KILL THE HERO Chapter 79

KILL THE HERO Chapter 79

Chapter 79
Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

[Book of the Dead]

-Rank: E


-This book contains the power of Osiris.

-Can seal the dead.

-The dead, sealed in the Book of the Dead, can display even more power with the power of Osiris.

The Book of the Dead. It could simply be called a dedicated inventory for undead monsters.

‘At E rank I can use 10 pages?’

The space available at the E rank was only enough for 10 undead monsters. (TL: our author likes to reiterate things a lot, gomenasai)

The way to use it was rather simple. When using the Book of the Dead skill, a book made out of slabs would appear with the undead monsters that were sealed within appearing on the faces of the slabs.

‘It seems Johann Georg didn’t have this one…’

Kim Woo-jin had no memory of this skill. The King of Undead had never summoned any book like this before.

‘If he did, it would’ve been terrible.’

Thank goodness.

At that time, Kim Woo-jin was able to catch the King of Undead because he was constrained by the fact that he had to fulfill the conditions before he could summon his skeletons.

But what if he was able to summon his skeletons without conditions like this?

Kim Woo-jin wouldn’t have even needed to be betrayed.

In other words, it was a terribly useful skill.

Removing the conditions for the Summon Skeleton skill was basically removing it’s only limitations. And in the case of a Skeleton Soldier sealed in the Book of the Dead with the effect of Ruler of the Battlefield accumulated beforehand, the effect would remain. (TL: someone call the GM, this is too broken, I think he’s using hacks!)

‘They can even wear items.’

Even the items worn by the Skeleton Soldiers would remain stored on them in the Book of the Dead. This alone was already incredible.

[The Power of Osiris infects the Skeleton Soldiers.]

[All Skeleton Soldier stats increased by 20%] (TL: I assume this means all the skeletons stored and not all that he has)

But there was still more good news. At that time, a notification sounded in Kim Woo-jin’s ear.

[Your level has increased.]

When Kim Woo-jin lifted his head to look at the notification, a red mist that was floating in the jungle, caught his eye. (TL: and the secret of speed leveling has been revealed)

[Lizardman has been afflicted by Blood Mist]

As this notification appeared, Kim Woo-jin saw a Lizardman falling to the ground without any obvious wounds.

Kim Woo-jin rose from his seat on the ground.

‘Now it’s time to go into the tiger’s cave.’

At a golf course in Yongin city, Gyeonggi province.

A lush field had grown because the golf course had been closed for a long time. And above that field, was the distorted space that represented a dungeon gate.

Suddenly, a man appeared in front of the gate.

The dungeon gate, which was large enough to fit a car in, could not be considered small, yet the man who’s size was enormous, made it appear slightly small now.

When the man appeared, he immediately collapsed on his knees.


At the same time as he appeared, a woman could be seen approaching him hurriedly, her face filled with worry.

“Mr. Lee Jin-ah, what are you doing?”

As he heard the words of the remarkably beautiful woman, Lee Jin-ah looked up.

“My stomach…”

“Did you injure your stomach?”


“Yes?”(TL: I think I explained it before, but sometimes they say ‘yes’ in place of ‘what’, ‘huh’, etc, I don’t put ‘what’ or ‘how’ because it doesn’t necessarily have the same feeling)

Then a new character appeared before the dungeon gate. When he appeared, he glanced at the man at the ground before calmly walking past him.

Lee Jin-ah looked up as Kim Woo-jin walked past him and complained.

“Even slaves were given breaks to eat rice…”

Up until the seventh day, hunting with Kim Woo-jin had been easy. However, from the eight-day, it’s like Kim Woo-jin took a shot.

Now that they only had three days left to hunt, he proceeded at a much faster pace(a sprint).

Not surprisingly, the sprint that they had at the end was seemingly too much for Lee Jin-ah.

In particular, during the last three hours, before they left, Kim Woo-jin didn’t even give him the chance to drink water. (TL: I’ll be honest…I feel kinda bad for Lee Jin-ah, he’s so undervalued and underpaid, and he’s always being bullied by Woo-jin and Se-chan.)

“That devil.”

He was a monster that could easily be mistaken as the devil.

‘No, it might be better for those he targets to fight with the devil instead.’

Of course, Lee Jin-ah didn’t call him the devil simply because Kim Woo-jin was evil.

He looked at him. The way Kim Woo-jin used his newly acquired skills in conjunction with his older ones was eye opening.

‘No one should ever try to fight him.’

Lee Jin-ah strengthened his resolve while looking at Kim Woo-jin’s back.

The woman who’d come to check on him, looked at Lee Jin-ah with an odd expression.

