Helmut: The Forsaken Child (Web Novel KR) Chapter 81 – MTL

Chapter 81 – MTL

Episode 81

Asuka, who had a complex about her appearance, rolled her eyes.

“Do you want to lose? “If you hit it, it will break.”

“Should I put a curse on you that will make your bones weak and break if you hit them? “Anytime you want.”

The two people’s gazes clashed fiercely.

The elegant and cynical Alea and the rough and foul-mouthed Asuka seemed like a mismatch for each other.

Sian sighed and looked at Helmut.

“Helmut, please do something.”

‘Tell me what to do.’

Helmut said with a sour look in his eyes.

“If you are in the same swordsmanship department, you should help your classmates. “If you saved him at best, you will have to take responsibility until the end.”

In fact, all you have to do is rescue the drowning person. There is no need for him to even deliver the bundle.

Sian was just saying it randomly, but it sounded oddly persuasive to Helmut.

The Face Mercenaries who picked up the unconscious Helmut also tried to take responsibility for him until he recovered.

Helmut sighed tiredly.

I don’t know why it’s more tiring dealing with people who have become my friends than fighting a battle.

“Area, heal that guy.”

Area, who thought he would react with something like ‘Why me?’ gave an unexpected answer.

“What are you going to give me if I heal that guy?”

“… … “I will grant you what you wish for.”

Helmut spoke after much thought. Area knows commercial ethics, so she will demand an appropriate level. Area agreed.


After a while, her treatment was over and Asuka looked at my cleansed body.

“What, is it amazing?”

Torn clothes could not be helped, but the wounds on the body disappeared without a trace.

She may have cured herself roughly, but Area didn’t do what she had to do.

I was also impressed by her vision.

“You’re also good at healing magic. “This is a bit of a difficult magic.”

“There is no magic I can’t do.”

Area said coldly. Rather than being condescending, the tone seemed to be natural.

Asuka, who was trying to say something with her chapped lips, only had a minor wound on her face that had not been healed, bit back and spat it out.

“I’m going now.”

Then she glanced in Helmut’s direction, opened the door, and walked away. There was no such thing as a thank you.

Area looked at the place he left with a puzzled expression.

“Was it really necessary to treat a guy like that?”

“Where has a crazy dog been treated obediently? The broad-minded head of the Magic Department, please understand. “Then I’ll go too.”

“Go away quickly.”

After Sian disappeared, only the two of them remained.

Area crossed her arms and looked at Helmut. Her eyes demanded an explanation. That day, the water lily seemed to have gone through the water.


Interrogate the captured Black Hawk guys to find out who her client is. There was only a simple process left, but the situation did not turn out as smoothly as expected.

After the holiday, Helmut, Sian, and Asuka heard the news that all the captured attackers had escaped.

“This makes sense!”

Among the three people who had been summoned and gathered in the morning, Asuka got angry.

Thanks to Area, all his wounds had healed and he looked very cheerful. It was definitely a type that was far from the word psychological shock.

“Are the prison walls in Baden made of paper? Are the soldiers scarecrows? “How can so many escape so easily!”

Asuka’s anger at being stabbed in her alley was justified. The academy staff who had summoned them expressed their disapproval.

“We are investigating, but it appears that one of the soldiers may have taken a bribe. “They say that soldier was also kicked out that day.”

“You could have captured him and tortured him directly.”

Helmut belatedly expressed his dissatisfaction. The administrative staff flinched.

“That means expulsion.”

Sian, while watching the administrative staff, stabbed Helmut in the side.

But he wasn’t in a good mood either. He was just trying to make things official on the surface, but he had no idea it would turn out like this.

If the attackers have run away, it is impossible to obtain a confession from the client.

He might have been better off just closing his eyes and leaving it to Helmut.

‘Because I can bury the body as a spirit.’

But it was already over. Xian asked the administrative staff.

“So what are you going to do? “Shouldn’t we do something?”

A student at the Greta Academy was attacked in Baden. Even if you were a commoner, it was a situation you couldn’t ignore.

Asuka, filled with anger, raised her voice.

“Well, all you have to do is bring those nobles in front of the Eye of Truth or something and make them confess! “I’m sure we can find out who did it!”

The administrative staff said with a troubled expression.

“For now, we plan to bring in the suspects mentioned by the student and investigate, but the Eye of Truth will not be used.”


It was screaming and seemed ready to rush in and grab him by the collar.

Sian grabbed his shoulder.

“Hey, calm down. “The Eye of Truth is not so light that it can only be used with suspicion.”

“When a clearly serious incident occurs nationally or by academy standards, it can only be used with the permission of the dean, so in such cases you will not be permitted to use it.”

“what? But this guy.”

Asuka pointed to Helmut. Didn’t he bring up the eye of truth and make the nobles confess on their own?

Helmut answered simply.

“Instructor Patricia just adjusted her steps.”

For the majority of swordsmanship undergraduate students, knowledge about the academy is unnecessary. It was extremely rare to find someone who knew such details well.

This is something that only a second-year student at the magic department would know.

“Damn it!”

Asuka kicked the wall, showing off her nerves.

Now there was nothing to do but wait for the results of the investigation.


The swordsmanship department was in turmoil from the morning. Those who had a conflict with Asuka were each summoned and interrogated in solitary confinement.

