Helmut: The Forsaken Child (Web Novel KR) Chapter 82 – MTL

Chapter 82 - MTL

Episode 82

By the afternoon, all investigations had come to an end.

Each investigator at Greta Academy persistently asked the subjects of the investigation about their activities that day and their thoughts about Asuka.

Normal students cannot be treated as criminals just because they are suspicious.

However, since they had a history of dealing with Helmut as well, they had nothing to say even if they were the target of suspicion. The so-called prime suspect.

‘Damn it, I paid so much money to those Black Hawks, but they can’t do their job properly!’

Sabat grumbled inwardly. It was he who came up with Black Hawk as an effective way to punish Asuka.

As nobles, there was no need for them to camp in person and wait for Asuka. Because Sabbat knew a better way!

He paid half of the commission fee in advance, so although he spent quite a bit of money, it was not worth it.

Savat waited for the holiday to end, as he expected a commoner to be his slut mate.

‘Blackhawks are perfect for doing that.’

What if a commoner becomes crippled?

As a transfer student, just a month or two ago, he lived in a place where commoners and nobles were clearly divided.

Asuka, a guy who cursed at nobles, was something that could not be tolerated. Even if he rips his limbs apart and dies, he is not satisfied.

To him, the atmosphere at Greta Academy felt strange.

‘I went out of my way to investigate whether a commoner would live or die.’

A noble is being investigated just because a commoner pointed him out as someone who might target him. It’s absurd.

Even though Sabbat was called in knowing that something was wrong, he managed to control his anxiety well.

No evidence was left. He wrote a letter with a code unique to the sword family, which he requested through a member of his family remaining in Baden, and his family must have contacted Black Hawk in a secret manner.

You can guess what Sabat has done, but his noble friends will keep him quiet.

They only had suspicions and didn’t know anything for sure.

‘That commoner should have been completely ruined.’

If everything went according to plan, it would have been punishment for the guy that everyone thought had evil eyes.

If he hinted that he had done it, Sabbat would be able to gain a position in the swordsmanship department. Although he didn’t get his way.

The gang, including Sabbat, Aaron, and Jerome, maintained the attitude that they did not know what was going on during the investigation.

He didn’t even have to say anything. Sabbat took the lead, and the rest don’t know.

They later found out that the Eye of Truth was not that easy to use and were furious, so they knew that the Academy had no means of deriving the truth from them.

‘It looks like the Black Hawks were able to pull themselves out as well.’

In the end, the Academy found nothing.

Sabat reaffirmed that fact by joining his gang.

He seemed annoyed that everyone had been caught and interrogated all morning.

Half of the request fee was lost, but even that commoner must have figured it out by now. He shouldn’t be so arrogant towards a nobleman.

Asuka was caught by the Sabbat gang, who had just returned to campus.

As Helmut trained with his sword, Asuka, who had nothing left to do, was holding her wooden sword and holding her posture. She was about to practice holding a sword and holding it.

Eren spoke first.

“Hey, commoner. I heard you were attacked by someone. “What does that look like?”

They felt better after discovering the busted lips and scratches on their pretty faces.

Even if the wound was treated, the stabbing would have been painful.

Asuka looked at Eren with her expressionless face. She had an expression that wasn’t like her.

The other guys added Chuimsae.

“Because that’s his nature, he got stabbed while passing by.”

“I don’t know who it is, but if it hangs on us, it will be used. “I lost half a day because of you.”

“Live obediently from now on. And then the next time, you could really die.”

The Sabat gang passed by Asuka with her snickering.

No, she was trying to pass by.

But the next moment, boom! Eren opened his mouth first, and his head was mercilessly bent to the side. It was a lightning strike.

Crash! He immediately lost his balance and fell to his floor. Because of his shock, he couldn’t come to his senses for a moment.


Nosebleeds poured from his face as he groaned.

Sabat’s gang surrounded Asuka with her wooden sword raised. The atmosphere quickly became hostile.

“You bastard! What are you doing?”

“Did you turn?”

Asuka raised her hand with her refreshed face. A sly laugh escaped me.

“Oh sorry! “Her face was so sick that her hand went out of its own accord.”

Reason was lost, and fists flew. It was force majeure.

Isn’t the guy who provoked it wrong? Asuka thought confidently.

He sneered at Eren, who stood up trembling and holding his nose.

“You look like an idiot, so you get beaten up by a commoner while passing by, right? “It’s your fault.”

“You worm-like commoner!”

“Words won’t do it!”

“huh? Did you plan on saying it verbally? “I didn’t know.”

A bright smile appeared on his lips. Asuka raised her wooden sword. As expected, this was the right fit.

“Stop the action there!”

At that time, a roar came from over there.

Instructor Patricia suddenly appeared and was approaching them.

“Guys, what are you doing there?”

“This commoner.”

“quiet! A commoner guy? Sir, you will need to see me in private in a moment. “Let someone else explain.”

As Sabat closed his mouth in dissatisfaction, another guy spoke.

“Asuka hit Eren.”

Eren coughed, wiping away his nosebleeds. His attitude was to show off that he was a victim.

He wondered if he could fight to his heart’s content, but the instructor who appeared made him lose steam.

Asuka said bluntly.

“Yes, I beat that fox bastard.”

“Explain why you attacked a classmate. “No profanity, just so I can understand.”

