KILL THE HERO Chapter 224 – Undead (2)

KILL THE HERO Chapter 224 – Undead (2)

Chapter 224 – Undead (2)
Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

When Kim Woo-jin exited the dungeon gate, he was greeted by an almost deafening silence.


At that moment, the sound of the wind became more pronounced than ever before.

However, the scene that Kim Woo-jin was looking at did not match this silence at all.

‘A lot came.’

There were a large number of barricades surrounding the dungeon gate, and beyond those barricades was an enormous crowd of people.

If he was to give a rough estimate, Kim Woo-jin would guess that there were more than 10,000 people gathered there.

It was then.

“It’s Isaac!”

Following this cry from someone in the crowd, the silence was immediately shattered.


A huge cheer seemed to shake the entire area.

Following that shout, the dungeon gate began to fade as though it had been scared away, causing them to scream even louder.

It was a shout filled with such joy and excitement that it seemed like the crowd had lost their minds.

It was so loud that even Lee Jin-ah, who had exited the dungeon after Kim Woo-jin, froze upon hearing it.

But Kim Woo-jin himself was unmoved by these shouts.

Crunch, crunch.

Only the sound of approaching footsteps filled his ears.

His eyes were the same.

In this place filled with countless people, Kim Woo-jin’s gaze was only focused on one person, who was approaching them.

It was a pale, blue-eyed man with short, blonde hair. In truth, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say this man was as beautiful as a woman.

‘Johann Georg.’

This man, who was unforgettable in many ways, came to a stop in front of Kim Woo-jin.

There was no need for a long conversation.

There wasn’t even a greeting.

Instead, Johann Georg simply extended his thin, fragile-looking hand to Kim Woo-jin.

Suddenly, silence once again filled the air that had just been shaken by screams.


The only sound that remained was the scattered gulps from the crowd.

‘Is he really going to reject him?’

While everyone was wondering what he would do, Kim Woo-jin simply extended his hand and shook Johann Georg’s.

Then, Johann Georg bowed slightly.

It was the moment when two heroes who utilised undead joined hands.

Only one sentence was needed to describe the conclusion of the greatest confrontation of the century.

[Isaac Ivanov and Johann Georg join forces!]

The two heroes who had participated in the confrontation of the century actually joined forces.

This was an ending that no one in the world expected.

In fact, it was much much better than anyone in the world could have expected.

And because of this, the world went wild.

-The two strongest Necromancers are going to work together!

-The Dream Team is born!

And at the same time, they asked the same question.

[Isaac Ivanov and Johann Georg join to form the strongest necromancer party!]

[What will be the Dream Team’s first target?]

What would the Dream Team do next?

-Naturally, they’ll debut in a 6 Floor dungeon.

-Definitely. Isaac Ivanov’s party alone was able to clear a 5 Floor dungeon in 8 days, and now, Johann Georg’s party has been added.

-For them, attacking a 5 Floor dungeon would be the same as a highschooler taking part in a middle school sporting event. It has to be 6 Floors.

-More importantly, they wouldn’t be afraid of a challenge!

Naturally, no one questioned the fact that their first challenge would be a 6 Floor dungeon.

-Then, which dungeon will it be?

-It wouldn’t be an ordinary 6 Floor dungeon, would it?

-Will they attack at least a C rank?

They just wondered what kind of 6 Floor dungeon it would be.

Isaac Ivanov answered that question without hesitation.

[Isaac Ivanov, “I’m not interested in dungeons that other people can clear.”]

[Isaac Ivanov, “Our target is the Sphinx’s Tomb!”]

There was currently only one A+ rank 6 Floor dungeon, the Sphinx’s Tomb!

And that was the first stage that Isaac Ivanov wanted to step on together with Johann Georg.

Everyone in the world was absolutely gobsmacked by this proclamation.

This included Lee Jin-ah.


The moment he saw the article, Lee Jin-ah choked on the chocolate he was eating.

“Cough, Cough!”

Afterwards, he coughed several times before checking the article on his smartphone once again.

