KILL THE HERO Chapter 136 – White Troll (5)

KILL THE HERO Chapter 136 – White Troll (5)

Chapter 136 – White Troll (5)
Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

There is a certain phenomenon.

People don’t pay much attention when someone is exceptional from the start.

However, when a person who was originally nothing does something exceptional, people pay a lot of attention to them.

That was the case with Kim Woo-jin.

[Kim Woo-jin of the Phoenix Guild successfully hunts a White Troll during his debut into 3 Floor Dungeons!]

[Has the next generation ace of the Phoenix Guild appeared?!]

Once he made his debut into 3 Floor Dungeons, he began to receive a lot of attention.

There were even reporters who were announcing his activities in real-time.

In addition, the White Troll that he faced was considered a disaster like monster by the players.

Kim Woo-jin had shown something extraordinary when he had not done anything of the sort before.

[Kim Woo-jin’s weapon is blood poison!]

[Hunter’s poison presents a new attack strategy!]

Blood Poison!

It wasn’t just about the fact that he used poison which attracted the attention of the public, but the fact that he had used his own blood as poison.

[Is Kim Woo-jin the next generation talent fostered by Park Yong-wan?]

[Is Kim Woo-jin Park Yong-wan’s secret weapon?]

As soon as the information that he was a close confidant of Park Yong-wan was revealed, the public interest in him immediately increased.

In no time, Kim Woo-jin’s name spread across Korea.

-Kim Woo-jin? How amazing is this guy? Did he really hunt a White Troll during his debut?

-It’s been a long time since such a good guy appeared.

-This is such a great debut.

-No, but didn’t he become famous too suddenly? Are they playing the media?

Of course, there were some who felt that someone was excessively playing the press, but no one was really interested in this fact.

-Regardless of whether something like that is happening behind the scenes, you can’t deny that he’s skilled.

-Poisoning with his blood, another weird guy has appeared.

Regardless, everyone recognized that a remarkable player had appeared.

It was the same with Park Yong-wan.

However, he didn’t pay much attention to the fact that Kim Woo-jin was receiving a lot more attention from the media than he’d expected.

“Are you certain that the contents of this dungeon report are correct?”

“I’ve checked with a number of players who participated in the dungeon. The content of the report is accurate.”

“He met a White Troll during his debut and hunted it successfully?”


“And he took command as well?”

“That’s right.”

What was truly important to him was the things that Kim Woo-jin had really done in the dungeon.

“And that nasty bitch Jeong Yeon-hong actually followed his commands?”


“And that cheapskate even paid him extra?”

“That’s right.”

It wasn’t just about the hunt either.

Looking at the report, it was as if Kim Woo-jin had done everything.

It was a situation that could only be described with one word, ‘carry’.

“…I knew Kim Woo-jin wasn’t a normal guy, but I didn’t expect it to be this unbelievable.”

That was the important part.

No, that wasn’t the important part.

“I didn’t think Blood Poison could be so powerful.”

Whether he was able to clear the dungeons or not, it was the value of the player’s existence and the significance of that existence that mattered.

“If I knew it would become like this, I would’ve raised him properly.”

Because of this, Park Yong-wan had no choice but to acknowledge Kim Woo-jin at this point.

He was too good to just leave on the sidelines.

“I think we can make a deal with him now.”

Of course, Kim Woo-jin had already been placed on a leash by Park Yong-wan.

“Right, that’s why it’s such a headache.”

The problem was that he now wanted to bring home the dog he had raised in the field, with only a leash.

If he made a request, he had to listen to it and if he asked for a deal then he had to accept it.

That was why Park Yong-wan had no choice but to seriously consider the deal proposed by Kim Woo-jin.

“I want to trade Wilhelm Tell’s Crossbow…”

Kim Woo-jin told him about an incident.

There was a group who attacked him in the dungeon, and one of them had the legendary weapon Wilhelm Tell’s Crossbow.

He wanted to exchange the crossbow for a legendary item that Park Yong-wan had.

The deal was not something to be worried about.

If Park Yong-wan wanted to, he could have forcefully taken the legendary item from Kim Woo-jin.

“Will you accept Kim Woo-jin’s deal?”

“I’ve decided to get along with him but I can’t give him what he wants easily can I?”

But the problem was, as said earlier, Park Yong-wan wanted to make a deal with Kim Woo-jin.

