KILL THE HERO Chapter 211 – Attack (2)

KILL THE HERO Chapter 211 – Attack (2)

Chapter 211 – Attack (2)
Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

The thoughts of everyone who saw him for the first time were always the same.

Was this pale man with a sleepy expression and a skinny, sickly body that looked like he would collapse at any time really be the Lightning King?

But anyone who actually knew the Lightning King would never doubt his identity.

Instead, they would think that there was no one else suited for that title.

Furthermore, they would know that the title, Lightning King, didn’t come just because he had contracts with lightning spirits.

Lightning King.

That was because this title represented a tyrant who was more ruthless than anyone else.

“You let only the best players enter the A+ rank dungeon…”

That was the reason that Roberto, who was standing in front and listening to the words of the Lightning King, was sweating profusely.

“I never expected you to tell me those words.”

Roberto was well aware of how terrifying the Lightning King could be,

Moreover, this incident was his own fault.

As the Lightning King had said, he had basically given Isaac Ivanov and his team the A+ rank dungeon for free.

It was literally free.

The Thunderbird Company had no way of knowing what occurred in the dungeon if Isaac Ivanov chose to hide it, and if he didn’t want to hand over whatever he might have obtained, they had no way to retrieve it.

If it was a legendary item, the loss would be indescribable.

What Roberto should have done was throw himself into the dungeon gate, even if he was the only one.

No, instead, throwing himself into the dungeon would have been the correct course of action.

After all, wasn’t it common in the Amazon Rainforest for players to throw themselves into dungeon gates in order to survive?

There was absolutely no excuse for it, and Roberto had no intention of making any excuses.

Instead, he tried to apologize.

“I’m so…”

However, the apology got stuck in his throat.

This was because he was afraid of what the Lightning King would do.

Seeing this, the Lightning King’s eyes became cold.

Eventually, the Lightning King lifted his head, and when Shakira saw the look in his eyes, she couldn’t help but gulp.


The Lightning King didn’t react to her fear, and instead gave her some instructions.

“Plant mines around the dungeon gate.”

As the Lightning King continued speaking, his voice became colder and colder.

“So that they could never escape on their own two feet. And spread the information around.”


“Information that Isaac Ivanov’s party is currently in that dungeon.”

The Lightning King’s eyes became yellow, and sparks of electricity shot out of them.

“They’ll have to turn to me if they want to live.”

[Your level has increased.]

[The Emissary of the Underworld applauds your growth.]

Kim Woo-jin looked up as he heard the notification.

Under the Blood Cloud, formed using the blood from countless corpses, that was continuously raining down Skeleton Soldiers were finishing off the last of the monsters who were still breathing.

It was truly an appalling sight, but it didn’t impress Kim Woo-jin at all.

‘There should be about a hundred left.’

Instead, he was just crunching numbers in his head.

Then he received another notification.

[111 monsters remaining.]

It was a notification that stated there were 111 monsters remaining until they cleared this floor.

‘As expected.’

Kim Woo-jin was satisfied when the number remaining was similar to what he had just calculated.

That was the way Kim Woo-jin was.

He didn’t feel any sense of joy or accomplishment in battle, he didn’t want to.

All he wanted was to finish his tasks perfectly, similar to a program.

Therefore, Kim Woo-jin was satisfied with this situation, which was only calculations without any emotion.

“Lee Jin-ah.”

Kim Woo-jin called out to Lee Jin-ah.

But Lee Jin-ah didn’t answer. Instead, his gaze was focused upon the gruesome scene created with a combination of Kim Woo-jin’s skeletons and poison.

It was truly a sight.

In this world which had turned into a game, those who wanted to fulfill their desires would be horrified by this sight, and those who wanted the game to end would be thrilled.

It was a scene that would cause anyone to feel strong emotions.

Of course, Lee Jin-ah wasn’t included in either of those groups.

Munch munch!

The reason Lee Jin-ah couldn’t turn his head was because he was currently eating a chocolate bar.

“Lee Jin-ah.”

After Kim Woo-jin called his name for the second time, Lee Jin-ah turned to look at him with his cheeks swollen like a chipmunk.


He then swallowed everything before saying.


Lee Jin-ah’s voice was filled with dissatisfaction as he’d been disturbed while eating.

Kim Woo-jin couldn’t help but smile slightly at that fact.

‘He really is an amazing guy.’

Lee Jin-ah was probably the only human in the entire world who could face such a scene calmly while eating.

“Get ready.”

However, even the dissatisfaction on his face swiftly disappeared after he heard those two words.

“Right, it seems the time has come for the amazing and masculine Lee Jin-ah to help with this A+ rank 5 Floor dungeon.”

After all, it was an A+ rank 5 Floor dungeon.

There would be nothing strange if the fifth floor was very dangerous.

“It definitely wouldn’t be easy to defeat a fifth floor boss without me.”

It was even possible for a Dragon to appear.

A real Dragon was much more powerful than the Hatchling Kim Woo-jin and Lee Jin-ah had defeated before.

“That’s not what I’m talking about.”

Of course, that wasn’t something Kim Woo-jin would worry about.

The difference between Kim Woo-jin’s power in the past and now was mind boggling.

Kim Woo-jin could rest assured.

“I can handle the fifth floor on my own.”

At this point, Kim Woo-jin was able to hunt anything in a 5 Floor dungeon on his own without worry.

It was also not a problem to finish the hunt quickly.

The quantity and quality of the skills and items he had obtained were vastly different.

‘The Vampire skill is really helpful.’

Among them, one of the greatest abilities he’d obtained was none other than the Vampire transformation.

