Helmut: The Forsaken Child (Web Novel KR) Chapter 39 – MTL

Chapter 39 – MTL

Episode 39

‘How did they cut this big guy so cleanly?’

The cut cross section was incredibly smooth.

‘Is this what Bis is?’

The monkey monster, which had an extremely hard body, was divided into two, just like sliced meat in a slaughterhouse.

“But since it’s so big, it can be useful if you get the fur… … huh? What is this?”

Finn inadvertently touched something that looked like a white lump with his foot.

And the next moment, a horrifying scream burst from his mouth.


“Well, what is it?”

“what’s the matter?”

Finn retreated with a pale face and vomited on the floor. I was disgusted and upset.

Uther approached him, shaking his head and muttering.

“My digestion is poor.”

The people of the Butan Company that he swallowed before fighting Helmut. The body had been cut into pieces and still maintained its original shape. What Finn touched was the hand of a person who had melted in his stomach.

“If only I had arrived a little sooner, no, if I had held on a little longer, I would have survived.”

Uther muttered sadly.

Finn was disgusted and walked away from there and didn’t even come close.

I was able to get used to the monster corpse, but I couldn’t look at the mutilated human corpse with my eyes open. They were corpses that looked like something you would see in a war.

The mercenaries, who had roughly collected the useful parts from the monster’s corpse, now began to gather the bodies of Tariq’s mercenary group into one place.

Tariq’s mercenary badge and sword on his chest were taken away, and the body was piled in one place with its clothes still on.

Helmut, who had been quietly observing the situation, asked.

“What are you doing?”

“We can’t let him become food for animals like this, so we have to bury him. Because the forest is so thick, you can’t burn it with fire. “I plan to deliver the belongings to Tariq’s mercenary group through the Butan Trading Company.”

“Even though we betrayed him, we are still mercenaries. “I need to at least fix the path to get there.”

Helmut tilted his head. It is probably a human consciousness toward the dead.

Soon a huge pit was dug next to the piled up corpses. The mercenaries who pushed the body inside and covered it sat in silence for a moment.

A lot of sacrifices were made to pass through this forest. We should hope that the rest of the journey goes smoothly.


Miles only regained consciousness toward evening. After collecting the wagon and finding a place to camp, she settled down.

He muttered absentmindedly with his hazy gaze upward.

“This place… … Where is it? “Is this this world?”

“Mr. Miles.”

“Oh, you must be Puen. I can’t believe we met like this. I really feel sorry for you. Stop falling for the foul guy’s threats. “I didn’t mean to abandon you and the Face Mercenaries who have worked together for a long time like that.”

“Mr. Miles.”

Puen frowned in embarrassment. Miles seemed to think that he had died and met Füen on his way to the underworld.

He muttered with his emaciated face, drained of the miasma and calculations of his life.

“I’m glad there’s a way to convey my apology, even if it means dying. “God gave me a chance.”


When Tanya let out a loud noise, Miles trembled. It was a cry that felt like my eardrums were being torn. Tanya said with a disapproving look on her face.

“You’re not dead, so stop and come to your senses.”

Judging by the way he blurts out his words, it seems like he has a head to turn.

Miles, who had been dazed, soon regained his sense of reality. He looked at his hands and muttered with a dumbfounded face.

“How could I…” … Are you alive? “What about you?”

“Is it strange that I left you to die, but you’re still alive?”

Miles cleared his throat. Still, he felt guilty. Tanya said, crossing her arms.

“One of my colleagues is still alive. “I’m seriously injured and I’m not conscious.”

Lying in the place she pointed out with her chin was a man with a familiar face.

There were four people, but only two remained. Are you glad you survived? After confirming his presence, Miles wiped his face.

“how… … .”

“How dare you, isn’t it obvious? We survived, and as we hurriedly chased after them, Sanghang was on the verge of extinction. “Please know that you are lucky that your life was saved.”

Tanya left out many parts for him to interpret on his own.

Helmut wanted everyone to keep quiet about his skills. Because of that, everyone was careful about what they said, and even the surviving fourth-level mercenaries of Tarik’s mercenary group had no idea what Helmut had done.

We could have said that we saved Miles, but he came too late and all we did was collect his body, so it would be embarrassing to say that.

“Did you kill that big guy?”

“The guy is dead. So, you can rest assured.”

It wasn’t a lie this time either.

“Oh, my God. Thank you, God.”

The gaze directed at Miles, who was praying with his hands together, was anything but kind. Puen stuck his head in front of Miles, who raised only his upper body.

“When you wake up, let’s talk about our deal.”

He could have just given me water or something to eat, but he got straight to the point.

“For now, I have packed the requested items. “The carriage the person was riding in was destroyed, but the one with the luggage was relatively intact.”

“Well, that’s really fortunate.”

Regaining a sense of reality means having the space to think about things.

Puen stretched out his fingers with an expressionless face towards Miles, who was smiling. eight.

“What we are asking for is 80% of the profits earned from this commercial trip. “The exact amount can be confirmed through the overdraft agreement.”

Those words seemed to have brought him back to his senses. Miles was shocked.

“Well, that’s too much…” … .”

“There are people who died on that side, and on our side, everyone is still alive, so they’re only asking for 80%. You know that I am grateful just for continuing to request requests. “I even saved your life, so why not ask for everything?”

