KILL THE HERO Chapter 201 – Payback (5)

KILL THE HERO Chapter 201 – Payback (5)

Chapter 201 – Payback (5)
Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana


Lee Jin-ah let out a loud burp as he rubbed his stomach that had swollen like a mountain.

“It’s been a long time since I was this full.”

Oh Se-chan, who was looking at the cleaned grill, couldn’t help but talk with a dumbfounded tone.

“You ate it all on your own. Hey, don’t you know what self restraint is?”

Lee Jin-ah shrugged at those words.

“It’s meat that Kim Woo-jin bought with the Phoenix Guild’s company card anyway, so why can’t I eat all of it? You’re not buying it, are you? And if you need meat, we could always buy more, so what’s the problem?”

Oh Se-chan closed his mouth when he heard that.

Seemingly satisfied by this sight, Lee Jin-ah stood and patted his stomach a few times before saying.

“Now then, let’s have dessert.”

With those words, Lee Jin-ah headed over to the nearby refrigerator, and Oh Se-chan, who had just realised that, shouted out to him.

“Hey, wait! Don’t open that!”


As he asked this, Lee Jin-ah opened the refrigerator and was shocked when things began falling out of it.

“Huh? Chocolate?”

The things that had fallen out were all chocolate.

The refrigerator had been filled to the brim with chocolates.

In addition, the packaging on them was all different.

“Valentine’s day gifts?”

Soon, Lee Jin-ah who identified some of the packaging looked at Oh Se-chan and laughed.

“Did you steal all the chocolates that Isaac Ivanov’s fans sent him for Valentine’s day?”

Oh Se-chan shouted at those words.

“H-, how is that possible? Those were my gifts. Right, they were sent to me.”

Lee Jin-ah snorted when he heard that ridiculous excuse.

“Hyung, let’s be honest here. What Valentine’s gifts would you possibly get?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

As he was looking at the different chocolates, Lee Jin-ah’s expression suddenly stiffened.

Then, with a stern look on his face, he recited some Russian that had been written on the wrappers.


Lee Jin-ah turned to look at Oh Se-chan with wide eyes.

“Ha ha, ha ha ha.”

Oh Se-chan could only laugh awkwardly at his stare.

“Hyung! You even stole the ones sent for me?!”

“I-, I didn’t steal them! I just quietly kept them in the fridge for you so that they wouldn’t melt.”

Of course, that was just an excuse.

An excuse that would never work.

“Hey, really! How could you do that?! I could understand if you stole from Kim Woo-jin, but how could you take Valentine’s chocolate from me too?!”

“I didn’t steal it, just saved it for you. I was going to give it to you when you came. And honestly, not a lot came. For every 100 Isaac got, you only got one.”

At that time, Lee Jin-ah shouted as he saw a chocolate bar that was already unwrapped and had been bitten a few times.

“This, why is this one unwrapped.”

“There was probably a problem with the delivery.”

“Alright, I’ll just tell Kim Woo-jin about this.”

Kim Woo-jin!

The moment this name was mentioned, Oh Se-chan shouted desperately.

“Jin-ah! I’ll buy you Tangsuyuk!”

“Do I look like I’d get bribed by food?”

“I’ll buy it twice!”

“Hyung, don’t be pathetic.”

“Three, three times! I’ll buy it three times! With my money!”

“Well, now that I think about it, it wouldn’t be worth it to ruin our good relationship over some chocolate.”

Oh Se-chan breathed a sigh of relief as Lee Jin-ah closed the refrigerator door with a satisfied expression.

Lee Jin-ah then began to eat chocolates nonstop while asking Oh Se-chan.

“Is it really that hard to make trade with the Lightning King?”

When he heard the question, Oh Se-chan’s expression crumpled a bit.

“It’s very difficult.”


“The Lightning King only barters. But this only works if you have an item that the Lightning King wants. So simply put, whenever you make a deal with him, you are bound to be on the losing end.”

As he said this, Oh Se-chan recalled his past dealings with the Lightning King and shuddered involuntarily.

“It sounds like Hyung would rather die than trade with him. Then how would Park Yong-wan trade with the Lightning King?”

“Didn’t I already tell you? There’s no way to trade with him without losing.”

“Will Park Yong-wan tolerate the loss?”

“If he doesn’t do it, Isaac Ivanov will leave, so of course he’d do it. But it’ll be hard to get what he wants. In any case, all Park Yong-wan has to do is bridge the gap between Isaac Ivanov and the Lightning King. But even that is gonna be expensive.”

After saying that, Oh Se-chan stretched his hand out to Lee Jin-ah, who placed a chocolate bar on it.

After taking a bite of chocolate, Oh Se-chan said.

“So if Park Yong-wan bleeds a little to become a bridge, it would be a deal between Isaac Ivanov and the Lightning King using that bridge.”

“What deal?”

“The Lightning King’s weakness is the fact that he can’t get into 4 Floor dungeons because his level is too high. In other words, the Lightning King will direct Isaac Ivanov to a 4 Floor dungeon and ask him to retrieve items from there. If Isaac Ivanov gets the item, he would then be able to trade with the Lightning King.”

It was then.


Oh Se-chan’s phone began to vibrate, and he picked it up without hesitation and answered it.

“What’s up? Huh? Park Yong-wan made a deal? That’s much faster than I imagined. It seems Park Yong-wan is determined. So what’s the Lightning King’s offer? Skeleton Magician Mastery? He’ll give you that?”

Then Oh Se-chan’s expression became hard.

“He wants us to give him a Unicorn Horn? Shit, he’s coming on strong from the start. Is there a dungeon where Unicorn Horns might appear? Where?”

Suddenly, Oh Se-chan’s entire body, not just his expression, became hard.

“…that’s crazy. Okay, go ahead and hang up,”

Soon after the call ended, Lee Jin-ah couldn’t help but ask Oh Se-chan a question.

“What happened?”

“Nothing special.”

“So you’re saying you made such an expression for nothing special?”

“The next attack location has been decided.”

“Is it someplace dangerous?”

“No, it’s not that dangerous.”

Oh Se-chan who was talking in a relaxed voice continued to say.

“More importantly, have you been vaccinated for malaria?”

“Malaria vaccine?”

“Because the dungeon is in the Amazon.”

Lee Jin-ah then spoke in a voice filled with fear.

“You mean the Amazon that has become a monster den because rebels and terrorists have taken control of it? Where there is news of battles and deaths happening every day? And where monsters can be easily found?”

“Yep, that Amazon.”

(TL: this is the end of the payback chapter…)


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