KILL THE HERO Chapter 262 – 8 Floor (3)

KILL THE HERO Chapter 262 – 8 Floor (3)

Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

The greatest rivalry always came during the second match.

Aka the Revenge Match.

Because there was nothing that made the fighters and viewers more desperate than a revenge match.

[The Messiah Guild challenges an 8 Floor dungeon!]

[The Saviour Guild challenges an 8 Floor dungeon one rank higher than the Messiah Guild!]

That’s why people were even more enthusiastic about the second match between the Messiah Guild and Saviour Guild.

The attention of the entire world became focused on the Messiah Guild and Saviour Guild’s 8 Floor dungeon challenges.

-It’s finally coming to an end.

-If the Messiah Guild loses here, then everyone will know that the Saviour Guild is the best.

-Rather, this is a good opportunity for the Messiah Guild to overturn the public opinion. The Messiah Guild will always be the best guild!

It was such that even calling it the confrontation of the century was not enough.

It was the Saviour Guild who made the first move in this match.

[The Saviour Guild gathers on Hallasan Mountain.]

[999 players will gather to hunt the Nine Tailed Beast!]

[Many international players will participate!]

A whopping 999 players had gathered on the Hallasan Mountain, Jeju Island.

[Jeju airport closed!]

[Jeju port closed!]

[Jeju Island becomes a stage for only the Saviour Guild!]

To make sure there were no problems with the dungeon attack, the Korean government completely controlled access to Jeju Island.

The gigantic Jeju Island was willingly transformed into a stage for the Saviour Guild.

“I never thought it was possible to reserve Jeju Island.”

When Park Yong-wan arrived on Jeju Island, which had been controlled in this way, in a private jet, he was greeted to the sight of a quiet Jeju International Airport.

Park Yong-wan, who was descending the stairs of his plane couldn’t help but laugh as he looked at Jeju International Airport, which was considered to be one of the busiest airports in the world in the past.

‘The scale is really huge.’

“The scale is really big.”

At that moment, a man who appeared beside Park Yong-wan, expressed his feelings in words.

“Kim Woo-jin.”

Realising that it was Kim Woo-jin, Park Yong-wan turned to look at his eyes.

After a brief conversation with their eyes, Park Yong-wan pointed to the custom built, bulletproof Cadillac Escalade that was parked nearby.

Soon, the two of them got into the car.


There was the sound of the door closing, and at that moment, Kim Woo-jin and Park Yong-wan both took out their smartphones.

No signs of communication could be seen.

After confirming something, Park Yong-wan removed a long sword from his inventory.

There was no need to say anything.

He simply handed the swords to Kim Woo-jin, who checked its status window as he received it.


– Rating: Legendary

– Physical Attack: 888

– Required Level: Level 88 or higher

– Description: Siegfried’s sword. It can kill anything.

– All stats +30%

– All attack power +30%

– All stats +20% when attacking

– Activates ‘Curse of Balmung’ after wounding an enemy.


As he confirmed that it was truly the Dragon Slayer’s Balmung, Kim Woo-jin’s eyes began to shine.

Of course, this light only flashed by briefly.

Immediately after, Kim Woo-jin’s eyes returned to normal and he calmly placed Balmung into his inventory.

Their conversation began after that.

“What about Isaac Ivanov?”

“He’s waiting near the dungeon.”

“Near the dungeon?”

“He’s preparing for possible acts of terrorism, surprise attacks, and pre-emptive sabotage.”

“It’s the first time I’ve heard of him preparing so much. Isn’t it enough to have Thunderbird handle that?”

Kim Woo-jin’s response to Park Yong-wan’s question was simple.

“It seems he thinks this dungeon attack won’t be easy even for him.”

Park Yong-wan shut his mouth at that answer.

If it was an ordinary situation, he might have tried to make a sarcastic remark, but Park Yong-wan, who had seen the dungeon report, couldn’t even make any jokes.

“It’s really 999?”

“Yes, the maximum number of entries is 999.”

The fact that the maximum number of entries was 999 told him clearly.

“It will really be a difficult dungeon.”

“Yes, a dungeon that 7 Floor dungeons could not be compared to.”

This dungeon would be far more dangerous than any dungeon they had ever faced before.

It was a place whose difficulty they couldn’t even begin to imagine.

In all honesty, they were beginning to think that this challenge was too reckless.

“Is he willing to give up?”

In this situation, giving up would be the smart choice.

“He doesn’t intend to give up. Not unless the Messiah Guild gives up first. Otherwise, he’ll attack the dungeon at all costs.”

But Isaac Ivanov had no intention of making the smart choice.

Park Yong-wan didn’t make any more comments to that fact.

“Then are you confident?”

“First of all, we have to let Johann Georg participate in this dungeon attack.”


“We need about ten talented people to risk their lives at the critical moment.”


“That should be enough.”

After hearing that, Park Yong-wan nodded and handed a folder paper over to Kim Woo-jin.

“This is our list.”

