KILL THE HERO Chapter 184 – An Expensive Lesson (4)

KILL THE HERO Chapter 184 – An Expensive Lesson (4)

Chapter 184 – An Expensive Lesson (4)
Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

In a closed school playground where hundreds of officials, players who were about to challenge the dungeon, and reporters who were going to film them.


A loud explosion thundered.

At the same time, a dust cloud erupted as a result of the blast.

A bomb had exploded.

But for a moment, no one reacted to the bombing,

However, about 20 seconds after it happened, people began responding to it.



All sorts of screams began erupting from the dust cloud.

It was a mess.

However, most of the players were fine.

After all, at level 100, most players had physiques that far surpassed the human limit, as well as different items they intended to use against the monsters.

Some of them might have been injured, but absolutely no one died.

However, those players still reacted to the situation.

“Get back!”


The players hurried to leave the messy playground.

This was natural.

‘Someone attacked!’

‘It’s dangerous.’

‘There might be more explosives.’

After their experiences with dungeons, they instinctively knew that in the face of an unknown threat, the best action was to retreat without looking back.

Naturally, after a short time, they realised something,

“What about Isaac?”


“Didn’t the two of them enter the dungeon?”

Isaac’s party had entered the dungeon.

“Can we still enter the dungeon?”

And the dungeon was no longer accepting players.

“Is it just the two of them?”

“Oh my God…”

The worst possible thing had happened.

[Hunt 20,002 monsters to move on to the next floor.]

It was the notification of the conditions to clear the first floor of the dungeon.

“It really happened.”

At the same time, it was a reminder that no one else could enter or leave the dungeon until it was cleared or they died.

“Only the two of us came in.”

Lee Jin-ah let out a dejected laugh when he saw that it was just him and Kim Woo-jin. (TL: he knows what’s gonna happen)


It was a laugh that came out after the situation he was told to expect came to pass.

“Now I’ve really seen everything.”

As Lee Jin-ah let out that strange laugh, he turned towards Kim Woo-jin.

“How the hell did you predict something like this?”

Kim Woo-jin gave him a simple reply.

“It’s not easy to blow us up or kill us outside of the dungeon, and the risk of failure is very high.”

Lee Jin-ah clicked his tongue.

“So that’s all it took for you to predict this? Normal people would never be able to think of something like this.”

Kim Woo-jin didn’t bother with his question.

After all, that wasn’t the full reason.

‘I’m used to things like this.’

It was impossible for him to explain that facing terror threats from hostile forces both inside and outside the dungeons was an everyday occurrence for him in the past.

So instead of answering, Kim Woo-jin moved on to the next action.

“For now, let’s just focus on hunting.”

Getting ready for battle.

“Because we need to hunt the 20,000 monsters quickly.”

Along with those words, Kim Woo-jin used a skill.

[The Book of the Dead has been opened.]

The Book of the Dead was opened, and a slab on the first page was taken out and smashed,

The slab became dust and the dust gradually took on a new shape.

[Skeleton Knight has been summoned.]

A fully armored Skeleton Knight was the thing to appear.

Bors’ Shield, Percival’s Spear and armor made from Hatchling leather.

It was an equipment set that would frighten even the famous players.

[Black Bone effect has been activated.]

[Ruler of the Battlefield has been activated.]

And the Skeleton Knight was made even stronger.

[The Skeleton Knight has become the Incarnation of the Battlefield.]

A red aura then erupted from the Skeleton Knight.


It was the moment when it had truly become a monster befitting the name Incarnation of the Battlefield.

However, Kim Woo-jin didn’t stop there.

He summoned the remaining Skeleton Knights from the Book of the Dead as well as Skeleton Soldiers to ensure the effect of Ruler of the Battlefield would be stacked to the max.

Three Skeleton Knights and Seven Skeleton Soldiers all equipped with Hatchling armor appeared within an instant.


Seeing this, Lee Jin-ah gulped subconsciously.

‘He can summon an elite monster unit without even needing sacrifices.’

Kim Woo-jin was able to summon a group that could annihilate large amounts of monsters without any cost.

In front of Lee Jin-ah, Kim Woo-jin then took off his glove and cut his palm with the Makya.

The sharp blade easily cut into his palm and the blood poured like a fountain onto the ground.

“Blood Golem.”

And soon after, Kim Woo-jin summoned a new monster addition.

[Summoned a Blood Golem.]

Blood Golem.

