I Was the Unrequited Love of the Male Lead Chapter 43

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There was no escape. I had to tell the Crown Prince my name with my head bowed down.

“My name is Arielsa.”

This human was a master. Although I did not expect such a question from him, my mind still went blank. Just because I knew of the future did not mean that my tricks and actions would suddenly jump to the master level. I sweated under his pressure in fear of making any mistake.

“Arielsa… So? Tell me your secret. How did you win the heart of Duke Kyron?”


I accidentally spat out my words in annoyance. I saw the Crown Prince’s eyes turning bigger before I hurriedly bowed down once again.

I had to speak quickly and as timidly as possible to make it seem like I did not know what I should do.

“The Duke likes the tea that I make. I don’t know if that’s not the only reason.”

“It’s not because you’re pretty?”


I was barely able to hold back my sigh.

If Kyron Harpel is a man that gets fascinated by a woman’s beauty, would he still be single now? Well, thank you for saying that I’m pretty.

I bowed my head further as I spoke as politely as I could.

“I know that it’s only a joke but I would take it as Your Highness’ very generous compliment. Thank you, Your Highness. Then, I will get going now.”

I stepped down without giving him any time to talk.

I only had a short conversation with him but I could clearly see that the Crown Prince was not an easy person to deal with. I quickly left the hallway to escape the knights staring at me. It seemed like I had to remain vigilant during his stay here.


The Crown Prince came to the Duke’s office early the next morning.

Duke Kyron, who had been waiting for him, politely pointed to the sofa but the Crown Prince went straight towards the window.

“Oh my, is that the castle tower over there? His Majesty was very disappointed when the Duke was absent from the hunt.”

The Crown Prince’s tone did not hide the fact that he did not believe Duke Kyron’s excuse at all. However, Duke Kyron just calmly replied to him.

“It ruined this year’s spring festival. And we have also stopped the construction so we wouldn’t disturb Your Highness’ rest.”

“What a pity. You now have a flaw in your historic castle.”

“The North always overcomes its hardships, Your Highness.”

“That’s right. The Duke should know best how important Harpel is to the Empire. Without the Duke, who would protect the barrier from the demonic beasts?”

Duke Kyron looked a bit short with his head bowed down.

“It’s my calling and duty to keep the demonic beasts from defiling this land.”

The Crown Prince stared at Duke Kyron with a subtle smile on his face before going to the sofa.

“Arielsa, what tea are you going to make for me?”

Duke Kyron looked back at me when he heard the Crown Prince’s cheerful voice. Even I felt flustered with the Crown Prince calling out to me comfortably as if we had known each other for 10 years.

“How does yendel herb tea sounds like, Your Highness?”

Of course, I chose it for Duke Kyron who was looking at me with disapproval. He looked like he was under extreme stress right now. I was the only one that could tell since he was standing behind the Crown Prince but his expression was so intense that I couldn’t help but feel flustered.

The Crown Prince’s eyes widened as he asked me without knowing what was happening behind him.

“Does the Duke like that tea?”

I glanced at Duke Kyron before speaking.

“The Duke likes tea with a strong flavor… would you like to try cinnamon tea instead?”

“The Duke enjoys cinnamon tea? Then, I want to taste that. I’m here to taste the flavor of the North after all.”

He smiled at me as he said that.

You want to taste the flavor of the North?

That sounded a lot like it was filled with meanings. I bowed and turned away afraid that I would be caught with an insolent expression. Duke Kyron’s eyebrows were also furrowed but I only saw them briefly as I passed by.

“Please wait a moment.”

I took two cups of cinnamon tea to the table.

When I tried to step back, the Crown Prince held my wrists tightly. I was shocked as I turned to look at the Duke who was looking at the Crown Prince with a hardened expression on his face. It was an extremely slow movement.

The Crown Prince spoke with a harmless smile.

“Let’s drink together, Arielsa. Since you’re the daughter of ‘Harpel’s Shield’ you’re not inferior at all even if you joined me. Right?”

“I entered this room as a maid…”

But I was already sitting next to the Crown Prince. It was because he pulled my wrists without any hesitation. It was a situation where I couldn’t say anything about what I was in this room.

“Your Highness, the Crown Prince.”

That was a threat.

Duke Kyron’s voice was flat and dull but it was also hiding something sharp. At first glance, one would mistake it as a calm voice. But the threat laced in his words were vividly conveyed to my ears that I felt like I was going to cut myself with the sharpness.

I couldn’t think properly because I felt dizzy.

What’s wrong with this person! Why is he holding me so tightly!

