KILL THE HERO Chapter 161 – Dragon Slayer (3)

KILL THE HERO Chapter 161 – Dragon Slayer (3)

Chapter 161 – Dragon Slayer (3)
Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

Dragons are difficult monsters to hunt.

This was one fact that Kim Woo-jin would never deny.

Rather, Kim Woo-jin could probably write a thesis paper on why exactly Dragons were so difficult to hunt.

‘If you let the Dragon fly, the hunt has already failed.’

Kim Woo-jin believed that the most difficult thing about Dragons was the fact that they knew how to fly.

Kim Woo-jin was honestly incapable of doing anything when faced with a flying Dragon unless he brought a fighter jet.

This meant that cutting off the Dragon’s Wings was the minimum requirement to hunt the Dragon.

However, this in itself was not easy.

‘The problem is that Dragons’ senses can be considered one of the most sensitive among monsters.’

It was not easy to approach a Dragon as they were sensitive enough to be considered a radar.

In fact, it was almost impossible to escape a Dragon’s radar-like senses.

‘In order to get onto its body, we have to distract it somehow.’

This meant that the only way to do so, was to grab the complete attention of this radar.

This was the reason that Kim Woo-jin had hunted the Guardians so desperately.

The Hatchling wouldn’t be able to maintain its composure when its army of Guardians was annihilated in only a dozen or so minutes.

At least that is what Kim Woo-jin expected to happen with his experience.

And as he expected, the moment the Hatchling exited its cave, it focused all of its attention onto the battlefield without caring about anything else.

It then began flapping its wings with the intention of using its aerial advantage.

Naturally, it was so focused that it didn’t notice Lee Jin-ah who was hiding above the cave’s entrance with the Desert Chameleon Cloak covering his body.


And Lee Jin-ah, who revealed himself with that word, jumped onto the Hatchling’s back without hesitation.

The Hatchling’s body began to rise higher, and Lee Jin-ah’s body bucked and shook like he was riding a bull in a rodeo.

However, even in such a situation, Lee Jin-ah did not lose his balance.

‘Hmph, this is nothing compared to fighting all of those skeleton bastards.’

This was because he had learned to maintain his balance in numerous situations that one could encounter in battle.

Thanks to that, Lee Jin-ah was able to perfectly complete his task.

“Heavenly Dragon’s Will!”

After making the translucent Heavenly Dragon Sword in his hand shine brightly, Lee Jin-ah shot toward the Hatchling’s right wing.


And cut off the wing with one slash.

Krr! Krr!

As soon as its wing was cut off, the Hatchling’s body began to spin uncontrollably before spiralling to the ground.


A huge explosion shook the ground.

And as though it was a signal that they were waiting for, the skeleton army surged towards the crash site.


At the forefront of this group was a Skeleton Knight.

And in that Skeleton Knight’s hands, was none other than Percival’s Spear.

On the other hand, Kim Woo-jin who had previously been wielding Percival’s Spear, now held a long black spear in his hand.

This spear was made with his Blood Weapon skill using his Black Blood and the Corpse Poison that he had extracted from numerous bodies.

Kim Woo-jin began taking out multiple such spears from his inventory.

One, two…

Before long, ten such spears had appeared.

‘Each one takes about two thousand…’

These ten spears had been condensed from the corpses of 20,000 monsters.

‘I wonder how long it will take.’

And they were also the reason that Kim Woo-jin was so confident in his success.

[It is the 10th day of Isaac Ivanov’s dungeon attack!]

On the 10th day after Isaac Ivanov had started his dungeon attack, the world began to focus its attention once again.

-It’s the 10th day.

-He should’ve cleared the second floor by now.

This was because it usually didn’t take more than 10 days to clear the first two floors in a 3 Floor dungeon.

Of course, if it had been just that, the interest would not have risen again.

-There’s not much time left.

-It’ll be over soon.

-Will he be able to hunt the Hatchling?

The reason people were interested was because Isaac Ivanov should soon be entering the third floor of the dungeon where he would face off against the Hatchling.

-What success…the Dragon Slayer said he has a less than percent chance.