Sensing that the atmosphere was strange, the second year swordsmanship students talked to each other.

“what? what’s the matter. “Where were those guys taken?”

“They said someone attacked Asuka on holiday. “I guess I’m being investigated because of that.”

“okay? What kind of crazy guy did Asuka have? “Are your ears okay?”

“I guess they hired someone rather than attacked them themselves.”

“So those guys are under investigation. “Those guys and Asuka had a bad relationship.”

“No matter how much I hate Asuka, hiring someone to attack her is a bit harsh.”

“Isn’t this absolutely cowardly? “Who on earth does that?”

“Could it be one of the guys who were called in? Or maybe it’s the guy who dropped out last year.”

“It’s a shame no matter who did it.”

“A student at the swordsmanship department of Greta Academy was attacked in Baden. “This is unacceptable.”

“That’s right, anyway, that guy is also from our department. Whoever the culprit is, he will have to pay the price.”

Greta Academy is one of the most prestigious schools. Although there was a relatively conservative side, the atmosphere of the swordsmanship department was extremely hostile to Asuka.

Asuka was a skilled swordsman. Although everyone disliked Asuka because she was a commoner and had a dirty personality, everyone recognized her skills.

There were some people who frowned at his harsh words but also had a subtle fondness for his rude attitude.

This was especially true for those who had grown up as noble masters.

However, since they were, strictly speaking, just like any other species, they knew that they could not mix with Asuka.

They don’t try to mix in with the commoners. However, there was a big difference between simply treating someone with disdain and contempt.

As I attended Greta Academy, I generally became closer to the former and less of the latter.

Of course, contempt based on status and contempt based on personality are different issues.

Anyway, although Asuka is hateful, the atmosphere has changed since she was attacked.

Even those who had sympathized with the Sabat gang’s actions of ignoring and belittling the common people are slowly starting to think that this is not right.

Helmut and Asuka had just returned to the campus where the swordsmanship department was gathered.

Due to the investigation, classes were canceled and instructors were absent. Someone muttered.

“Those guys, they go together. “That’s surprising.”

Although they are grouped together by the word commoner, Helmut and Asuka were as different in personality as they were in appearance.

Helmut also seemed to have a formidable personality, but was calm and sincere, whereas Asuka was literally a mad dog looking for something to bite.

As the saying goes, reason and emotion, the cold-hearted Helmut and the emotional Asuka seemed like they couldn’t get along.

But when the two were together, it didn’t seem as awkward as I thought.

“Helmut, I heard that guy helped Asuka who was being chased?”


Several eyes were focused on the two people. Asuka, who had been showing signs of being in a bad mood earlier, rolled her eyes for no reason.

“What you looking at?”

I quickly looked away. Helmut stared at Asuka.

There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t start an argument. I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy got stabbed to death while walking down the street.


Helmut also wanted to ask a question back at Asuka, who was looking at him triumphantly.


For some reason, Asuka was following Helmut around. I thought it would be fun to tame it, but it was surprising that it started following me so suddenly.

He didn’t know why, whether it was simply because Helmut saved him, or because he knew Helmut was stronger than him.

“It’s your freedom to argue, but I have no intention of getting involved, so that’s what I know.”

Asuka gets into a fight with someone for no reason, but she has no intention of joining in.

Just saving him and healing him was more than enough for her.

You can’t act recklessly when you have a guardian. Being involved with Asuka and getting caught up in the commotion was poisonous to him.

“That’s not funny. “Well, are you aiming to be a model student?”

Helmut readily agreed.

“I’m aiming to be an honor student.”

If possible, he wanted to become the head of the swordsmanship department. Because the best is always a good word.

That was also the effect of having Alea, who staked her life on her grades, as her roommate.

Area, who even ignored Xian, the second chair, looked down on everyone below him except himself, the senior.

In a way, it was the most discriminatory personality.

“what? that.”

“Take care of your problems on your own from now on.”

“That’s unfair. Among fellow commoners.”

“They told me not to pretend to be friends just because we are commoners.”

When she got what she said back, Asuka was taken aback and then snorted at her.

“You were more timid than I thought. “Remember that.”

“Change your speaking habits. “Don’t talk to me like that.”

Helmut’s black eyes flashed warningly.

This is not because they are commoners. Asuka was even more foul-mouthed than her mercenary Finn.

What happens is that every word seems to end with ‘yo’.

Climbing up was acceptable, but this was out of the range.

Asuka grumbled.

“Ah Okay. “He’s not really an instructor.”

Asuka was such an outgoing person that even the instructor expressed his disapproval. I’m glad he’s at least supported his skills.

“Why are you acting so arrogant? You don’t have any friends anyway. “Wouldn’t it be nice if we were together?”

So does this mean we should be friends? Helmut understood what he was saying and put a condition on it.

“I saw you doing that.”

Area tutored her, and her vision is helpful.

But this guy was useless and weaker than himself. For now, it’s just a burden.

Looking at Leah, she didn’t think she really needed friends in her academy life.

But even though Asuka had a dissatisfied expression on her face, she was surprisingly obedient.

“What should I do?”

“You should think about that.”

After saying those words, Helmut grabbed his wooden sword and stood to one side.

I neglected my training yesterday because of this guy. I was going to fill up today’s and yesterday’s portions.


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