Helmut: The Forsaken Child (Web Novel KR) Chapter 83 – MTL

Chapter 83 – MTL

Episode 83

Helmut stood up.

“I’m going to go practice now.”

Helmut wanted to train. Pretty intense. It looks like you’ve become quite close, so isn’t it enough for the two of you to just chat?

Asuka followed Helmut, who was trying to take her away, without delay.

“I want to train too.”

Xian muttered to himself.

‘The dog has a new owner.’

I was in no position to say anything. I don’t know what that damn promise was, but Xian was about to be called to Area soon.

It will probably be difficult to be liberated for a while.

Xian sighed deeply.

As he headed to the training ground, Helmut was overcome with a strong desire to knock out Asuka and throw her away, who was chatting next to him.

He talked more than I thought. Moreover, unlike Xian, whose life was far away from him, he was able to annoy Helmut as much as he wanted.

But even Helmut knew that it shouldn’t be like that.

‘Is this what it means to blend into human life?’

Dealing with someone was cumbersome and required patience.

Before he entered the academy, his life at Kudrow Mansion was monotonous and peaceful.

He could practice swordsmanship to his heart’s content, and he could also become absorbed in something to the point of becoming a saint. Helmut only had to decide for himself.

He was a planned and disciplined person. In the Forest of Pahe, his plan was decided by Darian, but he lived like that all along.

When I wake up in the morning, I picture in my head what I will do. The direction is usually to secure personal training time.

The only thing I could do in front of others was basic practice, and Vis training or Darian’s swordsmanship were only possible in a private space.

I wasn’t given the chance because Ethan was busy, but I would like to have a proper sparring session with him.

Because I’ve never had a one-on-one encounter with a powerful swordsman. There wasn’t much progress, but the original level was to rise step by step.

It is impossible to feel your skills improving every day.

‘There has been some progress at the Kudrow Mansion.’

There was an endless well inside him, and he could feel it filling up at the Kudrow Mansion.

But as he attended the academy, that feeling quickly faded away.

Something happens that catches your attention differently than you planned. Whether it was friendship or a dispute, many things stimulated Helmut.

Let’s ignore it, he didn’t come to the academy to pretend to live alone in the forest. It is difficult to mix appropriately while matching the purpose.

Even though he doesn’t have many friends, his life would have been more complicated if he hadn’t been ostracized and rumored to be a commoner.

‘Maybe it worked out better.’

Then Asuka suddenly asked.

“There’s one thing that came to mind.”


“What happened with those Black Hawk guys? “I told them back then that I had some business to attend to.”

“Ah, I have a grudge.”

After killing two second-level mercenaries and disguising themselves, the chase was lost.

But now that the escapees have seen him, Black Hawk must have realized he was in Baden again.

Should I be worried? Helmut was within the walls of Greta Academy. Here, they can’t touch Helmut either.

Since there is a lot of noise about their escape from prison, it will be difficult for them to be active in Baden for a while.

‘They seem like persistent guys, so they won’t give up.’

They couldn’t do anything about Asuka, a relatively easy target, so they won’t be able to target Helmut for the time being. Especially in Baden.

Asuka tilted her head.

“resentment? Come to think of it, I heard you used to be a mercenary. Does that make a lot of money?”

“fairly? “It depends on the request.”

“No, you heard it too, right? That idiot Eren is charging me for treatment. You little bastard! “I should have crushed his nose.”

“He won’t do that since he started the fight first. And I can’t work during the semester.”

“It can’t happen after the semester ends… … .”

Asuka continued to babble. As I approached the entrance to the training center, I finally had a chance to shake off Asuka.

“So far. “I go in here.”

“Ah, you said you used Instructor Ethan’s training book, right? Are you just doing this to yourself? “Can’t I go with you?”


Helmut cut like a sword. Not only was he uncomfortable training in the same room as someone, but he was the only one allowed to use Instructor Ethan’s training room.

“It would be nice if we go and spar together, how about that?”

Helmut was intrigued. He liked that one.

What is sparring? It seemed like the other guys even lightly crossed swords after school, but Helmut wasn’t given that opportunity.

Even if it wasn’t a friendly invitation to spar, it was difficult for guys like Sabat to ask for a spar to start an argument because the training center was used separately in the first place.

“They said there would be a sparring in class soon.”

Helmut barely suppressed the urge to nod his head.

“I’ll do it then.”

After speaking briefly, Helmut turned his back. It is time to devote ourselves to training in earnest.


The next day, Asuka naturally caught up with Helmut.

In the morning, Helmut ran into Asuka, who was waiting in the hallway on the third floor where his room was located. Asuka smiled and waved her hand.

“I have to go to class.”

Since when have we been together? She wanted to ask, but Asuka was shameless. Helmut stared at her and then shut her mouth.

If she hated Asuka and bothered her enough to coldly refuse, it wasn’t like that.

Isn’t this also the socialization process he must undergo while attending the academy?

Helmut was quiet, and because of that, it was always the other person who made a fuss.

Asuka talked non-stop about her life at the academy, even though it was worth talking about. Having spent another year as her swordsmanship student, he knew a lot about the academy. Which restaurant’s menu is delicious?

Helmut suddenly thought.

‘Maybe this guy was actually lonely.’

Asuka beckoned her as she arrived at the Kenjutsu Faculty building.

“Let’s go and stop by the locker. I’m taking a paper test today. “I should read a book during my free time.”

