KILL THE HERO Chapter 214 – Overrun (2)

KILL THE HERO Chapter 214 – Overrun (2)

Chapter 214 – Overrun (2)
Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

[Your level has increased.]

[The Undying Fighter admires your growth.]

A notification sounded in his ear, but Lee Jin-ah didn’t pay any attention to it.


Instead, all he could hear was the strange cries of the Bulls Warriors surrounding him.


The Bulls Warriors, who were basically miniature versions of Minotaurs, with a cow’s head which rested upon the body of an Orc, began to charge towards Lee Jin-ah.

Lee Jin-ah didn’t avoid the charge.

Dressed in the Nemean Lion’s Skin, he charged toward one of the Bulls Warriors with a body that was not much smaller than it.

The bodies of the two monsters collided fiercely.


Then with a loud sound, the body of the Bulls Warrior that collided with Lee Jin-ah was sent flying.


The Bulls Warriors were stunned by this and couldn’t help but stop.

Using this chance, Lee Jin-ah hit the body of another Bulls Warrior and made it stumble back.

Then, as he looked at these monsters, Lee Jin-ah roared.

“Skeletons, help! Help!” (TL: this made me laugh so hard, I was not expecting it)


Then, as if waiting, Skeleton Soldiers poured in from the sides.


The fallen Bulls Warriors could do nothing but cry out under the skeletons’ attacks.

Lee Jin-ah couldn’t help but grit his teeth as he watched this scene.

‘There is no end to this, no end.’

It was the 10th day since they’d entered the 6 Floor dungeon.

The past few days had passed like a blur to Lee Jin-ah, who now stood on the third floor of the dungeon.

Every day was filled with never ending battles.

At that point, it was impossible for him to estimate how many monsters he had killed since entering the dungeon.

‘But the leveling speed is no joke.’

Only the ridiculous speed with which his levels rose gave him a glimpse of how many fierce battles he’d fought.

Of course, he didn’t even have the time to feel happy about that fact,

Because the 6 Floor dungeon never gave him the chance.


[The Minotaur’s Fear begins to spread.]



It was the moment when this ridiculous monster, boasting a height of over 5 meters, made its appearance.

This was common for 6 Floor dungeons.

Medium sized monsters, which would be boss monsters in other dungeons, could appear without any signs or warning.

And even then, he was lucky that it was medium sized.

‘I’m glad it’s not a large one.’ (TL: some say flag?)

For 6 Floor dungeons, it would be nothing strange even if a large monster made a sudden appearance.

He had already experienced this on the second floor.

‘At least this is better than the Giant Lizard from the second floor.’

Giant Lizard.

From Lee Jin-ah’s perspective, compared to the Giant Lizard with a 70meter long body against whom he’d had to play the role of Jerry from Tom and Jerry, the Minotaur was a welcome sight.

“But what the hell is that bastard, Kim Woo-jin, doing? Hey, skeleton!”


“What the hell is your master doing? Taking a shit?”

OF course, the most welcome thing was the fact.



[The Minotaur’s horn has been cut off.]

[The Minotaur lets out a pained cry.]

[The Minotaur has been weakened greatly.]

‘Oh my God.’

The fact that his boss was the one who could turn a Minotaur into a lump of meat in an instant.

‘He’s the real monster.’

From Lee Jin-ah’s perspective, that was the most welcome fact.

In one smooth motion, Kim Woo-jin cut off the Minotaur’s horn, and then cut its body into large pieces with the Ganjang and Makya as he fell to the floor.

[Your level has increased.]

It was a pleasant notification.

But Kim Woo-jin didn’t pay attention to it.

Instead, he spoke to Lee Jin-ah through the skeleton beside him with the Grim Reaper’s mask.


Hearing this, Lee Jin-ah couldn’t help but ask back.

“Retreat? We hunted them all, didn’t we? Aren’t you going to take their leather?”

Kim Woo-jin didn’t repeat himself.

He didn’t have to.


[A Wyvern is looking at you.]

There were five Wyverns!

These hyena’s of the sky cried loudly as they were drawn to the sweet smell of blood.

This was what 6 Floor dungeons were like.

A place where predators could become prey in an instant.

It was a place where one had to prioritize survival over securing their hunts.

And that was the reason that Kim Woo-jin had decided to retreat without hesitation.

The same was true for Lee Jin-ah.

Lee Jin-ah, who confirmed the presence of the Wyverns, spoke to the skeleton connected to Kim Woo-jin beside him.

“Hey, why aren’t you running away?!”

At the same time, the rest of the skeletons retreated, and KIm Woo-jin also prepared to retreat from the battlefield.

‘This is the fourth time.’

In addition, this was the fourth time that the prey they hunted had been stolen by the Wyvern group.

‘They’re tailing us.’

The Wyverns were now waiting for Kim Woo-jin and Lee Jin-ah to attack before swooping down for the spoils.

It wasn’t something pleasant.

‘How troublesome.’

What was even more annoying was the fact that Kim Woo-jin currently had no way to deal with this Wyvern group.

Wyverns were strong monsters.

