KILL THE HERO Chapter 275 – Epilogue (END)

KILL THE HERO Chapter 275 – Epilogue (END)

Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

December 23, 2025.

It was the day before Christmas Eve, and the atmosphere in Seoul, the capital of Korea, was tenser than ever.

“It’s a week from now?”

“Right, a week from now, Isaac Ivanov will attack the 9 Floor dungeon.”

The dungeon attack that was announced on October 4 to commemorate the great hero who fought to save the world was only a week away.

However, it wasn’t just tension.

“Will you succeed?”

There was a reason for the tension.

Expectations were high that there would be a peaceful world where they would no longer need to worry about monsters appearing every year.

The expectation that this game would finally end.

“Because an All Star Team has been created.”

The source of this expectation were the players who had been gathered to attack the 9 Floor dungeon.

An All Star Team!

All of the best players in the world had been gathered for this final dungeon attack.

“Because the All Star Team will be led by Isaac Ivanov.”

And those who gathered were all under the banner of Isaac Ivanov.

“Would they really be completely obedient just because of your little story?”

“Of course they will obey. Those who go against the Messiah Guild’s values here are basically going against all of humanity.”

“Well, if the other guilds had cooperated fully with the Messiah Guild then maybe Lee Se-jun wouldn’t have died.”

It was the death of the world’s saviour, Lee Se-jun, made it possible.

His noble sacrifice made it impossible for the other players to be selfish.

“Now it’s time to finally end this game.”

That was why tension and expectation coexisted in the atmosphere around the world on the day before Christmas Eve.

“Hey, really. A Chinese restaurant of all things, a Chinese restaurant?”

And despite this atmosphere in Seoul, a man complained without hesitation.

“Since we’re preparing to do something so big we should at least have giant lobster and king crab with caviar. Huh?”

It was a man whose appearance was so ugly that just looking at him would give you goosebumps.

Whenever this man complained, the people around couldn’t help but be surprised by his ugly appearance.

However, the ordinary looking man across from him didn’t respond at all to the ugly man’s complaints.

“Make an order.”

Along with those words, he handed a menu over to the ugly man.

Lee Jin-ah, the man who received the menu, asked with delight.

“You’re shooting right?”

Kim Woo-jin simply closed his eyes instead of answering.

Lee Jin-ah laughed at this sight.

‘Punk, you brought me to a cheap chinese restaurant, but I’ll just eat 100 million won’s worth. That should be enough.’

“Then I’ll place my order.”


Hiding the ridicule in his heart, Lee Jin-ah pointed out what he wanted to the employee who came to take his order.

“I’ll have from here to here.”


When the waiter tilted their head at his order, Lee Jin-ah pointed to the first dish on the first page of the menu.

“From here.”

Then turning the menu to the last page, he pointed at the last dish.

“To here.”

Only then did the waiter understand what he meant, but they looked even more surprised.

Lee Jin-ah ignored the waiter and handed the menu back to Kim Woo-jin.

“You should also make your order.”

This fact made the waiter even more embarrassed.

‘He wants to eat all of that alone?’

Ignoring the waiter’s shocked expression, Kim Woo-jin simply ordered a bowl of jajangmyeon.

After taking their orders, the employee hurried to relay it to the kitchen, and Lee Jin-ah began humming a small tune while waiting for his food.

Kim Woo-jin simply sat there without a word.

After a while, the food was brought out.

A bowl of jajangmyeon for Kim Woo-jin, and a plate of tangsuyuk for Lee Jin-ah.

“Oh, you already ordered?”

A man walked into the restaurant and greeted Kim Woo-jin and Lee Jin-ah as soon as he saw them.

“It looks delicious. Who’s shooting? Huh?”

This was Kim Woo-jin’s first time meeting this man.

But that didn’t mean he didn’t know who he was.

“Oh Se-chan.”

It was the moment when Kim Woo-jin and Oh Se-chan were finally able to meet for the first time.

Oh Se-chan looked towards Kim Woo-jin and smiled.

“This is our first meeting, isn’t it?”

Kim Woo-jin nodded and said.

“As I heard, you’re bald.”

“As you heard, I’m bald?”

Oh Se-chan slowly turned his head to Lee Jin-ah who simply shrugged his shoulders at his expression.

“What? You’re bald, aren’t you?”

Oh Se-chan shut his mouth as though the confident words made him speechless.

Then he simply sat on the chair beside Lee Jin-ah facing Kim Woo-jin, and said.

“There’s only one left.”

At those words, the messy atmosphere calmed down a bit.

“It was a long fight.”

As he said those words, Oh Se-chan’s expression was heavy.

“That’s why finishing it is all the more important.”

“Here’s your yangjangpi*.” (TL: basically mixed vegetables and seafood in mustard sauce.)

One more dish was brought in this heavy atmosphere and Oh Se-chan immediately shut up.

It was only after the waiter disappeared that Oh Se-chan opened his mouth again.

“Have you ever thought about what will happen after the game ends?”

He once again created a heavy atmosphere with his questions.

“Here’s your palbochae*.” (TL: eight treasures dish.)

At that moment the waiter once again left the kitchen and put a plate on the table in front of Lee Jin-ah.

Once again, Oh Se-chan shut up.

And when the employee disappeared into the kitchen, he opened his mouth again.

“Players will lose their abilities, guilds will lose their function…”

“Here is the chilli shrimp you ordered.”

“Hey, really?”

