KILL THE HERO Chapter 71

KILL THE HERO Chapter 71

Chapter 71
Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

“Another one!” (TL: DJ Khaled!)

Lee Jin-ah’s fist, accompanied by his loud cry in russian, struck the skull of a Black Werewolf that had hit him.


The Black Werewolf which fell to the ground was then unable to even make a sound.

Lee Jin ah’s power could make one’s hair stand on end. However it was the skeletons that drew the most attention.


Armed with Needle Snake body armor and helmet, a Skeleton Soldier holding a long spear thrusted into the chest of the falling Black Werewolf.


Turning his head slightly, Lee Jin-ah looked at the skeleton.

“Spasiba!” (TL: ‘Спасибо’, Russian for ‘thank you’. The author usually puts the words in the intended language be it Russian or English, but this was written in Korean so I translated it directly)

It seemed that Lee Jin-ah had become fond of shouting in Russian as he shouted his gratitude.


However it seemed that he was just saying the words as there was no hint of gratitude on Lee Jin-ah’s face.

‘The human’s got food and the skeletons are all eating it.’

“Siba Siba.”

It was because there was no way he’d be grateful when his kill was stolen.


Lee Jin-ah turned and saw a skeleton staring right at him.

‘Does it know that I was cursing?’

The Skeleton Soldier slowly opened its mouth as Lee Jin-ah despaired under its gaze.

“It’s time to eat.”

The voice that came out of it was Kim Woo-jin’s.

When he heard Kim Woo-jin’s voice, he returned with a whisper that even those close to him would struggle to hear.

“We have an audience. Can you speak korean?”

Lee Jin-ah was aware that there were players watching them. No rather, even their audience had to fight now.

Of course, in front of their audience, Lee Jin-ah and Kim Woo-jin must act and speak like Russians.

This was also the reason why Lee Jin-ah had been talking and shouting in Russian.

Of course, Kim Woo-jin knew that.

“We’re retreating.”

“We’re retreating? Why?”

The Skeleton Soldier answered his question.

“There are many more monsters in a dungeon with a survival quest than one without.”

“Everyone knows that.”

No player didn’t know that one of the reasons why survival quests were more difficult was because of the large number of monsters.

“Do you know what happens if a dungeon was failed 12 times?”

However, no one knew what happened in a dungeon with a survival quest that had been failed more than 10 times.

Psychos who challenged dungeons that were failed more than 10 times were few in the world.

“That…wait a minute.”

Because of Kim Woo-jin’s question, Lee Jin-ah began thinking.

‘The monsters would overflow…’

An endless flow of monsters is what the players would face.

‘The players come again and again, the battle is refreshed constantly.’

The thought of the players risking their lives to enter over and over entered his mind.

‘Black Werewolves only converge in large groups if they have a boss…’

Soon after, Lee Jin-ah turned his head to observe the Black Werewolves nearby.

“Oh my God.”

The monsters might be hundreds, even thousands.

“A monster wave.”

As he heard Lee Jin-ah’s conclusion, Kim Woo-jin didn’t explain more. Lee Jin-ah also didn’t ask for further explanation.

If there were truly hundreds or thousands of monsters then the battle would be very different than they’d expected.

They’d have to prepare for battle in a few hours instead of five days.


In preparation for the battle, Lee Jin-ah quickly pulled food out of his inventory and started eating.

Kim Woo-jin also prepared for the battle.

He took the Grim Reaper’s Mask from his inventory and also checked one of his skills.

[Aura Field]

Rank: E

Effect: Emits an aura that can buff or debuff a target. The range will increase as the skill rank increases.

Aura Field.

Looking at this skill. Kim Woo-jin recalled how the King of Undead used it in the past.

‘A single target type buff skill effect could be changed to an area of effect type buff skill effect using the Aura Field skill.’

As he thought this, Kim Woo-jin touched his necklace.

The centripetal point is very important.

For humans, without any connection, even with a large number, it was hard for them to properly form a group of one hundred.

However the moment a concept like religion or state was introduced and became a focal point, humans were easily able to make groups of thousands to even tens of millions.

Monsters were no different.

Normally, it was possible for groups of monsters to form when faced with a powerful enemy, even a group of a hundred was possible. However, when a boss monster was born…


A group of Black Werewolves were howling toward the night sky.