I pulled my hand out of the Crown Prince’s grasp as I covered my mouth.

Then, I shouted.

“How dare someone like me? Can I really have that honor?”

Duke Kyron looked at me with gritted teeth when I spoke as if I was surprised and couldn’t understand the situation.

The Crown Prince looked a bit embarrassed with my sudden change in behavior. But he wouldn’t care either way since he did not know my personality at all.

“Of course. Just do what I told you to do.”

“Oh my. How could I? What do I do…?”

In response to the Crown Prince’s pleasant words, I jumped around on the chair as I continued to speak ‘What do I do’. Because of my movements, the two cups of cinnamon tea on the table jumped up too.

“Arielsa, do you like it that much?”

“It’s only natural to feel honored if I’m sitting next to the Empire’s Little Sun, Your Highness.”

He titled his head and supported it with the back of his hand as he looked at me in interest. I made sure to avoid Duke Kyron’s glare that was coming my way.


“Actually, I wasn’t able to sleep a wink last night. Although I heard that Your Highness is the most handsome man in the Empire, it’s a bit hard to believe since it’s only from the rumors. But when I saw you in person, how should I say this…”

Ah, shoot! My type is Kyron Harpel. Lying about my type is the most difficult type of lie.

When praises came out from my mouth, the Crown Prince encouraged me as if he wanted me to speak more.

“What is it?”

Seeing the interest in his eyes, I squeezed out my words while feeling like I tasted some shxt.

“Uhmmm… Since the sun has come to the North, I felt like the real summer has come, or something like that? But if that is the case, then I have to change my calendar but I need the Duke’s permission to do that…”

At that moment, I felt like I could bet 10,000 won that I had a rash on my stomach. I decided there and then to never swear at those who flatter me from now on. Praising and flattering someone was something that you have to put your soul into.

I couldn’t help but huff a bit after speaking a lie. To be honest, he looked just like a seven. Nothing more, nothing less.

In other words, I was telling that it was a bit absurd for me to sit in one place together with the beautiful and clear Crown Prince and the cool-headed and powerful Lord of the North.

I did not know if he knew my intentions or not, but Duke Kyron thankfully spoke quietly.

“Arielsa, that’s disrespectful. What about your reputation?”

“Heok! I’m sorry. This is why my father told me to never show myself and keep my mouth shut to maintain the Duke’s reputation. I’m sorry… Sob!”

When I tried to cry, the Crown Prince turned to look at Duke Kyron with an awkward expression. The disapproval on the Duke’s face was instantly wiped out. Since they turned away from me, I naturally got up from my seat and left the room.

At that moment, I felt good since I thought that Duke Kyron and I were in perfect harmony. The Crown Prince’s escorts almost grabbed me when they saw the slight smile on my face.

When I went out, Chaers, who was waiting out in the hallway, quickly approached me.

“Are the two of them still talking?”

“Yes, Sir Chaers.”

“Then come out with me while we wait for them to finish talking.”

I wanted to say ‘But I don’t want to’ but I couldn’t say anything when I saw the Crown Prince’s knights.

“Yes, Sir Chaers.”

I bowed my head and walked down the hallway with Chaers.

He opened the door of the waiting room in the middle of the hallway. I couldn’t help but sigh and sat down on the sofa. It seemed like I was already exhausted.

“How was the mood?”

“His Highness, the Crown Prince, is…”

I looked around the room to check if no one was there before I whispered to him.

“Is completely selling dr… is completely different from the outside.”

Chaers smiled as if he understood what I was trying to say.

“He’s going to be the Emperor. What did you expect?”

“I know.”

Chaers did not talk to me until I caught my breath but I knew that his gaze remained on me the whole time.

He looked a bit different today. He was usually cold, but his coldness was at the level of ‘I’m busy so don’t talk to me unless it’s important’. But now, he was completely cold.

I opened my mouth carefully when my agitation subsided a bit. I felt a bit uncomfortable staying in the room with him alone.

“I’m sorry if you feel uncomfortable with me because of my dad―”

“―I’m sorry.”


“I made peace with Sir George.”

“That’s a relief!”

I spoke with sincere joy upon hearing the news. However, Chaers’ expression did not change at all.

“I have resolved the misunderstanding with Sir George.”

“Really? What misunderstanding?”

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Chaers’ gaze and smile that was directed at me was a bit twisted.



Selling drugs – an idiom/proverb/saying (I’m not entirely sure) that meant selling fake drugs. It means that someone was saying things that they did not really mean just like a person selling fake drugs while telling people that it was the real thing.


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