Only then did Oh Se-chan break the heavy atmosphere and shout towards Lee Jin-ah.

“You damn pig, little pig bastard!”

Lee Jin-ah furrowed his brows when he heard that.

“Hey, why are you suddenly insulting me? It’s not like you’re the one paying is it?”

Oh Se-chan scratched his head nervously and closed his mouth at those words because Lee Jin-ah had accurately targeted his weakness.

It was Kim Woo-jin who set the mood once again.

“There would be chaos. Everything that was created during this period would become a bubble overnight.”

Oh Se-chan nodded.

“Right, but if the players’ abilities remain after the game ends that will be a problem, but it would be even more troublesome if they lose their abilities. They have built a lot over the past six years, all the power structures around the world have been organised and reorganised by the players and guilds.”

The world wanted the game to end.

That much was true.

However, most people didn’t think about what would happen after the game ended.

And no one prepared for it.

Even the Messiah Guild had not made any preparations in event that the game ended.

“What you need the most in a time of chaos like that is power.”

Only one person was different.

“Like an exemplary social enterprise where you could give food and medicine instead of guns and ammunition to the people who are sick and have no food to eat.”

Oh Se-chan had been preparing for when the game ended.

“I created a company called Pandora. It’s a company I made using all the money I’d saved.”


That was what Oh Se-chan had prepared.

“We’ve already acquired all the necessary technologies, factories and technicians we need for what I just mentioned. The technologies that would be used in the world that changed because the game ended. We have them for all kinds of fields. And it’s completely legitimate. Unlike the players and guilds, the money used there is completely clean. From now on, Pandora will save the world.”

As he said this, Oh Se-chan smiled bitterly.

“Sure it won’t be easy, but it’s definitely better than waiting for nuclear weapons to be launched or hungry people picking up weapons and rebelling.”

“Ah, Pandora was like that?”

Lee Jin-ah, who’d finished his plate of chili shrimp, responded to Oh Se-chan’s remarks.

Oh Se-chan glared at him for a bit before continuing.

“So what do you think?”

“I thought you were just raising money for yourself, I didn’t think you were working globally to raise money for world peace.”

Oh Se-chan’s expression crumpled.

“Hey, what do you take me for?”

Lee Jin-ah answered this question without hesitation.

“Aren’t you just a bald, cheap money grubber?”

“You bastard!”

Kim Woo-jin couldn’t help but laugh at the conversation between the two.

“Ugh, I wasn’t asking you anyway!”

Oh Se-chan clicked his tongue at Lee Jin-ah before turning back to Kim Woo-jin.

“Anyways, that’s the end of the public story. I’m all set. So you can go ahead and do whatever you want.”

Don’t worry about what would happen after clearing the final dungeon.

Kim Woo-jin smiled and nodded at the indescribable help.

“Now then, shall we talk about something personal?”

Seeing that smile, Oh Se-chan continued.

“I’ve thought a lot about the game. I’m certain that this was done by some transcendent being that we can’t even begin to fathom.”

Kim Woo-jin nodded.

“And that transcendent being must have a bloody twisted personality.”

“Like you hyung?”

Oh Se-chan ignored Lee Jin-ah’s words, although the veins on his bald head pulsed dangerously.

“Would such a being tolerate it if the game they made became stagnant without being ended by the players? Think about it. If you made a game, but you weren’t able to see the ending of the game because the characters inside didn’t want the game to end. What would you do?”

Kim Woo-jin didn’t answer that question.

Oh Se-chan looked at Kim Woo-jin carefully for a moment before continuing in a soft tone.

“If it was me. I’d fix the error and play the game again. Isn’t that right? Huh? Do you have similar thoughts as me?”

Instead of answering, Kim Woo-jin narrowed his eyes slightly.

A light smile spread across his lips.

Then Oh Se-chan’s smartphone began vibrating.

“Excuse me.”

After giving him a glance, Oh Se-chan got up from his seat.

“Hyung doesn’t get a lot of time to rest. Rather, I’m not even sure if he pays his phone bill as he should. If the call fee exceeds 100 won, he’ll probably hack the carrier’s server so that he doesn’t have to pay the fee.”

With those words, Lee Jin-ah turned to the waiter who was bringing a new dish.

“Let me change my order.”

When they heard that, the waiter nodded.

After all, how could one person eat all of that food? That’s what their expression said.

Naturally, while they thought he wanted to cancel the order, Lee Jin-ah continued.

“Then what should I cance…”

“I’d like to order some deserts in advance.”


To the surprised employee, Lee Jin-ah held up the menu and said.

“From here to here.”

While the waiter was still in shock, Oh Se-chan reappeared and beckoned to Kim Woo-jin.

“Can I talk to you for a minute?”

Kim Woo-jin got up from his seat without saying anything and followed Oh Se-chan out the restaurant.

Looking at their retreating figures, Lee Jin-ah had just one thought.

‘I have to eat everything before they come back.’

He had to eat even more before they returned!

As he was filled with determination and smiled insidiously, something caught Lee Jin-ah’s eye.

It was a bill sitting on Kim Woo-jin’s seat.

‘No way.’

After confirming what it was, Lee Jin-ah turned to look at the door of the restaurant.

However, he could see neither hide nor hair of Oh Se-chan or Kim Woo-jin.

With a ridiculous expression on his face, Lee Jin-ah said.

“Wow, they’re really spiteful, terrible.”



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