KILL THE HERO Chapter 226 – Sphinx’s Tomb (1)

KILL THE HERO Chapter 226 – Sphinx’s Tomb (1)

Chapter 226 – Sphinx’s Tomb (1)
Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

In the current era, many people were interested in the dungeon attacks carried out by players.

Because of this, whenever players entered dungeons, there would always be people who lamented.

-Ah, I really want to see what it’s like for players to attack dungeons.

-If dungeon attacks could be broadcasted, wouldn’t players take up the top 100 spots of the world’s rich list?

-Is there really no way to make it work? I just want to see a video, it doesn’t have to be live.

They wanted to see the players fight.

Of course, this was nothing strange.

Instead, it would be strange if no one was interested in watching fights against monsters that transcended common sense using just the power of their bodies and mysterious items without the help of modern weapons.

-There should be a broadcast like that, right?

-Watch Man and Monster!

In fact, many broadcasts, videos, and other content were produced for that purpose.

Things like fake documentaries or fighting against monsters in a controlled setting were quite popular, and among them, Man and Monster, was a huge hit.

-I want to see real players, not that crappy acting.

-They have to direct it to put it out. Besides, aren’t they just cowards who ran away from attacking dungeons?

-Fake, it’s so fake.

Of course, most players who took part in such broadcasts were called losers by the rest of the world.

Those players who without courage were no longer able to attack dungeons so they decided to turn to acting for fear of losing what little fame they had.

To compare them to the real players who fought on the front lines was an insult to those players, so people wanted to see the hunts by real players instead.

But it was impossible.

-Say something that makes sense. It would be really risky for a player who’s attacking a 5 Floor dungeon to try something so stupid!

-It’s already enough for players to risk their lives just to clear the dungeons.

It also wouldn’t be cheap for them to ask real players to make content to be broadcasted.

[Kim Woo-jin, “I will prove my abilities with monsters in real life.”!!]

[The stage is California, USA!]

[A player throws himself into a group of monsters!]

Therefore, the world went wild when Kim Woo-jin said he would use his powers against the monsters in real life.

-Is this article true?

-Wow, a 5 Floor player is attacking monsters in real life? Without the help of modern weapons?

It was a craze that transcended common sense, and even those who had not been interested in it began to pay attention.

An unprecedented stage had appeared, and Kim Woo-jin appeared on that stage to show the world.

[Kim Woo-jin is completely overpowering the monsters!]

Just how powerful a frontline player is.

-Wow, this is crazy.

-I can confidently shout now. Monsters can’t do anything in front of poison.

-Is this the birth of a Poison King?

Moreover, people were incredibly surprised by the power Kim Woo-jin displayed with his poison.

But the players didn’t just stop at surprise.

“Kim Woo-jin wasn’t supposed to be that powerful, was he?”

“This is crazy, isn’t this just poison? Could poison really make a Giant Orc just collapse like that?”

“His poison is powerful, but it’s his skills that are terrifying.”

In all honesty, Kim Woo-jin had already disappeared from people’s memories, and before that, he was only considered to be one of the supporting roles for the main character, Isaac Ivanov.

No one had ever considered him to be on the same level as Isaac Ivanov.

However, it was clear now that Kim Woo-jin’s ability was not lacking when compared to Isaac Ivanov.

“Poison and Undead, that’s the worst combination. Imagine fighting against Isaac Ivanov’s skeletons while in the poison fog… horrific.”

“And now there is an extra addition.”

And now Johann Georg was added to the equation.

Naturally, no one could raise anymore doubts about their power.

“They would definitely be able to clear the Sphinx dungeon.”

“It may not be enough…”

They deserved the opportunity.

And the Egyptian government had no choice but to give a response.

[The Egyptian government gives Isaac Ivanov the right to attack the Sphinx Tomb dungeon!]

Permission had been granted.

[The Egyptian government gives Isaac Ivanov the right to attack the Sphinx Tomb dungeon!]

The moment this breaking news was released, Lee Jin-ah had one reaction.


After hearing that, Kim Woo-jin turned to look at him,

“You must be in a good mood to swear.”

Lee Jin-ah turned to look at Kim Woo-jin.


Kim Woo-jin smiled slightly.

‘Just as expected.’

The current situation was exactly what Kim Woo-jin wanted.

He would now be able to enter the Sphinx dungeon together with Johann Goerg.

And Kim Woo-jin had one more goal.

‘Now the Messiah Guild has to choose.’

The Messiah Guild would not have expected the power of the Poison King, Kim Woo-jin, when they estimated Isaac Ivanov’s power.

But now, things had changed and the Messiah Guild was forced to do one of two things.

‘Give up or continue the race.’

Fold or call.

