KILL THE HERO Chapter 168 – Awakening (2)

KILL THE HERO Chapter 168 – Awakening (2)

Chapter 168 – Awakening (2)
Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana


Following the screech of the Skeleton Knight wielding Percival’s spear in his hand, silence fell upon the battlefield for the first time.

It was the moment when the battle with the agents of Ilyeong, who were secretly raised by the Yamato Federation and sent to kill Kim Woo-jin, had come to an end. (TL: I decided to not translate ‘Ilyeong-Sun Shadow’ as, in my opinion, it sounded better untranslated)

Of course, even though the battle hand ended, the skeleton soldiers and knights did not stop moving.


They stabbed the weapons in their hands into the broken bodies of their opponents that were on the ground.


They began confirming their kills to ensure nothing unexpected occured.

“Dammit, I had to do all the work again this time.”

And Lee Jin-ah began spewing the complaints that he’d been withholding the whole time.

However, this time, it was a reasonable complaint. The biggest contributor in this battle was Lee Jin-ah, not Kim Woo-jin.

“I had to pretend to be troubled by the death of my teammate, hunt monsters ferociously, act as a tank against these bastards and hold their aggro.”

As Lee Jin-ah said, Kim Woo-jin would have been unable to hunt the well trained members of Ilyeong so stealthily and efficiently without his help.

Kim Woo-jin also admitted this fact, which was why he turned to Lee Jin-ah and said.

“Good work.”

“Oh, your divine grace is without bounds. Just hearing your words fills me with joy. Ah, so full!” (TL: The ‘Oh’ and ‘Ah’ here are actually ‘Aigo(o)’ but I found it hard to find a good english equivalent to match these sentences)

He then received a sarcastic remark in return.

Kim Woo-jin waved the sword in his hand at Lee Jin-ah.

“Then I’ll give you this as a bonus.”


Of course, Lee Jin-ah snorted at this remark.

“Does it look like I’d fall for the same trick twice? I don’t need stuff like that, when we leave, just treat me to a meal.”

When he heard what Lee Jin-ah said, Kim Woo-jin simply nodded and put the Makya that he was holding into his inventory.

The fact that the Makya took up three inventory slots immediately drew his attention.


It was an indescribable gain.

Before he’d returned to the past, it was something that even the Messiah Guild had wanted to obtain yet couldn’t.

However, it wasn’t the value of the item that caused him to have such a strange expression.

‘Why is an item that even Lee Se-jun couldn’t find in the hands of the Bow God.’

Instead, it was because he had learned something from this big harvest.

‘It’s clear that the Bow God intentionally hid it.’

For Kim Woo-jin, the true value of the Makya came from the fact that the Bow God had intentionally hidden it from Lee Se-jun.

‘That’s why he couldn’t even find a single clue.’

It made sense now why they were unable to find any clues about the Makya in the past.

If the Bow God, who was a key member of the Messiah Guild, wanted to hide it, then it was natural for the Messiah Guild to be unable to find it.

‘There must be a reason why he hid it.’

In addition, he was curious about the reason for hiding it.

‘There’s no way he would reveal all his cards to a guy who was pretending to be a Savior in order to rule the world.’

The Bow God knew that Lee Se-jun was not actually a Savior. Nevertheless, he continued helping him play the role of Savior.

In those circumstances, would he show everything he had to Lee Se-jun?

If he were that type of person, then he would have stuck to Lee Se-jun from the beginning and did his best to help him rule the world.

‘The best thing to do would be to prepare for unforeseen situations.’

So he must have kept his insurance hidden, and there was a high chance that the Makya was part of that insurance.

That was the important part.

The Makya was one of the Bow God’s weaknesses.

‘But from Lee Se-jun’s perspective, it would be unacceptable.’

Weaknesses were things that the Messiah Guild would never tolerate.

‘How exciting.’

Kim Woo-jin was more delighted by the fact that he had gotten hold of one of the Bow God’s weaknesses than that he’d obtained the Makya.

So Kim Woo-jin moved immediately.

He headed to the place where he’d left Ito Shunsuke’s body.

Then he looked into Ito Shunsuke’s lifeless eyes.

[Anubis’ Eye has opened.]

He began to earnestly search for his opponent’s weaknesses with black eyes.

“Are you sure about this?”

“I’m certain.”

After hearing the confident reply from his subordinate, Oh Se-chan once again looked down at the document in his hands.

Oh Se-chan, who finished reviewing the contents of the document for the second time, spoke with a huff.

“Those Yamato Federation bastards are smart.”

The information in the document that was in Oh Se-chan’s hands was about none other than the secret organisation that the Yamato Federation had created.

“So that’s why we weren’t able to find anything in the background checks.”


A secret organisation hidden by the Yamato Federation. Naturally, Oh Se-chan had been looking for information about this organisation for a long time.

Knowing that Japan had a rather close relationship with the Messiah Guild, there was no way he wouldn’t pursue information about an organisation claiming to be Japan’s shadow.