Our list.

After saying that, Kim Woo-jin received the paper and put it into his pocket.

“But you didn’t give me an answer. Are you confident?”

Kim Woo-jin nodded.


When he heard that, Park Yong-wan didn’t ask any more questions.

The inside of the vehicle became silent, and after a while, the vehicle stopped.

“We’ve arrived.”

They had reached the stage of the decisive battle.

On February 1, 2025, the D-day arrived.

[All 999 players have been summoned to Jeju Island!]

[The Saviour Guild plans to take on the 8 Floor dungeon immediately!]

All 999 players gathered at the entrance of the dungeon with the goal of hunting the Nine Tailed Beast, which was the ruler of the B rank 8 Floor dungeon.

This was amazing in many ways.

-If they clear this, doesn’t that mean that all that’s left is A rank?

-If they can clear this, it basically means that they’ve conquered 8 Floors!

-Is this really the end of the game?

-Rumor has it that 9 Floors is the last, so if they continue with this momentum… it might end by next year.

Challenges to new floors had always been made at the D rank and below.

However, with their first attack, the Saviour Guild aimed for a spot that was right below the peak of 8 Floor dungeons.

-Isn’t this reckless?

Obviously, this was a very reckless thing to do.

-But the Saviour Guild hasn’t failed before, has it? They will succeed again.

-Right, Isaac Ivanov doesn’t know failure. Because he’s the real saviour.

However, the name Isaac Ivanov changed this recklessness into a great challenge filled with courage, not ignorance.

This wasn’t just a vague analogy.

“A tremendous amount of talents have gathered.”

“They’re all going to bet their lives.”

“It’s amazing that so many talented people would apply without hesitation.”

It was because of Isaac Ivanov’s name that many skilled players who were famous around the world were willing to risk their lives to take this challenge.

Isaac Ivanov’s name was now at that level.

Beyond the level of just creating results, it was at the level of creating an order and flow around himself.

“It’s Isaac!”

It was this Isaac Ivanov that appeared in front of the players.

On his two sides stood Lee Jin-ah and Kim Woo-jin, who could be called his closest confidantes.

The three’s appearance made the crowd quiet down.

This was proof that everyone knew now was not the time to be cheering.

And it was also proof that everyone gathered were veterans filled with determination.

Isaac Ivanov didn’t speak to them for too long.

“Let’s start the attack on the 8 Floor dungeon.”

Following those short words, Isaac Ivanov began walking towards the dungeon gate.

He walked slowly and soon disappeared into the dungeon.

Next was Lee Jin-ah.

The third was Kim Woo-jin.

As Kim Woo-jin entered the dungeon, the other players began to line up one by one according to the order they’d been given.


The moment Kim Woo-jin entered the dungeon.


The ground shook with a large explosion.

An accident had occurred.

When planning a dungeon attack, the first thing that was done was to clean up the surrounding area.

In addition to creating an environment that made it easy for the players to enter the dungeon gate, outsiders were also prevented from entering the area, and security was maintained in case of any unexpected situations.

The same was true for the Saviour Guild’s dungeon attack this time.

As soon as the dungeon was discovered and the dungeon attack was scheduled, the Korean Government and Thunderbird jointly monitored the area around the dungeon gate.

The Korean government had even controlled the exit and entry to the entire Jeju Island.

It was a dungeon attack made with the strictest security protocols that had ever been seen.


Therefore, no one expected any accidents to occur.

‘What was that?’

‘What happened?

Therefore, this event was so sudden that no one knew how to react.


At that moment, the sound came once more.

Only this time, there wasn’t just the sound.


A huge explosion happened around the dungeon gate and flames erupted in the area.

Some of the people gathered shouted out instinctively.


“Run away!”

It was literally an instinctive cry.

The cry of their survival instincts.

However, the instincts of some of the others were the exact opposite of this.

“Go in!”

They told them to throw themselves at the explosions and flames.

It wasn’t nonsense that had appeared in their head because of the situation.

“Keep entering the dungeon gate! Before it closes!”

If no one threw themselves through the flames then only three people would be locked in the dungeon!

It was the cries of those who had thought up to this point.

And some of the people who cried out also threw themselves at the dungeon gate where huge explosions had just taken place.

‘As long as I don’t die.’

‘If I can at least put my hand in the gate.’

Trusting in their superhuman stats and their item settings, they threw themselves at the dungeon gate.


At that moment, a third explosion occurred, and those who threw themselves towards the dungeon gate were sent flying.


Their screams of pains were much louder than their shouts from earlier.

‘Oh my God.’

This caused those who were also about to throw themselves to stiffen up with hardened expressions.


And in this time, a fourth explosion occurred.

The players had no choice but to give up their attempts in the face of the series of explosions which seemed to have been planned with them in mind.


And the fifth explosion made them realise.


That it was already over.

“The dungeon gate has closed…”

It was the moment the worst possible scenario had occurred.

“What’s going on?”