So naturally, the deal had to be done normally.

Legendary for legendary.

In fact, the deal itself was not a loss for Park Yong-wan.

He had many kinds of legendary items and if he was speaking frankly, some of them were longer useful at his level.

“That item Wilhelm Tell’s Crossbow…is not easy to use.”

However, it was also too much to say that Wilhelm Tell’s Crossbow’s utility value was high.

The option of having arrows pursue the enemy was obviously great.

However, most of the players who used bows as their main weapons or those who had the Silent Hunter as their halos usually had two or three pursuit skills in their repertoire.

As the levels increased, Wilhelm Tell’s Crossbow had a higher probability of becoming someone’s secondary weapon instead of a main weapon.

The most important thing was that the item had once belonged to those who were targeting Kim Woo-jin.

“If you look at the situation, there is a high chance that the last attack was done by the Skull Guild.”

“That should be the case.”

When looking at this situation, there was a high chance that the group who attacked Kim Woo-jin belonged to the Skull Guild.

What would the Skull Guild do if they found that he was using their legendary items?

Of course, it was the Skull Guild’s fault.

But if they had been able to accept their fault and accept the consequences in the first place then they would not have launched this attack on Kim Woo-jin.

“Either way, if Kim Woo-jin uses it then they will go crazy again.”

The Skull Guild would definitely not let it go.

This was a troublesome situation for Park Yong-wan as well.

“I have to consider the big picture, but I don’t want to think about that right now.”

If he considered the big picture, then he should not provoke the Skull Guild after the situation had already been cleared once.

It was at that moment.


Park Yong-wan felt like a light bulb had lit up in his head.

“Isn’t Isaac Ivanov looking for a legendary item? A ranged weapon too.” (TL: the best way to manipulate someone is to make them believe it was their idea)

“Yes. We found out that they were secretly searching for one.”

“What if I gave Wilhelm Tell’s Crossbow to Isaac Ivanov?”


In contrast to his secretary’s confused expression, Park Yong-wan’s expression was pretty delighted.

“Wouldn’t they think that there is a close connection between me and Isaac Ivanov? At least the Skull Guild would.”


“Let’s make sure to hit the nail firmly with this opportunity.”

Park Yong-wan spoke as he rose to his feet, not intending to listen to anymore reports from his secretary at the moment.

“Call Kim Woo-jin. Let’s make a deal.”

At the officetel where Kim Woo-jin was staying.

“Phew! you really get a lot of packages.”

Lee Jin-ah came into the room with a bunch of boxes stacked to form a tower.

When he entered the room, the first thing that Lee Jin-ah saw was Kim Woo-jin, who was checking the items in another pile of boxes.

Lee Jin-ah couldn’t help but click his tongue at this scene.

“Do you really intend to eat all of this?”

The items in the boxes were none other than the gifts sent to Isaac Ivanov. Kim Woo-jin had taken back the things that Oh Se-chan had been keeping secretly.

“It’s up to me to decide whether I should eat them or sell them.”

Lee Jin-ah breathed a long sigh when he saw that Kim Woo-jin was counting the items so carefully. (TL: You wouldn’t believe that Kim Woo-jin was a man with billions of won in assets lol)

“Why am I surrounded by nutjobs…”

Then Lee Jin-ah spoke as if he’d just remembered something.

“By the way, I heard that you were going to sell Wilhelm Tell’s Crossbow to Park Yong-wan or something like that?”

Kim Woo-jin simply nodded.

“And you intend to receive it as a gift in the name of Isaac Ivanov?”

Again Kim Woo-jin nodded instead of answering.

Lee Jin-ah laughed as if he had just heard something ridiculous.

In fact, it was truly absurd.

“I’ve really never seen a guy like you before.”

If Park Yong-wan learned the truth, it wouldn’t be strange for him to fall to the ground while holding his neck.

“But will it really work? There is no guarantee that Park Yong-wan will give the gift to Isaac Ivanov.”

When he heard Lee Jin-ah’s question, Kim Woo-jin simply explained to him in a calm voice.

“The plan is to make it work. If we were just relying on luck then there would be no need for a plan.”

It was then.


Kim Woo-jin’s smartphone vibrated and after he saw the caller ID on the screen, he gave Lee Jin-ah a look.

