KILL THE HERO Chapter 269 – Messiah (1)

KILL THE HERO Chapter 269 – Messiah (1)

Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

“It’s enough.”

That was the moment when the thing the people in the world wanted the most happened in a spectacular manner.

It was a scene that could not have been accomplished without some directing.

‘As expected.’

In other words, it had to be something that was agreed upon beforehand.

First of all, it didn’t make sense that the Messiah Guild wouldn’t know that Isaac Ivanov hid his identity and mixed in with the group of reporters.

After all, in this time when the risk of terrorist attacks was extremely high, it was natural for them to thoroughly check the identity of the reporters who would be covering the press conference.

And if someone had really been hiding amongst the reporters and displayed hostile intentions towards Lee Se-jun, the snipers deployed around the area would not have hesitated.

‘The Messiah Guild had no choice but to do this.’

This meant that the Messiah Guild had spoken to Isaac Ivanov before Lee Se-jun went up.

They told him that they would accept his request to join the guild.

And they also gave him a scene to act.

He would pretend to be a reporter and ask Lee Se-jun a few questions.

“Join me.”

And when Lee Se-jun called him, he would go up onto the stage and stand together with him.

Following what he’d been told, Kim Woo-jin walked onto the stage and stood in front of Lee Se-jun.

Every reporter raised their camera at this scene.

However, no one pressed the shutters for their cameras just yet.

There was no limit to the number of times they could press the shutter, but everyone knew that there was only one moment that they truly needed to get a picture of.

‘The moment they shake hands is the best time to take a picture.’

The only photo that would be taken today was one of the moment Lee Se-jun and Isaac Ivanov shook hands in front of the gate of the final dungeon.

As if responding to their anticipation, Lee Se-jun stretched out his hand.

This was the last scene that had been given to him by the Messiah Guild.

Of course, Kim Woo-jin’s scene was a little different.

‘I won’t follow their scenario.’

Then Isaac Ivanov turned around.

Instead of looking at Lee Se-jun, he looked at the reporters.

“There’s only one reason why I chose to abandon everything I’d achieved so far and join the Messiah Guild. And that is because only the Messiah Guild has the will to truly end this game. And faced with the opportunity to end this game and save the world. I have no reason to hesitate.”

And said.

“Under the name of the Messiah Guild, we will target an A+ rank 8 Floor dungeon. And we will prove that the Messiah Guild is qualified to climb to the last floor.”

He declared to the world.

“On June 1, we will finish all of our preparations.”

Afterwards, Kim Woo-jin, wearing Isaac Ivanov’s mask, turned to look at Lee Se-jun once again.

Then he grabbed his outstretched hand and shook it.

“Save this world with me. Let’s put an end to this game.”

Kim Woo-jin had finally returned to the Messiah Guild.

[Isaac Ivanov officially becomes a member of the Messiah Guild!]

The world went wild when the thing it wanted to happen the most truly happened.

[Isaac Ivanov, ‘I will put an end to this game under the banner of the Messiah Guild’!]

[Isaac Ivanov, ‘I will save the world in 2026’!]

And to such enthusiasm, Isaac Ivanov continued to pour oil.

[Finally! The day of salvation is approaching!]

The world began to burn with a moment that would leave no ashes.

“This is no joke.”

In front of this heat, even Lee Jin-ah, who had overcome numerous hardships couldn’t help but sweat.

The heat that could be felt even through his smartphone was truly different.

“If we do this, we’ll really end the world.”

It was no exaggeration to say that if the Messiah Guild failed to attack the dungeon and save the world, the world would basically end.

From the perspective of a person who was about to do this exact thing, it was hard to not tremble even within his soul.

Of course, there was an exception to this.

Kim Woo-jin, who was in the same situation, and could even be called the mastermind behind the situation, showed no reaction at all.

Instead, he continued to arm his skeletons with items he obtained from Oh Se-chan.

“Amazing, you’re really amazing.”

Lee Jin-ah couldn’t help but express his admiration at such a sight.

Of course, this admiration didn’t last very long.

“Are you sure we’ll have the advantage? Will we finish all of our preparations by June?”

In order to prevent the Messiah Guild from prolonging the time too long, Kim Woo-jin had given them a limited amount of time.

In other words, Kim Woo-jin also had to be ready to face the Messiah Guild in that time.

“The Messiah Guild’s team will also be different from any other we’ve encountered so far, wouldn’t they?”

It wasn’t just preparing to defend themselves, it was preparation to devour the elite team created by the Messiah Guild in order to destroy Isaac Ivanov.

This was completely incomparable to any of the dangers or crises that Kim Woo-jin had faced before.

Moreover, Kim Woo-jin also had to attack an 8 Floor dungeon while dealing with such a Messiah Guild.

“We have to attack the dungeon…”

They had to clear an A+ rank dungeon, the peak of 8 Floors.

It was a mountain that they had to cross.

“Are you scared?”

Kim Woo-jin suddenly threw a question towards Lee Jin-ah.

Lee Jin-ah responded immediately.

“Hey, I’m the manly Lee Jin-ah. Manly Lee Jin-ah I said. There’s no such word as ‘scared’ in my dictionary.”

With those words, Lee Jin-ah tapped his chest heavily.

Kim Woo-jin responded briefly.

“That’s a relief.”

“Huh? Relief?”

Lee Jin-ah couldn’t help but ask this question as he heard the sudden phrase from Kim Woo-jin.

“From now on, it starts for real.”

“Starts for real?”


Suddenly, Kim Woo-jin’s feature phone, which was sitting on the shelf beside him began to vibrate.

After reading the text he received, Kim Woo-jin immediately threw the phone to Lee Jin-ah.


When he read the text, Lee Jin-ah couldn’t help but make a strange expression, wondering if he forgot how to read Korean.

