KILL THE HERO Chapter 85

KILL THE HERO Chapter 85

Chapter 85
Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

When Kim Woo-jin stepped out of the dungeon gate, it was none other than the North Korean Army that met him.

Armed with Type-88 assault rifles and dressed in their military uniforms, anyone who wasn’t wearing uniform would definitely stand out.


Naturally they reacted as soon as they saw Kim Woo-jin, they reacted immediately. But there wasn’t any hostility.

On the contrary, the moment Kim Woo-jin appeared, a fierce looking soldier holding a gun approached Kim Woo-jin politely and handed him a radio.

He understood the situation immediately when he saw that radio.

‘They’re gonna keep recycling it till I die.’

The radio that the Korean had handed Kim Woo-jin was as familiar to him as one of his Skeleton Soldiers.

He turned on the radio leisurely.


As soon as the radio was turned on, Oh Se-chan’s voice could be heard immediately.

-Why did you touch him?

However, the emotion in Oh Se-chan’s voice wasn’t one that Kim Woo-jin was used to hearing from him.

Oh Se-chan’s had the least emotion in it that he’d ever heard.

It was said that the voices of robots were becoming more and more human-like, but when he heard Oh Se-chan’s voice it felt like it was coming from a machine.

-I hope you don’t say bullshit like ‘I didn’t know who Suzuki Eiji was’.

Even when he said more words, he didn’t add any emotion in his voice.

Nevertheless, his intentions were clear.

The conversation they were to have was not something that could be treated as a joke or prank, so it was important that personal feelings weren’t added to it.

“He was the Messiah Guild’s hunting dog.”

Therefore, Kim Woo-jin also didn’t joke or make a flimsy excuse.

“So I killed him.”

After he heard that, Oh Se-chan was quiet for a long time, however, Kim Woo-jin did not turn off the radio and waited for Oh Se-chan to speak.

-Ah, Sorry.

Soon, Oh Se-chan broke the silence.

-I was embarrassed for a moment as I couldn’t think of a response to that quickly.

The tone of Oh Se-chan’s voice when he finally broke the silence, was noticeably different.

-Honestly, I’ve seen stuff like this in movies, but this is the first time I’ve tried it in real life. It’s harder to do than I thought. And it’s kinda like an asshole. Ah, I’m not saying that I was trying to be an asshole. It just sounded a bit stupid. Right?

As Oh Se-chan’s voice came through the radio, Kim Woo-jin smiled slightly.

‘I want to meet him once.’

He thought that he’d like to meet Oh Se-chan in person and talk.

While Kim Woo-jin had this thought, Oh Se-chan’s voice continued.

-Honestly, I know your intentions. You’re trying to show me that you’re not on the side of the Messiah Guild by killing their favorite hunting dog. That the Messiah Guild is your enemy.

His assumptions were correct.

-Also, you wanted to check if I was on the side of the Messiah Guild or not. If I was on their side, I’d have had your head pierced by a sniper rifle round, not given you the radio.

This was another right answer.

-Also by doing this you’re proving that you know that those Messiah Guild guys aren’t really heroes trying to save the world.

And of course, the last thing he said was also correct.

-So I can’t completely trust you yet. Those guys who play savior to eat the world, they’d make a plausible ally like you just to go after my neck.

When Oh Se-chan said this, Kim Woo-jin wasn’t surprised, instead he nodded.

“There’s nothing wrong with being cautious.”

-I’m not that cautious, but against such an opponent, I don’t have a choice but to stay hidden. At least in my opinion, the Messiah Guild is the greatest villain in the history of humanity.

Kim Woo-jin had actually expected Oh Se-chan to say something like this.

‘He knows well.’

Out of everyone in the world, Oh Se-chan was probably the person who had seen the true face of the Messiah Guild the most.

Because of this, Kim Woo-jin wasn’t actually worried.

If he knew the true face of the Messiah Guild so well then he would never refuse to help.

-But from my perspective I can’t just tell you to turn away those nice soldiers who came to greet you. After all, they’re working with us. The eyes of the world, the eyes that look for the truth, the way to deal with our enemies, like a city beast.

It was then.

-Beasts are all the same. It’s just the fur that is different. Anyway, when we use the payphone to talk, it’s too costly. For short conversations it’s better to use the radio. Let’s finish this so I can grab a bite to eat. I’ve been starving for three hours already.

-Are you done?

From the radio, Lee Jin-ah’s voice could then be heard.

-Hey! You guys are talking about something serious huh ! Ah, sorry. That bastard just tackled me. Let’s talk about this when you get back. If you hunt the important members of the Messiah Guild you should get a reward that matches that. I’ll be your new halo. Give and give. What do you say?

Being rewarded for hunting the Messiah Guild’s personnel.

From Kim Woo-jin’s perspective there was no reason for him to refuse.

“Then, what is the bounty on Suzuki Eiji’s head?”

Of course, Kim Woo-jin intended to get a share for Suzuki Eiji while he was at it.

-He’s the Messiah Guild’s best hunting dog who could easily clear a Two floor dungeon, anyway since it’s a two floor dungeon and since it hadn’t been booked in advance, maybe I can give you a bit extra…(Oh Se-chan)

-Huh, really? Wow, this is really discrimination! Give me some too!

-Hey, really. Hey! Lee Jin-ah! Get off! Get off you bastard!

As he heard the commotion happening on the other end, Kim Woo-jin didn’t respond.

‘Anything is good.’

There was no reason to refuse whatever was given to him.

‘Whatever he gives me, he’ll probably get more than that.’

At the same time he would have to be satisfied with whatever he was given.

‘Because it will be harder from now on.’

Killing Suzuki Eiji was a different matter from Yang Ji-hoo and Kim Je-hoon. In the eyes of the Messiah Guild, the deaths of Yang Ji-hoo and Kim Je-hoon could be considered accidents.

But Suzuki Eiji was different.

He was a hunting dog specially raised by the Messiah. Naturally their vigilance would be very higher as certain boundaries were crossed.

Under such vigilance, Kim Woo-jin would need to become much stronger to achieve what he wanted.

‘It’s still not enough to catch Lee Se-jun.’

Honestly, he was still very far from capturing his true target Lee Se-jun.

If he could be satisfied that he had barely managed to hunt Lee Se-jun’s hound, he would not have started his revenge in the first place.

“Let’s make a deal.”


“Can I get the reward in advance if I decide to hunt someone?”

-You want me to pay in advance before I get any results?

Surprised, Oh Se-chan hesitated for a moment before asking.

-For what reason?

From Oh Se-chan’s perspective, Kim Woo-jin’s proposal was quite hard to understand.

If you were good, it was better to receive a bonus after you finished your task. If you were really good, you could get even better results.

Moreover, in Oh Se-chan’s eyes, Kim Woo-jin was a monster that could no longer be threatened in Two Floor dungeons.

He thought that Kim Woo-jin was trying to take a loss to become stronger, but even though it was not hard to understand, it was still a bit weird.

Kim Woo-jin’s reply was simple.

“There’s a man I have to kill.”

Oh Se-chan hesitated a bit before saying.

-…I don’t want to accept this offer, but something big happened this time too. I’ll give you a big one for Suzuki Eiji and I’ll add a bit extra.

Oh Se-chan was reluctant to agree to Kim Woo-jin’s request.

“What big thing happened?”

-The Messiah Guild sent Isaac Ivanov a letter.

That was because the Messiah Guild’s letter had arrived


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