KILL THE HERO Chapter 107

KILL THE HERO Chapter 107

Chapter 107
Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

[The Messiah Guild’s support begins!]

As soon as the Messiah Guild announced their position, the situation began to proceed at a rapid pace.

[The Taiwanese Government promises full support!]

[A rush of applicants!]

[A wave of cheering comes from all over the world!]

Along with Isaac Ivanov, many volunteers began appearing to attack the dungeon following the support of the Taiwanese Government. This caused a wave of cheers to spread throughout the world.

If Isaac Ivanov had put his name on the application, it would’ve taken at least a month to be processed.

But because the Messiah Guild was publicly supporting it, the process was shortened to only a week.

[80 Members have been confirmed!]

[Mission impossible begins!]

80 players were selected to enter the dungeon, and they all began to arrive in Taiwan.

That was why the Taoyuan International Airport was filled with pandemonium.

“The members of the EOS Guild who will be taking part in the mission impossible challenge, have arrived!”

“Save the World!”

Because the dungeon they were about to attack was thought to be impossible to clear, the airport was filled with the media and there were resounding cheers the moment the members arrived.

It was as if a world famous celebrity was visiting.

Kim Woo-jin was in the crazy crowd.

‘EOS Guild.’

His eyes became golden.

Using the Eyes of Horus, Kim Woo-jin inspected and analyzed all those who would be entering the dungeon with him.

‘They sent 7 people this time.’

It was inevitable.

In fact, from Kim Woo-jin’s perspective, the other applicants should be thanking him instead.

After all at the dungeon gate he couldn’t just stop someone from entering under the suspicion of them hiding their true identity to mess with the dungeon attack before asking for all 10 of their fingerprints, an iris scan and a DNA test to verify their identity.

It was only at this moment that Kim Woo-jin could verify them.

‘Two are different from the names on the list.’

Of course, as he’d expected, some of the applicants manipulated their identities.

‘Is that 15 people so far?’

And the number was substantial.

But there was one thing that was peculiar about it.

‘They were all using forged identities to hide their skills.’

The purpose of those who concealed their statuses, was to hide their skills.

In other words, they were strong people who were pretending to be weak.

‘They are players from guilds who failed the dungeon already.’

In addition, the ones who falsified their information belonged to guilds that had already failed the dungeon before.

This made Kim Woo-jin smile.

‘If they failed it 23 times, they must have buried a few treasures there.’

It was because he could tell that their goal in the dungeon was probably to retrieve the items that they would have lost there rather than to clear the dungeon.

It made sense.

The dungeon Kim Woo-jin intended to attack had a maximum capacity of 80 players.

Failing 23 times meant that 1,760 players had been buried there.

Moreover, this was the fourth A+ rank dungeon that had appeared in asia.

It first appeared in the middle of 2021. At that time, level 50 was considered high.

‘With them responding like this, it means that there is at least one legendary item.’

So it wouldn’t be surprising if among the players who entered the dungeon, there was one who carried a legendary item.

The Messiah Guild obviously knew that.

‘Maybe there’s one from the Messiah Guild. After all, the Messiah Guild’s four attempts were probably not purely to clear the dungeon.’

The possibility that there was an item from the Messiah Guild was actually very high.

‘The Messiah Guild must’ve been very upset.’

Nevertheless, the Messiah Guild could not bring out it’s best card that could’ve been used in this situation.

‘The hunting dog they could’ve used in this situation is dead.’

The hunting dog that they usually used for 2 Floor dungeons, Suzuki Eiji had already been hunted.

‘But that doesn’t mean they’d give up.’

Of course, the Messiah Guild would not give up the retrieval of legendary items only for that reason.

Their greed was greater than any group as they even dared to act as saviors to swallow the entire world.

They would make a move somehow, and if they got into trouble for it, they would find a way to gain an advantage instead, using the name of the Messiah Guild.

So Kim Woo-jin prepared.

‘I’ll have to draw the line before we go into the dungeon.’

September 3, 2023.

The Donghwa Golf Club in Taipei City, where the dungeon had appeared two years ago, had been closed ever since and had instead become a military base where only soldiers and tanks could be seen.

“How much longer?”

“They’ll be here soon.”

What they waited for was the sight of the 80 players entering the dungeon.

“This will be the 24th challenge…”

“It’s Mission Impossible.”

It would be the sight of the starting of a dungeon attack that no one ever thought possible.

It was at that moment.

Players who had made the final checks began to appear one after another.

“They’re here!”

“It’s the players!”

At that moment, the gathered reporters began to press on their camera shutters and the onlookers began to cheer.

They started looking around.

‘Isaac? Where’s Isaac?’

‘I need to find Isaac!’

Isaac Ivanov intended to do what even the Messiah Guild had given up, and make the impossible, possible.

But Isaac Ivanov was nowhere to be seen within the crowd.

The reporters, onlookers and players were all confused by that fact.

“What about Isaac?”

“Where’s Isaac?”

“What’s going on?”

A man finally appeared when all of them began to feel strange.

“It’s Isaac!”

“The New Hero!”

The appearance of Isaac Ivanov, a handsome white man, sent everyone into a frenzied state.


At that time, English began to come out of speakers that were installed nearby.

“Hello, I am Jackie Lee, an interpreter. I’d like to say something on behalf of Isaac Ivanov who couldn’t speak due to injuries received during the attack on the Firefox Dungeon.”

After that, the same words were broadcasted again in chinese.

Only then did the disturbance at the side subside.

The chaotic scene had suddenly become quiet.

After the silence fell, Isaac Ivanov’s spokesperson continued speaking.

The words were brief.

“My belief is one thing.”

It didn’t need to be long.

“We will save the world by ending this game.”

The short words were enough to make the left side of everyone’s chest pound like it was about to explode.

“That’s why I will use all my means and all the methods available to me, to end this game as soon as possible.”

At that moment, no one dared speak.

There was not even a small sound as everyone held their breath for the last words.

They waited for the New Hero to declare that there was still hope for the world.

Then Isaac Ivanov spoke his last words to them clearly.

“So don’t get in my way.”

And at those words, Kim Woo-jin turned a cold gaze toward the players who were gathered.

‘I’ve warned you.’

It was a warning.

It was a warning to the hyena’s who were aiming for him.

A warning that he would take them as enemies if they crossed the line and got in his way!

After the warning was given, Kim Woo-jin turned his back to them.

He could see the Dungeon Gate before his eyes.

‘This will be the end of my attacks on 2 Floor Dungeons.’

Kim Woo-jin’s last 2 Floor Dungeon attack had begun.


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