KILL THE HERO Chapter 134 – White Troll (3)

KILL THE HERO Chapter 134 – White Troll (3)

Chapter 134 – White Troll (3)
Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

Clever hunters never rushed.

Whether they succeeded or failed, they would prepare for the next hunt without haste.

And that’s what the White Troll did.

The fact that it managed to catch two players in one hunt didn’t mean much.

Crunch! Crunch!

It simply ate its prey while preparing for the next hunt.

This behaviour also stemmed from its confidence.

Crunch! Crunch!

Confidence in the fact that the prey in its territory did not pose any threat to it.

It was the same confidence that a lion in the grasslands, who wasn’t afraid that a deer would attack him, had.


Therefore the White Troll was confused when he saw his deer, the players, moving towards him instead of running away.

Of course, his confusion didn’t last long.


Regardless of what they planned, the White Troll never expected the players to be able to severely hurt him.

Instead, this guy who had never encountered players before was interested in this prey that came to him on its own.


It was an arrow which flew through the trees with an eerie sound that changed that thought.

In a straight line instead of a parabola, the arrow flew the trees like a snake before digging deep into the Trolls face, right below its eye.


A bone-chilling sound could be heard as the arrow stuck into its flesh.

But that was the only sound. However, as the White Troll did not scream or react in any way to the arrow.

For the White Troll, there was no reason for him to scream over such an attack which was the equivalent of a scratch.

But then he realised the problem.

The area where the arrow and stabbed him, which should have healed already, was instead turning black.

It was a completely unexpected event.


The players received a notification while the White Troll in front of them was still unsure of what was happening.

[The White Troll has been afflicted by Blood Poison.]

The notification was the sign that Kim Woo-jin’s blood poison had taken effect.

Immediately after the notification was heard, other sounds began to fill the soon to be battlefield.



The battle began.

Even if you are a very good player, your field of view is bound to narrow once you start fighting.


This was especially true for the tanks who had to deal with the monsters up close.

“Dammit it’s enormous.”

“Don’t try to block it, dodge! If you try to block you will get sent flying!”

“It’s hard to even breathe right now.”

They were in situations where they had to give up their attention on everything else and focus on blocking or dodging the attacks from the monsters that they were facing.

That was why it was important to have someone with the ability to command take part in such battles.

The others wouldn’t know, but the commander would have to pay attention to the monster’s condition and the current situation before deciding what actions should be taken.

“His movements are getting faster!”

And that was why Jeong Yeon-hong was the leader of her group.

“And there are many obstacles around Jeong-su. Tell him to get out of there immediately!”


Even in the situation where she was constantly pulling the string of her bow, she paid attention to the White Troll’s status, assessed the situation of her teammates and commanded the group in real time.

‘She’s not bad.’

Even in the eyes of Kim Woo-jin, her commanding skills weren’t bad.

‘She deserves to be the leader.’

That was why there was no shortage of players who were willing to follow her even with her dirty personality.

‘But it’s still not enough.’

Of course, it was only better when looking at it from an average point of view, but when looking at it from Kim Woo-jin’s standards, it was not satisfactory.

‘It needs to be more natural.’

If her abilities were up to Kim Woo-jin’s standards at this point then she would not have had to suffer under him to such an extent in the future to the point where she tried to kill and got beaten four times.

‘If they keep going like this then at least four people will die.’

That was why Kim Woo-jin was convinced that although they would defeat the troll, they would still pay a heavy price to do so.

Kim Woo-jin in the past would not have been concerned about it.

But it was different now.

‘It’s time to stop pretending to be weak.’

Kim Woo-jin’s purpose in this dungeon was to show Park Yong-wan his abilities and value and the current situation was the best way to do so.

“The more the poison accumulates, the less the Trolls physical ability will be.”

That was why Kim Woo-jin stepped forward.

“Then he will speed up his movements.”

“Speak clearly.”

“It means that he will reveal his full power.”

“Isn’t this his full power now?”

“He’s a smart one. He knows how to leave some gas to accelerate at any time. Remember the first time he attacked us. How did he move?”

Along with those words, Kim Woo-jin extended his hand toward Jeong Yeon-hong.

On his palm were arrowheads made using his blood weapon skill.

In that position, Kim Woo-jin continued.

“The moment he slows down will be the most dangerous moment. That is when you should retreat unconditionally. In particular, Lee Jin-soo, was injured in an attack from the troll two minutes ago, he just didn’t notice it because of the adrenaline in his system. You should get him off of the battlefield.”

When she heard his words, Jeong Yeon-hong stared at him for a moment before taking the arrowheads from his hand.

“You, bastard.”

After a short curse, Jeong Yeon-hong changed some of her arrowheads to the ones that she had just received

“The lives of my team and me are very expensive, so you better take care of us.”

With that, she gave an order to her party.

“From now on, this guy is in charge!”

After she said that, Kim Woo-jin also spoke.

“Then I’ll speak informally from now on.”

After saying that, Kim Woo-jin began to command the team with a cold but calm tone.

“Lee Jin-soo, get out of the battlefield, Lim Hye-sun, move to the front line. And Jo Joo-hyuk, shut up and focus on the battle.”

There were many abilities that a commander needed to have.

Most importantly these abilities weren’t things that you could develop or acquire just because you wanted to.

It was only developed after you had the talent and was also lucky enough to survive tragic experiences.

In that sense, Jeong Yeon-hong and her team were quite lucky.

“His pace has changed. He’s losing his balance so we’ll retreat in a spiral.”

They were experiencing the best commanding that they could receive at this time.

“The poison has spread all over his body.”

So 49 minutes after the battle with the White Troll had begun.


The White Troll, a monster with the terrifying nickname, ‘Veteran Hunter’, fell to the ground.

[You have earned the achievement ‘White Troll Hunter’]

[The Emissary of the Underworld admires your abilities.]

[The Emissary of the Underworld has bestowed some power unto you.]

[The rank of the Blood Weapon skill has increased by one.]

On the third day after entering the third floor of the dungeon, the terrifying monster had been defeated.

It was very surprising.

Wasn’t it just three days ago that everyone thought running away was their best chance at survival?

It was like a group of deer hunting down a lion in the wild.

That was why.

‘We got him?’

‘Did we really hunt a White Troll?’

Even though the hunt was successful, the players were still in doubt instead of cheering their victory.

There was one more thing that surprised them even more.

‘No one died?’

‘Is this even possible?’

There were zero casualties.

In front of this fact, Jeong Yeon-hong, who had experienced all sorts of hardships, could not help but be surprised.

‘Does this make sense? This is his debut isn’t it?’

Above all this should be Kim Woo-jin’s first time attacking a 3 Floor Dungeon.

It was his first time entering the third floor and his first time facing a White Troll.

Yet he still saved everyone.

“Who are you?” (TL: or ‘What are you?’)

That was the only question that came to Jeong Yeon-hong’s mind as she looked at Kim Woo-jin.

“We’ll talk about that outside the dungeon in three days.”

Kim Woo-jin gave her a smile and a short response. (TL: Kim Woo-jin smiled at someone?!)

“Then I look forward to our kind cooperation.”

This was the moment that the name Kim Woo-jin would become known to the world.

“Ah, and as promised, divide the troll’s corpse and store it in your inventories so that you can give it to me when we leave the dungeon. I’ll weigh it accurately so please don’t try to cheat me. I would also like my 1 billion won per person. The payment should be made within a week after we clear the dungeon, any later and you will incur interest.”


“And you have used my blood poison as a weapon 318 times. That is 73,123 won per use.”

And it was a very, very well known moment.


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