KILL THE HERO Chapter 151 – Qualification Test (2)

KILL THE HERO Chapter 151 – Qualification Test (2)

Chapter 151 – Qualification Test (2)
Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana


When the tracking device on Kim Woo-jin deactivated with a beeping sound, Oh Se-chan’s subordinate made an OK sign with his fingers.

Lee Jin-ah, who had appeared without any disguise was dumbstruck.

“You’re a real scumbag to come to a private meeting with a tracking device and a wire(1). If I were Isaac Ivanov, then you would’ve been killed already.”

Instead of answering, Kim Woo-jin changed his clothes and headed to a parked van.

The van, which had half opened doors, was filled with electronic equipment like in a spy movie.

“Get in.”

Kim Woo-jin got into the van and the doors were closed the second that Lee Jin-ah got on as well.


Following the loud sound of the engine, the van began to move.

The conversation began when the muted sounds of other vehicle engines could be heard as the truck started driving on a highway.

“Before we start this meeting…”

It was Lee Jin-ah who started talking.

“Would it have killed you to tell me about it earlier? Huh? I only found out about it this morning.”

It turned out that Lee Jin-ah had only been briefed on the day’s schedule that very morning.

“Dammit, I still remember.”

Oh Se-chan had called Lee Jin-ah in the morning and told him that he had to get up because he had to meet Kim Woo-jin at the meeting location.

“When I woke up and heard that, I told Se-chan to not mess with me and he cursed me. But tell me honestly, anyone would have said the same thing wouldn’t they?”

It was natural for Lee Jin-ah to not believe it because it was not something that one would expect.

From the standpoint of someone who knew the truth, it was strange for Isaac Ivanov to send his teammate to interview Kim Woo-jin to join their party.

“Isn’t it riskier this way?”

After all, there was a risk.

“Isn’t it? You’re Isaac Ivanov aren’t you?”

Kim Woo-jin and Isaac Ivanov were the same person, but if they were to attack a dungeon together, then naturally they would need to be seen together.

This was a new flaw that could be exposed.

“I’ve prepared in advance.”

That is why Kim Woo-jin had made his own preparations.

“There’s a call from the boss. I’ll put him on speaker.”

In addition, it wasn’t just Kim Woo-jin who’d prepared.

-I didn’t get a chance to say congratulations back then because I was too busy. So Congratulations on clearing the dungeon. And also acquiring Merlin’s Wand while you did it.

“Let’s do the greetings later. Are your preparations complete?”

Oh Se-chan was also preparing for when Isaac Ivanov moved together with Oh Se-chan.

-You mean the doppelganger? It needs a couple more improvements. They should be done by the start of next year.

A doppelganger.

The masks that Kim Woo-jin and Lee Jin-ah used, had been improved to the extent that they could now cover the entire body instead of just the face.

“Can it be completed by January?”

-You could even use it now as long as you weren’t too rough with it. All I’m talking about are the improvements. The unit price will go down a little bit more if we can improve it. Although we can still use it if necessary, it is a bit too expensive.

Of course, it was expensive.

It was made from the body parts of a Doppelganger, a monster that was incredibly difficult to encounter.

Even the unit price of the masks that Kim Woo-jin and Lee Jin-ah used all the time was quite high.

If they made it so that they had to cover the entire body, then the price would be dozens of times higher.

“Thank you.”

Knowing that, Kim Woo-jin expressed his gratitude.

-Anyway, it’s pretty expensive.

And Oh Se-chan kept emphasizing that part.

“I’m forever grateful.”

-It’s expensive. It costs money. And you’re the one who’s going to use it.

Kim Woo-jin responded to him after a long sigh.

“I’m sure that I’ll successfully clear the next dungeon, so you can bet on me again like you did last time.”

Those words made Oh Se-chan shout immediately.

-Hey, Lee Jin-ah you bastard! You’re there aren’t you? Why did you tell him! You little shit!

