KILL THE HERO Chapter 216 – Overrun (4)

KILL THE HERO Chapter 216 – Overrun (4)

Chapter 216 – Overrun (4)
Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

The current era was one where players controlled the fate of the world.

And in such an era, there was no one who thought that the fights and competitions among players were clean, fair, or just.

The reality was that there were all kinds of hidden power struggles that made it seem like the world had reentered the World War or Cold War era.

However, those who were not within the circle of these struggles would never know they were happening.

And in this era, it would be strange if there were no spies in the various, influential player organisations around the world that were outside the respective governments’ reach, like the Thunderbird Company.

Numerous spies had been sent by many nations and powers to steal things or even to do harm to the company.

The Lightning King knew this fact very well.

-As you know, there are countless spies from different countries and guilds among my men. But if I get rid of them then the company would never be able to grow. On the other hand, the funny thing is that because they’re spies, they’re all very good at buying my trust.

Moreover, he even used this as a way to increase his power.

-So I made a rule. I don’t care who works for me, all I need are their abilities and results. However, if I catch anyone playing any tricks, that’s the end.

However, the Lightning King punished every spy he caught severely.

-So I will say it again. If you really do get caught betraying, you will wish for death.

It was a punishment so cruel that it might be better to get eaten alive by monsters!

And this is part of the reason he earned the name ‘Lightning King’.

He used fear to stop his organisation from collapsing and unbelievably, it worked.

It even caused some spies to betray their guilds and countries and turn to the Lightning King, which caused the company to grow even more explosively.

Of course, there were also those who firmly performed their designated tasks, despite the sheer horror of the Lightning King.

-If you can accept that, Carlos, then from now on, you’re one of my men.

Carlos Perez was one of those people with a strong will.

-Carlos! Amazing, you’re really amazing!

He hid his identity for as long as two years, risking his life for the Lightning King, and even becoming one of the Lightning King’s right hand men.

However, his identity was later found out.

And he knew that the Lightning King would definitely catch him before he could get too far.

So he made a decision.

-He’ll catch me no matter what.

-If I get caught then everything will be lost.

-Worst of all, I might reveal too much information due to torture.

-It’s better to seal everything than let him find out.

Instead of waiting for the Lightning King to catch him, he stole an item from the Lightning King and entered a 6 Floor dungeon in the Amazon Rainforest together with his teammates.

-To get back this item he’ll at least have to attack this dungeon personally, so he’ll have to risk his own life.

The Lightning King himself would have to enter the 6 Floor dungeon together with his strongest players in order to retrieve the item.

-I need to go as high as possible.

-I can’t leave it on the first floor.

Even after entering the dungeon, Carlos Perez began climbing the dungeon floors together with his nineteen teammates.

-The third floor.

The cleared the first and even the second floors before finally reaching the third floor.

It was actually an incredible feat that twenty players had managed to reach the third floor of a 6 Floor dungeon, even if they were players who were active in 5 Floor dungeons.

It was a feat that couldn’t be explained with anything other than skill and luck.

It was the sense of duty that Carlos and his team had that allowed them to accomplish this miracle.

-Carlos, in order to save the world, please become the Lightning King’s right hand man.

-End this game and save the world with me.

A sense of duty to save the world under the banner of the Messiah Guild and the Savior!

When he reached the point of Carlos Perez’s conversation with Lee Se-jun, Kim Woo-jin closed his eyes.

‘Right, the Messiah Guild must have wanted to create a dagger with which to stab the Lightning King in the heart from behind.’

Kim Woo-jin wasn’t surprised by Carlos Perez’s story.

In fact, this was quite natural for him.

‘To save the world.’

Under that banner, the Messiah used every means and method it was able to, including the alpha hunting dog, Kim Woo-jin.

Furthermore, it would be strange if Kim Woo-jin who had seen the true face of the Messiah Guild was surprised by Carlos’ story.

‘Nevertheless, this is pretty amazing.’

What was truly surprising was the item that Carlos Perez had stolen from the Lightning King.

Kim Woo-jin turned his head to look at the haft of a hammer in his hand.