Twelve challenges by the players had caused the population to reach the thousands. This also meant that some of them had faced many groups of players.


The thousands of wolves began to converge like a wave toward the group of 40 players.

“Damn, this is a monster wave!”

The Monster Wave had started and it was a sight to behold.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before…”

“I don’t even want to see it!”

It was a sight that could never be forgotten.

“Get ready!”

However the players from the Messiah Guild began preparing for battle without hesitation.

That was the image of the Messiah Guild.

“If one side falls, then we will all die! So hold your position as best as you can!”

Only those who were ready to give their lives to save the world could possess such courage and only those who had the ability to showcase their courage.

In other words, those who stepped forward were those trying to save the world. (TL: Poor things got tricked by their guild)

“Prepare for battle!”

In front of the wave of Black Werewolves that charged toward them, the players steeled their nerves.

Tanks with heavy shields created a front line and the damage dealers arranged themselves behind them. Behind those were the healers and mages in the center with their wands at the ready to cast their spells.

In the trees, the archers were waiting with their bows at the ready.

Soon the distance between the two groups was small enough that they could see each other’s eyes and they both screamed together.


“The battle has started!”

The combat that began was at a fierce, blood boiling level.



Screams burst out from place to place.

“Use your magic!”

“Be careful!”


Between the sounds of battle, fireballs began to burst forward.

Less than a minute before the fight had started, the battlefield became like hell.

“These motherfuckers! How dare you!?”


Of course, these wolves were not so easy to deal with.

The players who entered a dungeon with a survival quest that had been failed 12 times for the first time were surprised.

“There’s no reason to panic!”

“At most, they’re just a lot of first floor monsters! Just hold your ground!”

From their levels, to their items, the players were prepared.

More importantly, the players didn’t need to work together.

“Do what you know to do!”

For this dungeon, the players had been preparing for weeks and months, not a few days. Also the players had another hope.

‘The boss should come back soon!’

‘We just need to hold on until the boss comes back.’

Kang Young-ji. Many of the players believed that she was strong enough to save them.


“I’m the captain here!”

Then she appeared.

Standing with her shining, golden armor, Kang Young-ji’s appearance was like rain after a long drought.

After she arrived, she immediately demonstrated why her allies had been waiting for her. Tearing through the group of werewolves with no signs of stopping.


As she swept past, she smashed the head of a werewolf with her hammer, showcasing her extraordinary strength.



In the face of the Black Werewolf horde, Kang Young-ji forcefully suppressed them and shouted.


Almost everyone stopped fighting and stared at her.


Lee Jin-ah who was watching Kang Young-ji’s performance from a distance, couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise.

“She’s no joke. She might be as good as me.”

Kim Woo-jin didn’t respond to Lee Jin-ah’s words, instead he got lost in his memories.

‘Her skill is outstanding.’

His relationship with Kang Young-ji had lasted longer than expected.

This was proof that her talent was much higher than most. At that time, the number of players that were able to keep up with Kim Woo-jin was extremely small.

‘When I first witnessed her skills here, it was shocking.’

It was this very dungeon where his interaction with her began. A similar situation to now as well.

The members were different, but the situation was much the same.

As soon as they entered the dungeon, the cold wind struck and a swarm of Black Werewolves attacked.

‘Back then, it was impossible to come out unscathed.’

Five people had died in that first battle. It was extremely shocking when 5 people out of 40 were killed in the very first battle.

‘We were able to survive because we ran.’

But even that suffered a setback and only five people managed to escape.

‘If Kang Young-ji hadn’t listened to me then…’

At that time, Kim Woo-jin had suggested that they retreat.

Kim Woo-jin was such a player. Rather than to fight with unfavourable odds, he preferred to run until he could find an advantageous position.

‘This may be the same as back then.’

What Kim Woo-jin thought was that the current situation the players faced would be the same or much worse than what he’d experienced.

“Will it get more dangerous? It’ll be over if the tanks get pressed down.”

The situation was bad, even Lee Jin-ah could see that.

“How many will die if they all use their skills and go into cooldown time?”

As he said that, Lee Jin-ah began preparing for battle. Then he turned toward Kim Woo-jin.

“So when are we going in? After all, shouldn’t the heroes appear in the time of crisis?”

Instead of answering, Kim Woo-jin slipped on the Grim Reaper’s Mask.


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