KILL THE HERO Chapter 266 – Return (1)

KILL THE HERO Chapter 266 – Return (1)

Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

Kim Woo-jin, who had hunted the Nine Tailed Fox before returning to the past had added a list of requirements that were to deal with this monster in his dungeon report.

First, the power to deal with at least 1,000 Foxfires in a short period of time was absolutely necessary.

Second, the ability to detect the Nine Tailed Fox’s location when it summoned Foxfires once again.

Third, the ability to identify and attack its real body, and not the body of its alter ego.

Fourth, the ability to track the Nine Tailed Fox which would undoubtedly try to escape.

Fifth, the ability to cut off all of the Nine Tailed Fox’s tails during the pursuit.

Before returning to the past, these were the steps Kim Woo-jin led his teammates through in order to hunt the Nine Tailed Fox.

Especially the fifth. Kim Woo-jin had finally managed to cut off all of the Nine Tailed Fox’s tails after fourteen different skirmishes.

Using only fourteen fights to do this made everyone judge Kim Woo-jin’s attack on the Nine Tailed Fox as perfect.

However, the number of skirmishes the current Kim Woo-jin needed was only one.

[The Nine Tailed Fox has lost all of its tails.]


In just a single battle, the Nine Tailed Fox could only let out a miserable cry as Kim Woo-jin cut off all of its tails.

This was a situation that could be admired for many reasons.

Of course, Kim Woo-jin didn’t feel any admiration, nor did he dwell on his recollections.

As soon as the Nine Tailed Fox let out that cry, he quickly narrowed the difference between them and sliced his sword across its throat.

The Nine Tailed Fox jumped back to avoid it, but Kim Woo-jin took another step forward, measuring the distance perfectly as he swung Excalibur.

[You have slain the Nine Tailed Fox.]

Without any suspense, the Nine Tailed Fox, which had first lost its tails and then its head, collapsed to the ground.

“It’s finally over.”

Lee Jin-ah, who was holding Balmung in his hand, prepared to intervene in case of any accidents, relaxed slightly as he saw this scene.

However, Kim Woo-jin was different.

Instead, he turned his head and looked around.

Then, he saw one of the Nine Tailed Fox’s tails, which he had cut off, began to give off a bright light. (TL: Do you think the author forgot what he said before? Or that I misinterpreted it?)

[The First Tail of the Nine Tailed Fox]

– Rating: Legendary

– Required Level: Level 1 or higher

– Description: The first tail of the Nine Tailed Fox. It contains mysterious power. If all nine tails are collected, one will be able to use the power of the Nine Tailed Fox.

– All defense +20%

– Grants the ability to use the skill ‘Transform’

It was the moment when he’d gathered all nine tails.

Kim Woo-jin added this tail to his inventory without hesitation.

[Collected all nine tails of the Nine Tailed Fox.]

[You have unlocked the power of the Nine Tailed Fox.]

The power of the Nine Tailed Fox.

Along with that notification, another window appeared in front of Kim Woo-jin’s eyes.

[Power of the Nine Tailed Fox]

– All skills of the Nine Tailed Fox’s tails can be used without consuming any magic power for 9 minutes.

It was an unexpected gain.

However, Kim Woo-jin didn’t dwell on his gains for very long.

‘Now there’s just one left.’

Because there was now only one prey that Kim Woo-jin really wanted to hunt.

It was often said.

There are always ups and downs in life.

If good things happened, then bad things would happen, and if bad things happened, then good things would happen.

It was a common saying.

But it was none other than the Messiah Guild that proved to the world the truth behind those words.

[The Messiah Guild successfully clears the 8 Floor dungeon!]

[The Messiah Guild slays the Orc Lord!]

After the terrorist attack on the Saviour Guild, the Messiah Guild didn’t give up their attack on the 8 Floor dungeon, Orc Lord’s Kingdom, and brought hope to the world once again.

[Lee Se-jun becomes the first player to conquer 8 Floors!]

[Lee Se-jun writes his own legend!]

It was the moment that Lee Se-jun became the first to clear an 8 Floor dungeon.

-In the end, Lee Se-jun is the only hero who can save the world.

-Lee Se-jun was the only saviour from the start.

-Right, in the end, only the Messiah Guild can save the world.

At the same time, it was the moment when Lee Se-jun had once again taken the seat of the world’s one and only Saviour.

In other words, no one had any more expectations.

[Isaac Ivanov’s party’s attack still in progress!]

[Isaac is still alive!]

They believed that Isaac Ivanov was still alive, but also that his chances of returning were virtually zero.

-Sooner or later, we’ll receive news about Isaac Ivanov’s obituary.

-It’s over.

With the saying in mind, after receiving good news, the world was prepared to once again receive bad news.

Then, on April 1, Isaac Ivanov told them.

[Isaac Ivanov successfully clears the dungeon!]

[Isaac Ivanov once again creates a miracle!]

That his tale was not yet over.

The Dragon Slayer once said.

“The odds of Isaac Ivanov succeeding are the same as the game suddenly ending.”

Trinity of the Great One Guild said.

“No matter how amazing the hunting dog is, there’s no way it can hunt a bear on its own. That’s why we work together. The dungeons also know this fact, that’s why they set a maximum number of entries.”

Park Yong-wan, who had become the temporary Master of the Saviour Guild also said.