[Sealed Hammer Haft]

– Rating: Unique

– Physical Attack: 1

– Description: The haft of a hammer that has been sealed by a mysterious force. A special power is required to undo the seal.

It looked like an insignificant item, but Kim Woo-jin knew what this item really was.

‘The haft of Mjolnir(1).’


It was the hammer that represented the God of Thunder, Thor, who everyone knew about, and was a weapon that had the strength to make it rank in the top 10 of all weapons obtained from dungeons.

Unfortunately, this weapon had never appeared in the world. (TL: then how does Kim Woo-jin know…?)

Similar to the Nine Tailed Fox’s tails, Mjolnir was not a weapon that came complete.

Instead, one would need to obtain the hammer haft and hammer head, before paying a heavy price to unseal it.

Until then, it was just a useless item.

‘More than that, by leaving it in a dungeon like this, it means the Lightning King doesn’t know the true value of this item.’

In fact, he was certain that the Lightning King had absolutely no idea just how valuable this item was.

If he knew that it was the haft of Mjolnir, he definitely would have taken the risk to enter the dungeon and obtain.

‘This is better than I expected.’

From Kim Woo-jin’s perspective, this was truly an unexpected jackpot.

‘Other than Mjolnir’s haft…’

Of course, there was also another jackpot.

‘Secret information about Thunderbird and the Lightning King.’

Carlos Perez had been completing life threatening missions for the Lightning King for more than two years.

He was practically the Lightning King’s hunting dog.

By acting as a hunting dog, he had been able to learn many of the secrets the Lightning King was hiding.

‘I didn’t think he’d know so much about the items the Lightning King has hiding away.’

He obtained information about the types of items the Lightning King had stored away, and where exactly he was hiding them.

‘It’s a shame.’

Unfortunately for Kim Woo-jin, it could only be taken as a steak in a painting.

To try to touch those items was the same as declaring war on the Lightning King.

For Kim Woo-jin, who still intended to obtain things from the Lightning King, war was not a good option.

‘War with the Lightning King can be put on hold until I get the Lich summoning skill.’

Lich Summoning!

Thinking about this powerful skill, Kim Woo-jin put aside thoughts of war for now.

When Kim Woo-jin finally opened his eyes, there were no signs of hesitation or worry in his eyes.

“Lee Jin-ah, it’s time to start hunting.”

There was only the cold gaze of a hunting dog.

Then, the attack on the 6 Floor dungeon continued.

“How many days has it been?”

A subordinate answered Oh Se-chan’s question.

“Today is the 40th day.”

“The 40th day…”

It was the 40th day since Lee Jin-ah and Kim Woo-jin had entered the 6 Floor dungeon.

The two of them were still in the process of clearing the dungeon.

“This is the most time Kim Woo-jin and Lee Jin-ah have taken to clear a dungeon.”

It also signified the most time the two of them had ever spent in a dungeon.

“What does it mean?”

Of course, this meant something for Oh Se-chan.

“The 40th day.”

After repeating it one more time, he entered the number 40 into a program he had created over these 40 days.

See this, his subordinate couldn’t help but ask.

“What are you doing?”

“I was bored, so I made a program.”

“A program?”

“A program that will calculate Kim Woo-jin and Lee Jin-ah’s current level.”

The subordinate was amazed.

“Is that even possible?”

“It’s not impossible given the amount of data we have collected so far. While we might not have any information about the dungeon, we still have plenty of data from Kim Woo-jin and Lee Jin-ah. Of course, the error rate would still be quite large, but it should give us an approximation.”

The others began paying attention to their conversation as well.

After all, it was quite an interesting subject.

Currently, the speed of growth that Lee Jin-ah displayed defied common sense.

They were sure they’d get a surprising result.

“What are the results?”

Another subordinate couldn’t help but ask.

“It takes some time to calculate.”

After giving that answer, Oh Se-chan paused for a moment before continuing.

“How about we bet our snacks, huh? The person whose choice is closer to the right number will get all the snacks!”

Oh Se-chan’s suggestion made all his subordinates slump slightly.

“Isn’t that heavily in your favor, boss?”

“Are you thinking about taking away our snacks now?”

“Won’t the boss take the snacks and sell them secondhand for money?”