Puen, who I thought was just a nice person, showed his clear side this time. His attitude was unusually overbearing.

“After compensating those who died, we are at a loss.”

“That’s the situation there. “You should be lucky that you don’t have to pay for keeping your mouth shut.”

“Then 70%… … .”

“Can you go from here alone? With those requested items?”

I could sense the will not to allow any negotiations. Miles eventually lowered his head.

“… … Okay, let’s do that.”

“You are causing trouble here. “Let’s nail it while we’re at it.”

Miles calmly signed the document. He didn’t seem to have the energy to argue.

Maros scooped up some hot tea from the campfire and offered it to me. he asked Miles, who cleared his throat.

“Then let’s listen now. “I wonder if I have to take this risk because the request is to deliver something and where.”

Each requested item was placed in a box, wrapped in cloth, and sealed with lead. Since it was stored in that state, I did not open it.

Even Puen didn’t know what was inside. He roughly explained to the mercenary group representatives what the requested item was, but he did not go into specifics.

Weapons of war? Military funds being secretly siphoned? It was full of questions.

Miles sighed.

“If there’s even a rumor, it’s troublesome. Our Butan Company may be shaken. “It would be better if you didn’t know either.”

“You know that our mercenary group speaks loudly. Tell me. “There won’t be anyone who goes out and makes a fuss.”

Even as he said that, Maros glanced towards the bonfire. Finn was bustling around, happily manning the 4th grade mercenary of Tariq’s mercenary group. It’s unheard of.

Miles muffled his voice and said one name.


“Oh, what about him?”

“Yes, a powerful wizard called the Archmage. As you know, he doesn’t have a very good relationship with the temple. He asked me to bring him the rare materials needed for the experiment. Actually, it wasn’t an easy request for him to accept. If you lose ground with the shrine, not only will your business with them be cut off, but you may also be investigated. But Antiol has a special relationship with our company. “He once saved the Lord of the Sangdan from a crisis, so he couldn’t refuse even though he knew it was dangerous.”

“And the commission fee must have been high. “Wizards make money very well.”

“Do you understand why I kept it a secret? Because it’s better not to know than to pretend not to know. If they catch you knowingly carrying out the request, you won’t be able to stay at the temple later. “They were worried about mercenaries instead of us.”

“We definitely need to crack down on admission.”

Tanya, Füen, and Maros looked at each other and nodded.

Helmut over there was probably listening, but he wasn’t the type to say anything. And he also has a secret.

“The temple has its own paladins, so they don’t hire mercenaries anyway, so he may be wrong.”

“You might think that since mercenaries and the like have done something annoying, we can just wipe them out. “Aren’t they naturally like that?”

The Temple of Lumen, the main god, is a group that possesses such enormous power that even any powerful country can say that it is difficult to oppose it.

Huge number of believers, own force and territory. He had everything in place and intervened in the political situation of each country.

It does not rule, but it reigns. A thousand years ago, when the devil came to earth and tried to bring destruction to the world, it was the temple that united humans to defeat the devil.

The temple that protected the world gained both power and power.

Everything they do is for this world.

It was an absolute justification.

But now, as time has passed, the temple is not the same as it was then. A temple that seeks to control and influence the world with its own rules and regulations. Some of them are corrupt and oppress freedom.

“In any case, you don’t want to attract the attention of the temple, so you wanted to secretly deliver the requested item through a forest infested with monsters.”

“When it becomes known that special herbs that can only be found in temples or tombstones imbued with divine magic have fallen into Antiol’s hands.”

“Butan Trading Company will be destroyed.”

“Yes, since you heard this, you are all in the same boat.”

Even in the meantime, it seemed like he was shaking his head. Now that I know the truth, I cannot back out of this request. It had to be perfectly knotted until the end.

‘If everyone looks like they’re dying… … Still, it makes my head spin.’

Tanya thought disapprovingly. This is why merchants are reluctant.

“I guess we can dispose of the corpses of the monsters we collected along with the requested items. “If it’s Antiol, I’m sure you’ll pay a good price.”

“I guess so. “Isn’t it already rumored that he is looking for a way to break the sacred barrier through magic experiments?”

Magic using magical power was different from divine magic using divine power. Magical power was not a power that was completely excluded from divine power like demonic energy, but it was not mixed with it either.

“Why is there a way to break the sacred barrier?”

Tanya was startled. Before I knew it, Helmut was standing next to me.

“It is not a strong barrier like the sacred barrier in Pahe Forest, but some large cities have barriers set up by temples. Through it, you can detect or block the entry and exit of wizards. “Like controlling dangerous molecules.”

“In the temple, magic is ultimately an unclean force. I think he can lean toward the Demon King at any time, as he is neither one nor the other, located in the middle between divine power and demonic power. “Holy magic is monopolized by temples, and since it is magic that is widespread and useful, they do not overtly suppress it, but they clearly do not like it.”

“Other than sacred magic, they don’t even want to acknowledge the swordsmen’s vis.”

“They say that what they have is enough for transcendental power.”

From what I heard, it seemed like the dissatisfaction with the temple was quite high.

“But what can I do? “In the end, it is the temple that has the strongest power as a single group.”

“What can we do in a situation where even the best monarchs of each country are being watched by the temple?”


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