Helmut: The Forsaken Child (Web Novel KR) Chapter 65 – MTL

Chapter 65 - MTL

Episode 65

At this rate, it seems impossible to avoid attracting attention wherever you go.

‘Shouldn’t you wear a mask, not just a hood?’

No, don’t you think you can hide it just by wearing a mask? The air around Area was different. Aside from his flawless features, looking into those amethyst eyes made me feel like my mind was being sucked in.

Where Area was standing, the air and color were different. As if sparkling light had been scattered. The reason I was able to observe it in detail and not be mesmerized was because Helmut is quite dull. It was also thanks to Vis’ resistance.

Area, with lines drawn between her eyebrows, spat out.

“It’s not magic.”

Helmut looked at Area to see what she was talking about.

“It’s a property of my magical power. “It’s about attracting people’s favor.”

Area added coldly.

“It works especially well with women. They are naturally attracted to me. “They won’t even be aware of it.”

Ordinary wizards did not have such power. Charming someone with magic? That was because Area had the special characteristic of being a legend wizard. If you had some knowledge of magic, you would know, but Helmut wondered if such a thing existed.

“So don’t be mistaken. “Don’t spread rumors about this.”

In the end, what I want to say is the excuse that he is not seducing women with magic.

‘It doesn’t matter anyway.’

Even if Area was a rare womanizer, it was a problem that had nothing to do with Helmut. No, it’s a bit strange.

“Where are you going now?”

Area crossed her arms. Now that her stomach was full, she thought she would part ways like this, but she didn’t seem to have the heart to say goodbye. She happened to be fine. Area was a man who lived in Baden for more than a year. That means Area can be a good guide.

“I should go to the shopping district.”

“Yes, that gift is what you need, right? “I think I know what it is.”

Area’s eyes looked up and down Helmut.

“Okay, follow me. Now that things have come to this, I’ll give you a proper tour of Baden.”

‘Is it like this?’

He told me not to pretend to know anything, but now he says he will show me around Baden. Of all the people Helmut had ever seen, Area was the most capricious. But there was nothing bad. Helmut followed Area, who was leading the way.

“That bookstore has the largest variety of books. “The prices are more expensive than other places, but there are some books that aren’t available anywhere else.”

“Things like wooden training swords and gloves are sold at that general store. “Guys from the swordsmanship department frequent that place.”

“That bakery is open early in the morning, so it’s great for a meal. “It tastes good too.”

“That’s a high-end stationery store, and they have a lot of high-quality writing instruments and notebooks. It’s okay if you don’t have to buy it there. “There are so many wealthy people from noble families in Baden, so the prices are high.”

“That place specializes in handmade shoes. I heard that prosecutors buy comfortable, sturdy leather boots that fit well on their feet, so it would be a good idea for you to get a pair as well.”

Area continued to explain about her shopping district. Anyway, Area didn’t have a chance or anyone to talk about this with. Once she started explaining, perhaps because she was a private tutor, she felt obligated to explain everything she knew.

‘There’s more to say than I thought.’

But isn’t that true? Even when Area was tutoring, she liked to speak her mind. I often felt that she was determined to make Helmut understand anything he didn’t understand. Helmut, on the other hand, was not very talkative, and she preferred to listen to others to think or find out what she did not know. In some ways, they were two people who got along very well.

“And there, that is the place you should know best.”


“Okay, I don’t know what condition your sword is in, but what should I do with the scabbard?”

The tip of Area’s index finger pointed to Helmut’s waist. She had caught my eye before. Helmut’s scabbard was tattered with numerous scratches on its surface. It’s worth it, since he’s been carrying it with him since the Forest of Pahe. However, it faithfully fulfilled its function as a scabbard, and more than anything, it was a legacy left by Darian along with the blade. It was a bit difficult to throw it away or change it.

“Already, the guys from the swordsmanship department would get into a lot of fights, but you, who are known to be commoners, would be criticized if you carried something like that around.”

There was less of that in the magic and humanities departments, but a commoner attending the swordsmanship department had to be close to perfection. Or maybe you are patient enough to endure even if there is a fight. Eventually, over time, you will be recognized for your skills. But that only happened in the fourth year or higher, when there was a lot of academy content.

“What happens if you get caught?”

“It’s ugly, it’s a beggar, it’s going to be laughed at. “If you don’t mind, you can carry it with you.”

I wasn’t the type of person to get hurt by being criticized or laughed at. However, Helmut naturally felt bad when he was criticized. It is especially difficult to tolerate something like that from someone who is considered as insignificant as an insect. Was there anyone in the Forest of Pahe who would dare laugh at Elaga? The weak ones should shut up and crawl. That was natural.

‘But humans don’t know that I am stronger than them.’

It was possible to make him realize it through his body, but it was the last resort. The academy is not a place where you can beat up your opponent at will if there is a fight. Since it is a swordsmanship school, there is a means of sparring, but sparring is something you can avoid.

In that sense, it was good not to find fault. The less the opponent argues, the less likely Helmut will have an accident. Helmut came up with his own results in his head.

“Well, your scabbard is old, but it looks good quality. “It’s a high-end product.”

Helmut looked at his scabbard. In the Forest of Pahe, he was living in a flimsy hut that no commoner would have lived in, but Darian would have been rich here too. He also said that his wealth would remain in the bank.

