KILL THE HERO Chapter 109

KILL THE HERO Chapter 109

Chapter 109
Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

On the 3rd day after they entered the dungeon, there was a notification informing everyone of their progress.

[There are 666 monsters remaining.]

“There’s a notification!”

“We got a notification!”

It was a reminder that they would soon clear the first floor and also a reminder of the arduous battles they’d had.

“Now we can slow down and take a break.”

“Let’s make sure our number is still right.”

“I just got a signal from Isaac’s side too. They’ll take a break and then clean up the rest after 8 hours.”

“It’s 8 hours, so we can rest properly.”

Everyone began taking breaks in preparation for the second floor.

During their break, the players who had been focused on hunting and had talked only about hunting, began to have real conversations for the first time.

However the topic of their conversations were all the same.

“He’s really a monster.”

“I’ve heard the rumors about Isaac…but I didn’t think much about it.”

“He’s on a completely different level.”

Everyone was talking about Isaac Ivanov’s skills.

“Ah, I should’ve gotten the Emissary of the Underworld Halo too.”

“Arthur, if you had picked the Emissary of the Underworld Halo, you wouldn’t be using undead, you would be the one dead.”

He was tongue tied by his friend’s ridiculous statement.

“I know, but you didn’t have to put it that way.”

“I told you, our help is more of a hindrance to him.”

It was only now that many of them truly understood the words Isaac Ivanov said to them before entering the dungeon.

Most of them understood, and admired him more because of it, but of course not everyone felt the same way.

Especially the seven Chinese people who had separated from the group to sit by themselves wearing miserable expressions.

“This is driving me crazy. How can we recover it with that monster around…”

The fact that their goal was not to help Isaac Ivanov clear the dungeon, but instead to retrieve items that were lost in the dungeon by previous players, was the cause of their sour expressions.

“If Isaac got the item and took it away…it’s horrible just imagining it.”

Honestly the best option was to give up at this point.

No matter how they looked at it, it was impossible for them to defeat Isaac Ivanov with only seven people.

“But we can’t give up.”

Nevertheless, the Chinese players could only bite the bullet and hope for the best.

“We have to recover Van Gogh’s Bracelet at all costs. Even if it means that we have to fight Isaac Ivanov.”

Van Gogh’s bracelet.

The moment those words were spoken, the expressions on the seven players’ faces changed.

Finally, the seven players looked each other in the eyes and said one last thing.

“For Kunlun.”

“For Kunlun.”

Their voices were buried by the noise coming from all around them.


And the sound of a skeleton moving away was also buried by the noise.

‘Van Gogh’s Bracelet.’

Kim Woo-jin, who had been controlling the skeleton through the Grim Reaper’s Mask, narrowed his eyes slightly.

He tried to jog his memory.

‘It’s not in my memory.’

However no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t remember ever hearing about an item called Van Gogh’s Bracelet.

However it wasn’t hard for him to recognize the unusual value of Van Gogh’s Bracelet.

‘It can’t be a small trifle if members of the Kunlun Guild were sent all the way here to retrieve it.’

In order to retrieve this seemingly extraordinary item, the Kunlun Guild, which was a guild supported by the Chinese Government, and was among the top 5 guilds in the world, had sent one of its elite teams.

‘Anyway, thanks to my surveillance, I managed to get some good information.’

In addition, Kim Woo-jin had already known what guild they had been dispatched from since the beginning.

Once they entered the dungeon, they had hidden themselves deeply, but he was already aware that they were much stronger in all ways, including their level and items, compared to what had been submitted.

After they entered the dungeon, he had waited for them to reveal whether they intended to help him, or hinder him.

Naturally, after they hadn’t revealed anything while on the first floor, he expected them to discuss their plans again before they headed to the second floor.

So he had sent a skeleton over to them while he kept tabs using the Grim Reaper’s mask.

Among the skeletons that he had, the goblin skeletons were the best for scouting due to their small size. Especially when combined with equipment that muffled sounds.

‘I definitely have to recover Van Gogh’s Bracelet.’

Anyway, the target was now clear.

Kim Woo-jin did not intend to leave the dungeon until he got his hands on Van Gogh’s Bracelet.

‘It won’t be easy.’

That meant that he would have to waste a day doing nothing on the second floor.

So Kim Woo-jin began to prepare for that.

“Lee Jin-ah.”

Kim Woo-jin called out to Lee Jin-ah.

“What’s up?”

“Before we head to the second floor, I’ll explain some new tactics for our party.”

“New tactics?”

Instead of responding to Lee Jin-ah’s question, Kim Woo-jin used the Book of the Dead skill.

[The Book of the Dead Appears.]

Then in front of Kim Woo-jin, a book made of stone slabs appeared.

After taking out the first slab from the book, Kim Woo-jin broke it on the spot.

Immediately, the slab became powder and that powder began to take the shape of the skeleton that had been sealed within the page.

It was a Skeleton Soldier created using the bones of a Sawtooth Wolf that was 5 meters long.


Lee Jin-ah shouted in surprise.

“Can I ride it?”

Ignoring his eccentric words, Kim Woo-jin reached into his inventory and threw an item from within it to Lee Jin-ah.

“Huh? A spear?”

Lee Jin-ah confirmed that the thing that Kim Woo-jin had thrown towards him was a spear, but he was still very confused.

“Is the new tactic for me to attack the boss with this spear while riding on the skeleton wolf?”

Kim Woo-jin finally gave him an answer.

“Now you understand.”

(TL: Hi guys! So this chapter, or subchapter, however you wanna call it, marks the end of a full chapter and it finally allows me to tweak the system I’ve been using a bit. From now on the chapter names and the like will be added so that it will be easier to know where a chapter starts and ends

With the reminder of Vincent from the Disqus comments, I found another description for the Ruler of the Battlefield skill.

[Ruler of the Battlefield]

– Rank: E

– Effect:

– Summons become stronger with every kill

– +3% to all stats per kill, stacks up to 15 times)


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