KILL THE HERO Chapter 245 – Saviour Guild (1)

KILL THE HERO Chapter 245 – Saviour Guild (1)

Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

The news came suddenly.

[Bordeaux collapses due to bombing!]

[A horde of Ogre’s trample on the pride of France!]

[Islamic extremist carries out suicide bombing, 91 confirmed dead!]

Just as the world descended further into chaos, another article appeared in the news.

[The Messiah Guild completes 7 Floor dungeon attack!]

It was a short line.

So short that no one really paid any attention to the article.

The same was true for reporters.

“Was that article saying that the Messiah Guild completed their 7 Floor dungeon attack?”

“I’m sure it’s just nonsense again.”

Even the reporters thought that it was just nonsense posted by a random troublemaker.

And there was no way that ordinary people would believe an article that even reporters didn’t.

-The Messiah Guild cleared the dungeon!

? Another liar.

? You’re crazy.

No one believed it.

-Breaking news.

-Instead of our regular broadcast…

In such a situation, the world’s leading broadcasters, including CNN and BBC, suddenly stopped their regular broadcasts.

Then, all of them began to show the same video of an incredibly handsome man who seemed to have returned from a battlefield.

This man spoke to the world.

-Our attack on the 7 Floor dungeon has been completed.

Only then did the world believe it.


The long awaited hero had finally returned, and brought hope back to everyone’s eyes.

For a moment, the world literally paused.

Demonstrators stopped protesting and the government troops who were fighting against rebels were told to retreat.

The world, which had stopped like that, turned to look at one person, Lee Se-jun.

-A lot has happened while we were in the dungeon, and because of that, I was able to realise many things.

And with that attention, Lee Se-jun spoke.

-But I didn’t have to think for very long. My goal won’t change. I will still end this game and save the world.

The same words he always said.

-Now, I will not tolerate those who try to interfere with that goal.

But this time, Lee Se-jun also added some new words.

It was a declaration.

A declaration that he would no longer tolerate those who opposed his goal and who went against them.

A declaration that they would use the power they had amassed so far against humans, instead of monsters.

However, it was not a declaration of war.

-Those terrorist bastards who attacked the Messiah Guild are screwed!

-They’ll receive God’s judgment!

On behalf of God, the Saviour, who had come down to save the world, had given an ultimatum to those who hindered salvation.

Therefore, no one complained or raised any questions about Lee Se-jun’s declaration.

The same was true for Oh Se-chan, who watched this scene on TV.

‘There’s no one that can stop the Messiah Guild from going forward.’

After sipping coffee from a paper cup that appeared to have been recycled dozens of times, he admitted that there were no groups, powers or countries that stop the Messiah Guild.

‘That’s why we need to give them a rival.’

That was the reason.

The reason that Kim Woo-jin and Oh Se-chan intended to create a new guild.

The preparations had long been completed.

All that was left was for them to celebrate and announce its birth.


“What is it?”

“They’re finally out! The attack was successful!”

“Such good timing.”

And now, the world was about to see that celebration,

There was one common expression used to describe the scene of a massacre.

A landscape filled with mountains of corpses, standing high in a sea of blood.

However, when this expression was made into reality, the feeling one got was completely different.

This was the situation that the members of the Phoenix Guild and Thunderbird, who were on the seventh floor of the dungeon, were experiencing.

Countless Goblin corpses piled up to form mountains, and the blood that flowed out from their bodies was so much that it covered their ankles.

The players’ expressions were grim.

This wasn’t because they were unable to accept this horrific scene.

[The Goblin Lord screams.]

For them, even the notification in their ears sounded like a distant echo, as if someone was shouting from far away.

No one reacted to the sound.

They didn’t even move.

Like mannequins, they all just stood in place without any emotion on their faces.

‘It’s over.’

Only one person was finishing their task in this bloody world, Kim Woo-jin.

[The Goblin Lord is terrified by your approach.]

Ignoring the constant notifications in his ear, Kim Woo-jin walked atop the bodies of Goblin Knights, that were laid like marble floors.

The pile of corpses that appeared next were large goblins with red skin, Blood Goblins.

These were Goblins who, when faced off against an Ogre, would bare their fangs and roar fiercely instead of backing down.

Hundreds of these Goblins lay on the ground together with several Skeleton Soldiers.

Kim Woo-jin walked along this ‘red carpet’ without any hesitation.


Suddenly, a Blood Goblin, who happened to still be alive, reached out to Kim Woo-jin as he walked by.


However, the Longspear in the hands of a Skeleton Knight who was walking behind Kim Woo-jin struck it down easily.

Meanwhile, Kim Woo-jin didn’t stop, using the bloodied corpses on the floor as his path.

Finally, he saw a Goblin standing at the end of the path, about 10 meters away.


It was a golden eyed Goblin with a muscular body similar to an orc that was filled with silver tattoos.

Goblin Lord!

The king of all the Goblins in this world bared his fangs at Kim Woo-jin.


However, the Goblin Lord’s roar was not smooth.

This was because Gungnir, which was stabbed into the Goblin Lord’s lungs, was interrupting its breathing.

Kim Woo-jin lifted his hand in front of his chest, and Gungnir pulled itself free from the Goblin Lord’s body before sailing towards him.