Regardless of what they picked, it would be good for Kim Woo-jin.

‘If they give up, then it’ll be easier to get rid of Johann Georg.’

If they gave up on trying to kill Isaac Ivanov and let Johann Georg enter the dungeon anyway, it would be easier for Kim Woo-jin to get rid of him.

‘If they don’t give up then they’ll have to give him better treasures.’

On the other hand, if the Messiah Guild decided to increase his power with Kim Woo-jin in mind, Kim Woo-jin would be able to obtain more.

Regardless of what they picked, Kim Woo-jin only stood to gain.

Of course, Kim Woo-jin knew exactly what they would choose.

‘They will definitely call.’

If Isaac Ivanov cleared the Sphinx Tomb dungeon, what would his next target be?

The answer was obvious.

7 Floors! Isaac Ivanov’s next target would definitely be a 7 Floor dungeon.

And if that happened, the world would really start comparing them.

‘Because if they don’t, Isaac Ivanov will definitely be considered a rival to Lee Se-jun.’

Lee Se-jun!

Lee Se-jun, the Saviour and one and only conqueror of a 7 Floor dungeon would be placed on the same starting line as Isaac Ivanov to see who would save the world first.

‘And that would be absolutely unacceptable.’

That was something the Messiah Guild wanted to avoid at all costs.

The Messiah Guild would do anything to make sure there was only one saviour, even killing their most powerful and loyal hunting dog.

Therefore, only one question remained.

Did Kim Woo-jin really have the power to be the hunter and not the prey?

But Kim Woo-jin didn’t even think long about this question.

‘All that’s left is to hunt the hunter that wants to hunt me.’

Because there was still one trick he had hidden away.

“When you think about the cost of monster corpses, the desert is like a gold mine.”

A place where you could easily find monsters.

“On the other hand, the Sub-Saharan Desert was devastated by monsters, but you know that’s just a repository of resources, right? We just had to mine this resource. So where would we build our headquarters to do so? Well, we had no choice but to build outposts in Egypt, in North Africa, where the Nile river is located.”

At the same time, as southern Africa became embroiled in turmoil, companies and other forces aiming for the scattered resources were forced to settle in North Africa, and most of them settled in Egypt.

Since people who did business relating to monsters gathered, it was natural that their ability to fight monsters increased.

And when the security stabilized, people and capital began gathering as well. And with such a virtuous cycle, Egypt grew to be the strongest power in Africa.

“Well, that doesn’t mean the Egyptian citizens benefited from it.”

Of course, it was only the so-called ‘high ranking officials’ who enjoyed the becoming of a powerful nation.

Under the title of a ‘wartime situation’, the Egyptian citizens were living lives that weren’t even as good as before.

That was the scene that Kim Woo-jin was witnessing at that moment.

The Egyptian government official who came to greet them did so with a large fleet of Rolls-Royce Phantoms.

What’s more, these vehicles had all been heavily modified.

It was a scene that one would only expect to see from the oil magnates in the middle east, as there was even a mini fridge in each vehicle filled with expensive alcohol worth millions of won per bottle.

On the other hand, the scene outside the window was an incredibly stark contrast.

Beyond a fence topped with barbed wire, refugees from all over the country who had lost their homes could be seen around the horribly disorganized temporary dwellings they’d created.

“Under the name of an emergency, a dictatorship was created. This world is really sick. Isn’t that right? ”

After saying that, Lee Jin-ah turned his head to Kim Woo-jin who met his gaze while saying.

“It seems you studied hard.”

“Study? For a brilliant guy like me, this amount of knowledge is basic, basic!”

Lee Jin-ah’s denial reminded Kim Woo-jin of the scene on the plane, where Lee Jin-ah was trying hard to memorise something.

However, Kim Woo-jin didn’t pay too much attention to it.

Instead, he once again turned his head to look out the window, taking in the horrible scene on the side of the road.

This scenery was the reason.

‘I said I would change the world.’

The reason Kim Woo-jin willingly bowed his head and became a hunting dog and a pawn for Lee Se-jun and the Messiah Guild.

He believed they could change the world.

‘I thought he would be different.’

He believed that Lee Se-jun wouldn’t be like those power hungry and greedy people, but instead, he turned out to be the most greedy and dangerous monster in the world.

Lee Jin-ah broke Kim Woo-jin out of his reverie as he said.

“Hey, the pyramid is really big. We haven’t even arrived yet and I can already see it.”

Kim Woo-jin then turned his head to look, and just over the horizon, the tip of a pyramid could be seen.

Looking at it, Kim Woo-jin had a thought.

‘Lee Se-jun, I will meet you before this year ends.’

There wasn’t much time left until his revenge.


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