KILL THE HERO Chapter 88

KILL THE HERO Chapter 88

Chapter 88
Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

For Kim Woo-jin, time had always been more precious than money.

After returning to the past, the time he had was tighter and even more precious.

Nevertheless, Kim Woo-jin did not spare precious time in his preparation for the hunt.

This was because he always believed that time spent preparing could then be subtracted from the time spent during the actual hunt.

It was the same now.

-At the Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium in Sapporo Prefecture, Hokkaido players are gathering for the Firefox Hunt one by one.

-It is not long before the heroes who will save the world gather here in the Sapporo Prefecture!

Kim Woo-jin spent his time preparing for the dungeon even though it was just around the corner.

He spared no time.

Like an italian craftsman, he covered a Skeleton Soldier with leather made from the skin of the Horned Fox. His skill in creating custom equipment for his skeletons would have amazed the world.

‘I’m barely ready.’

Soon his preparations were complete.

[Tomorrow is the day the Firefox Dungeon Hunt starts!!]

A day till the hunt began.

The dungeon was imminent, nevertheless, Kim Woo-jin was satisfied.

‘I’m ready now.’

The Firefox, the confidence that he could hunt this monster, filled his heart.

The Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium was located in Sapporo Prefecture, Hokkaido.

In Mid-August, this place, which should’ve been quiet and deserted at this time, was filled to the brim with people and media from all around the world as if it was hosting the Olympics, it was even filled with relay equipment from broadcasting companies.


“Oh my God!”

The people there were bursting with enthusiasm.

“Linlin! It’s Linlin, the record maker who is breaking all the records in Taiwan!”

“Look, it’s the Japanese star Sasaki!”

On the day of the dungeon attack, the crowd couldn’t help but express their admiration for the famous players that were appearing one after another.

The players who would be participating in the Firefox Hunt were on a completely different level.

“All the next-gen heroes are here.”

“It was verified that they received the Messiah Guild’s letters.”

But the ones who really got the crowd to cheer for them weren’t just the star players, but the players who had come here to help save the world.

Of course, the biggest cheers were for them.

“It’s the Messiah Guild!”

“The Messiah Guild is here!”

The crowd became even more enthusiastic when the Messiah Guild, who were considered as the saviors of the world, finally made an appearance.

“God, please give them strength.”

Some people even went down on their knees, clasped their hands and prayed for the players of the Messiah Guild.

The Saviors.

The players who had already arrived began to greet them politely.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Linlin.”

“It was an honor to receive the letter. I’m Sasaki from the Musa Guild.”

Everyone stopped whatever they were doing and began to express their appreciation to the Messiah Guild. At the same time, envy was obvious in their eyes as they looked at the members of the Messiah Guild.

The Messiah Guild was also an idol for the players that were gathered there.

They’d received a letter from this idol and came here confidently so it would be strange if they weren’t excited.

“Thank you very much for coming.”

The Messiah Guild also willingly accepted their greetings.

They were willing to open their hearts to anyone who came after receiving their letters.

“Guildmaster Lee Se-jun directly asked me to thank you all personally.”

“No no. Compared to his sacrifices, we are just…”

Even God-like beings were willing to acknowledge them, they were overflowing with joy.

It was at that moment.



The Messiah Guild members’ lofty aura faded away and another presence seemed to take its place.

Then someone shouted.


From that shout, everyone began to erupt.

“It’s Isaac Ivanov!”

“The First Needle Hunter!”

“The Necromancer Isaac!”

This interest wasn’t only unique to the crowd. As even the players were paying attention to Isaac Ivanov.

At that moment it was as if the entire world was focused solely on Kim Woo-jin.

Such concentrated attention was enough to kill some people. However Kim Woo-jin did not have much reaction to the eyes.

It would be strange for Kim Woo-jin, who used to be exposed to such expectations and admiration on a daily basis, to be affected.

‘It was the same back then.’

Rather it was a very disastrous feeling that was filling Kim Woo-jin’s heart at that moment.

‘All of these sacrifices are just for your ambitions.’

The expectations of all the people gathered here, some who were even desperate enough to pray, and the fact that all these players had come with great determination even at the risk of their own lives, were just to satisfy the ambitions of the Messiah Guild.

It was horrific.

In the face of such misery, Kim Woo-jin could only clench his teeth tightly.

Of course, this didn’t mean that Kim Woo-jin had any sympathy toward the people who were gathered here and the others tricked by the Messiah Guild.

He simply intended to do his best, he never had any intention to embrace their hope, faith or determination.

‘Lee Se-jun, I’ll remove your mask soon.’

The only reason Kim Woo-jin was willing to make sacrifices to save the world and those who’d come here was simply to remove the mask from Lee Se-jun and kill him. Nothing else.

“Let’s go to the gate!”

So without any hesitation, Kim Woo-jin headed toward the dungeon gate.

This action left many confused and questioning for quite some time.

“Oh, is it time already…”

“The time has come.”

Now, it was time to leave.

‘Yeah, it’s not like the monsters would wait for us in real life anyway.’

‘It’s the spirit of the Messiah Guild to clear dungeons as soon as possible.’

‘He doesn’t need words, so amazing.’

All those who’d tried to greet Kim Woo-jin were met with his determination instead of anything else.

This determination affected them as well.

The Firefox Dungeon had officially begun.


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