KILL THE HERO Chapter 207 – Speedy Battle (2)

KILL THE HERO Chapter 207 – Speedy Battle (2)

Chapter 207 – Speedy Battle (2)
Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana



As one of the Lightning King’s right hand men, and a member of the Thunderbird Company, he already had the ability to create a guild under his name.

He was basically on the guild master level.

This didn’t just mean that he was a strong player.

To become the head of a guild, one not only needed to have excellent skills, but also the ability to deal with people, and a good eye for people.

This was part of the reason why the Lightning King had taken Roberto as one of his right hand men.

Then Roberto was given an order.

He was asked to check if Isaac Ivanov had the ability to confront the Messiah Guild.

Frankly, he thought it was a ridiculous order. After all, going against the Messiah Guild was like going against the entire world

‘It cannot be done.’

He felt that it was impossible for anyone to even try to rival the Messiah Guild.

That was why he was so shocked now.

[The conditions to clear the fourth floor of the dungeon has been achieved.]

‘Is it really possible to clear a dungeon so quickly?’

Because in front of his very eyes was a player who could rival the Messiah Guild.


The eyes of the startled Roberto were currently following Isaac Ivanov’s party, who was walking behind an army of skeletons.

‘His power is at the expected level…’

Roberto never had any intention of doubting Isaac Ivanov’s combat power.

After all, it was impossible for him to question the combat power of a player who had cleared a Hatchling dungeon with just his party.

However, dungeons weren’t things that could be cleared just with combat ability.

The thing that truly shocked him was the fact that Isaac Ivanov’s party didn’t just hunt one-sidedly with force.

‘How can they hunt so efficiently?’

The party had been using accurate and efficient hunting methods that perfectly matched the characteristics and habits of the monsters they faced.

‘How can they do it without properly collecting information?’

But the problem was that there was no information gathering done during that process.

This was why Roberto was shocked.

Of course, Kim Woo-jin didn’t care about Roberto’s thoughts.

From the start, before even entering the dungeon, Kim Woo-jin had come to a decision.

He had to reach level 150 as quickly as possible in the Amazon Rainforest.

In other words, for Kim Woo-jin, this place wasn’t a test stage.

[Your level has increased.]

It was just a hunting ground to level up faster.

For Kim Woo-jin, the only thing that was important was how fast he was growing.

[Kim Woo-jin]

– Level: 122

– Halo: Emissary of the Underworld

– Stats: Health(365+955)/ Stamina(2+439)/Magic Power(3+832)

– Achievements: 107

– Extra Points: 3

‘The level up speed is as expected.’

And now, the speed with which he was leveling up matched Kim Woo-jin’s expectations.

Of course, others might have been frightened if they saw this.

In this dungeon alone, he had raised his level five times.

It was a pace that seemingly transcended common sense.

Nevertheless, Kim Woo-jin’s expression as he judged the situation, was not very good.

‘The problem is…’

[The Emissary of the Underworld is interested in you again.]

The reason why his expression was so bad was none other than the notification he’d received upon leveling up.

‘This notification.’

His halo, which would usually applaud his growth or give him a pleasant reward, had given him a different notification than usual.

In addition, Kim Woo-jin knew exactly what this meant.

‘Johann Georg must have gotten stronger.’

The King of Undead!

It was proof that he, who had been deprived of the Emissary of the Underworld’s favor because of Kim Woo-jin, was once again showing remarkable growth. (TL: fighting for sugar daddy’s attention…they’re like consorts in a harem)

‘It seems the Messiah Guild decided to support him fully.’

It was also proof that the Messiah Guild was supporting Johann Georg to such an extent that Kim Woo-jin could hardly keep up.

This wasn’t very welcoming news.

Kim Woo-jin also would not accept this fact.

Of course, he had no intention of backing down from this fight.

After all, he didn’t have a reason to back down.

‘It’s been a long time since I acted like a hunting dog.’

This was because he was the Hunting Dog, Kim Woo-jin, who could not even be given a proper nickname because of his ridiculously fast growth.


This Kim Woo-jin then turned to look at Roberto who had been watching them from afar.

“Isaac says. ‘There are three days until three weeks ends’.”

Roberto didn’t respond to him.

Instead, he just made an expression as though he had awoken from a nightmare.

All rights to a dungeon were owned by the government of the country the dungeon appeared in.

This was a law that had been passed in most countries.

The same was true for Brazil. Their laws clearly stated that all rights to the dungeons belonged to the government.

However, such laws could only be enforced when the government was the one in power.

In Brazil, a country where the government basically had no role to play, this law was basically ineffective.

Of course, dungeons that appeared in the Amazon Rainforest had no owners.

It didn’t matter who found the dungeon first, or who was inside it.

And there was nothing wrong with dealing with the players after they cleared the dungeon.

“It’s the 20th day.”