After catching it, Kim Woo-jin threw the spear once again.

However this time, instead of his lungs, the spear flew fiercely towards the Goblin Lord’s skull, before piercing it precisely in the middle of the forehead.


As the spear hit the Goblin’s head, there was a loud sound similar to the clashing of steel.

It was the sound of the Goblin Lord’s strong bones stopping Gungnir’s penetration.

Then, Kim Woo-jin swung Mjolnir in his hand towards Gungnir.

The hammer struck the air heavily.


Then, following the sound of thunder, Gungnir penetrated the Goblin’s skull easily.

[You have defeated the Goblin Lord.]

Only then did Kim Woo-jin hear the notification he was waiting for.

And after that notifications came flooding in.

[You have earned the achievement ‘Goblin Lord Hunter’.]

[You have earned the achievement ‘King Slayer’.]

[You have earned the achievement ‘7 Floor Attacker’.]

[Hercules’ Ring has unlocked a new ability.]

[All movements are 20% faster.]

The hunting dog who successfully hunted a king was given many achievements and badges.

[Your level has increased.]

[The Emissary of the Underworld bestows some power to you.]

[The rank of the Lich Summoning skill has increased by one.]

[The rank of the Banshee skill has increased by one.]

[The rank of the Blood Golem skill has increased by one.]

Then the gifts from his halo, who was pleased by his achievements, followed.

After checking the gifts, Kim Woo-jin bent down and picked up something that had fallen to the floor.

[Goblin Lord’s Crown]

– Rating: Legendary

– Required Level: Level 180 or higher

– Description: The Goblin Lord’s Crown. It contains one of the Goblin Lord’s abilities.

– All stats +10%

– All attack power +10%

– Recovery speed of all stats +10%

– Activates the skill ‘King’s Army’ when equipped

The legendary item Goblin Lord’s Crown.

It was an indescribable gain.

But the eyes of Kim Woo-jin, who placed the crown in his inventory, didn’t change.

They were still the eyes of a hunting dog on a hunt.

This was natural.

‘Now I can meet Lee Se-jun.’

After all, the hunt he had been longing for was finally about to begin.

It is harder to protect than it is to take away.

This might not be a statement that applied to everything.

But it was certainly the case when it came to dungeons.

Guarding a dungeon was much more difficult than people would expect.

Moreover, when people heard about guarding a dungeon gate, they would think that it was only from monsters that would come out, they would never imagine that it was also guarding against hostile forces that would try to take the dungeon away.

Therefore, even the US government would have a few shortcomings when it came to protecting a dungeon gate.

This was the reason why Thunderbird was able to become the best civilian military company in the entire world.

As they were trained in the most chaotic areas of the Amazon rainforest, they were much better at defending dungeons than anyone else.

‘They guarded it well.’

This fact was proven by the fact that Kim Woo-jin was met with an orderly area when he came out of the dungeon,

There were no signs of battle anywhere.

‘As expected of Thunderbird.’

Kim Woo-jin admired Thunderbird’s ability.

What was even more impressive was the fact that Thunderbird now belonged to Kim Woo-jin.

‘The Lightning King left me a wonderful legacy.’

Furthermore, even the things that the Lightning King had hidden now belonged to the Kim Woo-jin.

Kim Woo-jin also knew what he’d gained from the Lightning King and where he hid them from his memories.

‘A really wonderful.’

There were things that the Lightning King had hidden that even his disciple, Shakira, didn’t know about.

He observed the Thunderbird soldiers, who were stationed around the area.


It was at that time that Kim Woo-jin noticed something strange.

The veterans, who would normally react quickly to their appearance, showed no response.

They were all just standing around, looking at something in their hands.

Kim Woo-jin had a hunch.

‘It looks like the Messiah Guild’s team came out.’

The world had just experienced a change.

It was then.


“I-, Isaac!”

The soldiers, who had only just realised the presence of Isaac Ivanov and the players behind him began to move hurriedly.

And a glint shined in their eyes.

This was because of an order they’d received from the Lightning King.

If he gave the signal after leaving the dungeon, don’t hesitate to kill everyone.

Naturally, they began looking for the Lightning King.

Then Isaac Ivanov spoke.

“The Lightning King is dead.”

This surprised the Lightning King’s men so much that they didn’t know how to respond.

Of course, their reaction was to be expected.’

‘The Lightning King didn’t give any orders in the event of his death.’

The Lightning King had told them to kill everyone upon his signal, but he hadn’t given them any orders to follow if he died.

So informing them of his death was enough to throw them into confusion.


Then Shakira took care of the problem.

“Ms. Shakira!”

“Utah, get over here!”

As expected, when she called out the name of the leader of the unit who was guarding the area, the man, named Utah, stepped forward.

Meanwhile, Kim Woo-jin headed to the tent that held his belongings.

Soon after entering the tent, Kim Woo-jin picked up a briefcase, and entered the password.


Then he heard the sound of it opening.

“Isaac, what are you doing?”

Soon after, he heard the question in Russian from Lee Jin-ah, who had followed him to the tent.

Kim Woo-jin also responded in Russian.

“Youtube personal broadcast.”


At the same time, Kim Woo-jin took out a note from the briefcase.


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