KILL THE HERO Chapter 264 – 9 Tails (2)

KILL THE HERO Chapter 264 – 9 Tails (2)

Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

The second month after the terrorist attack.

[The second month since the disaster and Isaac Ivanov is still attacking the dungeon.]

The world was still filled with a terrible atmosphere.

And it was bound to be the same in the future.

[With Isaac Ivanov’s ability, he can survive for at least half a year!]

[Isaac Ivanov would never fall easily!]

[With Isaac Ivanov’s ability alone, they can easily reach the seventh floor!]

The media poured out all kinds of positive analyses that Isaac Ivanov could survive in the future, but the world knew the truth.

-It’s not about getting to the seventh floor, is it?

-Right, can they hunt the dungeon boss on the eighth floor? That’s the real question.

-No matter how strong Isaac Ivanov’s three man party is, the dungeon boss on the eighth floor will be difficult.

-It wouldn’t just be difficult, it would be almost impossible. After all, it’s a B rank dungeon with a max entry of 999…

In the end, the only outcome for Isaac Ivanov was destruction.

And when forced to face this fact, people could only feel despair.

-Is there anything we can do?

?If there was, it would’ve been used sooner.

What brought even more despair was the fact that there was nothing the world could do to prevent this destruction.

That was why.

-Who are those bastards?

-We need to find those sons of bitches and tear them apart!

The people of the world began to search for the people responsible for this situation.

People around the world started looking for anything they can do to alleviate their despair and helplessness even a little bit.

-This dungeon attack was more secure than ever. They were watching the dungeon gate days before the attack.

-The Korean government even gave up the tourism industry of Jeju Island and took control of it. It was not a place that outsiders could’ve interfered with.

And the gazes of these people started to look towards the Saviour Guild on the inside, rather than the outside.

In a way, this was natural.

-It was not just a small job since there were five consecutive explosions. They made up their minds to do it right.

-That’s right. This couldn’t have happened without the help of key officials in the Saviour Guild.

In this dungeon attack, which was prepared more thoroughly than ever before, there was no space for outsiders to do as they pleased.

Nevertheless, since this proved that it was not the work of an outsider, it could only be that of insiders.

‘This is such a headache.’

In this situation, it was none other than Park Yong-wan who was the most troubled.

Even for Park Yong-wan, this terrorist attack had come as a surprise.

At the same time, Park Yong-wan was the one who was also responsible for handling the aftermath.

That was why he was busier than anyone else during these past two months.

And in this state, things were only becoming worse for him, instead of better.

‘They’re starting to suspect me.’

Him and the other members of the Saviour Guild were beginning to be suspected of being behind the attack.

Of course, the suspicions themselves weren’t the problem.

‘If I get caught in this, it’s all over.’

The problem was that Park Yong-wan had really plotted and manipulated to get rid of Isaac Ivanov.


For that goal, Park Yong-wan even went as far as to join hands with the Messiah Guild.

If that fact was revealed to the world, it would mark the end of Park Yong-wan.

For him, there was only one solution to this problem.

‘That’s why he definitely has to die.’

Isaac Ivanov and the other two had to fail the attack and let the dungeon become their grave.


If that happened then everything would become clear.

The Saviour Guild would no longer need to go crazy in dungeons with Isaac Ivanov.

And everything in the Saviour Guild would belong to Park Yong-wan.

He would gain everything that Isaac Ivanov had achieved.

Naturally, Park Yong-wan was focused on one thing.

Can Isaac Ivanov clear the dungeon?

In fact, there was no need for him to worry too much about this question.

‘Well, there’s no way they can clear it.’

There was absolutely no way that a three person team could clear an 8 Floor dungeon.

‘Unless he has dozens of monsters like that Death Knight.’

Park Yong-wan, who had this thought, couldn’t help but smile.

[A Death Knight can be summoned.]


Along with that notification, a Skeleton Knight with a heavy black aura announced its presence.

“We’re finished!”

And Lee Jin-ah also announced his presence with a shout.

“Haha, we’re done! Thirty completed!”

He looked exhausted as he cheered, like a runner who’d just finished a marathon.

Kim Woo-jin responded to his cheers.

“Great job.”

It was a plain but more sincere answer than ever.

Kim Woo-jin was also genuinely surprised and happy at this achievement.

‘We did it.’

He wasn’t lying when he said he wanted to create thirty Death Knights.

Kim Woo-jin was truly determined to produce thirty of them.

However, he never thought it would be this easy.

Especially because Kim Woo-jin knew this dungeon better than anyone else.

‘It’s more than I expected.’

But the current result was better than Kim Woo-jin had expected.

‘I didn’t expect to finish on the fifth floor.’

It was beyond perfect.

Of course, these were all facts of the past.

Therefore, Kim Woo-jin didn’t attach any more importance to those memories from the past so that he wouldn’t become emotional.

Instead, his eyes turned to his status window.

[Kim Woo-jin]

– Level: 216

– Halo: Emissary of the Underworld

– Stats: Health(640+1749)/Stamina(2+901)/Magic Power(3+1751)

– Achievements: 199

– Extra points: 0

‘The only thing left to do now is level up.’

Instead, he focused on reality.

“Lee Jin-ah.”

When he heard his name, Lee Jin-ah turned to look at Kim Woo-jin.

There was unease in his eyes.

“Don’t tell me you want to make more because we have the time to do it, huh? Do you suddenly want three more servings? You’re not gonna do something like that, are you?”

He thought that Kim Woo-jin would use this as an opportunity to create more Death Knights.

In fact, Lee Jin-ah wouldn’t be surprised if Kim Woo-jin really thought that way.

“Thirty is enough.”

Fortunately, Kim Woo-jin didn’t request more.”