He reread it several times before heading to other news sources to check their articles.

Nevertheless, he still turned to Kim Woo-jin with a disbelieving expression.

“Hey, is this real?”

Kim Woo-jin nodded.

“Are you serious?”

Lee Jin-ah asked again so this time Kim Woo-jin spoke with a definite tone.

“It’s real.”

Only then did Lee Jin-ah, who realised it really was real, close his eyes and mutter in a pained voice.

“We only cleared one 6 Floor dungeon and yet you want to take on an A+ rank… Did I sell out the country in my last life? Huh?”

A multitude of complaints poured out of his mouth.

This was natural.

As Lee Jin-ah said, he and Kim Woo-jin had only cleared one 6 Floor dungeon so far, so it was unreasonable for them to just jump to A+ rank 6 Floor dungeons, even if they added Johann Georg to the equation.

No, there was one more problem.

“Dammit, and we still have to deal with that girly bastard…”

The purpose of entering the dungeon with Johann Georg wasn’t to clear the dungeon, but to deal with him.

If that was considered, then the difficulty of this dungeon had surpassed A+ rank.

“I’d rather dive into the pits of hell.”

It was clear that anyone would have concerns about entering a dungeon like that in those circumstances.

“This is the only way for it to make sense.”

That was also one of Kim Woo-jin’s objectives.


“If Johann Georg’s party was wiped out in what was considered to be an easy dungeon, the world would be forced to wonder what happened.”

It was almost guaranteed that the world would question it if Johann Georg died in a dungeon that was considered to be easy.

Besides that, there were a few other reasons.

‘I must attack the dungeon before the Frontier Guild does.’

Before Kim Woo-jin returned to the past, the Frontier Guild’s team cleared the Sphinx Tomb dungeon in July 2024.

That meant that there was almost no time until they attacked the dungeon.

But the biggest reason was.

‘Because if the Frontier Guild got a hold of one of the Nine Tailed Fox’s tails, it would be too troublesome.’

One of two remaining tails of the Nine Tailed Fox was currently in the Sphinx Tomb dungeon.

From Kim Woo-jin’s perspective, it was not a dungeon he could let others clear.

“Well, Johann Georg’s decision is still important.”

Of course, this still depended on whether Johann Georg’s side agreed to the attack or not.

Lee Jin-ah snorted at that remark.

“He already bowed his head, he doesn’t have a choice.”

As he’d said, since Johann Georg had been the one to approach him, he couldn’t decide to change his mind now.

“Johann Georg has to do it.”

Kim Woo-jin’s thoughts were the same.

Johann Georg had no other options.

“But his backer might think differently.”

However, since the Messiah Guild was involved, they couldn’t afford to feel assured just yet.

‘The cards they prepared wouldn’t be enough.’

It was all but certain that the Messiah Guild had already prepared a number of cards in order to get rid of Kim Woo-jin and Lee Jin-ah.

In such a situation where the location was being changed to the Sphinx Tomb dungeon, they would have to prepare even more.

‘It must be quite the headache.’

Of course, Kim Woo-jin had no intentions of just leaving it at that.

‘Then I’ll make it worse.’

[Sphinx’s Tomb]

– Floors: 6

– Difficulty: A+ rank

– Maximum number of Entries: 100

– Requirement: Level 209 and below

– Challenge Conditions: Destroy the treasure protected by the Sphinx.

– Reward: Seal Breaker(Single Use)

The Sphinx’s Tomb.

As she read the dungeon report, Park Shin-hye’s expression was not very good.

‘Of all places…’

With that expression on her face, she turned to look in front of her.

There, Johann Georg’s face, which was in no way lacking when compared to Park Shin-hye, who was considered a goddess, came into view.

Unlike Park Shin-hye, Johann Georg’s expression was quite relaxed.

Park Shin-hye observed him for a moment.

Why did he look so relaxed? She silently threatened.

Only then did Johann Georg open his mouth.

“I’m already following the Messiah Guild’s orders. I will do whatever the Messiah Guild orders me to do.”

Park Shin-hye nodded at those words.

