KILL THE HERO Chapter 143 – Dullahan (3)

KILL THE HERO Chapter 143 – Dullahan (3)

Chapter 143 – Dullahan (3)
Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

‘All players are the same.’

Famous players all had a very competitive spirit.

It was only with this competitive spirit, combined with the possibility of obtaining legendary items, that allowed those players to challenge this A+ rank dungeon, which had a much greater risk.

Of course, those who had a high competitive spirit but no skill or good luck are mostly eaten by 1 and 2 Floor dungeons.

In other words, those renowned players who were active in 3 Floor dungeons not only had the competitive spirit, but also the skills and the luck to go along with it.

‘But some are different.’

Naturally, there were some players who considered themselves special.

They believed that they were special enough to win whenever they sat at the poker table. Like the main character in a gambling movie.

‘That’s what they think, so they’re willing to gamble.’

Kim Woo-jin knew exactly how to deal with these types of players and he knew it well.

‘All it took was a soft push.’

Before returning to the past, the thing that he’d been best at before he joined the Messiah Guild was to dig into players’ minds to get what he wanted from them.

This time it was the same.

From the moment that he’d targeted Ellis Highton, Kim Woo-jin had come up with a plan to eat her and then executed it.

First, he provoked her, then he got her to take a seat at the table and make a bet.

‘Even more so if they already made a bet.’

His plan went even more smoothly because of the fact that King Arthur’s Ring had already been placed as a bet.

Because if a large bet had already been placed then one’s judgement would already have changed when making other bets.

In other words, it wasn’t difficult for Kim Woo-jin to get Ellis Highton to sit at his poker table.

Of course, this was based on Kim Woo-jin’s standards.


Lee Jin-ah, who had heard these plans in advance, only had one thought at that moment.

‘Kim Woo-jin, I shouldn’t even play rock, paper with this bastard.’

Never gamble against Kim Woo-jin.

After Ellis Highton sat at the poker table, everything else would follow.

“Let’s notarize it.”

Kim Woo-jin immediately called for other players and explained the situation to them.

“So the two of them made a bet?”

“The better one will take Van Gogh’s Bracelet and Merlin’s Staff?”

The opinions of the guild members who heard this agreement were of course the same.

“Amazing. They are true examples of players.”

“I’ll happily cheer you on.”

Of course, no one objected to the fact that the stakes had increased when they didn’t have to bet.

Rather, they encouraged it.

“Why don’t we do that and set the priorities right here? Let’s see who’s better at hunting monsters.”

“To see who hunts the monsters faster, this should be good.”

“It would be better to compete on the first floor than the second floor. Don’t you think?”

“If necessary, we all will make the judgement.”

The Great One Guild and Isaac Ivanov would be fighting over the remaining 16,000 monsters that must be hunted to clear the first floor.

Naturally, their intentions weren’t pure.

‘I don’t know just how powerful these two are, but looking at the situation it would be impossible to catch up with their hunting speed with just the power of our team.’

‘If we continue like this there’s a high chance that these two will get first and second priority to attack the boss monsters. If so it was better to let them have their chicken race since one of them would fall as a result.’

‘If they overdo it on the first floor then they’ll have to pay the price on the second floor or third floor. If they pay for it on the third floor then we have a chance.’

The intentions of those who were encouraging them were to have these two parties struggle on the first floor and then be forced to retire after.

Both Kim Woo-jin and Ellis Highton knew the intentions of these people. Nevertheless, they both willingly agreed.



Once you placed your bet, you couldn’t come out of the game till the round was over.

“Alright, let’s do this. You will have 5,000 each and you will compete to see who can hunt them all first.”

Hunting 5,000 monsters.

Of course, it was nonsense.

“How long will it take a party of about twenty to hunt 5,000 monsters?”

“Because there aren’t any threatening monsters on the first floor…shouldn’t it be possible to kill 1,000 monsters a day?”

“Then it would take 5 days.”

It was a difficult job to hunt 5,000 monsters with only 20 people.

“Well if they just had to hunt 5,000 monsters then it wouldn’t be a problem. But don’t forget that this is a race.”

Moreover, hunting 5,000 monsters competitively was on a completely different level than at their own pace.

It was the difference between completing a marathon race and being first in a marathon race.

“In Isaac Ivanov’s case, it would be hard because it’s only two of them.”

“Two? Wasn’t Isaac Ivanov alone?”

“There’s that big guy who always follows him around. He is also a player.” (TL: finally someone noticed our Jin-ah)

“That’s not a zombie or ghoul monster that Isaac summoned?”