Oh Se-chan’s shout shocked Lee Jin-ah who had been listening to the conversation from the side.

“Hyung, I didn’t tell him anything.”


Then Kim Woo-jin said.

“I was just talking, I didn’t think it was actually true.”

-H-, huh?

Only then did Oh Se-chan, who realised that Kim Woo-jin had tricked the truth out of him, change the subject with an awkward laugh.

-Haha, right. Anyway, our relationship is based on trust and faith so we should continue believing in it. Ah, so what’s your schedule for today? Are you going straight to the dungeon?

“We’ll have a meal before we start the dungeon.

-A meal?

“The money I spend today will be covered by the Phoenix Guild. In a way, it is an entertainment expense and there’s no way that Park Yong-wan would hesitate to give it.”

Oh Se-chan was dumbstruck at his words.

-You really intend to suck him dry. Not even a real dog would suck on a bone so much. Did he have bad luck in his past life? Or did he sell his country in the future?

When he heard this, Kim Woo-jin simply smiled slightly without answering. Beside him, Lee Jin-ah spoke hesitantly.

“So what you’re saying is that I can eat as much as I want today right?”

“That’s right.”

“Can I have beef?”

“As much as you like.”

“Can I have Korean beef?”

“That’s not a bad idea.”

At that moment Lee Jin-ah shouted to the driver.

“Take us to the most expensive Korean beef restaurant nearby.”

Kim Woo-jin smiled slightly as he saw him acting more excited than ever.

-Hey, Jin-ah! Don’t forget to pack up the leftover meat alright? At least 10 servings should be packed away.

“Ah, of course. I’ll also bring some ssamjang(1).”

-Right, I trust you Jin-ah.

“Trust me.”

-I really believe you. Make sure to bring the expensive parts.


-And you can’t forget the lettuce and other side dishes…

Kim Woo-jin stopped paying attention as the conversation between the two became much deeper and more serious.

“Please give me the dungeon report.”

Instead, he asked Oh Se-chan’s subordinate for the report of the dungeon that would be the location for the test.

“Yes, here it is.”

The subordinate immediately handed over the report.

“That’s a good attitude. As your interviewer, I’ll give you a pass! From now on, you will be our new teammate!”

Then Lee Jin-ah, who had finished discussing his plans with Oh Se-chan, spoke to Kim Woo-jin.

However, Kim Woo-jin shook his head.

“I won’t pass.”


“I failed this test.”

“What bullshit is that? Don’t you have to pass this time to join the party?”

At Lee Jin-ah’s words, Kim Woo-jin looked at him like he was the one who was talking nonsense.

“If I fail this time then Park Yong-wan will invest more in me.”


“It’s better to spend money on someone retaking an exam than train someone else.”

That was when Lee Jin-ah realised what he was talking about.

‘If Kim Woo-jin died, even hell might refuse to accept him.’

Lee Jin-ah sincerely felt that Kim Woo-jin who was calmly reading the dungeon report in front of him, was a truly vicious person.

Of course, Lee Jin-ah didn’t know.

[Survive the Black Orcs for 6 days!]

– Floors: 3

– Difficulty: B-

– Maximum Number of Entries: 60

– Requirements: Level 80 or below

– Conditions: Survive the Black Orc Chiefs and their horde for 6 days.

– Reward: None

‘I need to reach level 80 in this dungeon. And Lee Jin-ah Blessing of the River Styx skill needs to go up by another rank. I’ll raise it somehow.‘

That Kim Woo-jin, who was reading the dungeon report in front of him at that moment, was much more vicious than he thought.

‘If Lee Jin-ah’s Blessing of River Styx is too low, then even he would not be able to survive against the Hatchling.”

And that Kim Woo-jin was preparing to take him to a place that was even worse than hell.

“But I need to check again. Can I really eat as much meat as I want today?”


“Kuh! So it turns out that you’re a good guy after all.

Kim Woo-jin gave Lee Jin-ah a smile.

Ignorance was truly bliss.


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