“It’s meaningless to collect more than that.”

In all honesty, even thirty was a number that Kim Woo-jin couldn’t currently summon.

Even if he could gain magic power with Bloodsucking, he would still need monsters from which to absorb it.

With such a condition in mind, there was no need for him to overdo it.

‘It would be meaningless against him.’

Most importantly, Kim Woo-jin had made such a force to hunt none other than Lee Se-jun.

‘The new card is more important.’

Instead, what was more important was to secure even more abilities by leveling up.

That was Kim Woo-jin’s new plan.

‘I’ll raise my level as high as I can on the sixth and seventh floors.’

He had used the first five floors to create thirty Death Knights, and he would now use the remaining floors to level up.

“From now on, we’ll focus on leveling up.”

Lee Jin-ah’s expression hardened when he heard Kim Woo-jin’s words.

Kim Woo-jin said they were going to level up. And he knew what those words meant more than anyone else.


So he simply gave a long sigh, as if he’d given up.

“Right, I don’t get to sip honey.”

Kim Woo-jin then said to him.

“Lee Jin-ah, there’s no need for you to do anything.”


Kim Woo-jin didn’t answer the surprised Lee Jin-ah.

Instead, Kim Woo-jin simply put his thoughts into action.

After taking their bones out of his inventory, he summoned a group of Death Knights.

[The Knight of Death Appears.]

Five Death Knights appeared at the same time.

[Opened the Book of the Dead.]

Following that, Kim Woo-jin opened the Book of the Dead.

[A Lich appears.]

And he took the Lich from it.

[A Dullahan appears.]

Next was the Dullahan.

Then, Kim Woo-jin began to summon Skeleton Soldiers and Knights using the corpses that surrounded them.



In an instant, an army of two hundred skeletons appeared.

Kim Woo-jin then turned around and said.

“Because the skeleton army will take care of the hunting.”

Watching this scene, Lee Jin-ah could only smile at Kim Woo-jin.

“Right, this is how a necromancer should act.”

For Lee Jin-ah this was his first time experiencing such a comfortable and sweet dungeon attack since he became a player. (TL: he got to sip honey)

After the Messiah Guild cleared the 8 Floor dungeon in 2025, the next event that the world faced was the appearance of the 9 Floor dungeon.

The last floor.

With the appearance of the 9 Floor dungeon, all guilds, including the Messiah Guild, changed their routes to gathering as much power as possible in preparation to attack the 9 Floor dungeon.

The battle for legendary items thus began.

Everyone was forced to take part in the scramble.

Naturally, the top players all stalled at A rank 8 Floor dungeons.

Everyone, including the Dragon Slayer, stopped there.

Naturally, the same was true for Lee Se-jun, the Messiah Guild’s Saviour.

His seemingly unstoppable run, which was always at a higher stage than others, had stopped for the first time.

From the world’s perspective, this wasn’t good news.

‘At that time, I thought it was an opportunity.’

However, before returning to the past, Kim Woo-jin saw it as a once in a lifetime opportunity.

‘An opportunity to stand on the same stage as Lee Se-jun.’

An opportunity to catch up to Lee Se-jun, who always climbed a step higher than him.

‘An opportunity to attack the 9 Floor with him.’

He thought it was a great opportunity to attack the final dungeon together with Lee Se-jun and stand on the same stage as him.

He thought it was an opportunity from heaven to save the world with him.

That was what Kim Woo-jin had thought at that time.

So for Kim Woo-jin, who was like that at that time, a B rank dungeon, a test which could prove his qualification to attack an A rank dungeon, was an indescribably important stage.

‘So I was more desperate than ever for any dungeon.’

He wanted to show everything he had in order to prove that he was more qualified than anyone else.

And it was the dungeon that appeared on Jeju Island, the Nine Tailed Beast Dungeon, that became Kim Woo-jin’s test stage.

‘The Nine Tailed Fox, I wanted to catch it more perfectly than anyone in the world.’

An extraordinary resolution.

Moreover, Kim Woo-jin, who had advanced past countless adversities, had reached the peak in terms of skill.

‘And it was perfect.’

And the result he created was perfection in itself.

The moment he received the dungeon report, and the moment he understood it, it was impossible for any other players to target the dungeon more overwhelmingly and completely than him.

‘To the extent that I didn’t think I could do it again.’

Even Kim Woo-jin himself thought it was impossible to attack another dungeon so perfectly.

Even after returning to the past, this thought hadn’t changed.

Even before he entered the dungeon this time, Kim Woo-jin didn’t think that a perfect attack would be possible.

So he thought it would be better to just focus on making the Death Knights.

But now, his thoughts had changed.

“This is insane.”

A skeleton army whose numbers surpassed 400.


Forty Skeleton Knights and a Dullahan as the cavalry.


Ten Banshees roaming around the skeleton army and a Lich leisurely looking from the highest vantage point.

“This is really insane.”

And the twelve Death Knights that made even the aforementioned army look like paper.

In front of this undead army, the bodies of over 100,000 monsters lay spread out like a carpet.

It was a scene that represented an overwhelming victory in a battle against a great army, a ridiculous amount of monsters.

This sight clearly told him.

The common sense Kim Woo-jin had known- had been completely destroyed at that moment.

‘It’s a completely different attack from back then.’

Therefore, Kim Woo-jin was certain that the experience he had before returning to the past, the attack that he felt was more perfect than anything else, would be defied completely.

Of course, one thing remained unchanged.

‘This dungeon will still be the stage that allows me to reach Lee Se-jun.’

That this dungeon was the last door he had to pass to meet the hero who claimed he would save the world.

[Advance to the next floor.]

Kim Woo-jin then heard the notification that told him to climb to the last floor.


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