KILL THE HERO Chapter 129 – Malicious (2)

KILL THE HERO Chapter 129 – Malicious (2)

Chapter 129 – Malicious (2)
Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

– Isaac Ivanov directly expresses his gratitude to the Phoenix Guild…

In a room where the news was playing on a huge flat screen TV that looked incredibly expensive, Park Yong-wan handed a phone back to his secretary after he finished talking on it.

“The Frontier Guild has made another offer.”

As he did that, he briefly summarized the reason for the call to his secretary.

“They said that they will take care of the Skull Guild.”

The secretary looked surprised.

Park Yong-wan recalled the words that Naomi Spell had told him during the call a few moments ago.

She sincerely apologized and said that the Frontier Guild would repay the Phoenix Guild for what they had done. They would also take care of the Skull Guild, which was a thorn in the side of the Phoenix Guild.

“After bringing the Skull Guild’s master to me and apologizing they would have repaid their debts and would immediately cease their activities in Korea.”

The terms were very clear!

“So did you accept the offer?”

The secretary’s expression was a bit stiff as she continued.

“I’m sure that they’re up to something.”

The Frontier Guild’s conditions were so good that they were suspicious.

“Of course I know that.”

Park Yong-wan was also aware of that.

“But the thing that’s most important is the profits that I can gain immediately. No matter how I look there is nowhere that I can lose. Of course, the Frontier Guild would probably use this as an excuse to do something later…”

It was impossible for the Frontier Guild to make such an offer purely out of goodwill, unless they had all become fools.

“But just because I don’t accept their offer doesn’t mean that the Frontier Guild wouldn’t still try something.”

And it had to be known that Frontier Guild was a much more powerful force than Park Yong-wan.

That was the reason.

“It’s better to take what they are offering. So I agreed.”

The reason he had accepted Naomi Spells offer.

Then his secretary asked another question.

“Then what about Kim Woo-jin?”

“Kim Woo-jin?”

“Wasn’t Kim Woo-jin one of the starting points of the war with the Skull Guild? I think he needs an explanation.”

Park Yong-wan shrugged at the mention of Kim Woo-jin’s name.

“It’s enough to explain it to him slowly. For example…that guy’s over level 50?”


“Right, then this is what we’ll do. Get him a good party to help him make his debut in a 3 Floor Dungeon. That should take about half a month. By then the Skull Guild should have already been taken care of and if we inform him of it after he gets out then it should be fine.”

Park Yong-wan, who was speaking, gave a smile.

“Then if we give him some items and give him a high position, he will be satisfied.”

Park Yong-wan’s smile became brighter when he heard his secretary’s words.

“I feel sorry for him, but his best value was playing the role as bait for the Skull Guild. But in a situation where you no longer need bait, why would you continue to invest in it? If we want to make that kind of investment then we’d need someone who could shoulder our expectations like Isaac Ivanov right?”

With those words, Park Yong-wan beckoned to his secretary.

“Then take care of it right away. Let’s call him in and make him debut in a 3 Floor Dungeon. As for the dungeon’s rank…a C rank would do. Give him some good guys. A C rank 3 Floor Dungeon might be dangerous for him. We should prevent him from dying on his debut as much as possible.”

Park Yong-wan’s eyes shined with greed.

For every player, challenging a dungeon with more floors was a very special milestone.

But it was only special from their personal perspective and was not special to the rest of the world.

Like Isaac Ivanov, he was able to attract some attention before his debut, but he was only able to truly prove his worth after his debut.

Unlike Isaac Ivanov, the debuts that most normal players experienced was usually done under the guidance of other veteran players.

In other words players sometimes used the word ‘tour’ to describe their debuts.

“This guy must really have Mr. Park Yong-wan’s favor to have him ask us to help him in his 3 Floor debut. He dared to make us tour guides.”


Jeong Yeon-hong.

Despite her appearance which reminded one of a short-haired cat with her less than 150cm height and dwarf physique, she was in fact at level 74 and the leader of the group.

This type of mission was given to her, who was a renowned among the players in the Phoenix Guild who were at the 3 Floor dungeon stage.

“So what’s his name?”

“His name is Kim Woo-jin.”

The name of the subject was Kim Woo-jin.

“Kim Woo-jin…even his name sounds weak.”

“But I think he’s pretty good. The rumors say that he has cleared a few unresolved dungeons.”

“That’s funny. If he had those skills then he would’ve attacked the dungeon with his own strength. Look at me. I defeated the third floor’s dungeon boss during my debut without any help.”

To be honest, she didn’t like this task.

It was obvious.

“I guess you don’t like it.”

“Would you like cleaning up after your boss’ pet dog?”

Being one of the best in the Phoenix Guild meant that she stood out even when compared to the entire Republic of Korea. She didn’t intend to play around with a player in a 3 Floor Dungeon just for a few dollars.