“It’s a miscarriage.”

“… … “Then how about just touching up the outside and repairing it?”

“That would be great.”

Helmut agreed. As they entered the blacksmith shop, the blacksmith greeted them politely. Rather than a blacksmith shop with meticulous craftsmen, it is simply a store. This is Baden, and the opponents were mostly nobles. The young blacksmith had a somewhat commercially friendly attitude.

“This sword is a very good sword. I don’t think I’ve really managed it, but if it’s this sharp… … . This smelting technique is, um… … .”

The blacksmith’s eyes stared intently at Helmut.

“Are you, by any chance, royal?”


Probably not. maybe? Before Helmut could look further and guess the sword’s owner, he snatched it away.

“Is it such a good sword?”

Area tilted her head. Darian was probably very rich. Is this sword even a rare and famous sword? Actually, Ethan Kudrow also recognized this sword.

“Yes, it could be considered a royal treasure. I’ve only heard about it, but looking at this smelting technique and this pattern on the blade, it’s probably a sword made by a famous craftsman named Layton. And Layton doesn’t make swords for just any swordsman.”

“Do you mean it’s expensive?”

“It’s expensive, but Layton doesn’t sell or make swords if he doesn’t feel like it. “He only makes swords for swordsmen he believes are worthy of using them.”

“He’s very strict.”

“That’s why Layton’s weapons that sometimes lose their owners and come up for sale command a huge price. “It is very hard and does not become dull even if left for a long time and retains its sharpness.”

Area looked at Helmut.

“They say it’s a good sword.”


‘This is Craftsman Layton’s sword.’

Area thought that if she investigated the weapon he made, she would be able to find out who passed the sword to Helmut. If so, he would know about Helmut as well.

‘But why am I investigating that guy?’

It’s not because it’s against my conscience to investigate. I was curious, but I shouldn’t have been curious. It’s funny that we’re together like this even though we think we should keep our distance, but I don’t want to get to know him anymore and become involved with him. Area shook off her curiosity and threatened the blacksmith.

“If word gets out that he has Layton’s sword, I’ll think it came from your mouth.”

“Oh my, sir. That’s basic. Of course I don’t tell anyone.”

“Well, that’s enough for now, I just want to touch up the handle and sheath.”

“It’s a good sword, so it should have a handle and sheath that matches it. You’ll just have to wait a little while for the handle to be polished, but you’ll have to come back tomorrow for the scabbard. The scabbard is very damaged, so why not polish the surface a bit and engrave a pattern on it. Like this.”

After consulting with the blacksmith, they left the forge. Helmut’s sword was temporarily sitting in its wooden scabbard. The sword handle, which was stained and stained by hand stains, regained its original shape after being oiled and polished on the outside. The simple shape is sophisticated without being flashy.

They said I could pay the price when I came to retrieve the sword sheath. It seems that the reason Ethan sent Helmut away empty-handed was because he knew that he would have to pay in arrears.

I think blacksmithing was the last course. As soon as Area got out of there, he said to Helmut:

“I have to go back now.”

Suddenly I looked at the time and it was almost evening. But then I remembered magic research. It was rare for him to forget about magic research for such a long time.

‘Maybe I’m just getting used to chatting too.’

Since they pretended not to know and went around Baden together, Helmut’s outings will be more difficult from now on. Because Area’s followers who are still glancing this way won’t leave him alone. His conscience was a little pricked, but that was Helmut’s responsibility.

“I enjoyed it.”

“Okay, and from now on, just pretend you don’t know me. “From now on, I will pretend not to know what happens to you again.”


Area and Helmut neatly turned away from each other as if asking when they had walked together. Area goes to the academy dormitory, and Helmut goes to Ethan Kudrow’s mansion. It seemed like the women were calling him from behind, but Helmut pretended not to notice and hurried on. He had realized that he would get tired if he was caught for no reason.

Even though I wasn’t working as a mercenary, it was my first time wandering around with someone for this long. It was a strange feeling to get useful information and not feel bored or bad about it regardless. It seemed different and fun. Just like training a sword.

“Have you looked around the store?”

Upon returning to his mansion, Ethan greeted him.

“I met Area, and he guided me to the blacksmith shop. He decided to touch up the scabbard and sword handle.”

“That guy again? That’s strange. He’s not that type of guy. He is a student at the Faculty of Magic, but he is so well-known… … .”

“What kind of rumor?”

“She looks beautiful, but she’s cold and has a fierce temper, so no one gets close to her.”

“It seems the rumors are true.”

“But why am I hanging out with you?”

“Because you’re used to teaching me things?”

Ethan made a puzzled expression.

“I guess that’s the reason. “Maybe he’s become friends with you.”

Ethan nodded his head, satisfied. It’s not a bad idea to start with one friend.

Helmut thought differently. Do you usually tell your friends not to pretend to know from now on? Probably not.

However, Helmut knew well that he could not see through Area’s true intentions. I don’t know much about the psychology of ordinary humans, but Area was particularly complex and capricious. Even when she smiles, she becomes cold and moves away as if she is getting closer. As much as she hated to admit it, she was nothing like Finn, who she could say was her first friend or something. She’s not annoying, but I always feel strange when I see Leah.


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