In the Amazon Rainforest, a place filled with a terrible heat where someone could be killed just for breathing loudly, a group of well armed people in camouflage laid in wait.

“When did their supply unit arrive?”

“About a week ago.”

“What’s their power?”

“About 50 people.”

Red Wolf.

It was one of the many anti-governmental groups active in Venezuela, who were known for their rather radical actions.

And naturally, money was needed for anti-governmental actions.

That was why they were there.

“Are you sure Roberto went in?”

“I’m certain.”

The dungeon gate they were targeting now was the one that the Thunderbird executive, Roberto, had entered.

It was a good chance for them to hit a jackpot.

The items that were owned by Roberto would certainly not be normal, and even his men, who were also elites of the Thunderbird Company, would all have equipment that were rare at least.

Most of them would also be level 100 and above items.

Moreover, most players would be wearing their best items as they left the dungeon.

After the battles ended, and the dungeon was cleared, players usually wanted to get out the dungeons and rest, and rarely put their items back in their inventories before they did so.

That’s why, there was a high probability that the items the players wore when they left the dungeon gate were the best they had.

“What about the bounty on Roberto’s head?”

“Still active.”

At the same time, there was a bounty on Roberto’s head.

It wasn’t just Roberto.

South America was filled with criminal gangs, anti-government groups and the mafia.

Becoming so powerful in such a place meant that Thunderbird had certainly stepped on some toes.

So one could earn a lot of money just by killing one of Thunderbird’s executives.

“The time has finally come to avenge our brothers.’

Even if there wasn’t a bounty, the Red Wolves were determined to kill Roberto.

Therefore, they would not miss such an opportunity.

“We’ll capture the dungeon gate in three days.”

They were going to take control of the dungeon gate, then deal with Roberto as he left.

“Everyone get ready.”

Just as everyone began preparing their nerves.


A sickening sound came from somewhere.


And it immediately began to spread like a ripple.


After a while, the disgusting sound suddenly changed.


Eventually, the sound came to a stop.

Carlos, who was in charge of this mission for the Red Wolves suddenly shouted with all his might instead of pausing in surprise.

“Enemy attack!”

He knew that in the Amazon Rainforest, the moment someone stopped in surprise, they were dead.


His shout was immediately followed by a barrage of gunfire.

“Return fire!”

Carlos immediately ordered the counterattack as he directed the muzzle of the rifle he was carrying in the direction that the bullets were coming from.

He tried to pull the trigger right away.

‘Sk-, skeletons?’

But when he aimed his rifle and saw skeletons wielding guns, he couldn’t help but freeze for a moment.

Naturally, the aforementioned logic applied to him at that moment.

In the Amazon Rainforest, the moment you paused in surprise, you were dead.


Bullets soon hit Carlos’ body.


When Roberto, who was resting with a towel soaked in cold water on his face, heard the sudden gunshots, he immediately sprung to his feet.

“Prepare for the enemy attack!”

It was then.

A man walked into his tent and spoke.

“You don’t have to worry about it.

This man was none other than Kim Woo-jin.

“That’s the sound of Isaac Ivanov’s skeletons dealing with the problem.”

At Kim Woo-jin’s words, Roberto’s expression stiffened slightly.

This response could be considered strange after considering the fact that Roberto was an executive from Thunderbird, the Lightning King’s right hand man, and brutal enough that he had a bounty on his head.


Kim Woo-jin’s words made Roberto so traumatised that he even gulped down some saliva.

It was that bad.

It was Roberto’s experiences during the past 20 days that made him react in such a way.

“Since he was repeatedly attacked in Japan, Isaac has become pretty sensitive to things like this.”

And the person who had shocked him the most wasn’t Isaac Ivanov, instead, it was Kim Woo-jin.

His fighting power was much higher than Isaac anticipated.

The combat power of the Skeleton Soldiers was quite formidable. And the level of skill displayed by the Skeleton Knights made his jaw drop.

But they were still in an acceptable range.

After all, he’d already heard about Isaac Ivanov’s reputation.

However, Kim Woo-jin was different.

As far as he knew, Kim Woo-jin’s reputation was practically non-existent.

No, in fact he was currently known to the world as a dead man, wasn’t he?

At first, Roberto had dismissed Kim Woo-jin as just Isaac Ivanov’s assistant.

But he wasn’t.

He wasn’t an assistant.

Instead, it was Kim Woo-jin who created the strategies and tactics for Isaac Ivanov.

Not to mention his horrifying poison.

‘Monstrous bastard.’


That was the evaluation Roberto had given Kim Woo-jin.

“Please contact the Lightning King.”

When he heard those words, Roberto paused.

What would he say to the Lightning King?

How many points would he give Isaac Ivanov and his party for what they had shown him?

These ‘creatures’ that surpassed common sense gave Roberto a headache.

But one thing was clear.

“Ah, and give me the skill page you promised. Isaac Ivanov hates people who can’t keep their word.”

They still had plenty of room to grow.


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