KILL THE HERO Chapter 84

KILL THE HERO Chapter 84

Chapter 84
Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

‘He noticed.’

The moment that Suzuki Eiji made a cold expression instead of one of anger toward him, told Kim Woo-jin that his plan had been noticed.

As expected by Suzuki Eiji, Kim Woo-jin did not plan to fight him here today.

The reason was quite simple.

‘It’s best to not fight a losing battle.’

And that was because Suzuki Eiji was currently much stronger than Kim Woo-jin.

The situation was very different from the one with Yang Ji-hoo. The difference in levels between them was quite high.

Currently, Suzuki Eiji was level 55, more than 10 levels higher than Kim Woo-jin.

There was also the difference in skill and experience. It was evident from the way the Messiah Guild treated the two.

If Yang Ji-hoo had had more experience and better skills than Suzuki Eiji, then he would’ve been their Hunting Dog instead.

In the end, Suzuki Eiji was the one chosen.

‘Blood Poison doesn’t work against Lancelot’s Ring.’

No negative effect worked against the legendary item, also called Lake’s Ring.

‘The King of Poison knew that.’

It was the biggest reason why the King of Poison targeted the Knights of the Round Table in the past.

Lancelot’s Ring was the achilles heel of the King of Poison.

Of course, this was done intentionally by the Messiah Guild.

They had the antidote in the form of Lancelot’s Ring, so they weren’t afraid to use the weapon known as the King of Poison.

And Kim Woo-jin would never forget that fact.

Not only was Suzuki Eiji stronger than himself, but he also couldn’t use Blood Poison, which was one of his trump cards.

‘If you’ve already noticed, then it’s meaningless to stick around.’

So Kim Woo-jin didn’t hesitate.


As Kim Woo-jin shouted his command, he immediately turned and fled into the forest along with his Skeleton Soldiers.

Twelve people.

This was the number of team members than Suzuki Eiji had prepared to attack the dungeon.

The number didn’t have any special meaning. It was simply the hunting dogs who had the required level of experience and alertness that was required for the dungeon.

The composition of the team was also nothing special.

Rather, with an average level of 53, their combined power was more than enough to handle this C+ rank dungeon.

However, three of the twelve were killed immediately after entering.

Shortly after, six more were killed in the battles which followed.

Nine people died in an instant and now only three of them remained.

With this situation, Suzuki Eiji concluded.

“He is a Necromancer. If we give him time we will be the ones at a disadvantage.”

They were the ones who would be at a disadvantage in the long run.

“We have to chase after him.”

And so Suzuki Eiji and his men began tracking down Kim Woo-jin.

It was an example of wise judgement on Suzuki Eiji’s part.

The correct answer that few were able to reach.

If he were in the same situation that Suzuki Eiji was in right now, Kim Woo-jin himself would have taken the same action.

There was just one problem.

[You have connected to a Skeleton.]

Kim Woo-jin could use the Grim Reaper’s Mask to manipulate his tracks.

Moreover, Kim Woo-jin was the hunting dog more experienced in tracking than anyone else. A clever hunting dog who knew how to track targets, also knew what to do to interfere with tracking.

“Damn it!”

Faced with Kim Woo-jin’s hard work, Suzuki Eiji was forced to waste his time over and over again.

And he had to pay for that wasted time as if it was gold.

Kim Woo-jin once again revealed himself. This time, followed by twenty-five Skeleton Soldiers.

It had been 3 days since they’d entered the dungeon.


The appearance of Suzuki Eiji was much calmer than one would expect given his circumstances.

However, his surroundings were anything but calm.


Tranquility could not be found as twenty-three Skeleton Soldiers practically burning with fighting spirit.


Nevertheless, Suzuki Eiji couldn’t appear to be even calmer as he took one deep breath after another.

And it wasn’t a bluff.

‘Death is the only thing that no one can escape from.’

At this moment, he was intended to fight this battle like his last, prepared to die.

It was an ice cold decision.

‘There’s no reason for me to lose against this group of skeletons.’

Over the course of losing all of his twelve men, Suzuki Eiji realised that the Skeleton Soldiers posed no threat to him.

‘It’s probably because he’s not confident he can defeat me.’

At the same time he’d realised that the decision to remove all his subordinates in this way was also a choice made in the end only because he couldn’t defeat him on his own.