It’s abilities which provided an overwhelming merit in his information gathering ability allowed Kim Woo-jin to have faster and stabler hunts.

Of course, the greatest power was Kim Woo-jin himself.

‘The most helpful thing is that I managed to obtain Ganjang and Makya.’ (TL: soy sauce?)

With the items he had right now, Kim Woo-jin was confident that he could hunt any monster that could appear in a 5 Floor dungeon.

“Then what are you telling me to prepare? Are you telling me to prepare food?”

In other words, there was no danger to him in a 5 Floor dungeon.

“I mean, ‘get ready for when the attack is done’.”

“After the attack? What’s out there?”

If there was any danger, it could only come from outside.

“The Lightning King won’t let us go.”

The Lightning King was a threat.

“The Lightning King?”

Lee Jin-ah looked shocked as he asked that.

This wasn’t just because the Lightning King was one of the first players.

He was a monster.

A monster whose name could be mentioned in the same sentence as the Savior, Lee Se-jun!

In fact, he had officially cleared nine 6 Floor dungeons and there were rumors that he was preparing to tackle a 7 Floor dungeon/

No matter how great Isaac Ivanov’s reputation was, there was still a long way to go before he could be comparable to the Lightning King.

That Lightning King wouldn’t let them go?

“Why? Why would the Lightning King attack us?”

There had to be a reason.

“Because we’re the only ones to enter the dungeon.”

And in fact, the reason was obvious.

“Wasn’t that an ‘accident’?”

“The fact that it was an accident or not doesn’t matter to the Lightning King. All he cares about is the fact that we might have something that belongs to him.”

“How is it his? You haven’t even obtained anything yet, have you? No, didn’t you say that the Amazon Rainforest didn’t have an owner?”

“There is no owner, so if a strong person decides to take something, they become its owner.”

It was common to take anything you wanted in the Amazon Rainforest, as long as you were strong enough.

So from a certain perspective, it wasn’t wrong to say that everything in the rainforest belongs to the Lightning King.

“And the Lightning King is a tyrant who makes use of his power whenever he wants to.”

In addition, the Lightning King wasn’t some warrior who concealed their power and acted lowkey.

He was a tyrant whose title was more fitting than anyone else’s.


Lee Jin-ah let out a laugh at those words.

But not long after, Lee Jin-ah’s expression became fierce.

Kim Woo-jin knew that Lee Jin-ah was never the type of person who tolerated being threatened to hand over something he’d claimed.

Instead, he was the type of person who would do whatever it took to make sure whatever he gained remained his.

“Then we’ll just fight the Lightning King.”

He was a man who was willing to fight even the Lightning King.

“Right, we’ll just have to fight that Lightning King guy.” (TL: from the flow, it seems Lee Jin-ah said it and then confirmed it, Kim Woo-jin wasn’t the one to say it or agree… in case you might have been confused)

Lee Jin-ah willingly accepted this fact and began to steady his determination.

And as he did so, his expression became more serious than ever before.

“Is that so?”

Kim Woo-jin had a slight smile on his face as he asked Lee Jin-ah this question.

“There’s no need for us to do something so crazy like fighting the Lightning King.”


“Even if the two of us work together, we still couldn’t beat him.”

Kim Woo-jin knew that the Lightning King’s current power was not something they could handle.

At that point, he was already strong enough to handle 7 Floor dungeons.

“Moreover, the power the Thunderbird Company he leads has is no joke. It wouldn’t be wrong to call them an army.”

Furthermore, the Lightning King wasn’t alone.

Beneath him was Thunderbird, the world’s leading civilian military company.

They treated automatic rifles as toys and they had enough military power to make use of heavy machine guns and even tanks if necessary.

Fighting the Lightning King outside of a dungeon was, as Kim Woo-jin had said, crazy.

“Plus the Lightning King isn’t going to kill us.”

Most importantly, the Lightning King didn’t intend to kill Isaac Ivanov.

“Didn’t you say he was targeting us?”

“He wouldn’t be more than put a few mines around the dungeon gate and maybe spread the news about our attack. He’d probably put a sniper and some machine guns nearby.”

“How is that any different from killing us?”

“If he wanted to kill 5 Floor players then he’d prepare napalm(1) bombs, not a few mines.”

The Lightning King knew that it was impossible to kill players who could clear an A+ rank 5 Floor dungeon by themselves with mines and a sniper.

“All he wants is to tie us down. Or make us go to him.”

He simply wanted the people who had his possession to willingly go to him.

“So that no one in the rainforest would belittle him.”

If Isaac Ivanov were to do whatever he wanted, then the terror the Lightning King drove into people’s hearts would slowly begin to diminish.

And that was not something the Lightning King wished to see.

So if Isaac Ivanov requested assistance from the Lightning King, he would offer it without hesitation.

Rather, it could be said that he wanted it, so that they would rely on him more.

It was like throwing them in the deep part of a pool and then saving them.

“Then will you do what he wants?”

“Of course not.”

Of course, even though he knew that, Kim Woo-jin had no intentions of cooperating.

“We’re going to run away.”

“Run away? To where?”

And luckily, there were many places to escape.

“To a dungeon.”

This was the biggest reason why Kim Woo-jin had chosen this place as his leveling spot.


1. Napalm is a highly flammable sticky jelly used in incendiary bombs and flame-throwers, consisting of petrol thickened with special soaps. It is an enormously destructive weapon. It’s very sticky and can adhere to the skin even after ignition, causing terrible burns.

Napalm can cause death by burns or asphyxiation. Napalm bombs generate carbon monoxide while simultaneously removing oxygen from the air.)


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