“Right. It’s not your problem.”

After saying those words, Park Shin-hye put down the dungeon report with a more relaxed expression on her face.

Of course, it was all an act.

‘Such a headache.’

At that moment, she was more troubled than ever.

‘I never thought he’d ask for the Sphinx Dungeon.’

Sphinx Dungeon.

It was natural that Park Shin-hye knew dungeons like this well.

These dungeons were some of the most difficult dungeons below 7 Floors.

The situation had already become one such that all the top guilds in the world were currently bidding for this dungeon.

Even the Messiah Guild had been negotiating with the Egyptian government for quite some time, and the dungeon report currently in Park Shin-hye’s hands was an item they received during these negotiations.

And he wanted to use that dungeon as his stage?

There was nothing that could be done.

Especially when considering the fact that with the abilities Isaac Ivanov displayed together with Johann Georg’s, they were qualified for the challenge.

‘They have the qualifications.’

No, it was better to say that the conditions of the Sphinx Tomb dungeon made it quite favorable for Isaac Ivanov.

‘Moreover, the maximum number of entries is 100.’

Moreover, unlike other 6 Floor dungeons, the Sphinx Tomb dungeon was a place that only allowed 100 players in.

It was a dungeon where quality was far more important than quantity.

And Isaac Ivanov, who could play the role of dozens of players alone, was bound to be valued highly.

‘If it’s that guy, he could probably clear it.’

In fact, she had almost no doubt that Isaac Ivanov could clear that dungeon.

‘On the other hand, we can’t clear it without him.’

However, the chances that they could do so without him was incredibly low.

In other words, they had to wait for Isaac Ivanov to hunt the dungeon’s boss.

‘In the first place, we wanted to kill him as soon as he tried to finish the dungeon.’

Of course, that had been their plan from the start.

The Messiah Guild had intended to kill Isaac Ivanov as soon as he killed the boss monster in the dungeon, and it was also what they prepared for.

‘But if we want to do it now, we’ll have to invest much more.’

However, if it was the Sphinx Dungeon, they would have to invest much more just to ensure their players’ survival.


This wouldn’t just be an investment, it’s a decisive investment.

Simply surviving in itself was a hard task in an A+ rank 6 Floor dungeon.

In Park Shin-hye’s mind, which was currently calculating the amount they’d have to invest, the words ‘give up’ seemed to flicker.

It was then.

“Of course, we still have a way to completely neutralize Isaac Ivanov.”

Johann Georg spoke up and showed the ring on his finger.

“With the Hades’ Ring, Isaac Ivanov’s undead will be completely ineffective.”

Hades’ Ring.

The effect of this ring, which contained the power of the God of the Underworld, was quite simple.

To completely obey the wielder of this object!

As long as it was an undead, regardless of what it was, it would have to obey the commands of the person wearing that ring.

Whether it was a boss monster in a dungeon or a monster summoned by a player, it didn’t matter.

“Whether it’s his Skeleton Knights or something else.”

That was why Johann Georg was made into the hunting dog who was to take the lead in hunting Isaac Ivanov, and why he had ten other necromancers in his team.

“And I also have a reason to kill him.”

Moreover, Johann Georg exposed his motives.

“The Emissary of the Underworld is known for his favoritism. If I don’t kill Isaac Ivanov, I will never be able to progress further. That’s why I so readily accepted the Messiah Guild’s proposal.”

Park Shin-hye gave a bright smile as though Johann Georg had helped assuage some of her fears.

“That’s reassuring to hear.”

Of course, that smile was also an act.

‘Johann Georg would also become an obstacle someday. It wouldn’t be too bad if we used this opportunity to get rid of both of them.’

Just as another option came to Park Shin-hye’s mind, she received a text message notification on her phone.

She immediately took it out and checked the message.

Then her facial expression hardened considerably after she read the contents of the text.

Seeing this, Johann Georg couldn’t help but say.

“What happened? You look as though the dead came back to life.”

Park Shin-hye responded with a cold expression.

“That’s exactly right, the dead came back to life.”


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