‘He’s probably thinking the same thing.’

Finally, Suzuki Eiji knew that Kim Woo-jin’s thoughts would be exactly the same as his.

“Come out.”

That’s why Suzuki Eiji called out for Kim Woo-jin, and in the end, he appeared.

Suzuki Eiji stared for a long time at the skull mask.

“Isaac Ivanov…no, that should be a pseudonym. Is it Kim Woo-jin?”

Kim Woo-jin didn’t respond to his question. Because he knew.

What Suzuki Eiji was doing right now wasn’t to figure out who he was, but to get inside his head.

‘Such an insane monster.’

Suzuki Eiji grit his teeth at Kim Woo-jin who didn’t fall for his trick. He admitted that there was nothing he could gain from having a conversation.

Naturally silence fell over the two sides and in the silence, Suzuki Eiji began to simulate the upcoming battle.

‘If I attack him, the Skeleton Soldiers will block me. Then I can get rid of those skeletons.’

This time, he intended to make use of the technique that Kim Woo-jin had used before.

‘His poison doesn’t work on me anyway, so I can go directly to him after destroying his skeletons.’

He decided to clean up the area before he aimed at the head.

That was why he purposefully let himself be surrounded. He used himself as bait to get all the skeletons in one place.

‘The Skeleton Soldiers are no threat to me.’

This was a decision after he had carefully tested the strength of the Skeleton Soldiers, it was not something he decided lightly.

Kim Woo-jin looked toward Suzuki Eiji who had been brimming with confidence, and said.

“The Sun’s Protection.”

[Protection of the Sun has been activated.]

Along with those words, the golden color of sunlight began exuding from a necklace on Kim Woo-jin’s neck.

“Aura Field.”

And with the next spell, the golden light spread out from his body.

Seeing this, Suzuki Eiji couldn’t help but shout.

“Gawain’s Necklace!”


The battle began with that shout.


Kim Woo-jin, who exhaled for a long time, pulled a japanese style sword from his left thigh.


After the knife was pulled out, his blood flowed like a fountain. The sight of which would make any viewer cringe in pain.


However Kim Woo-jin simply took a potion from his inventory with one hand, while applying pressure on the wound with the other hand, his expression unchanged.


The removed potion was then poured directly onto the wound.

However the bleeding was not so easily stopped, infact, had it been anyone else, the wound would’ve been fatal.

After consuming and using a few more potions, Kim Woo-jin managed to slow the bleeding significantly, however the wound was still open.

But Kim Woo-jin was satisfied with this amount.

‘If it wasn’t for my blood skills, I might’ve died here.’

He could heal the wound away using some of his skills. Of course, Kim Woo-jin couldn’t actually move his body at the moment so he needed to get something to help him.


Then a skeleton appeared, and around that skeleton was a mountain of bones.

‘He was amazing.’

Suzuki Eiji was truly strong.

If it wasn’t for the book of the dead and if it wasn’t for Gawain’s Necklace, Kim Woo-jin would have been the one lying dead instead at this moment.

He frowned slightly at that thought.

‘I underestimated him.’

For Kim Woo-jin, even if it was despicable, he much preferred to have a woundless victory rather than this bloody one.

Nevertheless he’d won and it wasn’t just a victory.

Rather, this was the most valuable victory he’d had so far.

[You have connected to a Skeleton.]

Using a Skeleton Soldier, he retrieved the most valuable item from his victory. A ring that was taken from the body of Suzuki Eiji who had the appearance of a hedgehog with arrows and swords stuck all over his body.

[Lancelot’s Ring]

– Ranking: Legendary

– Available for level 1 and higher.

– Description: Lancelot’s ring is a gift from the Queen of the Lake. It has the power to protect its owner from all unclean things

– +100 Magic Power when equipped.

– Grants high resistance to all negative status effects.

‘The Poison King’s Achilles heel is now in my hands.’

This item was the most valuable evidence of his victory. But that wasn’t all he’d gained from this victory.

‘The only thing left was to offer Suzuki Eiji as a sacrifice to Oh Se-chan.’

Giving Suzuki Eiji’s identity to Oh Se-chan.

Of course, Kim Woo-jin did not forget.

[Eye of Anubis has been activated.]

That his hunt had yet to truly start.


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