KILL THE HERO Chapter 156 – Casting Vote(2)

KILL THE HERO Chapter 156 – Casting Vote(2)

Chapter 156 – Casting Vote(2)
Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

[An A+ rank Dungeon appears!]

A+ rank.

These rare dungeons, where legendary items could be found, were always the focus of the world.

It was the same this time as well.

[The dungeon has 3 Floors!]

The news of the discovery of a 3 Floor A+ rank Dungeon immediately put the world in a festive mood.

– Woah, a 3 Floor A+ rank!

– More legendary items will appear!

– Who will become the owner of the new legendary?

The reason for this was the fact that 3 Floor dungeons no longer posed a major threat to the world.

However, this atmosphere didn’t last long.

[The Dungeon’s Boss Monster is a Hatchling!]

The moment that they learned that the Dungeon Boss would be a hatchling through its title, the festive atmosphere cooled down.

– Oh my God, a Dragon!

– It’s a monster with the highest magical and physical defense.

The Hatchling was such a monster.

First of all its physical defense, magical defense and its resistances were all overwhelming to the point where other monsters could not even begin to compare.

– That’s not all. All Dragons have Guardians!

– There might also be Boss Monsters among the Guardians.

What was even more troublesome, was the fact that every Dragon also had a Guardian under their command.

These were not ordinary monsters, instead, every one of them was a powerful monster and there was a chance that they could be Boss Monsters as well.

Although the Hatchling was only a baby, a Dragon was still a Dragon.

– It can also fly!

Most crucially, Dragons could fly.

Therefore, it was possible for it to create the worst situations that players would want to face, any time it wanted.

– Plus even the Messiah Guild gave up on them!

– Right. Even Lee Se-jun…

Because of this, even the Messiah Guild and Lee Se-jun had given it up when a Hatchling Dungeon had appeared in 2020.

– The only one who dared to hunt it was the Dragon Slayer.

That was the setting from which the Dragon Slayer was born.

The world happily gave the title of Dragon Slayer to the man who had managed to hunt a Dragon that even Lee Se-jun couldn’t.

Because of this, when the Dragon Slayer was named as the Dungeon Advisor instead of the Messiah Guild, there were no objections.

Since everyone was eagerly waiting for the Dragon Slayer’s advice, he gave it to them willingly.

“I checked the first list of applicants, and all I can say is that if they enter that dungeon, they will all be wiped out.”

At the level of those first applicants, no matter how hard they tried, they would never be able to defeat the Hatchling.

So the world asked him.

– How could we clear this dungeon?

And the Dragon Slayer gave a response without any hesitation.

“First of all, if you want to clear this dungeon, then Isaac Ivanov must participate.”

Only one person, Isaac Ivanov had obtained the recognition of the Dragon Slayer.

Of course, this caused the public’s attention to turn toward Isaac Ivanov and everyone asked him.

– So what are you gonna do?

What was he going to do?

Kim Woo-jin gave a simple answer to this question.

“I have to set up an admission fee first.”

It was the moment that Kim Woo-jin had been given the casting vote(1).

In 2020, after the world was transformed into a game, people began adapting to this changed world.

This was especially true for the players.

Those who awakened the qualifications to become players began to enthusiastically attack dungeons.

Unlike the present, in that time, there were a lot of people who were willing to die, and entered dungeons without caring for their lives.

Moreover, at that time, even items obtained from 1 Floor dungeons could be traded for an extraordinarily high price.

It was a time where even a 1 Floor dungeon was worth risking your life to clear.

Therefore, in this situation where the value of the dungeons was clear for everyone to see, there were many instances where players and guilds fought for the right to attack dungeons.

Following this, there were many cases of bloodshed and murder.

This was when the bidding system came into being.

It became possible to obtain the right to attack dungeons by bidding for them rather than through violence.

But even this system wasn’t perfect.

People who began abusing the bidding system began to appear.

After bidding for a valuable dungeon and winning it at a high price, there were cases where the other guilds were asked for admission fees, or the dungeon’s attack right was sold for an even higher price.

These practices were especially severe in the case of A rank dungeons where there was a definite chance to obtain legendary items.

There were many cases where players or guilds who did not have the capability to clear the dungeon, would still attempt to bid on the dungeon.

It was better if they just bid.

In the event that their bids were rejected, there were even cases of administrative lawsuits or constitutional petitions.

This was why every country joined together and created a new exception.

In the case of dungeons at A rank and above, only those who are determined to be able to attack the dungeon would be given the right to decide.

‘The Casting Vote Treaty.”

At Oh Se-chan’s explanation of how the casting vote came into being, Lee Jin-ah simply stared at him blankly.

Oh Se-chan clicked his tongue at Lee Jin-ah, who was just blinking his eyes stupidly.

“To put it simply, only guilds who have the ability to attack A rank and above dungeons can decide who can participate.”


Only then did Lee Jin-ah, who had finally understood what the casting vote meant, nod.

“Is there still such a rule?”

“There is.”

“Then why does everyone stick to A+ rank dungeons to the point that they even have to share them?”

“I told you, they will give the decision over to those who are determined to be able to clear the dungeon. Unlike in 2020, we have sufficient upward leveling momentum.”

Over time, this casting vote rule slowly became ineffective as the know-how to clear the dungeons became more widespread, stronger items continuously appeared and players’ abilities steadily increased.

“It’s basically meaningless for dungeons lower than 4 Floors. But the rules are still in effect. In fact, they are still very prominent in dungeons 5 Floors and higher. Quite a few guilds can’t even bid for a 5 Floor A rank dungeon. Even I don’t have the right.”

“Then why isn’t there any talk of a failed bid?”

“Would you deliberately bid on a dungeon when all that you’d hear is, ‘you are too weak to attack this dungeon, so please get a little stronger’?”

After saying this, Oh Se-chan turned to his subordinate.

“What’s the bidding status of the Hatchling Dungeon right now?”

“There are no bids.”


Oh Se-chan laughed at the answer.

“There’s no way those guys in Japan would do something just to embarrass themselves.”

Along with those words, Oh Se-chan thought of Osaka, Japan, where the 3 Floor A+ rank dungeon ‘Hatchling’s Nest’ had appeared.

“We are lucky in many ways. With Hatchling being in the title of the dungeon, it appearing in the chaotic January period, the Dragon Slayer naming Isaac Ivanov’s participation as the basic requirement to clear the dungeon…”

It was then.

“We got a call from the Japanese Government.”

Oh Se-chan looked at the subordinate who brought this news.

“What did they say?”

“If Isaac Ivanov is willing to clear this dungeon, they will hand the decisions over to him.”

Oh Se-chan shouted at those words.

“Heh, then shall we decide on an admission fee?”

After he said this, Oh Se-chan let out a laugh.

“Huhaha! I’m already excited about how much we will make this time!”


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