the only meal we had was a thick meat soup made with stored water, dipped in bread and served with a fried egg. At least Finn made it so it tasted good.

Everyone ate in silence, feeling like they were replenishing their stamina.

Puen, who had dark spots under his eyes, was eating soup when Tanya spoke to him in a low voice.

“Puen, how much further do we have to go?”

To Füen, who had to manage a mercenary group as a second-class mercenary, Tanya was a sister he could trust more than anyone else and a strong colleague who supported him.

Since our opinions matched well, we participated in most requests together.

“In this forest, it would still take four more days to reach the outskirts.”

“Right now, tomorrow is the problem. If things continue like this, everyone will be physically exhausted.”

“That’s right. Right now, I don’t know what will happen from tonight. Maros also hurt his leg.”

“It’s not a big enough wound that you can’t fight, but it will affect your power. “You have to put him with Uter, who has a hurt arm.”

Monsters are more active at night.

It seemed like it was receding as the sun set, but judging from the pattern so far, it wouldn’t be a peaceful night.

Tanya frowned.

“Wouldn’t there come a time when even our 4th grade mercenaries would have to fight? “From what I saw earlier, Tariq’s mercenary group looks like it will require even fourth-grade mercenaries to hold swords.”

“Can Finn fight?”

It was a mistake to bring him here thinking it would be safe since it was a journey involving a large number of mercenaries.

Since monsters don’t take hostages, he figured it would be less dangerous than a request that involved dealing with humans.

So far, nothing dangerous has happened to Finn. But the next few days were the problem.

I don’t know if he can afford to fight while being conscious of the carriage.

“I guess I can at least protect my body. “I don’t want any more.”

“I think Helmut will be okay. He’s a guy with courage. “He knows how to use a sword quite well, and his injuries seem to have mostly healed.”

“Helmut… … .”

Suddenly, Tanya, who was about to talk about what she saw, shook her head. He must have seen it wrong. She soon opened her mouth again.

“Since the two of you stick together, Helmut will be able to look at Finn. “Anyway, they plan to park inside, close to the carriage.”

“Helmut is calm, so he will have a good influence on sinking Finn.”

“Then I guess I’ll have to tell those two guys.”

“I will do it.”

“You guys, the real battle starts tomorrow.”

While they were burying the trash in the ground to prevent the smell, Füen appeared and tapped Helmut and Finn on the head.

Helmut, who could pick up sounds from far away with his developed hearing, did not react particularly.

But Finn’s eyes widened as if he had suddenly heard the sound of jumping into ice water.

“yes? “Practical?”

“Yes, because the situation of the war was like this, Miles decided to pay additional request fees to the mercenary group as a whole. You too should get your money’s worth. “The third graders are rolling around like that all day long.”

“If that big guy shows up… … .”

Finn looked scared.

“You stupid guy! Who would associate a brat like you with such a monster? “If you were to face him, our mercenary group would be on the verge of extinction.”

Puen laughed bitterly inwardly. It’s really fortunate that no one has died so far.

I feel anxious that if this situation continues, we may reach the point of annihilation.

Therefore, it was necessary to at least make it possible to use the labor force. Because I can’t afford to look after them.

“Finn, you go see Tanya. “I will check your posture.”

Füen gestured towards that direction. Finn ran towards Tanya, nervously adjusting the sword at his waist.

Füen said with his arms crossed towards Helmut, who was burying the trash.

“Helmut, please see me for a moment.”


“I need you to look at the guy you pinned. I don’t want you to be in danger too, but let’s move together. “You will be parked inside, so don’t leave there and fight with your back to the carriage.”

“Yes I will.”

Last time we collected the monster’s body, Finn avoided the monster’s attack. He felt it at that time, but Finn’s body moved as quickly as his chattering mouth.

He is a guy with a well-developed survival instinct, so he will avoid cutting down monsters even if it is impossible.

“I think they will continue their attacks until we leave this forest. It will be difficult to sleep comfortably from now on. “I know you are practicing your sword at night, but please refrain from doing so for the time being.”

‘Did you notice?’

He must have seen Helmut’s bed empty every night. When I looked at him, it didn’t look like he was practicing Vis.

Helmut nodded his head.


“I feel bad for entrusting a dangerous request to you, who has only recently joined our mercenary group. But I know that you are someone who has learned some sword skills. He’s prepared and cool-headed. “You seem confident in your abilities.”

Fuen grinned.

“You will do well. “If you get through this well, it will be a good experience for you too, so don’t overdo it and stay calm, okay?”

He patted his shoulder as if comforting him. It seemed like he had been summoned to encourage the 4th grade mercenary who was going to fight monsters for the first time.

Helmut must have cut down more monsters than the person who cut down the most monsters in this mercenary group.

He thought it was pointless, but he didn’t feel bad.

These siblings liked her thoughtfulness. She saved him for nothing, treated him, and allowed him to join the mercenary group. I have received a lot.

Even though Helmut is still a young boy of fourteen, their kindness is by no means ordinary.

Is this the human warmth that Darian was talking about? It seemed as if the sprout of darkness in the corner of my heart was slowly melting and shrinking in size.

But you shouldn’t slack off there. Helmut is someone who can never be like them. As long as he has sprouts of darkness.

He is a human being who was abandoned in the forest of Pahe and survived. Helmut must never forget that.

If there are people who show favor without reason, he also has people like Kelob who are full of malice without reason.

You will have to be satisfied with getting to know people you only knew in your head.

“Then, let’s do our best.”

After Füen left, Finn returned after receiving a brief lesson from Tanya.

