Helmut: The Forsaken Child (Web Novel KR) Chapter 36 – MTL

Chapter 36 – MTL

Episode 36

Helmut glanced wistfully at the monsters scattered around him.

“You don’t take care of the monster’s body?”

“No one is perfect, so I don’t think there’s a need for that.”

Tanya, who managed to regain her composure, looked around and said. Helmut felt a little regretful.

He was a little excited because it had been a while since he showed his strength and fought. He should have thought about the value of the body and fought.

Fuen gestured to the mercenaries who were standing there not knowing what to do.

“Everyone go.”

The horses leading the carriage were calmer than the mercenaries. The mercenaries formed their formation again and lined up to depart.

Helmut looked around the line and headed to the back of the carriage. As he passed by, the mercenaries were startled like scared rabbits.

Finn, who had been moving together, inertially came next to Helmut.

“Hey, Helmut.”

Finn, worried about whether or not to give him an honorific name, cautiously called him.


“No, it’s nothing.”

Finn shook his head weakly and fell into silence. Normally he would have been chatting and chatting next to me, but he was strangely quiet.

Although he felt a little empty, it was nice. Because his ears were itching from listening to Finn’s chatter.

In an awkward and tense atmosphere, the Faith mercenaries were moving quickly through the forest.


“It would be best to rest here today.”

As the sun was setting, Puyen found a small clearing and spoke. As time passed, the tense atmosphere gradually relaxed and people began to open their mouths one by one.

It’s amazing that I survived under such circumstances. Anyway, a positive situation. As relief came over me, I felt relieved.

“It looks like they got rid of it pretty quickly. “Without looking back.”

“Because they will have better physical strength than us.”

“If we are killed, that side will be attacked next, so you will want to get out of the forest quickly.”

A bonfire was soon lit, and everyone talked and ate grass. Finn, who normally would have told people to do this and that and told them about his role, moved on his own without notice.

He had no one to tell Helmut to do anything. Helmut was no longer a level 4 mercenary acting as an errand boy, and even Füen, a level 2 mercenary, was watching him. It was a completely changed hierarchical relationship.

Helmut sat down in a comfortable seat near the campfire and closed his eyes. It was a leisurely and peaceful moment. I could hear Finn and Tanya talking over there.

“It looks like there will be some food left, but when I looked inside the carriage, there were various ingredients. “Let’s have a rich dinner today to celebrate our survival.”

“Yeah, but it’s hard for those greedy guys to get an upset stomach, so just do it in moderation.”

“I plan to simmer the bones to make soup and add a lot of meat.”

“If you eat meat, your injuries will heal faster.”

“Helmut is a sweet potato? He seems to like roasted sweet potatoes more than potatoes. He seems to have enjoyed eating candy, perhaps because he likes sweets. My taste buds are childlike… … .”

Tanya turned to Helmut and slapped Finn on the shoulder.



“Vis develops the five senses. “If that guy has that level of skill, you can hear it all.”

“Oh, no way. “There is such a distance.”

Finn looked at Helmut with suspicious eyes. Finn was startled when he made eye contact with Helmut, who had just opened his eyes.


“I don’t think he’s that narrow-minded, but be careful from now on.”

That day, Helmut was able to eat five roasted sweet potatoes by himself. Not only that, I ate a lot of delicious food.

Immediately after joining the Faith Mercenaries, he realized that Darian’s cooking skills, which he thought were great in the Forest of Pahe, were actually average.

For Helmut, who lived mainly on meat and mushrooms, all the food he ate in the human world was luxurious.

“Eat well, everyone. “We still have to go further to get out of the forest, so don’t relax.”

Fuen said while eating his meal. He ate his food as if everyone was fascinated. How long has it been since I last had a meal in such a comfortable mood?

As long as Helmut was there, monsters were no longer a threat. Since they were massacred, not a single person has come near them.

Everyone talked while glancing in Helmut’s direction.

“Wow, I feel like I’m really going to live.”

“It feels like there’s a carpet on the floor. “I’m full and my mind is at ease.”

“Do mercenary groups with first-class mercenaries always feel like this?”

“Finn, fill that person’s bowl quickly. “It’s empty.”

“What, is that you now?”

“Isn’t the ranking of mercenaries based on skill?”

“That’s right.”

Helmut mumbled and chewed a sweet potato. The yellow inside was sweet and delicious.

Finn, who was caught gossiping, took notice and filled the empty bowl. It was an unfamiliar feeling to know that his own strength could give someone relief. But this wasn’t bad either.

That night, the Face mercenaries were able to enjoy a quiet night without an attack for the first time in several days.


“It’s true that we went this way.”

Tanya narrowed her eyes and looked at the floor. They were following the traces of the previous group.

After resting well yesterday, everyone decided to hurry.

Conflict with Tariq’s mercenary group, continued struggle with monsters, and abandonment.

Everyone wanted to end this ugly and disgusting request quickly.

A procession with a large number of people is bound to leave traces along the way. In this lush forest, traces were especially left intact. Broken grass, tree branches, and traces of cuts on the ground.

“We may have already reached the outskirts of the forest. “If you ran non-stop even at night.”

“If all goes according to plan, we will leave the forest and take a rest at the first village. Won’t we run into each other around then?”

“They’ll be freaked out if they see us back alive. “You’ll think you saw a ghost.”

“Miles, I bet that old man would have looked in his pockets first, right? “I was wondering how much compensation we would have to pay to silence us.”

“All merchants are like that.”

“Those Tariq guys won’t leave alone, really.”

“Those bastards think we’ve been quiet all this time because we’re weak.”

“He said we should be quiet because there are a lot of pages.”