It was at the moment when the worst nightmare produced by the Deadly Poison King had been recreated by Kim Woo-jin.

-Breaking News! There was a bombing!

-The Japanese government has yet to figure out what exactly happened…

-Everything is currently a mess!

The bombing that occurred in Tokyo, Japan, was quickly spread to the rest of the world through various channels.

Naturally, the world was shocked by the news.

-There was a bombing in Japan?

-It wasn’t just terrorism, it was terrorism against players.

-But what was their purpose?

Japan, which was considered to be in a state of peace, was shocked by the fact that the players were targeted.

But even more, shocking news was soon released.

[Isaac Ivanov’s party trapped in the dungeon!]

The fact that Isaac Ivanov’s party had entered the dungeon before the bomb had gone off and were thus trapped in the dungeon soon came to light.

The world was truly astonished by the news.

-So you’re saying that Isaac Ivanov’s party are the only ones in an A+ rank 4 Floor dungeon?

-Oh my God, this doesn’t make sense!

-The dungeon had a maximum number of entries of 249!

-Still, they cleared the Hatchling dungeon alone, didn’t they? This might not be impossible for them, right?

?That was 3 Floors! This is 4 Floors!

? The difference between 3 Floors and 4 Floors is like the difference between middle and high schoolers!

? That’s right! And at that time there were three people, including Kim Woo-jin!

? They’re doomed!

There was no one who had a hopeful opinion about two people clearing a 4 Floor dungeon that had a maximum capacity of 249 and was meant for players above level 100.

[The possibility of Isaac Ivanov’s party clearing the dungeon and surviving are practically 0%!]

[The worst disaster possible has happened!]

[It seems God has turned his eyes away from Isaac Ivanov!]

The media also rushed to convey this news and portrayed it as a horrible disaster.

“I’m satisfied.”

It was the most satisfying result for the Sword Saint.

Prince Khalid smiled when he heard those words.

“I’m glad you liked it.”

“But I would have let five or six assassins go with Isaac Ivanov.”

Prince Khalid shrugged.

“Is that really necessary?”

“It would be better if those five or six people interfere with Isaac Ivanov’s attack on the dungeon.”

Prince Khalid shook his head.

“Even if we don’t do that, those two are probably experiencing hell right now.”

As if to reinforce his words, he spoke again.

“It’ll only take them a few days to really understand their situation, and at that point, I doubt they’d even want to continue hunting monsters.”


About four hundred One Eyed Orcs roared as they charged across a meadow.

The scene was like a giant wave heading towards a beach.

A ruthless wave that no one would dare face.


However, the one hundred or so skeletons that were standing opposite this wave did not retreat.


Instead, under the command of a Skeleton Knight, the skeleton army began charging at the One Eyed Orcs.

And the battle that ensued was incredibly brutal.

The sound of weapons clashing, as well as the sounds the Orcs made as they fell and the skeletons made as they crumbled, could be heard all at once.

It wasn’t a battle where it was easy to tell which side was winning or losing.

Of course, that fact alone was amazing in itself as it was a battle with one hundred against four hundred.

A difference of three hundred soldiers was not something that could be easily overcome in a frontal battle.

Nevertheless, the fact that they were not being pushed back clearly showed the strength of the skeleton army.

Then something amazing happened.

The battle that had originally looked even, began to get pushed to one side.

And the side that was being pushed back was none other than the four hundred One Eyed Orcs.



The One Eyed Orcs, who refused to retreat after they were bloodied by the Skeleton Soldiers’ weapons began falling one after the other.

There was a certain reason for that.

And that was a blood red figure that was moving freely in the front line.

Blood Golem!

The Blood Golem that had been created with Kim Woo-jin’s Blood Poison, was undoubtedly breaking down the frontline.

The method was quite simple.

For the Blood Golem, these Orcs that were already covered in scars and wounds didn’t even need to be attacked properly.

In the crowded battlefield, the Blood Golem only needed simple contact to break the balance.

It was a sight that would astonish any viewer.

‘As expected.’

However, Kim Woo-jin, who was controlling the Golem, was not surprised by this scene.

After all, there was no way he would be surprised when he had experience going against the Deadly Poison King.

Of course, that was just for Kim Woo-jin.


Lee Jin-ah, on the other hand, even stopped mid fight to watch the Blood Golem wade through the battlefield.

Then, as he watched Kim Woo-jin’s monsters trample their enemies with ease, he couldn’t help but mutter to himself.

“I don’t even have the will to fight anymore…”


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