Lee Jin-ah nodded, and immediately after that, Kim Woo-jin answered the phone.

“Yes, this is Kim Woo-jin.”

The person on the other end of the call was none other than Park Yong-wan and the conversation between them was short.

After all, there was no reason to speak longer.

Kim had requested a deal and all that this was, was Park Yong-wan calling to confirm it.

When the call ended, Lee Jin-ah couldn’t help but ask.

“What did he say?”

“Just as planned.”

“Oh? Really?”

Lee Jin-ah looked surprised.

“But there was a condition.”


“He wants me to deliver the goods directly.”

“Directly? What? To whom?”

At that question, Kim Woo-jin gave him a smile.

“They want me to meet Isaac Ivanov in person, deliver the item and leave evidence of it.”


Lee Jin-ah made a ridiculous expression when he heard those words.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

When Lee Jin-ah asked this question, Kim Woo-jin simply looked at him with a corner of his mouth raised instead of answering.

He’d known that Park Yong-wan would agree to the trade, but it was completely unexpected for him to offer to have him meet Isaac Ivanov.

‘Although he was just giving a legendary item and not anything else. He still wants to leave evidence of that transaction.’

Of course, it was obvious why Park Yong-wan wanted to do this.

For him, this was like putting his name tag in Isaac Ivanov.

And since he wanted to do this, then it was better to engrave his name rather than simply placing a name tag.

At the same time, this was a test.

‘He expects me to negotiate with Isaac Ivanov to produce better results.’

It was a test to determine whether Kim Woo-jin was able to receive more from Isaac Ivanov.

‘He also expects me to work together with Isaac Ivanov.’

Moreover, at the present time, both Isaac Ivanov and Kim Woo-jin had begun to attack 3 Floor Dungeons so Park Yong-wan had the expectation that they would be able to work together.

This was the answer that Park Yong-wan had come up with after thinking about it for a long time.

In any case, it was not a problem that Kim Woo-jin had to worry about for long.

“So what did you decide to take from the deal?”

Kim Woo-jin gave Lee Jin-ah a simple answer.

“Boar’s Shield.” (TL: subject to change)

“Boar’s Shield? Is it good?”

“It’s not a bad item for a tank who fights on the frontline against powerful monsters.”

“Is that so? Sounds like a good item.”

Lee Jin-ah did not respond further to Kim Woo-jin’s explanation as if he had lost all interest in the subject. (TL: he already knows)

“Why does it feel cold all of a sudden?”

He rubbed his arms as he felt a sudden chill throughout his body.

A smile was spread on Kim Woo-jin’s face.

In his head, he recalled Park Yong-wan’s orders.

He had told Kim Woo-jin to take the item to Isaac Ivanov directly and also to talk with him.

‘I never would’ve thought that Osiris’ Ring is in his hands.’

He had Osiris’ Ring.

Park Yong-wan intended to throw an irresistible bait to Isaac Ivanov through Kim Woo-jin.

From Kim Woo-jin’s perspective, he couldn’t help but smile.

‘Now that I know where it is, all I need to do is take it.’

As long as one knew where an item was, then there would be many ways for them to get their hands on it.

Therefore, Kim Woo-jin didn’t need to worry about it too much at the moment.

“Now it’s time to collect the next debt.”

Instead, there was something else that had his attention.

“Next debt?”

“The Great Ones and the Amazons, we have to get the fee for their lives.”


Kim Woo-jin gave him the response that he was asking for.

“I’m going to San Francisco, USA.”

Lee Jin-ah’s expression became a bit stiff as he asked another question.

“It’s not the dungeon that I think it is, is it?”

“You’d be right.”

Lee Jin-ah’s expression hardened even more as he heard that answer.


Then at that moment, Kim Woo-jin exclaimed as if he had just remembered something.

“I made a mistake. That wasn’t it.”

“R-, right? Well, that dungeon is really too dangerous. It’s a place that even the Frontier Guild and the Great Ones Guild had to give up. Haha! You’ve got wit.”

Lee Jin-ah was immediately filled with relief.

Then Kim Woo-jin said something else to him.

“No, that’s not it, I meant my payment.”


“The payment for the bulgogi, Oh Se-chan said you ate 19 servings on your own?”

Lee Jin-ah couldn’t help but stare at Kim Woo-jin, who was stretching out his hand as he said those words, with a blank gaze.


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