“Really? That’s a player? What’s his name?”

“I think it’s Spashiba…”

“His name is thank you?”

Even then, Isaac Ivanov had a two person group against a team of twenty.

“Well, regardless of who wins, one side will be out.”

The competition was bound to be bloody.

This was the reason that everyone was being so cooperative with this bet.

“If both of them fall, then it would be even better for us.”

It was a two step plan, there was no reason for them to be generous when the strongest groups could fall at the same time, otherwise, they wouldn’t be here.

No, in the first place, Ellis Highton and the members of the Great One Guild already knew all of this.

“Hunt 5,000 monsters quickly…it is honestly a number that is impossible for other parties.”

It was obvious how ridiculous it was for twenty or so players to hunt 5,000 monsters in a short timeframe.

Nevertheless, none of them complained.

“For ordinary guys.”

Instead, the members of the Great One Guild simply smiled when faced with such an objective.

“Right, let’s show them the differences in power.”

It was a confident smile, and they immediately proved that confidence.

In a dense forest covered with fog so thick that one would not even be able to see where they were walking, about 170 players gathered.

The faces of these gathered players were all gorgeous.

Most of them were as beautiful as celebrities and there were even some who surpassed celebrities so much that even famous Hollywood actors would approach them and ask for a selfie.

However, the expressions on these beautiful faces were not good.

Instead, everyone had the same stiff expression as though they were copying each other.

“No way, how does this make sense?”

One of them who could not hold the feeling in his heart for much longer, unknowingly voiced everyone’s thoughts.

As if it was a fuse, his words caused others to also begin letting out the thoughts that they hid inside.

“The Great One Guild created a monster.”

It was none other than the Great One Guild’s team that made them have these expressions.

Until six hours ago, the atmosphere had been quite lively.

This was because the two most prominent candidates had decided to have a race with each other.

The only issues they’d had at that time was that they could not see the self destructive race properly because of the fog and that they didn’t have any popcorn to eat while enjoying the show.

However, that atmosphere had disappeared quite quickly after the Great One Guild’s team began hunting in earnest.

The team began hunting at a speed that far surpassed everyone’s expectations.

They literally began to massacre the monsters.

“I never thought Spiritualists could be this strong.”

And at its center was Ellis Highton.

On a stage without any obstacles, she began to exert 120 percent of her ability.

Using the enormous amount of mana that she got from the Merlin’s Staff and King Arthur’s Ring combination, she generously began to summon a large number of spirits. Then she sacrificed these spirits just as generously.

“It’s not just strong. That firepower is on a whole new level.”

The firepower she showed was similar to that of a large army equipped with modern weapons.

No monster group was able to last more than 10 minutes in front of the spirits that she summoned.

“The tanks and healers are also using tactics and strategies to maximize the power of Ellis’ firepower.”

“This is impossible with just a day or two of training. They must have been training for months.”

In addition, Ellis’ subordinates used the tactics that matched with her actions perfectly, maximizing her firepower as well as maintaining their combat efficiency.

All this showed that they had been preparing for a very long time.

“She is on a completely different level from us.”

“When this dungeon is over, this will change history.”

In front of the Great One Guild’s team’s combat power, the other players began to lower their heads.

Everyone admitted that she and her team were on a completely different level compared to them.

“Our era will be Ellis’ era.”

“We can only be her sidekicks.”

Those who had been filled with confidence while thinking they were the best slowly began to feel their confidence getting crushed.

“Now I understand why the Great One Guild used King Arthur’s Ring as the prize.”

Of course, no one had any desire for King Arthur’s Ring anymore.

“I feel sorry for Isaac.”

Instead, they could only express their condolences to Isaac Ivanov who would be the sacrifice who helped her to get to level 100 with more praise and a higher evaluation than any other player.

Three players emerged from the thick fog.

“It’s Isaac’s side.”

They were among those who had gone to count the monsters that Isaac Ivanov hunted.

Only a few people showed interest in their arrival.

Instead, everyone’s attention was focused on the Great One Guild’s team and Ellis Highton.

“How is it on Isaac’s side?”

The few that were interested asked for a report.

“How many?”

The three who appeared answered the question at the same time as though they had practiced beforehand.


This answer caused the others to tilt their heads in confusion.

“What? 60?”

“That’s all he hunted? Did you make a mistake while counting?”

To this question, the three players still responded in one voice.

“There are 60 skeletons.”

Only then could the players see the expressions of the ones who had been counting on Isaac Ivanov’s side.

It was sheer astonishment at a sight that had transcended even their wildest imaginations.


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