“You’re studying?”

Helmut looked at him in surprise.

In the swordsmanship department where practical skills accounted for 70%, it was rare to find someone who studied hard on written exams.

Among them, Asuka seemed to have an empty mind just by looking at her words and actions.

“Why are you looking at me like that? Who do you think is an idiot? “I have good grades!”

So, this means that the good grades were not purely due to the practical exam.

“Well, your grades should be good.”

That way, even if you have an accident like Asuka and have a bad attitude, you can still attend the academy.

As Helmut was convinced, Asuka, annoyed by his words, rolled her eyes.

“Why do you keep arguing since morning! “You’re already losing your temper.”

Grumbling, he walked towards his locker.

Students in the swordsmanship department are given one locker key per person. There were many students who carried wooden swords with them to the dormitory for training purposes, but they left the textbooks in a locker at the entrance to the main building of the swordsmanship department and picked them up before class.

But Asuka soon stopped standing tall.

“Why is it open?”

He quickly opened the locker.

“No, crazy! “Where did my book go?”

Asuka’s locker was empty. As if there was nothing in it to begin with. Helmut asked.

“Didn’t you leave it open?”

“No way. I have many enemies. “That’s why I always keep my locker locked!”

Asuka proudly shouted. Just because she’s Greta Academy doesn’t mean she has a magic lock on her locker.

However, since it wasn’t a cheap locker, I couldn’t open it with force.

If you have poor dexterity, you may be able to open it without a key, but it won’t be easy.

Asuka slammed her locker shut.

“Did these bastards hire Black Hawk again? “It’s so varied, really!”

I’ve hired them to attack people before, so it wouldn’t be difficult to get them to break into lockers.

It became clear that the Sabbat gang had not reflected or changed their minds since that day.

“Helmut, check your locker too.”

As Asuka spoke, Helmut angrily moved towards his locker.

I wondered if he had even touched mine. However, soon Helmut’s eyes caught sight of the slightly open entrance to the locker.

‘no way.’

He stretched out his hand and opened it, but it was empty.

At that moment, he heard something snapping inside him. For a moment, my vision went black.

His head was as cold as it was hot. Nothing caught his eye. A bloody scene unfolded before my eyes. It was a step that would come soon.

The reason Helmut came to his senses was because he felt the buds of darkness responding to life stirring.

Alertness controlled my anger that threatened to explode. Asuka came towards Helmut and smiled.

“Did you get robbed too? Going crazy. “You look like you’ve been through all sorts of dirty things.”

She was smiling, but her mouth was twisted. It was a very angry look.

Academy textbooks are expensive. The notes I took during class were also lost. If it doesn’t radiate heat, it wouldn’t be human.

“Do you want to go and pester me? “Fuck, let’s make those bastards unable to walk on their own two legs, whether it’s suspension or expulsion.”

It was a huge temptation. I almost agreed. It felt like being sucked into a swamp, but Helmut barely held on.

“… … “I have a sparring match soon.”

There was no need for it, there was a way to justly punish them. The academy’s rules were a strain.

Moving within these constraints is the task given to Helmut.

Helmut decided to be a bit wary of Asuka. Unlike Area or Xian, this guy was the guy who would take him flying.

He had to be careful because he would be in trouble if he became a crazy dog. Helmut’s goal was to be a model student.

Asuka, who had barely managed to control her anger, muttered as she looked into space.

“Anyway, the kids who transferred are terrible.”

The nuance was strange as to whether he was talking about Helmut or not. But Asuka turned her back first.

“Okay, sparring. “This is sparring.”

The way she holds her wooden sword is unusual. But it was the same for Helmut. I don’t have a hobby that allows me to just get away with it. Helmut’s eyes flashed fiercely like a wild beast.


There was instructor Alan’s class today. Instructor Alan also knew about the incident that swept the swordsmanship department these days, but as the semester progressed, various incidents were bound to occur.

There should be no further disruption to the regular schedule.

The week of warming up is over, and it is time to start classes in earnest.

“Shall we start sparring today? It would be nice to spar with a friend you always used to hang out with, but it would be good in terms of experience to spar with a new friend you don’t normally hang out with. It’s an even number, so that’s a good thing. Find a sparring partner and come to me. “Students who can’t find a partner can come to me and I will pair them up.”

As soon as those words fell, Asuka immediately moved. She was on the side where the Sabat gang was gathered.

“Eren, come out!”

A murderous smile appeared on Asuka’s face.

The Sabat gang flinched when they heard his shout. It wasn’t because they couldn’t cause trouble in the first place, but because they knew that they were helpless, so they couldn’t touch Asuka.

Everyone was wary of Asuka, as the group included not only her transfer students but also current students.

Asuka’s movements when she punched Eren were extremely fast. She doesn’t know what will happen if she agrees to the sparring.

But she didn’t necessarily have to respond to the sparring. Because she was free to say no.

“I’ll give you a chance to repay your wounds. Are you going to hide like a scared rat?”

Eren snorted.

“I’m sorry, but since ours is an even number, our sparring partners have been decided, right?”

“Didn’t you hear the instructor tell you to find someone other than the guys you were originally sparring with?”

“I don’t think you’ll be able to spar normally. “If you get bitten by a crazy dog, you’ll be in trouble, right?”

A double wick lit up in Asuka’s eyes. I wasn’t a very patient person to begin with. She put up with a lot.

At that time, another voice was heard from the side.

“Then what about me?”


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