They had strong defense, so flimsy attacks would do nothing to them, jaws and teeth that could bite through steel, and claws that were unimaginably sharp.

But the trickiest part was the fact that they could fly very fast.

They were much faster than the Hatchling.

The only way to kill a Wyvern was to end it as soon as it touched the floor.

‘If it was just one or two then it wouldn’t be that big of an issue…’

Of course, that was something Kim Woo-jin was capable of.

If there were just one or two of them, Kim Woo-jin would have been able to deal with them.

‘The rest would be hard.’

However, this group consisted of five Wyverns.

Even if he did kill two, he had no way of dealing with the other three.

And if he did kill their companions, the Wyverns would attack him ceaselessly until one of them ceased to exist.

“Should I use the skill stone to raise the mastery of Skeleton Knight?’

Currently, Kim Woo-jin’s Skeleton Knight skill was B rank, and through the buff from the Plus Ring, it had become an A rank skill.

That meant that if he raised the rank of the Skeleton Knight skill with the skill stone, it would reach S rank.

‘That’s enough.’

From his estimations, Kim Woo-jin knew that the S rank Skeleton Knight skill was enough for him to defeat the Wyverns.

More importantly, as the number he was able to summon changed, the range of tactics that he could use increased as well.

‘Is it worth it to hunt Wyverns?’

But from a different perspective, it could be said that using the Skill Stone(A) just to defeat a group of Wyverns was an excessive investment.

At that moment, Kim Woo-jin had many skills that were B rank.

The Book of the Dead, Vampire, Blood Golem, and Dullahan, which he currently only had the skill page for.

Of course, the Skeleton Knight skill was worth upgrading.

Kim Woo-jin thought about it for a moment before he decided to stop worrying.

[A Skill Stone(A) has been used.]

[The rank of the Skeleton Knight skill has increased by one.]

[The number of Skeleton Knights that can be summoned has increased.]

Kim Woo-jin decided to use the skill stone.

‘If I encounter the Wyverns again, I won’t need to think about it. Four times are already more than enough.’

He chose to leave.

[You have slain a Minotaur.]

[Earned the Achievement ‘Minotaur Hunter’.]

While Kim Woo-jin made up his mind to get rid of the Wyvern, they began feasting on the chopped up corpse of the Minotaur.

‘I’ll have to forget about the Minotaur’s leather.’

It was the moment when the excellent material, Minotaur’s leather, which could be used to make great armor, had been wasted.

‘Right, I will definitely kill these guys.’

At the same time, it was the time when the Minotaur had become bait for the Wyverns.

[The Emissary of the Underworld admires your achievements.]

Then he heard another notification.

[The rank of the Skeleton Knight skill has increased by one.]

[Due to the effect of the Plus Ring, the Skeleton Knight skill has reached the Transcendent rank.]

[The Skeleton Knights’ Riding Skill has been activated.]

At that moment, the look in Kim Woo-jin’s eyes changed.

“Lee Jin-ah.”

Then he immediately gave a signal.

“Distract the Wyverns for a bit.”

What were the trickiest monsters to hunt in dungeons?

When asked this question, even if it was a hundred people, the answer would always be the same.

Flying type monsters were the trickiest.

It wasn’t just monsters.

Even for mankind, flying had completely changed the game called war.

After all, weren’t missiles equipped with nuclear warheads the things that could end any human war?

It was natural for players to consider flying type monsters as tricky.

And in fact, monsters were the same.

Flying monsters were still troublesome targets for monsters that couldn’t fly.

That was the reason why the level 120 skill Fly that players with the Keeper of Knowledge halo could learn was so valuable, even though it was only a rare skill.

[The Skeleton Knight has used his Riding skill to tame the Wyvern.]



It was also the reason why Lee Jin-ah looked at the Skeleton Knight who was riding a Wyvern with a look of shock.

‘Oh my God.’

In truth, the scene that Lee Jin-ah was looking at wasn’t so much shocking as it was horrifying.

Lee Jin-ah had rushed towards the five Wyverns who had been eating the Minotaur and distracted them long enough for the Skeleton Knights to appear and use their newly gained Riding skill.

Only three of them were successful.

The remaining two managed to break free, and tried to escape crazily, but they ended up decorating the ground with their blood after Kim Woo-jin killed them with his swords.

In other words, the two Wyverns now lay on the ground in pieces.



The sight of a Skeleton Knight letting out its bizarre howl in conjunction with its Wyvern mount was horrifying no matter who saw it.

‘They’re fucked.’

Lee Jin-ah turned to look at Kim Woo-jin.

Even Lee Jin-ah could easily imagine what kind of extraordinary scene this combination would bring.

What would happen if Kim Woo-jin, who used tactics and strategies that ordinary people would never think of, was given such a strategic weapon?

Lee Jin-ah didn’t even want to imagine it.

But one thing was clear.

‘Every monster in this 6 Floor dungeon is fucked.’

This was not good news for the monsters living in the 6 Floor dungeon.

“Lee Jin-ah.”

“Hu-, huh?”

“We’ll change strategies.”

And Kim Woo-jin had no intention of keeping this news to himself.

“Prepare the body.”


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