“I can only pray earnestly for his return.”

These were some of the players who knew more about dungeons than anyone else in the world.

And they told everyone that Isaac Ivanov could not return safely from the 8 Floor dungeon.

It was impossible.

Their reasoning was also so valid that no one dared to refute it.

[Isaac Ivanov returns!]

So when this news came out, no one in the world was really surprised.

No, it could be said that they paid no attention to it at all.

-Someone is making jokes again.

-Is this an April Fool’s joke?

-It’s a very disgusting joke.

Since it was April 1, most people in the world dismissed it as a cruel April Fool’s joke made by someone.

The same was true for the media.

“Isaac Ivanov came out of the dungeon?”

“I’m not sure who came up with it, but either way, they’re crazy. Even if it’s April Fool’s, such jokes are dangerous.”

“It’s ridiculous.”

“It would’ve been more believable if they said that a meteoroid was on a collision course with Earth.”

“And Nasa is training an oil rig drilling team to blow up the meteoroid.”

Despite the fact that it was potentially the biggest breaking news they ever received, no one paid attention to this.

Perhaps by chance, there were still a few who wanted to confirm the authenticity of the information, something that was incredibly rare.

In other words, there were still a few of them.

A few reporters, some of them even using their smartphones, searched around with a ‘there’s nothing to lose’ mentality.

With this in mind, they entered Youtube and checked Isaac Ivanov’s live streaming channel.

Of course, the thoughts of these reporters were the same.

‘It must be a lie.’

‘Who came up with this nonsense?’

‘I knew someone would do something like this.’

That what they were doing was completely meaningless.

It was no different than searching on the ground after hearing someone said they lost a 10 carat diamond ring.



“What’s going on?”

However, if you were to think about it conversely, if you were to search on the ground, you might become the person who found the diamond.

‘They are preparing a live broadcast.’

‘Isaac Ivanov’s channel is active!’

And the reporters, who unexpectedly discovered a treasure, could not help but shout out.

‘This is a scoop!’

‘Oh my God!’

They moved quickly to become the main characters to release this breaking news.

These few journalists and netizens around the world began to take action.

And through them, this news resonated throughout the world.

[Isaac Ivanov is back!]

-Isaac Ivanov is back!

The hero that would save the world was back!

In Oh Se-chan’s office, All of the employees were gathered in front of a monitor.

“How many people have connected?”

Oh Se-chan, who was standing among them, asked this question to the employee sitting with a mouse and keyboard in front of him.

The subordinate answered the question with a stiff expression.

“Youtube isn’t showing us the numbers.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“They informed us that this was not an event that should be used to break records, I could only agree.”

A large number of people would most assuredly watch the broadcast so the number of views was not something that needed to be recorded.

“The number shouldn’t be displayed…”

No one disagreed with this fact.

‘Right, it’s worthy of such a decision.’

‘This is a historical event.’

Because they were certain that this live broadcast after Isaac Ivanov’s successful dungeon attack would definitely go down in history.

Not only would it be written into the history of mankind, but the future generations learning about the past would certainly be told about this day.

It was a tale that was not lacking in inspiration.

“What the hell are you talking about? We need the numbers to calculate the donations and use them for business later.”

Of course, Oh Se-chan was different.

“Hey, really. I should have made a website instead of using Youtube. I bet they won’t even collect any donations for this.”

His dissatisfaction made his subordinates completely speechless.


Then the broadcast started.

And Isaac Ivanov’s face appeared on the screen.

“They cleared it!”

“The attack was successful!”

Everyone cheered at this fact.

It was the moment that the thought that it could be a trick or something Isaac Ivanov prepared before he died, disappeared.

They weren’t the only ones.

-It’s Isaac!

-It’s not a last testament broadcast!

-I’m so happy, the Saviour has returned!

The chat window beside the broadcast was filled with cheers.

The entire world began to cheer and praise like they were competing with each other.

The world was filled with joy.

-I’m so happy to be able to interact with you like this once again.

And in such pandemonium, Isaac Ivanov started speaking.

And as a result, the world gradually calmed down as everyone began to pay attention to Isaac Ivanov.

In such a situation, Isaac Ivanov said.

-First, I’d like to deal with the traitor.

At that moment, the atmosphere around the world changed.


“What does he mean?”

Oh Se-chan’s subordinates couldn’t help but be surprised when they heard Isaac Ivanov’s unexpected statement.

They, who were closer to Isaac Ivanov than anyone else, were the most perplexed.

-A traitor? What is he talking about?

-Was there a traitor? No way, were they behind this terrorist attack?

-Wait, doesn’t that mean Isaac Ivanov knows who the traitor is? How?

Isaac Ivanov’s words caused numerous questions to appear in the minds of his audience.

It was at this time that Isaac Ivanov turned the camera, allowing them to see a man bound to a chair.

“Kim Woo-jin?”

“Kim Woo-jin!”

This man was none other than Kim Woo-jin.

‘What’s going on? He looks injured.’

‘Was he tortured?’

The appearance of Kim Woo-jin, who was bound tightly, showed signs of torture, or something similar to it.

Everyone became shocked when they saw this.

Even the constantly flowing chat at the side froze.

In this situation, Isaac Ivanov’s voice came from behind the camera.

-Kim Woo-jin, why did you betray me?

(TL:… I was not expecting that…)


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