However, Oh Se-chan wasn’t making much progress in his hunt for information.

“I was wondering where their cash flow came from…”

In particular, Oh Se-chan, who mainly collected information through cash flow, had been unable to find the line that led to Ilyeong.

But he had finally gotten a clue.

“They used oil money to fund their little shadow organisation, which means the cash flow should be traceable.”

The source of funds for the Japanese shadow group, Ilyeong, was Middle Eastern oil money.

‘That’s a very unexpected combination.’

Oh Se-chan would never have thought that a country like Japan with a dream of imperialism would use oil funds from the Middle East to support their shadow organisation.

He couldn’t even imagine the process.

But Oh Se-chan did not try to use his brain cells to figure out the process of such a thing.

The important thing was that they’d found the connection.

This is such a pain.’

Regardless of the process, this simply meant that Oh Se-chan now had to also take the Middle East into account when dealing with Japan.

‘I don’t know what those guys in the Middle East are planning.’

Moreover, with the current situation in the world, the Middle East was a very troublesome region.

In a world haunted by monsters, oil prices continued to rise, and religious tensions in the Middle East, which held the most oil, also rose steeply, so it would be strange if dealing with them wasn’t a headache.

“The SDF that were on standby have begun to move.” (TL: SDF is an acronym for Self Defense Forces)

While contemplating the situation with the Middle East, Oh Se-chan put down the document in his hands as he heard a report from another subordinate.

Meanwhile, the subordinate continued to report.

“It seems they are moving toward the dungeon gate. As we expected, it looks like they’re prepared for the worst.”

What they meant by the worst case was simple.

“If the assassination fails, it seems they are prepared to use force.”

This meant that if Ilyeong failed to kill Kim Woo-jin and Lee Jin-ah in the dungeon, they would try to do it after they came out.

“Will they really do that?”

Another subordinate who also heard the report, could not help but ask Oh Se-chan in surprise.

It felt like an extreme measure.

No matter how they tried to clean up this mess, the risk would still be enormous.

“If Kim Woo-jin dies, Park Yong-wan would not let it go easily. That wouldn’t be an easy mess to clean up, right?”

Moreover, the target of the armed action was none other than Kim Woo-jin.

The price Japan would have to pay for killing him would not be small.

“They will.”

Nevertheless, Oh Se-chan was sure that the Yamato Federation would use such measures in the worst case scenario.

“It’s better to kill the target they failed to assassinate than allow them to come out of the dungeon and reveal what happened. Can the dead speak?”

If the fact that there was a failed assassination was revealed by Kim Woo-jin, there would be another set of problems.

“And those Japanese bastards are the type to do crazy things in war. To achieve their dream of imperialism, there was nothing they weren’t willing to do.”

As Oh Se-chan said, Japan would make sure to eliminate Kim Woo-jin even if they had to fire a missile.

Of course, it was the role of Oh Se-chan and his men to prevent that.

“What will we do then?”

So a subordinate asked the most important question.

It seemed that Oh Se-chan had not told his subordinates the plan that he had concocted this time.


Instead of answering, Oh Se-chan just had a contemplative expression on his face.

This caused his subordinates to become worried.

‘He’s worried.’

‘Well it’s not like it’s impossible, but…’

The subordinates also began devising their own ways to solve this problem in case Oh Se-chan asked them.

‘It won’t be easy to stop the SDF from moving in Japan. We’d have no chance but to stop an army with an army.’

‘In the end, the only thing we can use is military power. But if we do something wrong, it could lead to actual war.’

The problem was the fact that any wrong move could lead to war.

“Ah, this is insane.”

Suddenly words burst from Oh Se-chan’s mouth.

In response to Oh Se-chan’s words, one of his subordinates spoke with a tense expression.

“Are you going to utilize military power as well?”


Oh Se-chan frowned when he heard the question.

“Military power, do you intend to start a war? No, well, we might go to war someday, but why would we do that now?”


The subordinates all looked surprised at Oh Se-chan’s words.

Oh Se-chan asked one thing.

“Wouldn’t it be simpler to just send Isaac Ivanov?”


His subordinates gained expressions of understanding after hearing those words.

That was because Oh Se-chan’s idea was perfect.

‘That’s right, it’ll be difficult for them to exercise force in front of Isaac Ivanov.’

‘And the reason could be that he was there to see his teammates.’

They wouldn’t be able to kill Isaac Ivanov’s teammate in front of him even if they wanted to.

Soon, expressions of admiration could be seen on all of the subordinates’ faces.

But following their admiration, they couldn’t help but ask more questions.

“Then your worried expression…”

When he heard this, Oh Se-chan turned to his subordinates with a serious expression.

“Would it be weird for someone who just woke up from a coma to want to eat Tuna Belly Sushi and top grade Wagyu Beef? Ah, I want to eat sushi and beef for free…”


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