Then, his expression stiffened.

“The Sword Saint joined the Messiah Guild?”

[The Sword Saint joins the Messiah Guild!]

[Sword Saint, “I will now save the world together with the Messiah Guild.”]

[The Sword Saint finally joins the Bow God in the Messiah Guild!]

The Sword Saint.

For the Japanese, he was the player who represented their country.

He was also their last pride.

For the Japanese, he was their last pride that could stand against the Messiah Guild, a Korean guild.

That was why the shock generated from his induction into the Messiah Guild was much larger than anyone expected.

What was more shocking, was the fact that that was only the beginning.

[Executives from the Great One Guild transfer to the Messiah Guild!]

[A large number of executives from the Kunlun Guild join the Messiah Guild!]

Including members from the top five guilds, a large amount of talented players began joining the Messiah Guild almost like a domino effect.

-What’s going on?

-Why is everyone suddenly transferring to the Messiah Guild?

This situation was inevitably shocking in many ways.

-Why do you think? The Messiah Guild is definitely going to save the world now!

-There aren’t any blind bastards who would dare to stand against the Messiah Guild now, are there?

-The tide is already on the Messiah Guild’s side.

Of course, no one raised any objections to this.

And in a way, this was to be expected.

[The Messiah Guild is on the rise!]

[We’re betting everything on the Messiah Guild!]

After all, the final dungeon had appeared, and Isaac Ivanov and the Messiah Guild were joining forces in order to clear this dungeon.

With the Messiah Guild’s announcement that they would attack the 9 Floor dungeon after attacking the 8 Floor dungeon in June, going under any banner other than the Messiah Guild’s was the same as boarding a sinking ship.

It seemed wiser to transfer to the Messiah Guild while there was still space.

[The Messiah Guild becomes the one true guild!]

[The Five Great Guilds have virtually collapsed!]

[Now, there is only one Great Guild, the Messiah Guild!]

It was the moment when the Messiah Guild reached its peak.

“I think more than 40 of the top 100 players are in the Messiah Guild. Doesn’t that mean they encompass the whole world?”

It was also the moment that the Messiah Guild had truly spread across the entire world.

“Right, that’s why the Messiah Guild will probably reveal their true self.”

And it was the moment the Messiah Guild revealed their true faces.

‘There are so many people who deceived the world.’

After confirming this fact in the last news article, Kim Woo-jin recalled his memories before he returned to the past.

He recalled the faces of those who had looked at him as though he was just a crazy dog running around like a hunting dog without knowing the truth that lay below his belief that they would save the world.

Recalling those faces, Kim Woo-jin waited for the right moment.

‘I’ll cut them down from the root.’

Before long, that moment came.

[June 1, the Messiah Guild’s A+ rank 8 Floor dungeon attack commences!]

[The Messiah Guild gathers in China to take down the Ogre Lord!]

On June 1, the Messiah Guild gathered in China.

Chengdu, capital of the Sichuan Province, China.

Chengdu, which was usually filled with people, was instead filled with silence for the first time.

Despite the fact that it was the middle of the day with the burning sun high in the sky instead of night, no one walked the streets.

Instead, tanks filled the streets that were usually covered in motorcycles and other vehicles, and soldiers could be seen in every corner standing at the ready.

The military discipline displayed by these people was beyond description.

At first glance, you might even think they were mannequins.

However, there were people there that were even more disciplined than these soldiers.

“We will enter the dungeon in 30 minutes.”

The discipline displayed by the members of the Messiah Guild, who were making their final preparations before the attack on the 8 Floor dungeon went beyond the level of looking like mannequins.


The staff of the Messiah Guild’s Dungeon Support Team could not help but swallow their saliva at this sight.

‘It’s really terrifying.’

Those watching this ground couldn’t help but feel afraid.

Of course, this wasn’t to say that they didn’t understand.

‘Well, a dungeon is a dungeon.’

After all, the difficulty of this dungeon attack was something that couldn’t be properly put into words.

Firstly, it was A+ rank.

‘What kind of monster is the Ogre Lord?’

Second, the boss of this dungeon was none other than the Ogre Lord.

It was a stage whether the ruler of the Ogres, monsters that were already quite terrifying, had appeared.

And there was something even more pressing than these things.

‘After this is the 9 Floor dungeon.’

Most of the players who were gathered there would also take part in the attack on the final dungeon.

In the face of such circumstances, it was natural for even these players who had reached the top to feel nervous.

But the staff there didn’t know.

‘In this dungeon, we have to defeat Isaac Ivanov.’

‘We have to defeat that monster who can clear an 8 Floor dungeon on his own.’

The thing these players intended to hunt was probably many times stronger than the Ogre Lord.

‘It’ll be impossible without some sacrifices.’

They were certain that not a few players would die in the process.

No, in fact, they had already decided who would sacrifice themselves first when it was required.

Therefore, it was natural that those who would have to sacrifice themselves and become stepping stones to feel pressured.

“Isaac Ivanov is here.”

Then, the notification that Isaac Ivanov had arrived reached their ears.

Everyone looked up when they heard that.

Subconsciously, their faces became a bit dark.

“Master Lee Se-jun is here.”

It was the arrival of Lee Se-jun that lightened the looks on their faces.

‘Right, we still have Lee Se-jun.’

The moment they heard that name, firm faith arose on their darkened faces.

Moreover, this wasn’t because of some mistaken belief that this man would save the world.

‘We have this great man, who will create the greatest empire to ever appear in human history, above us.’

They had faith in the grand ambitions of the man who had completely deceived the entire world in order to turn it into his own empire.

And this faith was stronger than the one that was based upon the belief that he was a saviour.

It wasn’t much longer before they were notified.

“Start entering the dungeon.”


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