“You said if Puen causes trouble, your salary will be reduced.”

Puen, who was targeted, cleared his throat for no reason.

“If I had known this would happen, I should have just attacked that bastard Kelop when he messed with my kids. “I just held back for no reason.”

“That bastard is a loser.”

“Well, it turned out badly. “Three of them died and we all lived, so where is it?”

“Honestly, I thought Maros was going to die. Ever since he injured his leg so badly, I’ve been seeing him in trouble. Are you saying that being alive is a blessing in disguise?”

“What are you saying, you bastard!”

Facing Sean, Maros picked up his sword in its scabbard and pretended to swing it. Finn frowned.

“Oh, stop talking. “The mission isn’t over yet.”

“You don’t have any luggage to protect anymore, right?”

All that was left was a food wagon. Everyone looked at the carriage bitterly. I was in a situation where I was separated from the request due to the client’s betrayal.

‘huh? This.’

Helmut’s steps suddenly became faster. He strode forward from behind the carriage and stared intently at the shadowy front.

Perhaps because he sensed something unusual, the attention of the chatting mercenaries was focused on Helmut.

“Can you feel something?”

“Are you nearby?”

Helmut, who read the air flow, spoke sharply.

“There’s a fight going on.”

“fight? “Is it a monster attack?”

“Yes, I can feel the demon energy rushing in. There’s that guy too. “The leader.”

I thought he was a persistent guy, but he seems to have missed the mark.

Unable to touch Helmut’s side, he attacks the group of humans who went ahead. He felt the murderous will of a man who wanted to capture and kill humans at all costs. It seems he was angry at the loss of many of his men.

“That big guy that looks like a monkey.”

“How far is it?”

Tanya asked. There was a lot of regret on that side, but no matter what happens to Tariq’s mercenary group, it would be difficult if the Butan Company’s people were killed.

The reward can only be received if Miles is alive. The mercenary group that lost their client is left with nothing to say.

Rather, in this case, he might be accused of abandoning his client and running away.

Helmut tilted his head and spat out.

“At the current pace, about an hour.”

“Wait, you’re saying you sensed something happening an hour away?”

Fuen opened his eyes wide. Helmut answered as if it was no big deal.

“If we hurry, it will decrease further. Tariq’s mercenary group will be able to withstand it.”

Until we arrive from here. Fuen, who understood what was being said, nodded.

“Let’s hurry. “We must secure the client and the requested product!”


The relaxed atmosphere has been restored. It wasn’t as far as I thought.

It seems that those who went ahead passed through an unpaved forest, while the Faith Mercenary Group passed through a well-trodden area, so the speed of progress did not seem to differ much.

A tense battle was beginning again.


“It’s the left, stay in line!”

“Give up the injured! “I don’t have time to take care of it.”

“Get your mind straight!”

Tariq’s mercenary group fell into chaos. Just like when it first appeared, the monkey monster fell from above and instantly took the lives of two third-class mercenaries.

As he attacked first with surprise and fear, Tariq’s mercenary group’s fighting spirit wavered.

Paul, the representative of Tariq’s mercenary group and a second-class mercenary, gritted his teeth.

‘Damn it, it’s only been a day.’

It seems that the Face mercenaries were unable to offer much resistance and were killed.

Otherwise, how could so many monsters have already followed and attacked all at once?

‘Useless bastards!’

Paul’s gaze passed toward the carriage.

The monkey monster was munching on the extracted heart and watching from a distance. It looks like he is enjoying his leisure time.

The cruel scenery made some mercenaries’ legs tremble.

‘What should I do about that guy?’

As a second-level mercenary, he had to do something. Together with Max, we beat the monsters there and dig in toward him and cut him down. Is this a possible idea?

‘He was a tough guy to deal with even with three people.’

It was the first time that he regretted the existence of Puen, who was already dead.

‘Was it a mistake to decide to abandon the Face Mercenaries?’

If he had fought alongside them, he would have been a worthy opponent to the monsters, even if it meant some sacrifices.

I decided that it would be a good opportunity to get rid of the annoying guys. I didn’t expect that the monster would not be satisfied with defeating them and would chase after them so persistently.

As he cut down the monster, Paul searched for various ways to overcome this situation with his cold head like a snake. There is nothing suitable.

His thoughts were elsewhere. A method that must be chosen only in the end.

‘Would you rather run away?’

Max, himself, and his two second-tier mercenaries are able to remove themselves. If you abandon the carriage, save yourself, and run away with all your might, you will be able to reach the outskirts of the forest in half a day.

You can survive. It doesn’t matter what happens with the request, as long as I can buy it.

If you survive alone in a situation where everyone is annihilated, you will be branded a coward, but you can only raise your lost reputation later with your skills. Death is irreversible.

There are plenty of people who want to be level 2 mercenaries. It was an unreasonable request to begin with.


Another third-level mercenary has fallen. The number was gradually decreasing. If things continue like this, a situation may arise where it is difficult to lose weight. A decision had to be made.

Mercenaries are personal. A skilled mercenary serves as the representative, but he does not take responsibility for the lives of his subordinates. Your life basically depends on you.

The Face Mercenaries have strict rules and the leader takes on a stronger role as the person in charge, but that is why they have a particularly good reputation.

That meant that other mercenary groups were not like that.

Gritting his teeth, Paul raised his voice.

“Hey, Max!”


As soon as their eyes met, they understood each other’s meaning through their eyes. Max also seemed to be contemplating running away. He immediately nodded his head.

“Everyone disperse!”

The foul that shouted loudly ran to one side first. Max immediately followed and guarded his back.

Others are just a burden. The only people we could trust were Max and Paul.


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