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Chapter 35 – MTL

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Episode 35

‘Is it today too?’

Puen clicked his tongue. With three injured people, the Face Mercenaries’ strength was clearly low.

However, the monster’s offensive, which began not long after departure, was concentrated on the rear of the upstream, just like yesterday.

‘Our level 4 mercenaries are doing their job.’

It is making up for the declining combat power of the 3rd grade mercenaries whose bodies have become dull due to injuries. Especially Helmut.

‘That guy definitely doesn’t have the skills of a level 4 mercenary.’

Helmut was fighting quite well with his back to the carriage.

I don’t know if he’s tired because his face is expressionless, but he looks fresh.

He has good stamina and is a useful guy. It was the right decision to let him join the group, even if it was unreasonable.

But the burden was clearly increasing on Puen.

He tried to save his stamina in case the monkey monster appeared, but as his power dwindled, Puen was forced to fight with no energy left.

Fortunately, the pressure on him was light because he got along well with his younger sister, Tanya. She was managing to stay by her side and avoid injury, but her time of decision was getting closer.

‘I really need to abandon the carriage or something.’

Tariq’s mercenary group fought passively. Before leaving, he tried to ask for help, but the answer he received was that he would save his stamina to keep in check the leader of the monster that could come out at any time.

At this point, I can’t help but speak.

It occurred to me that they might want the Face Mercenaries to be completely wiped out.

How can mercenaries be this uncooperative?

‘Damn you guys.’

Puen shouted as he cut down the monster clinging to me.

“Abandon the carriage and quickly join the front row!”

I was worried that there would be a shortage of food, but once I left the forest, I knew I would be able to get food anywhere.

Protecting food is not the problem now. They were the remnants of a defeated army retreating from battle. I couldn’t take care of everything.

But that was then.


“Wait a minute, look over there!”

The distance between the front carriage and the last carriage was slightly greater. As battles continued to break out in the rear row, it was difficult to maintain speed, so this happened naturally.

Then, suddenly, the carriage in front started speeding up. Because the Face mercenaries were concentrated in the back, the route was instantly divided into two parts.

As the front row continued without slowing down, there was no way to catch up.

“What are they doing now?”

“They’re going to sacrifice us and escape on their own!”

“You bastards!”

Face mercenary members noticed the situation and swore. The monsters paid no heed to the situation and rushed towards the remaining humans.

Fuen clenched his teeth in despair as he cut down the monster.

‘We are abandoned.’

It was his mistake not to have expected this to happen.

This is not a decision made solely by Tariq’s mercenaries.

We have been doing business with Miles of Butan Trading Company for a long time. That’s why he didn’t have any doubts when he was told to move the requested items from the last carriage.

Because trust is more important in difficult situations like this.

‘This place will become a grave today.’

“I’m sorry, everyone.”

Fuen gritted his teeth and said. It was a hopeless situation.

They were abandoned in a forest full of monsters, and there were three injured. There is no corner to escape to. Unless a miracle happens, everyone will die.

However, even in extreme situations, the will to live did not break.

Even though they were aware of the entire situation, not a single person lost their fighting spirit.

This time, Finn also stood holding his sword upright with a completely white face.

The Faith mercenaries gathered together, surrounding the carriage with their backs to it.

Now is not the time to try to break through clumsily. The only option that can resist is to fight to the death without leaving a blind spot.

As if they had read their will, the monsters that were about to rush at them also slowed down their attacks. As we slowly surrounded them, we looked for an opportunity.

Red light was pouring in from all directions. Even the weak magic energy was concentrated in one place, and the force was as heavy as a thick fog.

In the tense atmosphere, Sean spoke with his mouth.

“Isn’t there something like a punitive force in this neighborhood? “If you show up at this exact moment, I will lick your toes.”

“If there had been such a thing, would so many of them have proliferated?”

“It’s a death worthy of a mercenary. Dying while fighting isn’t that bad.”

“Say what you say right away. “You’re going to get hit in the back of the head and fall off!”

“Fuck, I can’t go on like this, thinking that my corpse will end up in their stomach.”

“I’m more worried about getting mixed up with you in that mess. Since we are not a married couple and one tomb is not enough, should we mix in one boat to use it?”

“I’m fine Tanya.”

“Is this a confession? Woooooo!”

“A woman is still better than a boy.”

“You guys, just keep your mouth shut until the end.”

Tanya muttered confusedly. She looked back at her brother.

She was watching the monsters with dark eyes. Tanya opened her mouth but paused.

‘I wish I could live alone.’

If it’s Puen, he might be able to get out on his own. He was a second-class mercenary and was in better condition than other mercenaries.

But he will never do that. He was not a man with enough tact to leave his colleagues and, above all, his only blood relative, alone.

Tanya strained her eyes. He is fortunate that at least his place of death will not be lonely. He was going to fight for as long as he could.

The moment everyone tensed their bodies in a narrowing siege, a quiet voice suddenly rang out.

“I have a way.”

It was an emotionless voice that chilled the excitement and tension. Every single pronunciation sounded strange to her ears.

The mercenaries all looked towards Helmut.

His expressionless face was peaceful. As if this situation wasn’t a crisis for him.

“But there are conditions.”


Tanya asked, possessed by a strange premonition. she saw Helmut’s sword. But it was fleeting and like a mirage.