Then Kim Woo-jin turned his head to her.

“Can you contact Oh Se-chan?”

“Yes? Yes!”

The woman awoke from her stupor and took out a phone that had already been prepared. The woman immediately dialed a number then handed the phone over to Kim Woo-jin.

While this was happening, Lee Jin-ah still didn’t get up from the ground.

“What are you contacting Se-chan for?”

Kim Woo-jin replied to the question easily. (TL: omg one of the few times he doesn’t ignore Jin-ah)

“I have an order.”

“An order?”

When Kim Woo-jin nodded, Lee Jin-ah looked at him in delight.

“Then I want a jumbo sized tray of Rajogi1. Oh and add rice balls.”

Kim Woo-jin looked down at Lee Jin-ah with an absurd expression on his face.

‘I think he was too comfortable while hunting.’


Then Oh Se-chan answered the call.

-Yeah, what’s up?

The moment he heard Oh Se-chan’s voice from the phone, Kim Woo-jin immediately stated his request.

“I want to go to Kaesong.” (TL: and here I thought Woo-jin was being nice, how naive of me.)

Hansung Group.

The number one group in Korea’s business community and one of the world’s most influential companies was once doubted when they became the patrons of the Messiah Guild.

Why make such an investment that won’t make you any money.

But it had been 4 years since the world became like a game and by 2023 no one dared to doubt them.

The Hansung Group, the Messiah Guild’s supporter, could be said to be one of the most influential in the world.

According to the Messiah Guild, the Hansung Group was a company made to save the world, not to seek after profits.

Unsurprisingly, everything relating to the Messiah Guild had the hands of the Hansung Group in it. And sitting at the very top of the Hansung Group was none other than Park Shin-hye, the Goddess of the Messiah Guild. Not only did she have the title of chairman, but she was practically the ruler of the Hansung Group.

Because of this, she could stand in front of anyone with a proud and confident smile.

But recently her expressions were not that good. The reason wasn’t good.

“Is there still no news from Kim Je-hoon?”

“Yes, there were signs showing he went to Europe but he disappeared after hiding his tracks.”

“Is he dead?”

“It seems so.”

“Then where’s the body?”


“Please get the body. Whatever the cost.”

It was because a crack had appeared in a plan that should’ve been more than perfect.

“How are things with Park Yong-wan?”

“Currently, I’m pruning the branches around him.”

“I don’t care about the branches. What I’m asking is when will you go for his throat?”

“Once I’ve gathered all the information on Park Yong-wan’s actions, I’ll make a move. You should see results by early next year.”

“That means for the next half year Park Yong-wan would be able to act freely, we can’t have that.”

There were other troubles that she couldn’t get rid of right away.

‘Park Yong-wan was a card I’d created to sacrifice when necessary, but it seems I raised it too much.’ (TL: oooh plot twist.)

Park Shin-hye sighed briefly.

‘Why is everything becoming so complicated?”

“What about that guy?”

“That guy…”

“The one who became Park Yong-wan’s right hand. The guy who contacted Kim Je-hoon on behalf of Park Yong-wan.” (TL: Kim Je-hoon must be spinning like a top in his grave)

“You mean Kim Woo-jin?”

Kim Woo-jin, the name that had been faint in her mind, immediately became fresh once again.

“That’s right.”

“I’m trying to get to him, but he is being protected. It seems Park Yong-wan and the Phoenix Guild intend to nurture him.”

“Who doesn’t know that? What I want to know is how you’re going to deal with him.”

As they heard the words that Park Shin-hye said, her general secretary bowed their head toward her.

“I have established a team to catch Kim Woo-jin.”

“Who is the leader?”

“It’s Suzuki.”

For the first time in a while, Park Shin-hye nodded her head in satisfaction.

‘As the owner of Lancelot’s Ring, they’re reliable.’ (TL: is this another item for our mc? Thanks, thanks)

“So where are they?”

“They’re currently waiting in the Kaesong Special Zone. If Kim Woo-jin shows an opening, they will move to capture him immediately. Of course, they will make sure to get all the information out of him before they kill him.”

At that Park Shin-hye nodded and immediately stopped thinking about Kim Woo-jin. Instead her mind turned to another name.

“What about Isaac Ivanov? Do you think we can make him one of us?”

“I think we can use him in the future. Regardless of his intentions, we will have to be friendly for the time being as he has shown friendliness to our side.”

“Okay, plan the strategy for an undefeated dungeon around him. Use him as much as you can.”

“We already have an A+ rank dungeon in Hokkaido, Japan in mind.”

Only then did Park Shin-hye’s somewhat tense expression relax.

‘I’m glad I finally got a useful hunting dog.’


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