She was a skilled person who wanted to leave her mark on this world that had been transformed into a game.

“Anyway, since Park Yong-wan became the Guildmaster, he has become too political. We might as well go to the Messiah Guild.”

It would have been strange if such a talented person was satisfied with having to clean up after someone else.

“So what’s his halo and ability?”

“His halo is Emissary of the Underworld and his abilities are based on poison.”


“He hunts based on his blood poison abilities. So he has no teammates.”

“Can’t he summon skeletons like Isaac?”

“I’m not sure but there was no record of him summoning Skeleton Soldiers.”

“You mean he doesn’t even have a skeleton summoning skill?”

“I don’t know.”

She had a strange expression as she heard this explanation.

“I can’t believe that that’s what he did with such a valuable halo. Anyway, so when is that guy coming?”

It was then.

Vroom. (TL: it should be a weaker sound but the author’s sfx are like hieroglyphics)

A light car entered the parking lot that was reserved for players.

Everyone’s attention was drawn to the vehicle as a man got off the vehicle that was now parked between two Mercedes-Benz Maybachs that were obviously expensive.

“Ah, he’s here.”

“The guy who just got off the light car?”

“Yes. That’s Kim Woo-jin.”

Jeong Yeon-hong’s expression changed as her subordinate confirmed that it was indeed Kim Woo-jin after checking his face.

“A light car…his attitude is good.”

The words she spoke stunned her men for a moment.

‘Our boss is really cheap.’

[Survive for 6 Days!]

– Floors: 3

– Difficulty: C-

– Maximum number of entries: 70

– Requirements: Level 75 or below

– Conditions: Survive for 6 Days!

– Reward: None

After reading the contents of the dungeon report, Kim Woo-jin only had one impression of the dungeon.

‘This is a waste of time.’

It was a waste of time since this dungeon was too easy.

‘If it’s a C- rank dungeon with 70 maximum entries…then it’s meaningless.’

It was only a C- rank dungeon with a maximum number of entries that was incredibly small for a 3 Floor dungeon.

‘The players were actives.’

The key point here was the rank.

There were two main types of players that took part in 3 Floor Dungeons.

One paid more attention to their safety and most of these cases usually only took part in D rank dungeons and below.

On the other hand, if they had confidence in their skills and ability to keep going up, they would mainly target C rank dungeons.

They could maintain a high leveling speed and with C rank dungeons they were able to gain a sense of the atmosphere in higher ranked dungeons at the same time.

It was routine for the active players in a guild to start at C ranked dungeons and then gradually move to B rank or A rank dungeons depending on the situation.

Therefore, the guilds usually assigned players to C rank dungeons first.

E rank dungeons were where the players who were afraid of danger would gather and C rank dungeons were where the players with skills gathered in preparation to target higher ranked dungeons after determining which one they could handle.

‘I don’t know what to do about Park Yong-wan’s consideration.’

Of course this was Park Yong-wan’s consideration to Kim Woo-jin.

He had given him the best guides so that he could safely experience a 3 Floor Dungeon.

But from Kim Woo-jin’s perspective, the problem was that it was not about the consideration.

‘She’s the one I dislike the most.’

The problem was that Kim Woo-jin did not like the player who was set to be his guardian this time.

“Hey, you.”

Jeong Yeon-hong, Kim Woo-jin looked at her face while recalling memories from the past.

‘I never thought we’d meet like this.’

Memories of the past when he’d trained her at the Messiah Guild to be a member of his team.

In his memory, Jeong Yeon-hong was a very talented player.

With the Silent Hunter as her halo, her bow skills were good enough to impress even Kim Woo-jin.

‘She’s really cheap.’

Kim Woo-jin even recalled that she was a really cheap person.

Of course, there was something that was even more impressive.

“Let me give you some advice before we enter the dungeon. Don’t interfere. If you interfere, I’ll kill you.”

What was impressive was her personality.

‘And she was one of the few who were trained by me that tried to kill me.’

Her personality was strong enough that even Kim Woo-jin would call it fierce.

‘There were quite a few who couldn’t handle it during the training and tried to kill me a few times, but she was the only one who tried it four times.’

When she was training under Kim Woo-jin, she couldn’t take it and attacked him three times and even after getting beaten up three times, she tried again a fourth time.

Considering that the other players could not even look Kim Woo-jin in the eye after being beat by him twice, it was easy to understand her character.

Anyway, she was plainly advising Kim Woo-jin who was now under her protection.

“Unless you’re Isaac Ivanov, there’s nothing you can do in a 3 Floor dungeon. Understand?”

Kim Woo-jin simply nodded without responding.

“Prepare to enter the dungeon!”

And that is how Kim Woo-jin’s 3 Floor dungeon debut began.


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