Helmut said, quietly stroking the handle of his sword.

“silence. To remain silent about everything I saw here. “That is my condition.”

“What are you talking about?”

This time it was a pin. Instead of answering, Helmut tightened his grip.

I feel the heat boiling in his chest. It was sharpened and turned into a sword.

He was restrained to the point of restraint. I endured enough. Have you ever experienced this much patience while hunting?

Now, there was no need to endure it.

“What I’m saying is that I will save your life. “You.”

The next moment, the smile of a predator appeared on his lips. Creepily menacing and confident.


The monster attacked while the mercenaries were distracted.

Helmut’s sword came out of its scabbard. The mercenaries who saw the sword blooming with gray vis widened their eyes.


‘Vis… … ?’

The embodiment of Vis that even a second-class mercenary cannot imitate. It was the true nature of power that could only be revealed to those who had reached the state of swordsmanship. And that wasn’t something a fourteen-year-old boy could see.


The wind rose. It seemed as if an explosive gust of wind had suddenly appeared and struck this spot.

It was the moment of slaughter. The gray sword showed off its might and tore through the space.

The monsters died without even knowing how they died. A clumsy hit and run was impossible. Even excellent recovery is useless when you die.

Every time Helmut’s sword passed by, the thick fur containing demonic energy tore like a piece of paper and even ground to the bone.

A sword strike so fast that it cannot even be seen. It was a one-sided slaughter.

Helmut swung his sword without any resistance, like cutting meat in a butcher shop. I couldn’t even clearly see what kind of swordsmanship he was using.

The members of the Face mercenary group opened their jaws in unison.

‘What am I looking at?’

‘Isn’t this a dream?’

But it was reality. A vivid reality happening right in front of your eyes!

The Face mercenaries, who had been prepared to die just a moment ago, escaped the crisis without even moving a finger. It was a miracle I had never imagined.

After cutting down the last monster, Helmut looked around. Few escaped alive.

He was getting irritated from having to endure a swarm of swooping mosquitoes that he could swat at any time.

Because of that, he was more persistent in catching and killing them without letting go.

“I think it’s over.”

Helmut, who was happy to see the cleanliness everywhere, smiled. His rare smile sent goosebumps down the Face mercenaries’ spines.

Finn looked at Helmut with his dumbfounded face. This was not the Helmut he knew. It seemed like something had taken the form of Helmut and changed him.

‘Is that the weakling Helmut? ‘Walking up the mountain path, sweating profusely?’

For some reason, I felt like I would have to call him Helmut from now on. The things that had happened to him flashed through Finn’s mind like a flash of light.

“How can you… … .”

As Tanya stuttered and opened her mouth, Helmut answered succinctly, putting his sword in his belt.

“Because my body has recovered.”

Tanya opened her mouth as if to say something, then asked. Normally, the body’s recovery does not appear this dramatic.

‘What did I pick up?’

‘What did I discover?’

Tanya and Finn thought at the same time. Fuen, who was watching Helmut fight in astonishment, belatedly opened his mouth.

“A swordsman who can shape Vis at the age of fourteen. I’ve never heard of it. “Where on earth did you learn how to use a sword?”

“I don’t remember.”

Helmut’s amnesia was omnipotent. Füen stuttered.

“Yeah, yeah. “I really remember you.”

‘Is this true that I have amnesia?’

He had suspicions, but could not confirm them.

“I think you and Master lived in the forest.”

Helmut pretended to remember his memory, then he paused. There is nothing more to say as loopholes may be revealed.

The Face Mercenaries were acting like idiots as a group. I expected people to look at me with changed eyes, but this kind of reaction was unexpected.

Eyes that seem to be looking at something unfamiliar and unbelievable.

The Face Mercenaries and Helmut stood completely separated.

Since it was natural for this to happen anyway, Helmut decided not to worry about it.

Even though they were together for a while, Helmut was a different being from them.

“What are we going to do now?”

“how… … .”

Helmut, who was frustrated by the sudden action as if a screw had come off, spoke with force.

“What are you going to do next? “I don’t think there’s any danger left now.”

‘The monkey monster ran away.’

He continued to observe from a distance, but when Helmut showed his skills in earnest, he ran away.

If I had attacked him, he would have ended up in the same situation as my subordinates, but perhaps because of his intelligence, he was quick to judge.

“First of all, we should get out of this forest. Joining those who went before… … “You will need it.”

My teeth chattered as I remembered something I had forgotten.

Tariq’s mercenaries and Butan merchants are probably still rushing to sacrifice them and escape the forest.

The request was practically ruined, but as long as I survived, I could demand compensation.

Even if you grab the head of Tariq’s mercenary group and beat him up, you won’t have anything to say.

“That wagon is enough for food. But there are also injured people, so it would be better to quickly go to the village and get treatment.”

Füen asked, glancing at Helmut.

“But you… … Are you going to join us?”

“You said you would receive compensation. “The request fee wasn’t paid in full, of course.”

‘Do you think the money is a bit revealing?’

Only then did Füen become convinced that Helmut was human.

He thought he had brought in a boy with a promising future, but the opponent was a man so fearsome that the Face Mercenaries could not handle him.

Grabbing his sense of reality that was fading away, he made a decision.

“Then let’s first follow in the footsteps of those who went first. “That would be great.”


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