“I just want to beat him up.”

Instructor Patricia immediately punished Asuka for responding insincerely. Perfect!

“Aya! “Instructor.”

“Oh my. “It’s a head that makes me want to hit it, so I stop without realizing it.”

“Can’t you see my face?”

Asuka pleaded, pointing to her own chapped lips.

Instructor Patricia could not have known that he had been attacked on a holiday and was covered in blood.

But she cut it off coolly.

“You look very healthy. To the point where he beat up another classmate. You’ll have to give a good reason. “Unless you almost died yesterday and don’t want to run around the playground today.”

Asuka cursed inwardly, calling her a heartless witch, and said sarcastically.

“I was out in the city on holiday and was attacked by guys called Black Hawk, so I was in danger of life or death. But what do you mean, the people I handed over to the soldiers ran away?

Instructor, please understand. I’m a lot more sensitive because I’m scared that the guys who ran away will attack me. “It got to the point where I got paranoid that if someone started a fight, they would attack me.”

The voice was loud enough for everyone here to hear. Everyone listened with interest.

Instructor Patricia sighed. She doesn’t know what crime she committed to cause such trouble.

It was a difficult problem she faced during her smooth life as an instructor. Other instructors also showed their appreciation for Asuka.

“So, what you’re saying is that there was an argument over there?”


“How did you start an argument?”

“He was just happy that I got stabbed. “Those guys.”

Asuka’s finger pointed out the exact people who were arguing with me.

“Are you saying there was a fight between several people?”

“Instructor! “He was the one who committed the violence, not us!”

“Of course that is a problem that needs to be punished. But is it fair for many people to start a fight?”

“That’s right. And I only beat one guy. “He was generous and forgave the others.”

Instructor Patricia looked at Asuka in shock, suppressing her rising blood pressure.

Eren, who had managed to stop his nosebleed, couldn’t hold back his anger and shouted.

“Are you going to leave him like this? Of course we have to take action! That guy is out of his mind! “He’s running wild like a mad dog!”

“If you tease me, I’ll attack you one-on-one.”


Perfect! Her second blow struck Asuka in the head. This time it was painful enough to bring tears to her eyes.

No matter how angry Asuka is, she does not confront the instructor. He held her head and pretended to be in pain.

“Instructor, stop hitting me!”

“I will officially charge you for treatment of this wound! “I’ll see if you can pay it back!”

Asuka loudly mocked Eren, who was yelling.

“Why don’t you go and tell the family! Father, mother, I was beaten by a commoner at the academy! Please kill that bastard! Whoosh! Oh, I got it. “My golden son!”

Perfect! The third blow hit Asuka in the head. Instructor Patricia took a deep breath and spoke.

“Okay, gentlemen? Let’s treat the wound first. Just keep in mind that this guy is a crazy dog when you speak from now on. And Asuka! “You follow me.”

Instructor Patricia pulled Asuka’s ears.

Asuka was dragged by her noisily, using all her might.

After they disappeared, the students of the swordsmanship department continued to have a meaningless conversation.

“Somehow, it was really loud… … .”

“I heard there is no windy day.”

Deeply agreeing with those words, Helmut raised his wooden sword.

I had the confidence to focus on my training no matter the commotion, but today that confidence collapsed.

He had to admit it. Asuka was a really cool guy.


“Ai, I wrote ten pages of reflection. My fingers are killing me. “That witch is truly unappreciative.”

Asuka grumbled and approached. For a guy who can run 20 laps around the playground in a funny way, that’s too much punishment.

Helmut was sitting on a bench on the first floor of the dormitory with Sian.

To be exact, Helmut, who was about to go to the training ground, was caught by Xian.

His training was interrupted every day at the academy where he learned swordsmanship.

Xian waved his hand in greeting.

“Hey, Asuka! “I heard there was a fight in the swordsmanship department, so I thought it was you.”

I happened to catch Helmut to ask that question. Helmut added a brief explanation.

“I hit a guy named Aaron and made his nose bleed. “That guy was taken away by the instructor.”

“The guy who started the fight was wrong. “Why do I have to write something like a reflection?”

Asuka muttered shamelessly. I wonder how this guy would have passed the moral test.

Helmut thought the academy exams were very lax. In this way, even rare killers will be able to enter the academy without any problems.

Asuka looked at Sian and Helmut alternately.

“You two are from different departments. How do you know each other? “This guy just transferred.”

“Well, there was a story for that.”

When she briefly explained the ghost haunting incident, Asuka showed interest.

“What is such a fun thing?”

Sian also had one question.

“How does the guy who shares the same room with you get along with you?”

No one would want to room with the crazy dog in the swordsmanship department, but she had never heard of her complaining about him.

She’s a girl who gets into fights every day, so it’s natural for her to get into trouble, but strangely enough, Asuka doesn’t cause trouble in her dorm. She was nothing short of a miracle.

Asuka tilted her head.

“I’ve been sharing a room with the same guy since last year, and he probably doesn’t even know my name? “He always walks around with blank eyes. What’s his name? I think it’s Colin.”

“Ah, Colin, he’s known as a nerd even in the magic department. “The allocation is really exquisite.”

Helmut is with Area and Asuka is with Colin. When we gathered these formidable guys together, we managed to achieve a balance.

I don’t know who assigned it, but it’s God’s work.


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