-To be honest, I have already given up hope. This was ridiculous from the start.

And it was because Isaac Ivanov would become the Hatchling’s meal.

In other words, no one expected Isaac Ivanov to successfully clear the dungeon.

[Isaac Ivanov, virtually expected to fail.]

[The Hatchling is a fearsome monster that even level 100 players would dread to encounter it.]

[The Dragon Slayer, ‘Isaac Ivanov has a less than 10% chance of success’!]

Moreover, all the media outlets in the world were constantly spreading this gloomy expectation.

[The Great One Guild prepares to attack the Hatchling Dungeon!]

[The Frontier Guild, ‘If Isaac Ivanov fails, we will do our best to recover his remains’.]

[Sino-Japanese talks have commenced, is the Kunlun Guild planning on participating in the Hatchling Dungeon?]

And in such a gray solution, the various media also began to scatter bits of hope.

Naturally, this was all a scheme.

“The atmosphere has been set.”

“When Isaac Ivanov fails, we can begin working immediately.”

They made it appear as though they were preparing to enter the dungeon as soon as Isaac Ivanov failed in a bid to preserve his memory.

In other words, everyone who had a hand in this scheme was without doubt.

They were certain that Isaac Ivanov would fail, and that the Hatchling Dungeon would become an unprecedented treasure as a result.

Then they received the long awaited news.

[Isaac Ivanov’s spokesperson announces an Emergency Briefing!]

There had always been two reasons why an emergency briefing was made with regard to an attack on a dungeon.

One, if the dungeon attack was successful, and the other when the dungeon attack had failed.

[Isaac Ivanov’s spokesperson announces an Emergency Briefing!]

However, when the news was released, only one reason was in the minds of everyone who learned of it.

-No way…

-It’s here.

-Damn it, did he really…


There was no other person who dared to think of the other word.

No, it never even occurred to them.

[Breaking News! Isaac Ivanov fails to clear the dungeon!]

[A disaster has happened!]

[The world loses a great hero, Isaac Ivanov!]

The moment they saw the news about the emergency briefing, some media outlets began to release news articles about Isaac Ivanov’s failure as though they were simply waiting for this moment.

This was only possible if they had been convinced of Isaac Ivanov’s failure from the start.

Of course, their actions went too far and people began to protest.

-It hasn’t even been officially announced by the spokesperson yet, what kind of news is this?

-They are cursing him!

However, the backlash didn’t last long.

“I will now start the emergency briefing.”

Soon, when Isaac Ivanov’s spokesperson appeared before the press conference, and when they all saw the spokesperson’s dismal expression, everyone was forced to believe it.

“I apologize for being the bearer of bad news.”

And as everyone expected, terrible words began flowing from the spokesperson’s mouth.

The atmosphere of the entire world became still.

Of course, there were some who became incomparably excited by the news that was about to come.

In such a tense atmosphere, Isaac Ivanov spokesperson let out a long sigh before continuing their announcement.

“Isaac Ivanov is currently unconscious and receiving urgent medical treatment after receiving a fatal injury during the attack on the Hatchling Dungeon.” (TL: HA! GOT EEM!)

The words from the spokesperson’s mouth were certainly terrible news.

Fatal injuries, unconsciousness, urgent medical treatment…

This was three pieces of terrible news in one.

However, the expressions of the people who heard this news were far from shocked or saddened.

The expressions of the gathered reporters were especially strange.

Those who had urgently tried to get the best seats in order to ask their prepared questions could no longer stay silent.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“A fatal injury? What happened in the dungeon? No, how do you know that outside of the dungeon?”

“He’s getting urgent medical attention? Where?”

Everyone appeared to be in a state of confusion as they did not understand the spokesperson’s words.

However, the spokesperson simply bowed to them while saying.

“I would like to ask everyone to please give your support and encouragement for Isaac Ivanov to fully recover from his injuries. This concludes my emergency briefing.”

With those words, the spokesperson turned around and left.

Only then did the world realise.

“Oh my God! Isaac Ivanov has become the next Dragon Slayer!”

Isaac Ivanov had once again made the impossible possible.


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