It was obvious that Oh Se-chan who created the program would have the most advantageous position in the bet.

In response to his subordinates’ words, Oh Se-chan opened his desk and removed an item with a smile.

“If you agree to bet, I will bet this.”

What he took out was a shell shaped chocolate that could be found in the duty-free stores in airports.

Everyone was shocked by the appearance of such an expensive chocolate.

“Oh my God, are you serious?”

“You would give up a chocolate bar like that? Are you really the boss?”

Their expressions were the same as if they heard the world was about to be destroyed.

One of them asked the important question.

“Where did you get that from? You couldn’t have bought it yourself.”

“Ah, it was a gift, a gift!”

Everyone’s expressions stiffened when they heard the word gift.

“A gift for Isaac Ivanov…”

“Why didn’t you leave it alone? You’ll get in trouble if you eat it.”

This was because he had a lot of experience getting in trouble after eating gifts for Isaac Ivanov.

“Don’t worry about that!”

But Oh Se-chan gave his subordinates some good news.

“Because this is Lee Jin-ah’s.”

The moment they heard that, the subordinate’s expressions changed.

“Level 138!”

“Level 139!”

Immediately, they began to call out numbers one after another.

In fact, several numbers were being called at the same time.

Finally, Oh Se-chan gave his bet.

“Level 146.”

Before entering the 6 Floor dungeon, Kim Woo-jin was around level 130.

Even if he did overrun, it was still absurd for him to reach level 146.

“Isn’t it 6 Floors?”

“Would he focus on clearing the dungeon or hunting monsters?”

Above all, they were certain that Isaac Ivanov would try to efficiently clear the dungeon since it was his first dungeon attack.

Oh Se-chan smiled and tapped his finger against his bald head.

“I programmed it. My prediction is definitely as good as the computer’s.”

His subordinates’ expressions became stiff at his confident words.

‘After all, I didn’t intend to give it to you anyway.’

‘I don’t wanna eat it alone, so I made a bet and cheated a bit.’

Oh Se-chan had just been looking for a justification for eating the expensive chocolate.


“Okay, it’s done!”

The calculation was finished. Oh Se-chan turned to the monitor with a triumphant expression on his face.

“What the hell?”

At the same time, Oh Se-chan’s eyes widened as he shouted.

“Level 150?! How does that make sense?”

Usually, Kim Woo-jin didn’t really care if he leveled up or not while hunting.

[Your level has increased.]

[The Emissary of the Underworld admires your achievements.]

But this time was different.

‘Level 150.’

The moment he heard the notification that he’d reached level 150, he had no choice but to stop paying attention to his hunting.

‘I never expected to get so far.’

Moreover, achieving level 150 was completely unexpected for Kim Woo-jin.

‘The Skeleton Knight skill reaching transcendent rank was a big help.’

If the Skeleton Knight skill hadn’t reached transcendent rank, he would not have been able to tame the Wyverns.

Of course, that feeling didn’t last very long.

‘Now I can use Dullahan.’

Kim Woo-jin could finally learn the Dullahn skill now that he’d reached level 150.

He tried to calculate just how much his strength would increase with the help of that skill.

Then Kim Woo-jin heard another notification.

[The Emissary of the Underworld sends you a special gift.]

It was a notification telling him the Emissary of the Underworld had sent a gift to congratulate him for reaching level 150.

It was a pleasant notification.

It felt like receiving a birthday present.

-Oh, oh, oh!

Suddenly, he heard Lee Jin-ah’s voice through the Skeleton Soldier he was connected to.


Kim Woo-jin cleared his mind after hearing Lee Jin-ah’s shouts and asked.

“Lee Jin-ah, what’s happening?”

Kim Woo-jin prepared to rush to the battlefield as he asked that question.

Lee Jin-ah responded with a cry of joy.

-It reached transcendent rank! The Blessing of River Styx reached transcendent rank! Hahaha!

Kim Woo-jin smiled at those words.


It was a smile filled with sincere joy.


1. Mj?lnir is the hammer of Thor, the Norse god associated with thunder. Mj?lnir is depicted in Norse mythology as one of the most fearsome and powerful weapons in existence.)


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