Lee Jin-ah, who entered the dungeon, tilted his head after he saw that no one had entered after Kim Woo-jin.

“Why is no one coming?”

Instead of answering, Kim Woo-jin simply looked at the dungeon gate that he’d just walked through.

After a little while passed, no one entered after them.

“Wa-, wait!”

Confused by this, Lee Jin-ah was about to head over to the dungeon gate.

Then he received a notification.

[Kill 222,222 monsters to proceed to the next floor.]

No more players would be entering the dungeon.

When he saw this, the shocked Lee Jin-ah turned to look at Kim Woo-jin for confirmation.

And under his gaze, Kim Woo-jin nodded, to show that it was planned.

It seemed Kim Woo-jin had done something.

“No, what did you do?”

Kim Woo-jin responded to this question calmly.

“We installed bombs around the dungeon gate.”


“We installed five lines. So that the explosions would occur in a chain.”

“Five lines?”

“Because one explosion wouldn’t be enough to stop the players from coming in. We had to cause multiple explosions.”

Only then did Lee Jin-ah understand the situation. What was surprising was that he didn’t show any apprehension or anger.

It seemed as though Lee Jin-ah was already used to such situations.

“Dammit, I knew it was too quiet. There was no way that the scourge of the earth, Kim Woo-jin, wouldn’t do something bad.”

This was because Kim Woo-jin had done such crazy and reckless things many times since they started moving together.

Therefore, Lee Jin-ah simply asked questions instead of expressing any anger.

“So what’s the reason this time? Why did you want only the two of us to enter the dungeon? Don’t tell me you just wanted us to have a romantic date?”

Kim Woo-jin replied.

“After entering the dungeon, many people would have tried to kill Isaac Ivanov.”

Kim Woo-jin didn’t have any intention of sharing this dungeon with others in the first place.

“I don’t want anyone interfering or causing trouble here.”

Moreover, as the target that so many people wanted to kill, it was natural that he wouldn’t want to put himself in such a position.

“The second goal is to create a sense of crisis.”

“A sense of crisis?”

“While the attention of the world was on him, Isaac Ivanov suffered from an act of terrorism.”

Lee Jin-ah snorted at those words.

“This isn’t a terrorist attack, it’s self harm.”

“Other than you, Lee Jin-ah, no one in the world would think this was an act of self harm.”

As Kim Woo-jin said, no one in the world would think that Isaac Ivanov was behind this terrorist attack.

“Just like no one thought the attack on the Messiah Guild’s headquarters was self inflicted.”

In the past, the Messiah Guild had done the same thing.

The result for the Messiah Guild was the same.

Just as the Messiah Guild had changed the world order after they cleared the dungeon after the terrorist attack, Kim Woo-jin also intended to change the world order after this attack.

“In such a situation, if you clear this dungeon, Isaac Ivanov’s name will surpass Lee Se-jun.”

The name Isaac Ivanov would definitely shine on top of Lee Se-jun’s.

After understanding this, Lee Jin-ah no longer asked any questions.

“And while we were attacking the dungeon last time, I realised something.”

“What is it?”

“Making a Death Knight is not easy if there are many players helping.”

“Death Knight?”

Along with those words, Kim Woo-jin opened the Book of the Dead and summoned a Skeleton Knight.

After seeing it, Lee Jin-ah recalled the notification that he’d received not so long ago.

‘There are 220,000 monsters here, aren’t there? And the number of sacrifices that are required for one Death Knight is…”

At the same time, he calculated the number of monsters required to make a Death Knight.

Then, Lee Jin-ah who realised what that meant, said.

“Oh my God.”

By his simple calculations, that meant that five Death Knights could be created on the first floor.

Kim Woo-jin tapped the shoulder of the now frightened Lee Jin-ah.

“Lee Jin-ah.”

“Huh? What?”

“You know the plan, bring some monsters.”

Only then did Lee Jin-ah realise.

“Wa-, wait. So you want me to tank while your Skeleton Knight hunts 40,000 monsters?”

Kim Woo-jin spoke gently when he saw the expression on Lee Jin-ah’s face.

“When we leave, I’ll let you buy anything you want to eat.”

“Hey, do you think I’m a pig that goes crazy for food? Huh? You think I’m crazy about eating anything you want to buy?”

Kim Woo-jin didn’t respond to Lee Jin-ah’s completely justified anger.

Instead, he simply looked around.


In the quiet world, only the Skeleton Knight’s cry could be heard.

Only then did Lee Jin-ah realise.

Right now, he was currently alone with the most dangerous monster in the world, in a place where no one would know what happened.

And that monster was a psycho who often did things that defied common sense.

Lee Jin-ah, who came to his thoughts, then said.

“Is it possible for me to get the sushi I wasn’t able to eat in Japan last time?”

Kim Woo-jin nodded.

“It should be possible with the donations we received from Youtube.”

Lee Jin-ah let out a long sigh before saying.

“Okay, then let’s set up the Death Knight factory.”


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