“Wow, fighting a monster from the first request makes me so nervous that I can’t sleep.”

Helmut looked at Finn, who was trembling and pounding his chest, as if he were looking at a piece of luggage.

This guy was also something of a benefactor in his own way. And from now on he was under Helmut’s responsibility in earnest.

Finn couldn’t sleep well for other reasons.

There were three more raids that night. It was an attack that lasted exactly two hours apart.

Staying on guard was almost meaningless. As soon as I could get some sleep, they attacked and everyone went to sleep with their swords in their hands.

Uther ground his teeth together.

“You damn bastards.”

“Maybe because they are possessed of demonic energy, they are vicious.”

“I can’t sleep anyway, so I’ll have to leave as soon as it gets light.”

Puen made a decision. Miles and Tariq’s mercenary group made the same decision.

The goal is to get out of the forest as quickly as possible. Sean sighed.

“Sometimes things like this happen when you work as a mercenary.”

“Once we get out of this damn forest, let’s have a drink!” “It’s a request and all, but I need to drink it!”

“It’s good! me too.”

By shaking off the mounting anxiety and fatigue, the mercenaries boosted their morale.

Helmut quietly placed his hand on the handle of the sword at his waist.

He was getting closer to swinging his sword. Helmut was willing to wait for that moment.

“Stick to the wagon!”

Tanya raised her voice sharply. Helmut dragged Finn, who was embarrassed, and made him stand with his back against the carriage.

There is a carriage at the back, and mercenaries are standing beyond the carriage. There is no one who can approach from behind.

The horses leading the carriage are all well-trained. I was quite calm because I had blocked my view and used scented candles to prevent me from smelling the monsters.

The mercenaries did not allow the monsters to approach the carriage. However, Helmut noticed that the line was being pushed back little by little since yesterday.

‘He’s watching me.’

I can feel your gaze. Helmut’s influence must have been great for him to choose such a passive approach.

He was wary of Helmut. A human who dared to threaten a monster!

After he appeared, I could feel the monsters concentrating on the rear of the procession, where the Face mercenaries were.

‘He might want to test me.’

Is he a strong person who deserves to step down or not?

‘Seeing as he has mobilized so many monsters, is he the ruler of this area?’

A strong monster can dominate an area. It was a common occurrence in the Forest of Pahe, but when asked if that monkey monster was strong enough to do that, I had no choice but to tilt my head.

It was rude to Elaga to put him in the same class as Elaga.

‘It’s easy if there’s no one stronger than him.’

Although he had stopped training in Vis, Helmut’s body was getting closer to its optimal condition. He’s been playing and eating for a while, so it’s worth it.

‘Now, come.’

How much would a monkey skin that large be worth in the human world?

A cold smile crossed Helmut’s lips. But he said, now was the time to deal with the small children.

Even though the back is closed, the top is open. He swung his sword at the fallen creatures from the top of the lush trees.


Finn screamed and held his head as if he had been stabbed by a sword.

That’s why I couldn’t see the pin. Helmut’s sword splitting the monster’s head with the speed of a beam of light.

Sigh! Rather than a friction sound, it sounded like a light rubbing sound. Two heads, with the bones neatly separated, fell to the floor.

Helmut cut them both down in one breath and slapped Finn’s cheek. match!

“Wake! “It starts now.”

I never wanted to hit you because I was pathetic.

“Uh, huh?”

With those last words, Helmut threw his sword. There were more than one guy jumping from above.

I struck it away with my sword, and this time it landed on the floor and lunged at me, bouncing my body.

Because the attack had begun from the front, the entire area was filled with the sounds of battle.

He came to his senses when he saw Finno Helmut fighting calmly next to him.


Finn swung his sword like an ax as if he had forgotten all the sword techniques he had learned so far.

Luckily, there was someone who suffered from that clumsy stabbing.

Helmut moved as concisely as possible. Although he wasn’t showing off his sword, he didn’t bother to hide his sword skills. It was because he was aware of the situation.

There was no mercenary in the Face mercenary group who could properly look in Helmut’s direction. I couldn’t afford it.

The procession was moving forward, and everyone followed the carriage, gritting their teeth and fighting. It was not strange for anyone to die.

On the other hand, the front was a bit more relaxed. Since we couldn’t abandon the carriage behind us, we didn’t speed up, but all we had to do was focus on attacking and killing one or two guys that occasionally rushed at us.

“They are blatantly targeting only our side. Have you decided to break through one point?”

After the attack subsided for a moment, Puen muttered.

This commercial is actually divided into two groups: Tariq’s mercenaries and the Faith mercenaries.

The number of Face mercenaries is small, and two second-level mercenaries belong to Tariq’s mercenaries.

They will not come to help the rear, under any circumstances. The priority above all else is their own safety.

Above all, although it appears to be bowing down a bit due to the Kelob Gun, Tariq’s mercenaries hate the Face mercenaries. There is a high possibility that proper cooperation will not occur.

If they knew that, the monsters would focus on targeting only one side. Because it’s easier to destroy them individually.

‘It seems I met an intelligent guy by luck.’

Sweat ran down Puyen’s spine. He was the one who took the lead in taking care of the mercenaries and wielding his sword more than anyone else.

There were no complaints from Tariq’s mercenaries. What they had to protect was the client and the carriage. What can I do about being lucky?

No, are you out of luck? Because three people died there.

‘There should be no casualties.’

Fuen swung his sword earnestly.

Even in battles that seem to last forever, there is an end. I had to endure until the end.


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